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Title: Serenity [ Anime/Manga :: Sailor Moon ] By: Kitoky
Uploaded On: Aug 2 4:12:36 2004
Charcters: Princess Serenity
Description: Ahhh!!1 My make over of Serenity!!! I actually did not really try to make her over just give her another look and this is how it turned out...Comment please?
Image Properties: 578x800 38.52 kb
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Title: Will Turner [PotC] [ TV Series/Movie :: Pirates of the Carribean ] By: Kitoky
Uploaded On: Aug 2 3:57:53 2004
Charcters: William Turner
Description: My first Pirates of the Carriban fanart for a friend since she loves Orlando Bloom. Comments?
Image Properties: 603x795 50.95 kb