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Dressed Up: One-Shot [ A - All Readers ]
Anime/Manga: Ouran High School Host Club
Genre(s): Romance | Type: One Shot
Author: Jimmy the Gothic Egg
Uploaded On: April 08, 2007 21:57 PDT
Pages: 1 | Words: 477 | Size: 3 KB | Visits: 980 | Status: Completed
   Kyouya was beginning to wonder why he was always the one in the dress.

An observation I could not help make at the end of the “Haruhi In Wonderland” episode.
Dressed Up
Kyouya was beginning to wonder why he was always the one in a dress.
The twins snickered to each other as they twirled their tails. Kyouya contemplated the cost of getting someone to horribly maim them, but the idea quickly lost its allure. Still, Hikaru and Kaoru were usually the ones who brought in the costumes, and he'd be sure to exact some sort of revenge upon them.
Tamaki, however, was filled with praise for his new look. Kyouya heard one of the two mention “a full time okama,” and he shot them a glare from behind his fan. They sauntered away, attempting to get Haruhi into an Alice costume.
This is getting out of hand, Kyouya thought with a sigh as Tamaki continued to speak of the fineries of women's clothing, or something. It was hard to keep up with his speech, dramatic as it was.
“Tamaki,” Kyouya finally said, feeling a migraine coming on. “Shut up.”
Tamaki instantly quieted, still grinning. He fidgeted with it for a moment and then decided it was worth Kyouya's wrath to say something.
“You'd look prettier without the fan,” he said, looking somewhere between sincere and amused.
Kyouya sighed again and set the fan down. “There.” Tamaki proved easy to please as he threw his arms around his companion, practically lilting with pretty praises.
Kyouya made the point of looking disgruntled, but he didn't honestly mind.