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Goku and Chichi's Royal Lemonade Blues: Goku Chichi Lemon ( One-Shot ) [ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]
Anime/Manga: Dragon Ball/Z/GT
Genre(s): Hentai | Type: One Shot
Author: StarbearerTM
Uploaded On: May 13, 2007 17:20 PDT | Updated On: May 13, 2007
Pages: 4 | Words: 4071 | Size: 24 KB | Visits: 14017 | Status: Completed
   Here's a Goku/Chichi Raditz/OC lemon from one of my RNB stories Ch 6 of Soul Blues for Raditz and Goku. A bit on the hot side so I'm posting the full version here.

Disclaimer: I don't own Dragon Ball Z. the Manga/Anime was created by Akira Toriyama and is owned by Toei Animation Company. Stellari, Fermi and Bohr belong to me.
This is my attempt to bridge the gap in Chichi's understanding about why Goku fights. I'm sick of her always bitching and moaning so here's my answer.
The strange visions of the mental bond developing between Goku and Chichi danced before Chichi's eyes. As she felt Goku's peace of mind she finally released all tension from her muscles. The fact that Goku had pressed her gently down on the sofa facedown didn't hurt either. Especially when a soft fluffy towel lay under her body and her husband was putting those callused fingers to good use. It had been ages since she had been pampered with a full body massage.
What enhanced the experience was Goku's knowledge of pressure points and ki centers. Because of his martial arts training he was exemplary in touching just the right places to relieve any knots. Carefully he dipped his fingers in the cinnamon body oil and drew a fingertip up her spine. The sight of his wife naked and gleaming with the oil like a second skin caused a secondary hunger in his body.
Watching the younger couple out of the corner of her eye Stellari readjusted her position sitting directly in front of Goku's older brother. Unlike the Sons Raditz squatted behind his wife, applying pressure to certain points of her spine in a different technique. He couldn't help but watch what his younger brother was doing to the softly moaning Chichi. Whatever it was had squelched any further complaints.
"He should have done that AGES ago," Raditz murmured. Carefully he pushed his thumbs into the bumps of her spine, and then worked fingers down in motions that made her catch her breath.
"I didn't think Saiyans did such things like massages for their mates," she murmured.
"Usually it's the female's job," he whispered. "But I have someone else to thank for this. When one has had… experience with the best pleasure slaves they learn certain things that please women. What I like most is using them all in one place."
Raditz pulled her up by her hair and tugged her backwards. Loosing her balance she landed against his hard muscled chest. Both arms braced on either side of his hips to steady herself but the soft furry limb curling over her thighs caused her to feel even antsier. Stellari felt herself tugged so her bottom rested across his knees and she was forced to straddle them. Oddly enough he made no more to reach around and caress her chest. Rather he simply used his tail to lightly flicker over her front.
Simultaneously Goku had stopped touching his wife's flesh. He whispered for her to turn over, and she did, not watching the other two occupants of the room perched on the other sofa. "Close your eyes, Chi," he whispered.
He loosened the clip she tied her hair up in, and then knelt between her legs. Lightly he moved his hands over her body, not touching. Chichi giggled a bit as a light tickle brushed over her flesh. Dark eyes grew hard with hunger, and Raditz sensed the spiking in the human woman's ki. A soft gold radiance tingled from Goku's fingertips, pouring over Chichi's bared skin. She bit her lips gasping at the contact like a thousand feathers brushing over her. Every nerve ending tingled, and she suddenly tossed her head back and forth.
"You like that, Chi?" he whispered, his voice taking on a low rasping growl. As she tried to sit up, Goku suddenly moved to pin her wrists with either hand. Her lips opened in shock to see her husband suddenly sit on her torso and hold her steady, his face inches from hers.
"What are you…"
"Shh," he whispered, leaning down and barely brushing his lips to hers. Energy crackled from his body to hers, bridging the enormous gulf in Goku and Chichi's ki.
"You'll hurt her if you're not careful," Raditz had whispered. "Use your ki and feed it into her. You're this world's strongest fighter and you don't know that?"
Goku had resented that at first, but he knew Raditz was right. Sometimes he didn't connect his prowess at martial arts to other areas of his life. Not exactly worldly wise, he relied on his wife to acclimate him to the norms of this world. Now Chichi let out a soft moan, letting her husband kiss a path down between her breasts through the front of her robe. He seized the sash between his teeth and pulled it apart to reveal her body to his. Seeing the focus on her husband's face delighted Chichi, and she let herself drink in every moment of her husband's efforts to please her.
