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Mating Call
Dimensions: 413x600 pixels, 295 Kb
Mating Call by tigressmoon
Artwork uploaded on Nov 11 1:31:42 PST 2005, since then it was viewed 5299 times and reviewed 2 times.
Artist's Commentary
It takes alot to inspire me to draw something for a fanfic, and the one I've been reading by Licentia poetica entitled Facets of the Living Jewel has done just that. The fic is rated NC-17 (so be ye warned all those underage) Here's part of the fic that inspired me to do this image (note: Inuyasha has been arguing with his other halfs. . . his pure human and his pure demonic sides, thus their influence in the pic): 'Gently, he pulled her hair to one side, caressing her arm as he ran his fingers through her strands. Then he placed his lips, light as a feather, against the junction of her bare neck and shoulder. He breathed on her, rumbling gently, waiting for her response. If she was going to reject him, he needed to give her the chance now. Kagome began to pant. This was really not what she had expected! But his breath against her skin was sending tingles through her whole body. Unconsciously, she tilted her head to the side, giving him better access to her neck. Again, it was a message of submission.'

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