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A Challenge From The Darkness: Chapter 1 [ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]
Anime/Manga: Yu Yu Hakusho
Genre(s): Hentai / Shounen | Type: One Shot
Author: Ryukotsusei
Uploaded On: June 10, 2006 17:21 PDT
Pages: 5 | Words: 8732 | Size: 50 KB | Visits: 1557 | Status: Completed
   Overconfidence will be ones downfall when two creatures of the night collide. Kuronue/Hiei pwp oneshot.

Title: A Challenge from the Darkness
Summary: Overconfidence will be ones downfall when two creatures of the night collide. Kuronue/Hiei
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership to Yu Yu Hakusho or any of its character. I merely borrow them for my own personal amusement.
Author's Note: This story contains Yaoi, if this offends you please leave now.
Night had long since fallen but Kuronue remained unconcerned about the darkness. A creature born to the night he was truly in his element with the blackness wrapped around him like a cloak, it gave him a sense of profound power over others. There was no other creature demon or otherwise that could hope to take him in this environment, he had the advantage and he knew it.. He allowed a slow smirk to cross his face as he continued walking nonchalantly down the darkened alleyway. He had known from the start that he was being followed though he had done nothing to dissuade this particular would be thief. He had to admit, the demon had guts singling him out such as he had, not many that knew of his reputation would be so bold.
Of course, this particular demon had been busy building quite a reputation of his own in a very short time, though when he had come across him earlier Kuronue hadn't been all that impressed. The potential was there, that was for certain but it still needed to be developed to a far greater degree if he ever thought he would be able to take on someone of Kuronue's caliber and hope to have any chance of winning. However as was the way of most youngsters just starting out, this young upstart who called himself Hiei thought he was invincible and his track record did nothing to dispel that idea. It wouldn't take much on Kuronue's part to change that popular belief in this particular demon but as it was he was feeling... playful.
His ears twitched as he followed the movement behind him and he thought about his partner. Youko had taken off on his own for the night, no doubt seeking his entertainment with the lovely ladies from the local brothel. There wasn't anyone there that held any interest to Kuronue, he tended to be far more selective then his Kitsune partner in his choices of partners to rut with. There were some that Kuronue swore he would never understand Youko's interest in but the fox had just laughed and winked when he was asked about it. So Kuronue had just let the question go. But now it meant that Kuronue had found himself alone for the night and seeking someone or something that would be able to hold his interest. The smirk widened as he exited the alley, taking note of the fact that it had brought him to the edge of town. The forest lay beyond, the perfect grounds for him to convince this little demon to play. "You might as well come out in the open instead of skulking around behind me, I know you are there."
Crimson eyes narrowed in displeasure as he stared at the winged demon's back. It would seem then that the rumors he had heard were true, nothing of any importance got past this particular demon. It didn't matter though, the outcome would still be the same as far as Hiei was concerned. He wasn't in this for the money, this was about pride and bragging rights pure and simple. Everyone had always said he was trash, useless except for the most menial of tasks. That even the bandits had eventually cast him out of the band rankled him to no end. So what if he killed while he was doing a job? As long as the end results were the same they should have been happy but no, they scorned him saying that he was not worthy enough to remain a member of their group and that he would bring ruin down on them all. That was the same thing those Koorime bitches had said when they threw him from their cursed island.
His eyes became hooded as he debated coming out of the shadows for a moment. His cover was blown and this Kuronue knew he was there but that didn't necessary mean he knew of his exact location. However when the demon called to him again he had to bite back a muted growl of annoyance. Kuronue's tone had been callously mocking, taunting him about his inability to remain hidden against one such as himself thus proving immediately that he was just like everyone else. It was more then disturbing, it was infuriating! Within moments he had his katana unsheathed and had launched himself at the taller demon only to have his attack fall short. His eyes blazed in anger as he found to his surprise that his attack had easily been countered with one of the scythes now held easily in the bat demon's hand.
