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Your Private Dancer: Main Story ( Chapter 1 ) [ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]
Anime/Manga: Digimon
Genre(s): Hentai | Type: Alternate Universe
Author: R80
Uploaded On: February 13, 2007 13:40 EST
Pages: 9 | Words: 10242 | Size: 62 KB | Visits: 4013 | Status: Completed
   A college student in her senior year, Kari decides to leave her job as a burlesque dancer at Treasure Island. What brought this about, and what happened in the last 3 plus years since she worke dthsi job that impacted her relationship with TK, her best friend?

Your Private Dancer
A Takari (Takeru/TK & Hikari/Kari) Hentai/Lemon Fanfic
by Robster80
Opening notes: What a surprise! I'm writing a new Takari lemon story. So what brought this on? Well, I was checking out the Digimon fanfic section of mm.org on the off chance someone had posted anything new involving my favorite Digimon 01/02 coupling, and low and behold I found Promise by DatGurlNesha. About a week later, while handling a SLOW 6 hour shift at my job on a cold Sunday, I concocted the plot of this story and raced home to write it out, with permission from Nesha, of course.
I do NOT own the series Digimon, The Bouncer, Disgaea 2, or One Piece! I do NOT own their characters, or any characters used in this story. I write fan fiction for fun, not profit.
This is a lemon/hentai (NC-17/X/MA-17/etc. rating), containing concepts and descriptions that should NOT be viewed by minors. If you, dear reader, are under the age of 17, dislike Takari, or either of the two main characters, or don't like reading lemon/hentai fanfics, HIT THE BACK BUTTON ON YOUR COMPUTER AND FORGET YOU SAW THIS STORY!
Dedication: To DatGurlNesha, for whose story Promise inspired my renewed belief in Takari, though probably unintentional.
Sincere apologies,
23-year-old Kari arrived to work early a cold and dry Valentine's Day afternoon, toting her school bag over her shoulder and another bag in her free fist. Three men were tidying up the main floor of the club; two men using brooms to sweep the floors while the third was setting up the tables and chairs. “Hi, Volt, Kou, Sion.”
Volt Krueger, a tall blonde man with pierced ears and “devil horns” screwed into his forehead, looked her way and gave a friendly nod. “Good afternoon, Karissa.”
Kou Leifoh, a tall man with tattoos on his arms and brown hair done in a bowl cut, paused to wave at her. “Karissa.”
Sion Barzahd, the smaller of the two bouncers, with spiky hair that reminded Kari somewhat of Tai, put his broom down to walk over to Kari. “Hey, you're here awful early.”
Kari, or Karissa as she was called during her performances at the club, was shaking a little from the weather, despite wearing a heavy coat over a sweater. “Damn, it's freezing out there! I hope the dressing rooms are well-heated tonight, and especially this part of the building.”
“So,” Volt said, stopping from setting up the tables and chairs. “This is it, huh?”
“Yeah,” Sion added, “we heard tonight's your last. How come?”
“Well, while it's been fun dancing here the last three and a half years, and discovering my inner sexuality, I really want to work with photography. Plus I currently have enough put away to finish my education. Not to mention after today I only want to `perform' for my man.”
“Understandable,” was all Kou said as he kept sweeping.
“Anyway, I came early to thank you guys and Adell since I don't want to disturb you tonight.” Kari walked over and gave each man a sisterly hug, from Sion to Kou to Volt. “Thanks for everything. This club's lucky to have you three as bouncers.”
Blushing a little, Volt simply patted Kari on the top of her head. After all, he wasn't one to really show emotion. “You're a good woman… Kari.” This was the first time he used her real nickname since they had known each other. “You tell that man of yours I said so, and that he's lucky.”
“I'm lucky he's in my life.” Kari pulled away to look up at Volt, though his face was back to its normal color. “And you can tell him yourself; TK's coming tonight to see me perform.”
“Oh really? I'll keep my eye out for him.”
“Just don't scare him, okay? Where's Adell?”
Sion pointed towards the closed curtain on the main stage. “He's in the back checking the security cameras. We installed a few new ones in certain former blind spots. Anyway… You take care of yourself, Kari.”
Kou stopped his brushing again to look at Kari. “Ditto from me.”
“Take care, you three.” With a wave, Kari jogged up the stage and went back behind the curtains. She wandered further into the back of the club to the room marked “security” on the door. Sticking her head inside, Kari saw a man with red hair wearing his trademark sleeveless white shirt with a huge red tie on the front and black pants with matching gloves. She shook her head at him as he finished running a systems check on the camera terminal. “Aren't you cold?”
Adell looked up at her, revealing the few scars on his face. “You know me, toots,” he replied playfully, “I'm hot-blooded in the winter and cold-blooded in the summer.”
“And you know I don't like it when you call me `toots.' You don't call the other girls that.” Kari's smile betrayed her words; she had gotten used to Adell's nickname for her. “I'm going to miss you the most after tonight.”
“I didn't hear that,” Adell said, pointing at her. “And because I didn't hear that, it shall not leave this room, let alone reach the ears of a certain blonde guy you're joined at the hip with.” He then smiled back at her. “It'll be less cheery around here after you're gone. We'll all miss you.”
“Thank you. Bye, Adell.”