"Maybe we should go into the bedroom," Chichi whispered. Goku nodded, slowly lifting her into his arms and standing up. The robe dropped on the floor in a pile, and Chichi was so swept up in the kiss Goku gave her that she didn't have time to tell him to pick it up. Laughing like a schoolgirl, she clung to his neck as Goku swung her around.
Raditz and Stellari were left alone in the front living room, still entertaining one another with soft brushes of Raditz fur over her skin. His hands slid over her chest, cupping her breasts and giving them a soft kneading squeeze. Small movements of his hips brushed his erection into her backside and she reached under her to knead his muscular thighs she straddled.
"Saiyan way?" she whispered. Raditz growl confirmed his choice. Most preferred taking their mates from behind, the male behind while the female straddled him. Instead of laying down, this position allowed both warriors to be on the alert for any possible attacks while taking their pleasure.
"I need you," he growled, nipping her ear.
"Raditz, you realize what night it is," she whispered.
"I know. That's why I'm taking you indoors. I don't want to change," he whispered. Son Goku had closed the shutters of his cabin, knowing his brother had only third class control over his Ape form. Still he felt the strong pull of small hints of light shimmering through the cracks in the door bottom.
"What's it like, changing?" Stellari asked.
"You should know that by now, having known my mind," he whispered.
"But your memories are muddled. You don't really remember WHAT you do as an Ape," she whispered.
"The Elite have greater control over their primary forms," Raditz said quietly.
"I know you wouldn't hurt me," she whispered.
"It's hard for me to even control myself now," Raditz confessed. "Even light through a crack has the right frequency."
She saw that Raditz had squeezed his eyes shut. Slipping off his lap she grabbed a silk sleep mask and pulled it over his face. With a sigh of relief Raditz reached for her and she straddled him as before. Every inch of his skin squirmed, desiring to go outside and rage.
"I wish I could do that one thing. But being a human…" she trailed off.
"I know. And that's one thing that I cannot give up. I will not remove my tail for anyone," he whispered.
"It comes in handy," she said, lightly grasping it. Raditz gave a smirk because she had helped him overcome his sensitivity by routinely squeezing it during their lovemaking sessions. The soft fur wrapped around her wrists and twitched with its own life while she massaged the bones in it. A low growl and grunt erupted from his lips while she worked her fingers and thumb along it.
Growling Raditz slipped his fingers under the robe and then untied it. Stellari gently wet the tip of his tail in her mouth, and he gritted his teeth with the hardening of his arousal. Then he pushed her up so he could let her slide his boxers down. Finally Raditz got sick of it and whispered, "Rip them off!"
"You sure?"
"Do it or I will," he snarled. Stellari seized the black silk and tore it easily in her strong fingers. Raditz gasped in relief as his erection sprang free and nestled against her buttocks. He pulled the robe from between them and threw it so it landed over the couch clear of the candles. Letting go of his tail she then reached behind to rub whatever part of him she could reach. Both his hands seized her hips and lifted her up so he could touch his tip to her dripping vagina. The swollen tip made her gasp when it nudged steadily up. She parted her legs at the same time Raditz let her go so she dropped downwards. Easily he slid in, driving the breath from her. A cry escaped but Raditz tail caught her around the waist and slowly pulled her up a second before his tip hit her cervix. He didn't want to harm her filled womb. Another reason to take her from behind in the Saiyan manner, she realized was to keep the pregnant belly to the front and out of the way of being crushed by a horny male pumping down.
"Kami," she whispered.
"Does it hurt?" he whispered.
"Only a bit."
"Let's try to change that," he cackled deviously, using his tail to lift her up so he could hit that famed G spot instead of penetrating her fully. Only using his tail to hold her he moved her up and down on his cock instead of thrusting up. This way her body weight alone drove them together. On a higher gravity world the weight of the female would drive them together with far greater force.
"Mmmph, oh Raditz," she whispered.
"Stellarrrri," he growled, pressing the flats of his hands on either side of his hips. He then rolled on the balls of his feet and moved up while his tail rocked her. Stellari simply gripped his forearms for support and let him pound upwards. All she could do was let him have his way and yield to the fast pistoning of his cock inside and out of her sheath.
When he was about to cum he pulled out and held her off so his seed sprayed over her backside and hindquarters. Effectively he marked her with his scent in this manner, worried the force of ejaculation might cause undue harm in advanced stages.
"Rrrgh," he growled, burying his face in her shoulder so he could nip at the skin there. Possessively he pressed himself back inside, again hard with passion. Stellari laughed, relaxing herself for a long lovemaking session in this position.
