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On how to get your art showcased ask in FanArt Forum! :)
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Showcase Reason: Pretty - the blues give this one a very watery, ethereal edge.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: Move Mountains [ Miscellaneous :: Catgirl/boy-Cat Creatures ] By: LitaChan
Uploaded On: Dec 16 13:24:06 2003
Description: Haven't submitted here in ages. And I mean ages. I can't even remember how to navigate around here anymore. Anyway, new, improved stuff. Much better than my older stuff. Enjoy it.
Image Properties: 450x560 113.59 kb
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Showcase Reason: She's simply beautiful! This one is all-around great. :D
-Lady Macbeth
Title: Fire Fairy [ Mythological :: Faery/Fairy/ Faeries ] By: Liol
Uploaded On: Dec 4 10:05:11 2003
Charcters: Perserver
Description: This is the first fairy I had ever done. I'm happy with how it came out too because at first I figured it was going to look bad ¬_¬. Heh, I never was good with special graphics and stuff. But I'm glad ^_^. Hopefully, I'll have the other elemental f read more
Image Properties: 761x891 36.88 kb
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Showcase Reason: Gorgeous work - EverQuest characters never looked better. :D
-Lady Macbeth
Title: Llawenu [ Computer/Video Game :: Everquest ] By: liodain
Uploaded On: Jan 1 17:03:44 2004
Description: A request for an Everquest character portrait. 100% digital, Painter Classic, Wacom tablet. About 6 hours work.
Image Properties: 534x696 97.37 kb
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Showcase Reason: Lovely pencil work - this is a very well-rounded image.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: Sango and Kirara [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: linxlynks
Uploaded On: Jul 10 10:40:52 2004
Charcters: Kirara, Sango
Description: This is a pencil drawing of Sango and Kirara. I got inspired by a photo of Christina Aguilera holding her dogs in Allure. I originally wanted this to be a picture of Sango and Miroku, but I just couldn't figure out how to put Miroku in it. So instead I rep read more
Image Properties: 429x500 206.88 kb
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Showcase Reason: GORGEOUS art - superb detail, attention to anatomy and surroundings, and framed nicely.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: RaynDancer - RingLeaf Winds [ Mythological :: Werewolves / Werecreatures ] By: Lenza Moon
Uploaded On: Dec 6 18:43:17 2003
Description: An anthro/werecoyote named RaynDancer, while on a journey of self-discovery, finds herself surrounded by a ring of autumn leaves that whisper to her an ancient and rhythmic tune... This was my half of an art trade with the ever so talent read more
Image Properties: 754x1002 108.51 kb
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Showcase Reason: This one was too pretty to pass up, even if it does have questionable content that's beautifully concealed. :)
-Lady Macbeth
Title: Uke Jou [ Anime/Manga :: Yu-Gi-Oh! ] By: Layann
Uploaded On: Jan 6 14:01:52 2004
Charcters: Jounouchi Katsuya
Description: Weeell. I think it's no hentai. Everytime I see jou i think "UKE" really. It's the only word for him XP noo.. I like him. This pic was a gift for makiko. ^^
Image Properties: 819x1148 218.64 kb
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Showcase Reason: Beautiful oekaki work - this is a bright and endearing piece.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: A Friend's Wish [ Computer/Video Game :: Kingdom Hearts ] By: Kuruma-chan
Uploaded On: Oct 13 15:54:38 2002
Description: I wuv Riku. Really, I do. He's such an awesome character. ^_^ A lot like Kuja in many ways, and really tragic in the fact he did it all just to help Kairi. But! I shall say no more, since the game is still new.
Drawn on an OekakiBBS with my tablet read more
Image Properties: 300x300 39.3 kb
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Showcase Reason: Nice, lively pic from a little-recognized game.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: Vyse [ Computer/Video Game :: Skies of Arcadia ] By: Ksher
Uploaded On: Dec 12 15:53:40 2003
Charcters: Vyse
Description: I love this game so much! This is Vyse, the main character of 'Skies of Arcadia', for the people who never played it before. This is my first shot at any character from that game. I used reference on this image by the way; he is a hard character to draw fr read more
Image Properties: 450x391 64.07 kb
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Showcase Reason: Beautiful selection from a beautiful gallery - be sure to check out her other works!
-Lady Macbeth
Title: The High Priestess [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Other ] By: Krista_Perry
Uploaded On: Nov 7 23:51:48 2002
Description: Brittany, the reincarnated ex-priestess of Ishtar, from my webcomic Utukki. This picture kind of took on a Tarot card theme, and so I designed two others Tarot card pics featuring characters from Utukki. You can read Utukki at http://www.utukki.com.
Image Properties: 474x600 104.37 kb
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Showcase Reason: Beautiful use of detail and scrollwork has made this into a fabulous image. The bold colors contrast well against the black to draw the eyes right to the center of the image.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: The Cursed Priest [ Computer/Video Game :: Suikoden Series ] By: kouken_sasarai
Uploaded On: May 14 20:58:24 2004
Charcters: Sasarai
Description: The design and such is mine and all, but the character there is none other than Bishop Sasarai from KONAMI's Gensosuikoden games... Yes... I've made him ultimately girly.... I apologize... Can you believe this started out just as a random doodle on a crapp read more
Image Properties: 578x873 185.16 kb
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Showcase Reason: BEAUTIFUL pic of Tao Jun - smooth color and line art makes this an excellent image.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: Tao Jun and yin yangs [ Anime/Manga :: Shaman King ] By: kolaap
Uploaded On: May 3 21:39:01 2003
Image Properties: 565x544 41.77 kb
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Showcase Reason: This is cute. Puppy!Kenshin is kind of unique and very bold in this image.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: Kenshin pup [ Anime/Manga :: Rurouni Kenshin ] By: koe760
Uploaded On: Sep 16 17:22:52 2003
Charcters: Kenshin Himura
Description: Kenshin with a dog collar, ears and a tail
Image Properties: 332x215 14.69 kb
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Showcase Reason: Nice Wind Waker art, stayed true to game style. Cute pic of Link and Zelda. :)
-Lady Macbeth
Title: The Wind Waker [ Computer/Video Game :: Zelda ] By: Kimya
Uploaded On: Jan 26 15:18:01 2004
Charcters: Link, Zelda
Description: A drawing of the Wind Waker, one of my favorite games of all times. :) Coloured with Photoshop, as usual. :)
Image Properties: 720x455 77.24 kb
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Showcase Reason: Clean and pretty - nice, dynamic piece.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: What's with him?! [ Anime/Manga :: Pilot Candidate ] By: Kikuchi
Uploaded On: Jun 29 21:23:00 2004
Description: hmmm, i don't know what this picture is meant to be, but i just thought of the characters when i was watching Karekano, and *bing i came up with my own charcters though i'd prefer my black and white over the colour, oh wells. ohhh i really wanted to put th read more
Image Properties: 400x534 247.42 kb
Showcase Reason: I love this picture of Knives - it's so light and airy, and is a take on Knives that not many fans portray.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: Knives' Butterfly [ Anime/Manga :: Trigun ] By: khaamar
Uploaded On: Mar 21 4:28:52 2003
Charcters: Millions Knives
Image Properties: 450x648 48 kb
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