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I don't miss you: Chapter 1 [ A - All Readers ]
Anime/Manga: Yellow
Genre(s): Classic | Type: One Shot
Author: Belle ange
Uploaded On: May 26, 2007 18:22 PDT
Pages: 2 | Words: 2492 | Size: 14 KB | Visits: 524 | Status: Completed
   Kanji finds the meaning of being a family, disfunctional as it may be. Just another day, really...

My first Yellow fanfiction. A little boring but I though it was a cute idea. I don't own any of the characters in this story.
“Hey Mr. Manager! Where are Taki and Goh today?” Kanji bounded up to him with a big smile.
“They're out right now Taki. What do you need?” The man just continued to polish plates and cups, having long been used to his young employee's ways.
“Oh...Well, is there anything you need me to do around here?” He seemed a bit crestfallen but it didn't take long to recover.
“Why don't you take a break for a bit, Kanji? You know, take in a movie or go hang out with some friends. Your still young. It's not good to be cooped up inside this place all the time.”
Kanji developed a distant look in his eyes. He seemed sad and anxious as he sat his tray on the counter. It was the quietest Shigeyuki had ever seen him.
“I'm gonna take my lunch break now, if that's alright with you, manager. It's awfully quiet around here.” Mimi announced, handing him her wait tray and apron.
“Thats fine, Mimi. You know what? I think we could all use a little break today. The guys are probably going to be out all day and it has been pretty slow lately. I'll close up and you kids can go do something.” He smiled at them, placing a hand on both of their shoulders like an adoring father.
Mimi beamed, giving him a hug and grabbing Kanji's arm. She snatched her jacket off the hanger and pulled him to the door.
“Thanks again, sir. C'mon Kanji, let's go see a movie!” They ran out the door and headed towards the nearest bus stop.
Sitting there, side by side and waiting for the number 14 bus to show up, Kanji's mind began to wander. ' I wish I could have told him that I had no friends. That my mother, the crack whore, never let me. Then maybe he wouldn't have made us leave. He would have just smiled and let me sit in my room and practice my magic tricks. I could've waited for Goh and Taki to come home so I could show them all the neat tricks I learned. Poor Mimi. Stuck with me all day.'
“Kanji! Did you hear me? The bus is almost here. Do you have your fare ready?” She looked at him, waving a hand in front of his face. She pulled out here change purse and counted out the coins.
“N-no, that's okay. I got it!” He reached in his pocket and counted out enough for the both of them.
“Oh Kanji, that's not neccesary. Really.” She tried to get him to put the extra away but he waved her off jovially, already spacing out his earlier depression.
“Don't worry! I would have just spent it all on more magic books, anyway.” He paid the fair and picked a seat for them, letting Mimi take the window seat.
“Well, I guess. But if that's the case, I insist on buying the tickets.” She giggled, jingling her purse to prove she had enough.
They road along, laughing and talking about everything from soup to nuts, the subject usually falling on conspiracy theories about Goh and Taki. The bus driver shushed them at least four times but they were having too much fun for it to bother them. The movie was long and a bit boring. They spent most of the time laughing at the bad acting and seeing who could get the most popcorn stuck in a womans hair. Needless to say, they were kicked out.
By the end of the day, Kanji had mentally thanked the manager countless times for making him go out. It was a nice rest from his usual helter skelter schedual which was a lot fuller than anyone would expect. He had even convinced Mimi to go into a magic shop with him. They spent at least half of both their paychecks on novelties and a few gag kits that they wanted to pull on the guys and had so much fun trying one or two of them on the shop keeper that it was 10 at night before they knew it.
“I can't think of when I had such aa good time, Kanji. This was fun!” Mimi laughed, clutching her book of apprentice tricks closely to her like a precious treasure.
“Yeah, and that guy was a real sport about it! I thought we'd get kicked out for sure!” Kanji swung the bags at his side, chewing on a pocky stick.
He suddenly paused at the sound of foot steps behind him. They seemed steady and in almost perfect step with theirs but they were uncomfortably quiet. As he slowed to a stop, the steps did the same. It was making him a bit worried so he took Mimi's hand protectively and continued to walk at a faster gate then before.
“Kanji, what is it?” She asked, glancing back but seeing no one.
“I don't know but I don't like it. I t-think someone's following us!” He whispered severly, trying to keep his voice low but it trembled too much.
“I'm getting scared, let's hurry home.” Mimi began to run, only barely keeping up with Kanji.
They reached the bus stop and looked around. It was dark and onl;y the light of one lone street lamp shone on them. They were just outside of it's ring of light which they hoped would make them feel better.
