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Title: Tears of the Lunar Flower [ Anime/Manga :: Wolf's Rain. ] By: icefaeriepetpet
Uploaded On: Aug 16 18:12:36 2006
Charcters: Cheza
Description: Cheza from Wolf's Rain. Enjoy!
Image Properties: 1004x1158 234.52 kb
Title: goodnight [ Anime/Manga :: Wolf's Rain. ] By: lovekiba
Uploaded On: Jul 1 10:39:37 2006
Charcters: Cheza, Hige, Kiba, Toboe, Tsume
Description: I saw this picture in one of the books and i fell in love with it...so it's not an original idea from me...i just redrew the picture for myself and it turned out pretty good i think...please give reviews i appreciate them much and they encourage me to cont read more
Image Properties: 450x640 131.2 kb
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Title: Cheza [ Anime/Manga :: Wolf's Rain. ] By: wind_moon
Uploaded On: May 27 16:48:28 2005
Charcters: Cheza
Description: I love this picture alot of cheza but i wish it i have done it alot better! Please tell what you think. i want to know what you people think i should improve on!!!!
Image Properties: 415x480 58.02 kb
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