“Been a pleasure, Kari.”
Kari walked over towards the dressing rooms. However, she stopped to look about the backstage, reminiscing about the last four or so years.
Back when she first started college, Kari had made an agreement with her parents; she'd cover half of her tuition and they'd handle the rest. Getting a job related to her Photography major turned up negative, so she ended up working burlesque at Treasure Island. However, she only told one person about it: Takeru “TK” Takaishi her longtime best friend. She didn't even tell her then boyfriend Sasuke about the job, as she feared he'd go ballistic as would her family if they knew.
It was hard even to confess to TK about the job for Kari. However, her fears were put to rest as TK not only accepted the job, but also revealed that his mother used to be a burlesque dancer back when she had just gotten divorced and had to make ends meet for her and TK, though he never found out until he was 17. Also, TK promised Kari that he'd keep away from Treasure Island any night she worked, as he explained he didn't think Kari would appreciate showing off her body to her best friend. That talk they had was then one thing Kari really needed to get the weight of her secret off her shoulders.
After she finished her sophomore year, Kari decided suddenly to quit and take a semester off to spend with her boyfriend and her family, and also find a job related to her major. She dropped the news on Nami Honda, the owner, suddenly, right after performing. She returned all her costumes and make-up, and even requested to be taken off the contact list. While upset by the sudden resignation, and that she was losing her best employee, Nami let Kari go.
Sadly, her homecoming was not a warm one. Kari's family threw her out, declaring her dead to them, and Sasuke slammed the door on her when she went to him. Apparently, Sasuke ad his friends had caught “Karissa's” final performance, and Sasuke saw right through the make-up and hairdo to hide Kari's identity. Needless to say, he was pissed, especially as she had turned him down when he brought up the topic of sex. Heartbroken, Kari turned to Nami for help, as Nami also owned a small apartment complex.
And who should be there when she arrived but TK, who was in the process of renting an apartment from Nami, whom he knew from his mother's past burlesque career. Upon hearing of her plight, TK immediately begged Kari to move in with him until she could get back on her feet. She agreed, also resuming her dancing at treasure Island, and transferring to TK's school, which was next door to her old one. As time went by, Kari realized TK had loved her for a long time, and she opened her eyes to the truth: she loved him as well. They remained in their apartment together; Kari taking the single bedroom while TK used the futon/sofa in the living room.
Inside, she saw her fellow dancers and friends, and Nami of course, looking at her. She carefully set her bags down. “Hi. So… what's up?”
“Just two rumors that caught our attention,” Nami said before she smiled, ““First, we know tonight's your last, so we all pitched in to make this.” She stepped aide to reveal a large cake setting on one of the tables by the mirrors. It was draped in white icing with words made out in blue gel. It read “Goodbye Kari(ssa) and Good Luck, We Love You.”
Kari's mouth opened wide as she put her hands to her lips. She heard everyone in the room clapping their hands for her, offering cheers of best wishes. “Oh… you guys… Thank you so much.”
Nami raised her hands, signaling everyone to quiet down. She then crossed her arms. “Now, for the second rumor… If what I overheard from outside your apartment today is true, TK finally popped the question.” This caused several gasps from the other dancers.
The grin on Kari's lips was all Nami needed to see to know that it was true. “Yes, he did,” Kari said anyway.

