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The Happy Man's Shirt: The Happy Man's Shirt ( Chapter 1 ) [ A - All Readers ]
Anime/Manga: Naruto
Genre(s): Comedy / Adventure / Children's | Type: One Shot
Author: Nay Nay04
Uploaded On: April 24, 2007 17:34 PDT
Pages: 1 | Words: 1500 | Size: 9 KB | Visits: 1873 | Status: Completed
   This is an old Italian folktale in which an old king is searching for a truly happy man in order to save his son. He sends ambassadors and wise men far and wide to find a happy man to trade shirts with.

NayNay- I'm starting a series of one shots all based on different fairy tales for a bunch of different anime. This one is of the folk tale the happy mans shirt i love this one.
Disclaimer- i don't own Naruto and I'm just retelling this story.
The Happy Man's Shirt
Once their a king. A very happy king. He ruled over a very peaceful yet powerful kingdom. His people loved and adored him. All was perfect in his life. Well all except his son. You see the prince was very different from his father. He was always very unhappy for no reason known. He would always sit in his room staring out the window over the lands frowning.
“Choji.” the king addressed his son. “What on earth has upset you. You are a prince what is it that you lack? What is making you so unhappy and distant?” The young prince only shrugged. His chubby face resting lazily against the window pane a pastry plater in front of him.
“Dunno.” He brought a pastry to his mouth.
“Could there be a girl, a certain women that has caught your eye? Tell me her name and I'll have you two married at once.”
“No it's not about a girl. I don't know why I'm so unhappy.”
The king nodded and walked off. He knew his son was just as clueless the source of his depression as he was. If only there was some sort of clue some way for him to figure this out. If the depression continued the king feared his son would die of sadness. Deciding he needed more help the king ordered a decree to have all the top philosophers, doctors, and professors of the kingdom come to him. When they arrived the king showed them his son. After three days the men had finally come up with a solution.
“Your Majesty,” Neji,the head philosopher spoke. “ We have given the matter close thought. In order to help your son you must find a happy man. A man that is happy through and through.” The king rasied an eyebrow at this.
“I must find a happy man?”
“Yes.” This time it was the head doctor Sakura that spoke. “And when you find the happy man you must trade his shirt with your son's shirt.”
The king nodded and dismissed them. He then called in his ambassador and told them to go out and find for him a truly happy man. He had scrolls placed all over the kingdom offering a reward to anyone who could find a truly happy man. The prince was not told of what was happening not as if it would matter. He stayed in his room just sitting there eating growing sadder and weaker by the moment.
The first person to be showed before the king was a priest.
“Are you happy.” The question was simple and to the point. The priest taken a back but still answered.
“Yes i am very happy.”
“Well then how would you like to be my bishop?” at this the priest perked up.
“Oh yes!Yes sir!You majesty nothing would bring me greater joy.”
“Out!” Yelled the now furious king. “You are no happy man but one only looking to better himself. Out of my castle!”
The search continued. Not even a week later there was news of a neighboring king who was described as a real happy man. He had a lovely wife and many children. He has no enemies and he too has a peaceful country. Thinking this was the one the king sent his ambassador to retrieve the kings shirt.
“It is true that I have all I could want, yes, but I fear that I will die soon and lose it all. Every night I lie in bed thinking of what I will loose.” With this answer the ambassador chose it wise not to take the kings shirt. When he was told the news the king was furious. He had no clue what to do next. His son was going to die sad and depressed. In desperate need of fresh air the king went off on a hunting trip.
In the fields the king fired out at a hare a few meters away. The bullet only grazed and the hare ran. Following quickly the king moved far away from the rest of his party. After a few minutes he gave up looking for the hare and made to head back but stopped. There was a noise coming from his left. As he drew closer the king realized that it was someone whistling a small tune. Reaching the noise he saw
a dashing youth around his sons age lying in the grass. The youth had long dark hair pulled up in a tight
ponytail. He was on his back gazing up at the many clouds in the sky.
“You there boy tell me how would you like to be appointed the highest position as my personal advisor?” The king asked the boy moving to stand over him.
“Advisor huh?” the youth sat up and scratched his chin. “Such a troublesome position. Sorry I'll have to pass. I'm fine here.” The king beamed at this answer.
“You. You are the one! Quickly on your feet boy.” He grabbed the youth and ran back to his retinue. “My son is saved! My son is saved!” They finally reached the rest of the party. “ You boy may have from me whatever it is you want. But i need...i need...”
The youth looked at he strangely. “You need what?”
“My son, the prince, is dying only you can save him. Come closer.” The king grabbed the youth smiling his brightest smile and quickly began to unbutton the youths jacket then stopped. His arms drooped to his sides. The happy man wore no shirt.
NayNay- so there ya go my first installment to this series. If anyone has any request for another one let me know I'll see if i can do it. Look out for the next one. Review and tell me what ya thought.