Leaping back Hiei felt a growl rumbling deep in his chest as Kuronue's mocking laughter reached his ears. That bastard bat actually thought his attack was funny! His attack that he had worked so many years on perfecting and had taken the lives of so many demons! "You might be laughing now you arrogant asshole but your time has come. You won't think this is so damn amusing when you're laying in a pool of your own blood!" Again he leapt forward, using his breathtaking speed to try and gain the upper hand over Kuronue but once more his blade was deflected. The winged demon's blue eyes gleamed in the pale moonlight, giving testament to just how enjoyable he was finding their encounter.
The bat demon stifled a bored yawn. "Is that the best you can do little one? If it is then I suggest you go back to suckle your mothers teat and stop wasting my time." Kuronue knew that was a low blow, well aware of just who and what Hiei was. He said it mockingly, trying to provoke the apparition. He was sure nothing more of an effort would be required to get Hiei to fight at his full potential. "Come now little one? I thought you would make this an interesting evening for me but instead I could probably find better sport out of one of the local drunkards. Should I blind myself? Or perhaps tie one hand behind my back to make things a bit more fair for you?"
If the comment about going back home to his mother hadn't been enough to piss Hiei off, the yawn and the sarcastic offer the bat had made to handicap himself certainly was. He had just about had enough of this demon's smart mouth and was more than ready to remove Kuronue's head for his arrogance. He was also slightly perplexed though, so far that bat demon had remained on the defensive, not once initiating an attack except with his infuriating words. "Is that the only way you know how to fight? With that sarcastic mouth of yours? Make no mistake, underestimating me will be your downfall and the legend of the great Kuronue will fall into obscurity! My laugh will be the last thing you hear as I send you to hell!"
"Even if you were able to kill me, which is highly doubtful you'd never leave this city alive. But I grow bored with you and your juvenile attempts to play with that Katana. You think you have some skill with your pretty little knife? What do you say we make this a bit more interesting? "Kuronue's gaze broke away from the now silent apparition and turned back to the forest. "In the depths beyond the possibilities are infinite. Assuming the rumors are correct the wilds are your second home are they not? Surely you'd be able to offer more of a challenge out there then you ever could hope to here."
Hiei remained silent for several long moments, trying not to let his temper get away from him as he tried to guess at just what exactly the bat demon was getting at. He was reputed to have a wicked sense of humor which was often considered to be slightly infuriating. At the moment, Hiei was more than inclined to agree with that sentiment, the demon was putting his nerves on edge. Finally he broke the silence, wanting to know just what the other demons true intentions were with all this taunting. "And just what are you proposing? What is going on in that deranged head of yours?"
"Deranged you say? Oh now, that's delicious. It's simple really. A test to see who is the more skilled between the two of us. But this will not be to the death unless you force the issue. You have.... some small potential, in addition to that smart mouth of yours. You had to have been coming after me for a reason, what is it you wished to gain?" Kuronue had a very good idea of what it was, as a thief he knew better than to carry about large amounts of gold with him. This young upstart had either been wanting to take his life, which wasn't likely given that he could have attacked on several different occasions and possibly made a lucky hit. Or the other possibility was that Hiei wanted one of the few valuables he carried and based on the way the smaller demon's eyes landed on his necklace, it was a good bet that had been his target all along.
"If I agree to this it will be under my own terms. This contest will take place in the forest as specified. " Hiei regarded the winged demon curiously for several long moments, knowing that his next conditions were likely to prompt an outright refusal. He would be very much surprised if Kuronue agreed to this but if he did and Hiei won like he expected to going through all this hassle would be well worth it. "The stakes are this, it is not a death match. When I win not only will you hand over your pendant but you will also accompany me into town and inform that partner you think so highly of that you are teaming up with me. You have some uses that I might have a need for in the future." Already he was planning ahead, thinking of potential jobs that he could accomplish given a skilled partner. The spirit kitsune had no part in this however. Hiei was well aware of just how traitorous that demon could be and he had no doubts that given the opportunity Youko Kurama would attempt to eliminate him.
"You drive a hard bargain little one." Kuronue's wings flexed for the briefest of moments as he considered the terms. Youko would not be pleased to hear of such a bargain although he had little doubt that he would be the one to come out on top in this situation. The kitsune would tell him that he was being foolish, risking something important like this for a bit of fun but at the same time he was certain Youko would see the humor in this. "I'll agree to your terms but I have some terms of my own. If I should win, you become mine to use as I see fit." Kuronue turned cold eyes on the apparition willing him to see just how serious he was about this.