The cheers were louder than earlier and Nami rushed over to hug Kari. The other girls got up to also hug her or shake her hand. All of them asked to see the ring.
“Unfortunately,” Kari said while holding up her hands. “The ring is back at the apartment. You see, I felt it would appear suspicious if Karissa did her final show wearing an engagement ring the night that Kari accepted to become Mrs. Takeru Takaishi. But I promise I'll show it all to you well before my bridal shower. As for the wedding date, I always wanted a Christmas wedding ever since I was a little girl. And before you ask, I will be making a sign-up sheet for bridesmaids next week.”
Nami clapped her hands three times to get everyone's attention. “Okay, ladies! Don't forget we have a big night tonight as it's Valentine's Day, so let's have cake first while I take roll and go over the performance schedule.” She took a pen in one hand and a clipboard with paper on it in the other. “Oh, yes! Kari, I'm correct in guessing TK'll be here tonight?”
“He and his friends will be here by eight at the latest,” Kari replied as she helped slice the cake and pass pieces out. “Luffy and Zoro are treating him to an impromptu bachelor party by bringing him here.”
“Okay then. In that case, I'm going to have Volt and the boys alert me when he comes in and your performance will be put on hold until he arrives. Anybody have any objections?”

“Uh Nami?” Kari raised her hand “I'd rather not put TK on the spot if that's okay.”
“Oh come on, girl! You want to make him so hot for you, don't you?”
Kari grinned slyly. “What do you think I'm doing tonight after he takes me home?”
TK walked with his friends Luffy and Zoro down the cold streets of town as they headed fro Treasure Island. The guys had treated TK to dinner at a decent restaurant, which was why they were dressed in suits and ties. Now, they were escorting him to the gentlemen's club for their take on a bachelor party.
“You guys didn't have to do this for me, you know,” he tried to tell them, but they led him by the arm ever since they showed up on his doorstep. Thankfully, Kari had long since left to get to the club to say her goodbyes before she worked her final night.
“Yes we do,” Luffy remarked. “This is Karissa's last night, and I say what better way to celebrate both her final performance and your engagement than by having an impromptu bachelor party at Treasure Island.”
“Never knew you liked Karissa,” Zoro remarked.
“Forget Karissa, I say the owner Nami is the hottest gal in the joint.”
TK and Zoro rolled their eyes. For some odd reason, Luffy preferred older women to girls around their age.
Finally, they reached Treasure Island. Upon entering, they were met by Volt, who eyed each one carefully with his seemingly cold eyes. Then, he looked right at TK. “You Takeru Takaishi?”

