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Harry's Rainbow Effect: Chapter one ( Chapter 1 ) [ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]
Non Anime: Harry Potter - Series
Genre(s): Romance / Hentai | Type: One Shot
Author: Row4per
Uploaded On: January 24, 2007 03:30 PST
Pages: 3 | Words: 3294 | Size: 20 KB | Visits: 10650 | Status: Completed
   Harry spends the evening with a couple friends.

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters contained within this story, nor am I gaining any profit from it. JK Rowling owns these characters.
There he was, sitting in his class, bored out of his mind. He had to take this class, the potion class, of course taught by Professor Slughorn. He never truly felt that this class was of any use to him, for all he really ever thought about was getting laid and getting paid, and right soon, at that.
Then again, he thought, this very class was also the one where he learned how to make that invisibility potion that allowed him to sneak into the women's locker room undetected so that he could jerk off to all the lovely girls and women in there.
The professor dragged on and on about mixes, the resulting potions, and all. Harry just slumped down in his seat and sighed deeply, shaking his head. He glanced over at his classmate, Hermione. There she sat, with an odd glow about her, a sort of a shimmering light surrounding her person. She didn't normally glow like that, so Harry just thought to himself that that must be his hormones talking.
Suddenly, a bright idea hit him. He snapped his fingers and pulled out a piece of paper and started writing on it. He knew that Hermione was after him and that he could score those drawers any time he wanted to—so he figured, why not now?
He started frantically writing on the paper, folded it up, and subtly passed it over to Hermione. Hermione opened the letter, making certain not to get caught by the ever-rambling professor. She slyly glanced Harry's way and smiled at him. She mouthed the words, “After school, meet me by my locker.”
Harry smiled like a Cheshire cat. The bell rang and the class emptied. Harry rushed over to Hermione's locker. Hermione approached a couple moments later. She gave Harry a big hug and whispered in his ear, “I knew you'd come around.”
Harry gently brushed Herm's hair and said, “Yeah, hey how about we meet in Madam Hoochie's classroom about 7-ish?”
Hermione chuckled a bit, she said, “You're so bad, Harry! It's Madam HOOCH, not `Hoochie'!”
Harry just nodded his head, rolling his eyes. He went on, “Ok, then, so it's settled, we'll meet in Hoochie's room at 7 then. I have to go take care of some business—those no-good bums, the HufflePuffs, didn't pay their `insurance' this month, so me and the guys have to go over there to `keep them insured', if you know what I mean.”
Hermione, seemingly oblivious to what Harry just told her, just smiled and blew a kiss at him. Harry smiled and another brilliant idea came to mind. He said, “Hey Hermione, you wouldn't mind if I made this a threesome, would you?”
Hermione hesitated and then replied, “Hm…a threesome? Ok, sure, why not?”
Harry smiled devilishly, “Hahaha! That's my girl! I know just the broad for the job, too!”
So Harry left Hogwarts and saw an old man stopped at an intersection on a flying broom. He said to himself, “HA! Could life get any better? A flying broom! Now I don't have to find my own way around or do that mentally draining disappearing thing I do.” So, without hesitation, he ran over to the old man on the broom, yanked him off, and zoomed off through the intersection toward the house of the HufflePuffs to collect his “insurance money”.
We fast forward to after he collected his money, leaving the House of Hufflepuffs short one member. Harry and his boys, high-fived each other and Harry dropped them all off one-by-one at their respective homes. He lit a cigarette and flew over to the red-light district in Blackpool, England. He was flying around a certain neighborhood and he was looking for Ginny, a certain hooker that he fancied.
After a few more minutes, he finally found her. He said, “Hey Ginny, wanna' join me?”
Ginny smiled and jogged over to Harry. She gleefully replied, “Of course, Harry baby!”
Harry smirked and motioned for her to hop on board. He checked his watch and it was nearing 7. Ginny asked, “So, what'cha got planned tonight?”
Harry took a draw of his cigarette and answered, “A threesome—with me, you, and Hermione, back at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Don't worry, I'll pay you, hon.”
Ginny smiled and excitedly said, “Oooh, I get to suck that magnificent cock of yours again, Harry? And on top of that, I get pussy, too? Gee, I hope she's got a bush—I love bush!”
Harry snickered to himself and shook his head as they flew toward the school.
Harry and Ginny arrived at the school, broke in, and made their way toward Madam Hooch's classroom. Harry tried the knob, but the door was locked. He saw Hermione approaching from the other direction and he smiled. He said, “Girls, we're gonna' have some fun tonight, hehehe! Well, that is, is I can get this fucking door open.”
Hermione tried the door and she shook her head. She said, “Damn, it IS locked. She usually leaves it open.”
At that moment, a thought came to Harry's mind. He said, “Aw fuck it! Stand back, girls!”
He backed up a couple of steps and kicked the doorknob off of the door. He smirked proudly and graciously opened the door for the two women. He then turned around and cast a spell that prevented any security guards from approaching the classroom.
Ginny entered, looking around at all of the weird-looking objects displayed everywhere. However, as she was looking around, Harry and Hermione had already begun.
Harry had his arms around Hermione's waist and they were in a deep, passionate kiss. Ginny, never wanting to be left out hurried over to where they were and turned it into a three-way kiss. After a few minutes, Hermione's clothes were totally off, as were Ginny's and Harry's.
Ginny and Hermione both fell to their knees and Ginny began to suck Hermione's admittedly small, but perky tits—slowly and passionately moving her experienced tongue gently around Hermione's delicate areolas and teasing her nipples. Harry was standing up in back of Hermione once again kissing her deeply as his throbbing meat missile gently poked her in the back.