The wording gave Hiei a start, unsure if he had actually heard what he thought he had. "Explain yourself, I am not a possession nor will I be treated as such!" For so long he had been used as a tool and nothing more, with no regard given to how he felt about something. He refused to put himself in a position like that again. His hand tightened on the hilt of his sword, the wording that Kuronue had chosen to use only served to make his temper flare higher. He was positive of it, he was disliking this demon more and more by the second.
Kuronue merely lifted an eyebrow and regarded him coolly for a moment. "Not once did I say anything about your being a "possession" or that I desired you as one.. What it does mean is that for six months time you will accompany me, furthering your training as I see fit because otherwise you are going to end up as yesterday's news, gutted in some street and forgotten. However that does not mean that you will live for free. You will.. how shall I say this.. provide other services in the mean time whenever I so desire. Those are my terms, you are free to take them or leave them at your leisure. However with how confident you seem to be of your abilities I would hardly think this is a challenge one such as yourself would back down from."
Silence drew out for several long uncomfortable moments as Hiei debated just what to do. He certainly didn't mind the idea of further training but the idea of becoming this demon's bedmate had no appeal to him, assuming he lost this little test which he still wasn't betting on. Or, he could walk away and forget this challenge had ever been thrown down and no one would be any wiser of the night's events with the exception of himself and Kuronue. However he knew that just the knowledge he would have of turning tail and running would eat away at him till the end of his days. Finally he slid his sword back into its sheath and leveled a deadly glare at Kuronue. "I accept your terms then. Let it never be said I turned tail from a worthy challenge. I suggest you get going if you have any hopes of hiding from me within that forest. I refuse to wait for long."
Instead of replying Kuronue just smirked, showing his teeth in amusement and disappeared into the forest with a grace that was completely unexpected from a demon such as himself. Trees melted into indistinguishable shapes as he moved silently, seeking out an ideal location to trap his prey. Finding a suitable tree he laid his palm on it, focusing his ki in a way that Youko had taught him once, long ago. It was a diversion, nothing more but hopefully it would distract the little apparition long enough for him to gain a clear advantage. As expected, a mirage of himself appeared, perched high in the branches and melding easily with the shadows.
Hiei on the other hand was moving through the forest stealthily, blending into the darkness. He had meant exactly what he said, he hadn't waited long and now came to a stop some distance away from the bat demon though he still had a good view of just what was transpiring. 'Interesting, I wasn't aware he could do that.' It was a clever trick, one he might have fallen for if he hadn't seen what was being done but now that the surprise was blown, he would be expecting such tactics from his opponent. Mindful of the bat demon's keen hearing he situated himself out of sight, waiting for Kuronue's next move.
The muffled sound of something moving through the undergrowth caught Kuronue's attention and he knew that he had to move, his opponent was on his way. Taking one last look at his illusion he leapt up into the air and hovered just out of sight in case Hiei happened to look up. No, he wouldn't attack the younger demon from behind. Instead, the illusion had the look and feel of a real opponent and it would help drain some of the apparitions precious energy. In doing this, he would also be able to ascertain just how skilled the hybrid truly was before he took him out and it would give him a better idea of just how much training he would need to give the apparition.
Hiei smirked to himself, seeing the bat take to the air and conceal himself. A well thrown rock had given him the information that he needed. Now that he knew the bat demon's location, this would be like child's play. Carefully he made his way towards the tree, as if he were tracking the ki signal however when the illusion leapt forward as if he were actually under attack he disappeared. Moving faster than the eye could follow, he jumped into the tree just behind the winged demon. The sound of his katana cutting through the air was the only warning the other had as the blade ripped cleanly through the leather of one of the bat's wings.
Kuronue landed heavily, rolling to the side before quickly recovering his feet. He had not been prepared for such a move but he swore he would not be taken by surprise again. "I should have known." His voice was cold and mocking. "You have no honor, attacking your opponent from behind like a common street thug. Very well then let's see how well you do without the element of surprise!" His hands closed on his weapons, drawing them with a deadly grace. As the moonlight reflected off of the blades there was no doubt they would be lethal if Kuronue intended to be serious.