Back in Goku and Chichi's bedroom Goku had dropped his wife onto the bed playfully. He pounced on top, causing the springs to creak a bit. Levitating a bit off the bed, he reached down while Chichi reached up. She gripped his forearms at the same time he grabbed her hips. Wrapping her thighs around him she yelped at the twisting of Goku's body in midair.
"Gotcha Chi!" he laughed, flipping her up. Chichi yelped and then landed on top of his chest. Goku moved his hips up, steadily bucking her off his abs while her juices seeped over his muscular body. Down his hard muscle that she straddled he moved her with small bouncing motions downward. The last thrust up and she felt his tip spreading her core.
The force of his thrust brought them together, and Chichi suppressed a cry. Bracing her hands on his rock hard pecks she pushed herself up slightly. Goku wrapped his hands around her hips so he could tug her up and down with the motions of his hips snapping up. Chichi always loved being astride him, but Goku suddenly smirked in a very Saiyan manner that startled her.
"Goku sa what are you doing… oohh!" she yelped when Goku flipped over and then dropped towards the bed. He landed on top of her between her legs, forcing his cock deep inside while pinning her.
"Time for a change," he laughed lightly. On either side of her shoulders he braced his hands, then slipped outward. Chichi yelped with shock to see her husband reach up with one hand to pinion her wrists behind her neck.
"Goku… you're so… forceful," she gasped, suddenly aroused by this rather different feral side. A low growl echoed in his throat, his eyes taking on that hard predatory stare. Very slowly he pulled out, then pushed back in. Chichi wondered why he had stopped.
"What's the magic word?" Goku whispered.
"Come on, do it, silly," she said.
"That's not it," he teased, pulling almost all the way out.
"Don't play games, I need you," she pleaded.
"Nice try but that's strike two," Goku laughed, sending tendrils of ki along her naked body to tease her mercilessly.
"Goku please!" Chichi pleaded.
"That wasn't so hard was it!" he grinned, then slammed himself down into her. Chichi screamed, then stopped.
"Gohan ain't here. Make as much noise as you want Chi. I wanna hear you call my name as I make you… cum into next week," Goku rasped. The sound of that crude language caused her to buck up. Goku thrust down for every push upwards. Both began to duel to push the other to the brink of pleasure. Red ki crackled around Chichi's body as she centered her own energies. Goku's ki washed over her like a warm tidal wave.
Ki surged to a breaking point, and Chichi could swear that her husband's eyes flashed turquoise. He let out a loud cry as he suddenly changed, and Chichi cried out at the increased musculature. Like an angel his body was haloed in brilliant gold. She whimpered at the force of his thrusts and his ki crackling over every nerve ending.
"Goku!" she screamed, able to cry aloud without fear of anyone hearing. The sound of his name drove him to completion, and he thrust a last time in hard. Chichi whimpered and sobbed at the resulting orgasm slamming through her. A bright flash exploded, without any noise in the room, and Goku suddenly shuddered. Gasping he lay his golden hued head on her chest, and Chichi shivered in the afterglow. Lightly he rubbed her breasts as she massaged his massive muscles in his back. Utter bliss sang in her body, searing her soul that floated out of her body for a split second. The motions of his still body still seemed to set her adrift.
Goku slowed his pumping heart with long rasping breaths. Chichi found that her heartbeat matched his, and her breathing synched. She had never questioned it till recently. The long absence of two years made her forget much. Yet those strange whispers of thoughts against her mind were not her own. Her dark eyes snapped open and she shook him. "Goku… do you feel that?"
Her only answer was a long satisfied snore between her breasts. Chichi couldn't resist a laugh. He had earned forty winks. Well she would let him sleep, then waken him for round two or three. Neither of them would get much sleep if Goku's appetite had increased. Even asleep he remained Super Saiyan to her shock. For a split second Chichi wondered if she sensed another presence. Wearily she followed her husband into sleep.
Out in the living room, tears poured down Stellari's face. Raditz lay panting under her, his dark hair splayed out over the floor of the Son's living room. She had turned over and lay atop his body, her back to his front after he crashed backwards. Groaning she pushed herself off and lay alongside him. Raditz turned over and spooned into her sated figure. With one hand he grabbed his fall of hair and threw pat of it over her front. Not for the first time was he glad for such a use for his enormous abundance of spiky locks.
"I… can't move," she whispered.
"Nor can I," he rasped. "Too comfortable. Hell, let's just sleep here."
"Okay," she moaned, then passed out. Raditz followed soon after.