Hermione and Ginny then gently switched gears. Hermione gently began to push Ginny down onto the floor. Hermione started sucking Ginny's meat-bags, hard. Ginny moaned in ecstasy and started writhing around—her breasts were her most sensitive parts. Hermione then slowly made her way down until she got to Ginny's vagina.
Hermione lustily looked up at Ginny and licked her lips slowly before going down on her. Harry kissed Hermione on the dimple in her left butt-cheek. He saw that the pimples on Hermione's ass resembled the constellation Orion. Putting that thought in back of him, he knew that Ginny loved to have her breasts sucked.
Harry slid over and laid down on the rug and started sucking Ginny's breasts as Hermione tongue was dancing all around Ginny's pussy, occasionally teasing her clitoris. After a few minutes, Ginny wrapped her legs around Hermione as her body began to spasm form the orgasmic bliss. Hermione kept licking around and even biting occasionally, Harry kept licking and sucking Ginny's tits hard, as if they were milkshakes, and Ginny continued to have orgasm after orgasm.
After about 20 minutes, it was Hermione's turn. Harry laid Hermione down gently beside Ginny, who was a bit exhausted. Hermione's face looked as if someone fried bacon on it. Harry licked Hermione's face gently and laid down beside her and started kissing her as he fingered her gently. Ginny crawled over and started licking Harry's cock.
Harry felt Hermione's extreme wetness as his fingers were lodged deep inside of her, coming out on occasion to flick her clit. After just a couple moments, Hermione's body started to convulse and she let out a whine as she came all over Harry's hand. Harry took his hand out of her and started licking his fingers as he looked into her eyes. Hermione said softly, “Harry, I want you to lick my piss flaps for me.”
Harry nodded and Ginny stopped sucking his dick. Ginny then started sucking on Hermione's tits again as Harry was eating in Hermione's downtown district. So, after a few more minutes, Hermione's body once again began to convulse as another gushing orgasm was sweeping through her. This time she screamed aloud and started vigorously humping to the pace of Harry's bobbing head.
Hermione's face contorted into an intense expression. She panted, “Oooh, come on…that's it…come on baby, make mama cum! I want you to taste it! MMMMMMPPPH!”
Hermione's body tensed up again and she started to convulse, only this time was more intense than the last two times. She tried to scream but couldn't, her legs were wrapped so tight around Harry's neck. Ginny was taking her nipples and rubbing them against Hermione's and all of that just sent her over the edge.
Harry took one final lick and Ginny kissed her. Ginny then laid Harry down and started sucking his cock as if it were the last cock on earth. Harry knew that he'd been just been barely hanging on until this point. He was glad that the girls went first, so that way he would have to concentrate on whatever they had him doing and therefore he could appear to last a little longer.
He was somewhat used to the way Ginny's tongue felt. It was like fine silk. She sucked him hard and he closed his eyes, trying to last as long as he could. He was amazed at how well she handled his 8-inch missile. He casted a growth spell on his penis last year, and he'd been reaping the benefits of it ever since. He loved to look at how Ginny's tongue ran up and down his meat pole, making his sperm bubble up in his balls like a shaken can of soda.
After a couple moments, Hermione moved in and started sucking the side of Harry dong as Ginny took the top. A few more minutes and Harry could barely stand it. Hermione's tongue felt so good—the way the bumps on her tongue provided that much-needed friction. Suddenly, Hermione stopped. She leaned over and kissed Harry on the lips softly. Ginny stopped sucking and Hermione squatted over Harry's throbbing red-tipped kielbasa and guided him into her.
That blew Harry's mind, and he didn't know how much longer he could hang on. Hermione was unbelievably wet. Ginny, not to be outdone, started sucking his balls, which by then were starting to get sucked up into him. So Hermione rode him for a few moments, and Harry, trying desperately to hang on, tried his best to think of something else, something not so pleasant. It appeared to work, because a few minutes later, Hermione came again and once again fell to the floor to start sucking Harry's meat again.
Ginny continued to tug and suck and even bite on Harry's balls. The intensity of Harry's pending orgasm was so intense, it resembled him feeling as if his bladder was full and he had to pee. He knew that this would be a geyser effect for sure. His face was as red as his dick by then. Then Hermione started twirling her tongue around the head, all the while looking at him with that innocent schoolgirl look she always gets.
Just then, Harry knew he could hold on no longer. He yelled, “GAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHH!”, and his dick spit came squirting out about two feet in the air in a continuous flood, much like a fountain—effectively “rainbowing” onto the rug in front of him.
Hermione put her mouth over the tip so that she could catch all of Harry's warm, sweet jizz. She got a huge mouthful, too—to the point where it looked as if her mouth was full of food. Ginny then crawled over and put her mouth over Harry's still-squirting penis. Only SHE put her head to the side, as if she was drinking from a water fountain. She managed to get a jizz moustache from that, she started laughing and Harry was sweating profusely and STILL shooting into the air.
Hermione swallowed her lot and both she and Ginny went back for more. After about three good minutes of shooting, two final spurts came out. Ginny and Hermione both had Harry's cum all around their lips. They noticed this and smiled to each other and started French-kissing, all the while swapping the remainder of Harry's jizz between them, from mouth-to-mouth, Ginny eventually let the spit-swapped jizz trickle down her chin and onto her breast, where she saucily rubbed it in, in a wax-on wax-off formation.
Harry felt a cold chill sweep through his body. He'd never had an orgasm that intense before. He put his arms around both women. He sighed happily and said, “Girls…whew! THIS is how you do Hogwarts!” The girls got on either side of him and they all started French-kissing and Harry was feeling both of their asses gently as they wound up spending most of that night together.
The End