"Shut up and fight or do you plan on talking all night while you stand there and bleed?" Hiei's confidence was back in full force, knowing he had scored a hit on his opponent. Moving quickly Hiei struck out once more, fully intending to take advantage of the wound he had inflicted but was startled when the blade of his sword cut through nothing but air.
"Lesson number one my delectable little apparition. Know your opponent. If you have no idea what to expect, how can you hope to succeed?" Kuronue watched with calm detachment as the apparition spun around towards the sound of his voice, blade flashing in the pale moonlight but he was long gone by the time the weapon would have connected. "Or are you the type to strike and pray while doing so? Believing in blind luck to keep you safe?"
"You know nothing about me fool!" Hiei wasn't sure how he was doing it but there had to be a trick to just what Kuronue was doing. He was no longer visible, hell, he couldn't even track his ki properly. It was as if the bat demon had vanished except for that damnable mocking voice. "Coward! You say I have no honor but what is it that you are doing? Hiding! All that boastful talk earlier was just that wasn't it? Utter bullshit, you probably hide behind that partner of yours. Riding his coat tails to fame most likely!"
Though he knew that Hiei couldn't see it, he directed a snarl towards the apparition. He had trained for years to perfect his abilities and was more than a match for any demon out there save for Youko. Even he knew the spirit kitsune had tricks that he would never learn. But to be called a coward, by one who had no sense of honor no less was deeply insulting. "You would think that wouldn't you fool." Without warning he rematerialized, mere inches away from the apparition and within seconds had sent the katana sailing through the night air.
Hiei attempted to jump back but a hand fisted in his cloak brought him up short even as Kuronue swept his feet out from under him. Still, he had no intentions of going down that easily and twisted to the side to avoid being pinned. Black flames encased his fists as he lashed out at the bat demon, hoping to drive him back enough to give him time to regain his feet. As expected, Kuronue jumped out of the way and Hiei leapt up, fully intent on winning this battle. Suddenly however he was brought to his knees once more as one of the scythes cut through the air and tore a gash in his thigh.
Calling the weapon back to him, Kuronue waited to see what the apparitions next move would be. The advantage of speed was no longer a factor. While the wound he inflicted on the apparition wasn't deep enough to kill it would severely hamper the demon's ability to move until it was healed. "Are you ready to give up yet little one? There is no honor in taking advantage of one so wounded but if you persist in fighting I will continue until there is a clear victor."
"Go to hell!" Hiei knew he was in trouble and his only chance now was to get to where his weapon lay upon the ground. Moving as quickly as he could he made his way over towards it, only to be stopped as wicked claws cut through his cloak leaving four bloody gashes in their wake. Another flurry of movement had his attention shifting to the other side just in time to feel that powerful grip once more. In a matter of moments, he had been forced to his knees with the taller demon standing behind him. Turning his head slightly, he glared hatefully up at Kuronue while ignoring the cold steel pressed against his flesh.
"Now there is no question about it. Move and you will die, this contest is over and it is time for me to collect my reward." Kuronue saw the reluctant acceptance settle in the apparitions eyes and knew that Hiei would no longer contest the decision. It had been a fair fight and he had won as per their agreement. He had not anticipated the desire that had coursed through his body however and it was the spicy scent of the hybrid's blood in the air that brought him to his decision to end the game so they could move on to more pleasurable activities.
When he felt his cloak being lifted and removed, Hiei knew then exactly what Kuronue wanted for his reward. It didn't surprise him, he was no stranger to sex even though it wasn't often that he indulged. Never had he been taken by another demon though, it was something of a promise he had made to himself. Never be in a position where he couldn't control what happened. It would seem that he would be forced to break that promise, because of his own overconfidence. The words came out as a low growl "Just do it and get it over with."
"As you wish." Kuronue wasn't particularly interested in what prompted that resignation in the hybrid's tone. It would be up to the apparition himself if he decided to take the pleasure that he was offering. Should he refuse that offer the rutting would still commence, yet it wasn't likely to be something Hiei looked back on with fond memories. At any rate, it wasn't his problem. Pulling Hiei to his feet, he allowed his hands to trail down the younger demons form, feeling the body his erection would soon be buried in. Coming to the twin belts he frowned before sliding them free. "You have much to learn Hiei, two belts will not stop the most determined of aggressors."