A man came to stand beside them on the stop, not looking at either of them and appearing to be waiting for the bus. They didn't trust him but they also said nothing. They didn't want to provoke them. The bus came and the three of them boarded. After a few blocks, they began to calm down.
“You know, I can just hear what Goh would say if he saw us right now. He would say ' you two and your over active imaginations. Why would anyone try to mug you. You're such goofballs and you talk to loud. Blah, blah blah.'” Kanji put his fists on his hips and gave his imitation of Goh, even pretending to bop mimi on the head. She giggled, feeling much more at ease and safer with Kanji around.
He was a dunder head, no denying that, but he was a good friend and a tough kid. She didn't know much about him but she could tell. The way he carried himself when dealing with Goh and Taki may have seemed silly to others but she could see that they had a deep respect for him. In her memory, she couldn't think of a single person that they embrassesd that completely. It was sweet.
They finally reached their stop, Never loosening their grip on one another but still feeling much better. They even failed to notice that the gentleman had gotten off at their stop as well. It wasn't long before they remembered though. They felt the magic kits being snatched from their hands and instantly took chase. The man from the bus ran as quickly as he could in the opposite direction of the Cafe Roost and they stayed hot on his trail the whole way. They finally reached a dead end, one the man apperantly hadn't meant to run down, or had he?
Kanji took back the kits but the man just laughed. Mimi gripped his hand and started to inch back.
“I wouldn't do that if I were you, kid.”
Behind them stood two more men with clubs wearing masks. They drew closer, obviously enjoying the way the two were reacting. They seemed to be swaying slightly like they were drunk as they approached.
“AHHH!!! Zombie muggers!!!” Kanji yelled, pulling Mimi along as he ducked and dodged his way around them. He seemed to know what he was doing unti one of them caught hold of Mimi's shirt.
She was yanked from his grasp just as he exited the alleyway. The men held her still as they could, putting a switch blade to her throat.
“Make a choice, kid. The bag or your girlfriend.” the first man said, holding out his hand.
“You guys are real jerks, you know that?” Came a voice down the alley.
“And you really gotta work on your material. That sounded like a lame line from an 80's movie.” Another pointed out.
Taki and Goh appeared behind them, knocking the two down and cornering the third. Mimi just ran to stand with Kanji. The man was knocked out soon after and left in a pile with his accomplices.
“Wow! You guys are our heroes!!!” Kanji exclaimed, he and Mimi stood with stars in their eyes.
“You two are like groupies, I swear!” Goh complained as they walked towards home.He lit a cigarette and sighed, ruffling Kanji's hair.
“You wish!” Mimi pinched him on the cheek brutishly then started walking a head.
“You had that coming, you know.” Taki said, trying to hold in a laugh.
“Shut up or I'll give you what you have comeing!” For that, he just received a punch in the gut.
“Hey, why were those guys so nuts about taking our magic kits, anyway?” Kanji asked, holding up the bags and shaking them a bit.
“Give me those! *sigh* The flash powder for one of the tricks in them is just some high priced nose candy. They call it the black magician because it makes everything look like a big light show. We were following these guys all day but we didn't think you two idiots would get in the way like that.” Goh kept his voice low so Mimi wouldn't catch it but Kanji didn't think that far ahead.
“So we bought drugs and didn't know it?!?!” His mouth was covered quickly but not quick enough.
“What?! What are you talking about? What drugs?!” Mimi yelled. Taki covered her mought as well. The two men sighed.
“Just let it drop, okay. We'll explain in the morning.”
Neither teen could drop the subject of course but with a glass of warm milk each, they grudgingly went upstairs.
“This is stupid! What do they think we are? Kids?”
Kanji just drank his milk and happily chowed down on a piece of cake he sneaked from the fridge downstairs. Mimi watched him, thinking for a moment how dumb he could be sometimes but finally resigning herself to taking the remainder of the cake and eating with him.
“You could have asked, ya know.” He mumbled around a mouth full of cake.
She leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek before popping the last little chunk into her mouth.
“Wow! What was that for?” He asked, blushing and smiling like an idiot.
“For saving me tonight. We almost got away, thanks to you. You're a good friend, Kanji.” She gave him a hug and leaned on his arm.
“Thanks Mimi. You're the best...” He whispered, giving her a kiss on the crown of her head as he watched her drift to sleep.
'I don't miss you, mama. I don't miss anything about you because i have a real family here. One that loves me and is always looking out for me. I have a dad, two great big brothers and the prettiest, nicest big sister ever. I don't miss you at all...'