Volt cracked a smile. “The boss said to expect you.” He pointed at Luffy and Zoro. “You two, there's a table in the center right. Takaishi, follow me.” TK followed Volt away from his friends while they went to their assigned seats. He was led to a lone seat right in front of the stage, with no table.
“Reserved for one T. Takaishi,” Volt stated, “That's you.” He gently tapped TK on the cheek. “Have a seat, and enjoy the show. And before I forget… you're a lucky guy, I wanted to let you know that.”
“Uh, thanks?” TK was left to sit in the chair as Volt left to return to his post at the door. He sighed; thankful he had brought more cash with him for emergencies. Should he get picked by the next performer, at least he could play the part and fork over the money so as not to appear rude. Kari would understand that at least.
Once the music stopped and the lights went up, the current dancer walked away behind the curtain. Nami then came out with a microphone in hand. She waved to the crowd; most recognized her as the owner. “Thank you,” she said into the microphone. “Thank you very much, everybody, and welcome to Treasure Island on this February 14th; Happy Valentine's Day!”
The crowd cheered and whistled while Nami blew several kisses out. “While I hope you all liked the opening act, believe me when I say we're just starting to turn up the heat tonight; especially since it's really cold out there. Seriously, though, I have an announcement to make. As some of you are aware… tonight is the final night for one of Treasure Island's favorites.”
Now there were various “Boos” and “Awwws” from the audience. Nami nodded her head and waved a hand to try and quiet them down. “Yes, I know; I'm just as upset as you are. However, let's all smile and give her a wonderful send off so at least she'll be leaving with a fond memory. Also, you guys out there who've been trying to get her to dance with you for a long time, and you know who you are, no funny business! Our ever present bouncers are alert and we have cameras all over the place. In other words, this is a gentlemen's club; so behave like gentlemen.”
Nami glimpsed at the DJ across the room, who signaled her that everything was ready. She then looked down and saw TK sitting exactly where she wanted him. She gave a quick wink to him before she raised one hand. “Okay, guys and gals! For one last time, please show your love for Treasure Island's own… Karissa!
The lights dimmed as most of the men in the crowd, and a few women, clapped their hands and whistled loudly. TK listened as the DJ turned on TLC's “Red Light Special” and two red spotlights illuminated the center of the curtains before they slowly pulled back. His eyes widened as there stood Kari, striking a sexy pose with her back turned to the room and her arms crossed in front of herself.
Her hair had been done in curls that ran down her mostly exposed back. The leotard she was wearing was red with hearts of white and pink in various sizes all over. Her arms bore pink gloves with sleeves that cut off at her elbows. Her white boots were knee-high-length with high heels. Slowly she turned to look at the audience with half-opened sexy eyes, showing off her pink-colored lips and dazzling makeup for all to see. When she had her body turned towards the crowd, she slowly moved her arms to reveal two large hearts on the front, right over her breasts. One read “Hey Sexy,” and the other, “Be Mine.”
TK could hear various men yelling towards “Karissa,” begging her to come their way. However, his eyes were fixated on his girlfriend. She never looked so fine to him. He heart began to pound, and he felt his crotch becoming a little cramped. At that moment, he felt relieved that he wasn't sharing a table with his friends.
Kari scanned the crowd until her eyes fell upon her boyfriend. She winked at him before she started walking down the stage towards him. The spotlights followed her every step of the way. I wanted to wait until tonight for this but… I'll give him a sneak preview.
As Kari approached him, TK couldn't believe it; Nami had set him up. Some men gave out sad cries as Kari leaned over to him, putting a finger to his lips. Again, she winked at him, licking her lips as she pulled back and began to dance for him, running her hands all over her body. Several men began throwing folded bills at her, as they usually did.
Nami smiled as she watched from behind the curtains. She had been watching and waiting for Kari and TK to become intimate ever since they began living with each other; now, her waiting was over, sort of. “I think TK will enjoy this prelude of what's coming to him later on.”
“I'll say.” “Mmm-Hmm.”
Nami turned, frowning at the few girls who stood beside her to look as Kari performed for TK. “What are you girls looking at? Just stand by until I call for you.”
“But we just want to watch.”
I'm sorry about this,” Kari whispered to TK as she sat in his lap, sliding herself against him. She could feel his hardness pressing through his fly against her… and, despite the people watching them, it turned her on. “But Nami and the others made me.
I knew what my chances were,” TK whispered back, using every bit of his willpower to keep his hands away from Kari. He pulled out his wallet and fished out some money. “At least I was prepared to play my part.
Then Kari got up and reached behind her back, which she showed to TK. Her fingers took hold of the zipper of her leotard, and slowly, in a sexy way, pulled it down to the end. The men whistled louder and cheered as Kari shed the clothing to reveal her bikini-style bra and panties; both were red and white respectfully. After Kari sat back down to resume her lap dance, TK slipped several yen into her panties. “You'll get it all back, I promise,” she said softly as she reached back with one hand to stroke his cheek.