When he felt his pants fall down around his ankles, Hiei closed his eyes grimacing as the calloused hand of his would be lover began to fondle him. His tone was bitter, there was no doubt that losing the contest had left a bad taste in his mouth. "It's always been enough before now. You only got by them because of our agreement, make no mistake about that." A hand crept back up to his chest, pinching a nipple and tugging harshly in reprimand but he held back any sounds of discomfort.
"That's because you'd never run into me before. Had I wanted it, I could have taken you at any time." Kuronue could see by the carefully blank expression Hiei was doing his best to conceal any of the affects his caresses were having, yet the slowly lengthening member in his hand told him everything that the apparition was trying to hide. Like it or not, Hiei was enjoying his touch and to that end he tightened his grip slightly, never pausing in the slow stroking he was engaged in.
"That's because you'd never challenged me before this. Had I wanted it, I could have taken you at any time." Kuronue could see by the carefully blank expression Hiei was doing his best to conceal any of the effects his caresses were having, yet the slowly lengthening member in his hand told him everything that the apparition was trying to hide. Like it or not, Hiei was enjoying his touch and to that end he tightened his grip slightly, never pausing in the slow stroking he was engaged in.
When small drops of fluid began to appear on the end of the apparition's shaft and shudders began to wrack his lithe frame, Kuronue stilled his hand and loosened his grip to move lower, gently massaging the hybrid's tightened sack. His other hand went to Hiei's chin, tilting his head slightly so he could stare down into the smaller demon's face. Unfortunately the apparition refused to cooperate, darting his eyes to the surrounding areas looking as if he wished he could bolt away. Unable to catch the demon's eyes, Kuronue's hand moved back to the taut member and gave a firm squeeze, eliciting a gasp from Hiei's mouth.
“You could try to at least pretend that you are getting some enjoyment out of this. Your body already tells me that you are anyway.” Kuronue was getting slightly frustrated at Hiei's continued refusal to show any sort of reaction. Kuronue sighed, he much preferred responsive partners and had more than made a name for himself as a skilled lover. It would seem as if he were going to have to drag a reaction out of the little hybrid, one way or another. It was times like this he was thankful for all the little tricks he had picked up from Youko. A hint of amusement colored his voice even though the exasperation was still present. “As you wish.” Without giving Hiei a chance to question exactly what he planned, not that he believed the hybrid would anyway, he forced a leg in between Hiei's legs and spread them apart while pushing on the small of his back, forcing him to bend over. As expected Hiei braced his hands against the ground to keep himself from toppling over which arched his back in such sinful ways and helped expose his most personal of areas for Kuronue's visual pleasure.
Hiei's ears easily picked up the slight groan coming from behind him as he stood there perfectly balanced. He couldn't say it was comfortable but the hand on his groin was making up for the difficult position that bat had put him in. Still, he wasn't going to let the thief know just how much he was enjoying those caresses and to that end he caught his lower lip between his teeth to make sure no further sounds escaped him.
Kuronue knew what was going unsaid though as he continued to run his fingers over the apparition's cock. Feeling it jump in his hand in response to his touch, he couldn't help but grin. Maybe this would be easier than he had anticipated. “Your body betrays you little one, I'm going to enjoy this and soon you will come to enjoy it as well.” Kuronue's eyes never left the view of the apparition's firm backside as his fingers slid through the clear liquid dripping from the apparition's length. They came away glistening with the shiny wetness as he drew his hand back, just what he needed to prepare the smaller demon for what was to come. Slowly his finger traced the ring that guarded Hiei's body from intrusion, rubbing it slowly knowing this was only the first stage in relaxing the hybrid. He could feel the tension slowly easing from the smaller demon's body and took that as a sign to continue. Without warning Hiei of what was to come, he pressed the digit in slowly while holding the apparition in place. He would not give the hybrid the chance to run now and as he heard the hiss of discomfort as well as the muscles clenching around his fingers he knew that was just what Hiei would do. "Relax or it will hurt worse." Without waiting for Hiei to give into his request, he resumed his slow movements with his fingers drawing out a whine from deep within the apparition's throat.
