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The Secret Rule
[T] by: Marcus Absent
: Death Note Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Thriller / Suspense | Type: Continuation
Latest Revision: January 06, 2013 11:32 PST | Pages: 34 | Size: 193Kb | Visits: 1043
Summary: Taro Kagami has spent his whole life trying to undo the destruction caused by the notebook. Now, he may finally get his chance. But the powers of evil are stronger than he thinks. Who will win? Who will survive?

Contains some minor swearing read more

[T] by: Ratt9
: Death Note Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Police / Romance | Type: Yaoi
Latest Revision: December 28, 2011 12:19 PST | Pages: 2 | Size: 17Kb | Visits: 419
Summary: A late-night conversation with L results in Matsuda being licked in the face. Fluff.

Nam Iustitia et Amor
[T] by: RainLily13
: Death Note Fan Fiction / Death Note Fan Fiction / InuYasha Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Romance / Comedy / Action | Type: Crossover
Latest Revision: April 10, 2010 15:41 PDT | Pages: 17 | Size: 86Kb | Visits: 1336
Summary: He had to know. “Why do this? Why risk your life?”— She looked at him, her sapphire eyes glowing hauntingly. “A wrong thing done for the right reason is still the wrong thing to do…” He couldn’t put it in better words. Kagome/L
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