D-don't worry about it.” The sensation was driving TK mad: the feel of her skin on his, the warmth of her scantly-clad body, the perfume she wore that seemed to arouse even his sense of smell, it made his member rock hard and his skin burn. Damn it all, she's too good at this. If only… we were alone.
Easy now, Kari mentally chided herself; she felt herself losing control while aware that TK was now very excited. You've got later on tonight, so just keep it cool.You like my costume?
Y-y-yes, it… it's very fitting. In more ways than one.
Kari turned around so that she was facing TK. She rocked her hips to straddle him while she moved her hands to her bra's hook between her cups. The song was almost over, and she knew it was time to wrap her final performance up with a bang. The hook unclasped; she paused, savoring the moment while the rest of the audience intensified their cheers and wolf-whistles. Kari slowly peeled off the bra, exposing her perfect-sized breasts. She then turned her body to lean against TK, using her hands to spread his legs open as she once more slid herself against him. Her one hand still gripped her red bra by the one strap.
Despite the boring eyes upon him, especially the hot glares he knew some of his friends were giving him, TK enjoyed the lap dance. And then, the music ended as the spotlights began to circle around the room; the show was over. “Thanks for the Valentine's Day gift,” TK whispered as he pulled out more money and handed it to Kari.
Oh this wasn't your gift from me,” She replied as she pulled away, still gripping her bra while she stuffed the money into her panties. “You'll get yours when we get home. Thanks for being my last partner, Takeru.” She winked at him before walking away, taking with her her leotard and bra, and picking up some of the money from her audience. However, she didn't go behind the curtain, nor did she try to put her bra back on.
The lights were still dim as “Karissa” remained on stage and Nami wandered out, still with a microphone in her hand. One of the spotlights illuminated her as she once more addressed the crowd.
“A wonderful final performance, wouldn't you all agree?” She held out the microphone as the audience roared with applause and whistling. “And now,” Nami continued, Kari remaining on stage still. “I'd like to introduce you all to someone, properly this time. Mr. Takeru Takaishi, will you please join me up here?”
Blinking in surprise as one of the spotlights shown over him, TK turned about to the clapping people surrounding him. He looked right at Nami on stage, and violently shook his head. Nami, what the hell are you doing?!
“Go on up, TK!” Luffy cheered from several tables off.
“Never keep a lady waiting,” Zoro added loudly.
Nami started to tap her foot impatiently. “Takaishi, don't make me have you escorted up here. Move it!”
Nami, I'm going to give you hell in the morning for this,” TK grumbled as he got out of his chair and marched up onto the stage and stood beside Nami, who put an arm around him.
“Believe it or not, everybody,” she said, “I've known this young man for over ten years. In fact, I used to baby-sit him; though he never realized my profession until he turned 17, otherwise his mother would have killed me.” This earned some laughs from the audience.
Nami, you're embarrassing me,” TK hissed through grit teeth while smiling.
Only because I care. The reason I've brought him up here with me is this: earlier today, Takaishi here proposed to his girlfriend, who accepted. And so, to help celebrate this moment, and because of the holiday, I'm bending the rules this one time and allowing him to receive one kiss from all the Treasure Island ladies. How's that for a treat?”
TK looked out as the people gave him a standing ovation. His face seemed to turn redder as he politely waved his thanks. Suddenly, he felt Nami's lips on his cheek. This earned him a “Lucky bum” from Luffy while Zoro just laughed aloud. “N-Nami?”
“Hey, I'm the owner; I get first dibs. Okay, girls, one at a time, and in single file!”
One by one, as instructed, the dancers came out from backstage to walk up and give TK a kiss on the cheek. Some whispered to him congratulations or best wishes as they passed him after giving a kiss. Finally, the only one left was Kari, still in only her panties and boots.
“I see you saved the best for last,” TK stated jokingly with a grin.
“Karissa” said nothing; she used her bra to hook TK around the neck and pulled him into an electrifying kiss. Some cheered, some booed, some even cried, while others just laughed and/or clapped. Finally, “Karissa” ended the kiss, leaving her bra draped around TK's neck. “See you in a bit, big boy,” she winked before disappearing backstage. Now to get dressed; I'm freezing!
Nami shook her head. “Normally I'd fire a girl if she did that to a customer. But, since she's leaving anyways, I guess my hands are tied. Anyway, congratulations, Takeru. I'm done embarrassing you.”
Sighing with relief, TK started to move off the stage. He stopped when he noticed he still had Kari's bra around his neck. He pulled it off and went back to hand it to Nami. However, she snatched it and then stuffed it into his pants pocket. “Consider it a souvenir,” she said before shooing him away. “The next act will be in ten minutes, folks. I'll be right back.”
Instead of returning to his chair, TK walked all the way back to the bar. His face was still pink from the whole experience. Seconds later, Luffy and Zoro joined him.
“Now THAT'S what I call luck,” Zoro remarked with a smirk. “Not only did you get to be in Karissa's final performance, but you got kissed by her.”