Hiei had finally started to relax once more against the intrusion when Kuronue decided it was time to add another finger. Slipping the second digit into the apparition's body without warning caused Hiei to jump, nearly unsettling his balance. If it weren't for the strong arm now wrapped around his waist his knees would have given out on him. Kuronue smiled feraly as he tightened his grip, drawing the hybrid in closer to him which drove his invading fingers in deeper, striking his sweet spot and making his cock jump once again as if it had suddenly gained a life of its own. “Found something we like Hiei?” Kuronue taunted the apparition as he brushed up against that spot once again, causing Hiei's body to shudder with pleasure at the new sensation.
Hiei growled, fighting off the desires of his body that screamed at him to push back against those fingers that were drawing out such wicked sensations. This was beyond anything he had felt before and while it was pleasurable, the idea was torture that his body was so insistent to continue these intimate caresses. Weakly he clutched at the arm wrapped around his waist and tried to pry it off. The bastard had been right, saying he would make him want it but now he wanted nothing more than to get away and regain control of himself before he started acting like a wanton slut, begging for more.
Knowing this brief power play for what it was, Kuronue tightened his grip on the smaller demon and held him in place. He was almost ready for the taking and Kuronue refused to be denied. However Hiei was trying to get out of their arrangement and Kuronue was determined to teach the apparition that either you played by the rules or you forfeited any semblance of control. Withdrawing his fingers from Hiei's tight body he leaned over the apparition and grabbed a handful of hair, yanking the smaller demon upright and forcing him to his knees. Standing before the prone demon, he slowly unbuckled his belts and removed his own aching member from the confines of his pants. "Be a good little demon and suck it. Make sure you do a good job while your at it unless you don't mind being fucked without any lube."
Hiei glared at Kuronue while briefly contemplating biting the other man in retribution for the humiliating treatment he was receiving. However he knew it was unlikely that he'd be able to escape the taller demon's wrath, not with the way his thigh was still bleeding which would make escape virtually impossible. At least, he realized, this was something he could do well knowing exactly what the bat was likely to enjoy. Running his hands up the demon's legs he wrapped his lips around the head of his weeping shaft and ran his tongue along the slit, tasting him. It was no surprise the fluid was slightly bitter but it wasn't something that would make him unable to continue. A hand fisted in his hair guiding him, forcing more of Kuronue's hot length into his mouth. Gagging slightly as it hit the back of his throat he only got a slight reprieve as the demon thrust his hips forward while tugging on his hair. Saliva dripped from his chin as Kuronue continued to force his way deeper into his mouth, seemingly lost in his pleasure as Hiei fought to breathe.
Claws piercing the skin on his thighs brought him back to himself and he relaxed his stranglehold on Hiei's hair for a moment. While he couldn't say he appreciated the warning on how far he was pushing the little apparition in a way he was grateful. He'd much rather finish this with him buried inside the hybrid. There would be many opportunities in the future for him to make use of that talented little mouth again. Grabbing Hiei's hand he hauled him to his feet once more and led him over to a grassy patch where Kuronue proceeded to sit on the ground, pulling Hiei into his lap at the same time. His lips ghosted along the side of the apparition as he spoke. "You've done well my delectable little apparition. Continue to please me such as you have been doing and I might very well be persuaded not to share you with my partner."
Throwing his head back as he felt the demon's cock invading his body, Hiei bit his lower lip causing blood to drip down his chin. Two fingers certainly hadn't given him any idea of just how painful this intrusion would be and his breathing came in ragged pants as he tried to keep from voicing his pain. It seemed to go on for an eternity, Kuronue continually pulling him down further, forcing his length deeper within his body but eventually Kuronue stopped and for a long moment they both remained still. Finally he was able to open his eyes again when he felt the bat demon shift, realizing he had laid fully upon the ground. "That wasn't... part of.. our arrangement! Fuck!" The gasp was torn from him as clawed hands gripped his hips and forced him to move. It was still uncomfortable but he was growing accustomed to the sensation.
"Don't mind if I do." Kuronue chuckled darkly at Hiei's poor choice of words. The hybrid didn't seem too inclined to move on his own and Kuronue was tired of waiting. Raising the apparition up onto his knees he began thrusting up into that delicious warmth that called to him. When a cry of pleasure erupted from Hiei's lips he knew then that he had found what he had been aiming for to get the smaller demon to play willingly. Over and over he assaulted Hiei's prostate, tearing a variety of arousing sounds from the apparition. Releasing the hold he had on Hiei's hips, he allowed the hybrid to move as his instincts dictated and was pleased when he braced his hands on his chest for leverage before beginning to move with him.
All pain vanished as Hiei's mind hazed with pleasure. His body was working on it's own now, taking what it wanted from the demon below him but it wasn't enough. Even now he was so close to his release but still so far away, hovering on the edge. "More!" He slammed himself down harder seeking completion even as he felt a hand wrap around his aching cock. Fighting to open his eyes he stared down at his lover, being drawn into those intense blue eyes that were filled with a need as great as his own.
Stroking the pulsating length in his hand, Kuronue knew the apparition was right on the brink. The sounds of their rutting filled the air, pleasure filled pants and cries alerting all who would care to notice just what was going on within the shelter of the trees. He watched as Hiei gave one last deep cry of pleasure. As Hiei's seed covered his chest and abdomen, Kuronue yanked the apparition down hard with his free hand, emptying his own essence deep within the hot body of his lover. For several moments they remained like that, still and trying to catch their breath but eventually Hiei moved, pulling himself off of Kuronue's lap and moving a few feet away to collapse onto the ground in exhaustion.
Kuronue couldn't help but laugh at the smaller demon, if this was the extent of his endurance then they were going to have to do some serious work on improving his staying ability. "Don't tell me you're tired already little one." At the disgusted look he received he knew that having Hiei around was going to be interesting. If nothing else, taunting him was amusing to say the least.
"Shut up Fool." Hiei threw an arm over his eyes, wishing that this night hadn't happened. Yes, he was sated. Yes, the experience had become enjoyable. But that didn't mean he wanted to listen to that proud bastard's gloating over what he had accomplished. Right now all he wanted to do was return to his hideout and sleep but even that was denied to him, he was stuck with this asshole for the next six months.
A throaty chuckle broke the silence which had Kuronue raising a brow in amusement and Hiei tensing, his eyes searching once more for his sword. It was no surprise to the bat demon that they should have company, Youko did tend to arrive at the most inopportune times. "I take it you enjoyed the show." A silver figure dropped out of the tree they had rutted beneath and cast a look full of mischief over towards the tense apparition who was watching the two of them warily.
"Indeed I did Kuronue. But.... I never did take you for the type to pick such a.. delicate bed partner." Youko took in the slight frame of the apparition, appraising his body with interest. It was true, Kuronue didn't usually go for such finally built lovers but this one was powerful enough to make an exception. His appearance was deceiving and this was a demon that would bear watching.
Kuronue adjusted his clothing before standing up to stand next to Youko. Hiei for his part had given the both of them a disgusted look before standing and walking over to his own clothes. "Keep thinking that Kitsune, if I were you I'd watch my ass. You never know who you might lose a tail to." Even though he was injured Hiei wasn't about to show any signs of weakness in front of this new demon. To do so would be begging to be taken advantage of.
Youko grinned then, his hand reaching up into his hair and withdrawing a couple of seeds before tossing them to the ground. As vines erupted from the ground and physically restrained the apparition, the kitsune began making his way towards him. Pulling the pants out of the hybrid's hands he dropped them to the ground once more. Clawed fingers slid across pale flesh leaving thin red welts in their wake. Cold amber eyes stared down at his captive even as a thin vine began to force it's way up into the smaller demon's body. His voice was cold and mocking as he watched Hiei tense, feeling his ass being invaded once more. "Oh no Hiei. I think if anyone around here needs to worry about what happens to their ass, it would be you."
Curses rang out through the darkness but they soon gave way to cries of pleasure as Youko proceeded to show Hiei just where Kuronue learned his skills from. The biggest lesson that Hiei would learn on this night was that one did not challenge the greatest thieves of the Makai and emerge unscathed. One way or another they always got what they wanted.