“AND the other girls, including Nami.” Luffy crossed his arms playfully. “I'm a bit jealous. So you know her, huh? Think you can introduce me to her?”
“Easy, Luffy. I'll introduce you to her before I head home.”
“Speaking of home, I'm going to go and get some sleep; I have to get up early tomorrow for work anyways. See you guys later. And TK? Best of luck to you and your fiancée.” TK & Luffy said their goodbyes as Zoro walked for the exit.
“Having fun, guys?”
Turning, TK looked right at Nami. “No comment, Nami; although I will pay you back for this.”
“Aww, but I thought you wanted to shout it out to the world you're engaged.”
“…Okay, you got me there. Anyway, there's someone I want you to meet.” TK turned to Luffy, who looked like he was frozen in slight fear before Nami. “Nami, this is my friend Luffy. Luffy, this is Nami.”

”H-how do you do?”

Nami raised an eyebrow, eyeing Luffy up and down. “Hmmm. Not bad. Not bad at all.” She held out a hand, smiling. “Pleased to meet you, Luffy.”
Trembling from head to toe, Luffy took Nami's hand, and kissed it. It made her blush; she meant for him to shake her hand. TK simply laughed. “That's the first time I ever seen you do that, Luffy.”

“Well,” Nami stated,” it shows he's a gentleman. You know, I suddenly realize… I haven't done the dating thing in a while. Tell me, Luffy, you single?”

Excusing himself so they'd get to know each other better, TK went into the men's room. After doing his business, his cell rang just after he had washed his hands. Pulling out, he saw a text message:
Stay by the bar. Out in a few minutes. Love, Kari.
Putting his phone away, TK left the restroom and returned to the bar, where he ordered a drink. About five minutes later, Kari came over to him, fully dressed, and carrying three different bags. When TK asked about the third bag, Kari smiled and said, “Oh, it's a going-away present from the girls.”
Not bothering to inquire further, TK took Kari by the arm and they left the club together, leaving Nami and Luffy to continue their talk.
TK exited the bathroom, a green towel wrapped around his waist to cover himself while using a smaller on to dry his hair. “I'm all finished, Kari,” he called out into their apartment. “So now do I find out what it is you were given by Nami and the other girls?”
“You'll see soon enough,” Kari called out, but was nowhere to be seen. “Wait for me in the bedroom, okay?”
“Sure.” TK placed the towel he used to dry his hair over the towel rack on the bathroom door and walked into Kari's room. Ever since she moved in with him, he let her have the room while he slept on the couch. He only went into the room himself when he wanted a change of clothes; the dresser having no other place to go in the apartment.
Before he had taken his bath, TK had placed his wardrobe for the night on the bed to put on afterwards: a night t-shirt and pajama pants. However, he saw that they were no longer on the bed at all. Before he could ask Kari where they had gone, he spied a note on the bed, in Kari's handwriting:
Sit here and wait for me, and don't dress ^_-
What is she up to? Must have something to do with what she… she…
TK's train of thought came to a crashing halt; he legs gave out under him and he landed on the edge of the bed with his rump, staring off at the doorway to the bedroom. There stood Kari, dressed in pure white: white shoulder-less leotard, gloves, stockings, and a small bride's veil that barely covered her blushing face. Memories of earlier at Treasure Island came back to TK, and with it his erection, hidden under his towel.
“Kari… wow…”
Kari smiled, pulling back her veil. “After she overheard you propose to me, Nami went out and hade this made for me in a hurry. Do you like it?”

TK could only nod; he voice left him completely.
“Tonight was Karissa's last night,” Kari said seductively, closing the door behind her before she walked over to stand before TK. “Now… if I dance for anyone, it's for the man I love with all my heart. I'm your private dancer, Takeru.”
Before he could regain his voice, TK watched helplessly as Kari sat in his lap, just as she had back at the club. She leaned back, pressing her partially bare back against his chest, and slid herself slowly up and down his body. Her backside pressed hard against his covered-up erection, making him shudder. She turned her head back to look into his eyes, licking her lips with hunger; hunger for his lips, and more.
“Do you like how I make you feel, Takeru?” Kari asked as she used her hands to pull apart his legs at the knees. This allowed her to freely move her butt against his crotch.
“Yessss, Kari.”
“That makes me so hot,” she mouthed. “You and I had to hold back earlier, but not here. Not now.” Kari took his hands into hers before she brought them to her body. She placed them right over her chest. “We can touch each other. We can feel each other. Using our hands… and more.” She then brought one hand to her lips and put one of TK's fingers into her mouth. Pretending it was his dick, she started sucking it as she continued to move on him.
The combined sucking of his finger and her rubbing against his body was making it unbearable for TK. Kari's actions had aroused him so much more than she had back at the club. His free hand instinctively began fondling Kari's one breast through her leotard in response to her actions. This made her moan while she sucked his finger.
Suddenly, Kari turned herself around, releasing TK's fingers from her mouth. She looked him in the eyes. “Tell me you want me,” she pleaded, straddling him.
“I want you, Hikari.”
“How badly?”
“So bad, it hurts.”
“What do you want to do to me?”

”I want to kiss you up and down.”
“I want to feel you beneath me, all around me.”
“More, Takeru.”
“I want… to become one with you.”
“And I with you. But wait a little longer. And watch me.” Kari moved around TK and crawled up to the head of the bed. “Don't take your eyes off me.”
TK turned, following Kari with hungry eyes. His member pressed hard against his towel. He wondered what she would do next.
Kari brought one of her gloved hands to her lips, biting into the one fingertip before she slowly, seductively, slid the garment from her hand. She did the same for the other glove, but more slowly than the first. When the glove came off, her hand was in a fist, which she opened and held out to show TK what it held: her engagement ring.
“Please put it on me?”
TK nodded, and then moved forward. His fingers snatched the ring and then he slid the ring gently onto Kari's ring finger. He then sat back to watch Kari finish her performance.
Now Kari's hands moved to her one side, where her one zipper was. As she had done earlier, she pulled the zipper down with a slow pace, savoring the moment as it prolonged he pleasure she and TK would share together. When she was done, her outfit's one side was completely open and she used one hand to hold up her front. Her free hand then undid the second zipper on the opposite side. The back of the outfit fell off her, but she used her hands to keep the front up, teasing her fiancée. And then, she lifted her arms up, and the clothing fell to reveal all of her body and her shaved nether region.
Intense heat filled TK's entire being at the sight of his naked girlfriend. His breath came in pants, and his erection now throbbed with longing. His heart also was throbbing.
Kari saw this, and blushed; she had never been with a man before now, just as she knew TK hadn't been with a woman prior to that moment. Still, her body was burning with desire for him. Her outfit between her legs, she took hold of either end, and proceeded to gently rub the fabric against her pussy to tease TK even further. She moaned softly, feeling herself becoming wet as she imagined TK's fingers petting her sensitive area.
It was all too much for TK; succumbing to his desire, he moved forward and kissed Kari on the lips. She dropped her clothes and encircled her arms around TK, pulling him on top of her. Her hands gripped his towel, and yanked it off of him. Her body told her his erection was pressing against her, which only fueled the inner flames between the two of them. Their hands roamed each other's beings, taking in every curve, every sensitive spot while they kissed with lips and tongues.
Finally, Kari gently forced herself up, shifting her and TK into sitting positions, with her on his lap. Her legs wrapped around TK's waist, and her arms around his back. “Are you ready to fuck your fiancee's pussy?” she whispered seductively, moving her lower body enough so that it brushed against TK's.
“Y-yesss,” TK hissed, shuddering from both the thought of filling Kari and form her actions.
Kari put a finger into her mouth and sucked it once before she pulled it out, moaning a little. The hand she used them reached down and took hold of TK's cock before she lowered herself, guiding him into her slick hole. As she felt him pushing deeper and deeper into her, and eventually breaking her hymen, she let out a cry of both pain and pleasure, tilting her head back a bit. She then tilted forward to kiss TK deeply, her tongue roaming every corner of his mouth before he returned the kiss. He kissing didn't last long as Kari started to bounce herself up and down on TK's lap, his dick sliding in and out of her.
“I've dreamed of this moment,” She cooed between moans. “Ever since I realized how much I love you, Takeru.” Her words were honest; she never even dared to imagine her having sex with Sasuke back when she dated him. Her moans intensified a little as TK began rocking his hips in sync with her movements.
“Hikari, you're the love I've been hoping for.” TK took a moment to nip and kiss Kari's neck while they moved. “I've always loved you, and I always will.”
Kari's fingers ran along TK's back, scratching him a little as she succumbed to the ecstasy. It made him flinch a little, but he strangely enjoyed it. His body leaned forward, moving Kari backwards until she was on her back and he was atop her. They kept moving as one, sweat covering their bodies as the winter cold was a distant memory. They were truly one.
When she felt TK start going faster, and a little harder, Kari moaned louder to show she approved. Her eyes were shut tight as she grew closer to release; she longed to orgasm for TK, and for him to fill her at the exact moment.
“Takeru… cum for me! Cum with me! Please, baby!”

TK's thrusts started to become frantic, a sign he was nearing his climax. “H… Hikari… I can't hold on!”

“No, don't hold back! Shoot it! Shoot your load in me!” Kari tightened her arms and legs around TK; she was about to go over the edge. “Takeru! Ta… TAKERU I LOVE YOU!!” She screamed as her body rocked from the sweet bliss of release. Her back arched, and her limbs clamped down on TK, trapping him deep inside her as her vagina pulled at his organ.
TK let out a loud groan as he, too, came a mere half second behind Kari; his seed spilling out deep inside Kari's womb while his member was squeezed by her moist folds. Soon the sensation faded from them both, and TK collapsed onto the bed, turning so he didn't land on Kari and weigh her down with his body. They were panting heavily, but bathed in the afterglow of making love to each other, still “connected.”
“Happy Valentine's Day,” Kari softly breathed, a hand moving to cup TK's one cheek. “My future husband.”

Eyes half open, TK smiled back. “Happy Valentine's Day, my angel. And thank you. Your gift was wonderful.”
Slowly, Kari pulled away from TK, letting his spent cock slip out of her pussy. Turning over to her nightstand, she opened the top drawer and pulled out a bottle of pills. After getting one pill from the bottle and popping it into her mouth, she replaced the bottle and closed the drawer. Not that I don't want to have a baby with TK, but I'd rather not push the wedding date forward because of an early pregnancy.
TK had fallen asleep by the time Kari had turned back to him. She giggled; he looked so peaceful asleep she didn't want to disturb him so he could go back out to his futon in the living room. But then, she thought, since they were engaged, let alone intimate, there was no reason he couldn't share her bed. She carefully pulled the covers over herself and TK before she turned out the light and cuddled next to her fiancée. Her ear pressed against his chest, she fell asleep to the rhythm of his beating heart.
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