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A bottle of Dragon Punch: A bottle of Dragon Punch ( Chapter 1 ) [ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]
Anime/Manga: Street Fighter / Street Fighter II Victory
Genre(s): Comedy / Martial Arts / Hentai | Type: Yaoi
Author: wingless_demon
Uploaded On: June 01, 2007 01:30 PDT
Pages: 2 | Words: 4449 | Size: 25 KB | Visits: 3043 | Status: Completed
   Ken and Ryu find an interesting way to pass the time on a boring afternoon. A simple game of cards becomes something else entirely once Ken adds alcohol to the mix. This is as PWP as I can make. Anal,HJ,M/M,Oneshot,Oral,PWP,Yaoi
A bottle of Dragon Punch

Ryu Hiyoshi x Ken Masters – PWP – NC-17

Be warned that it contains graphic gay sex. NC-17! Don’t steal my work, and be sure to leave a comment if you liked it! :-)

Author's note: I am sure there are a few mistakes. My beta reader deserted me, and as most of you know the worst person to check an author's work for errors is himself.


Ryu leaned back and stretched his arms out as he let a long, tired yawn escape his lips. “Do you think it will rain all day?” he asked with a soft sigh.

Ken looked up from his playing cards with a slight grin. “Don’t tell me you’re bored already!” he teased, “I’ve already won 600 yen from you in the first hand!”

“That’s only about five dollars!” Ryu scoffed, “And besides, the last thing you need is more money! This game isn’t much fun… I fold.”

A wounded look crossed Ken’s face for a moment before he masked it with his usual self-assured smirk. “Well the only other thing we can do is spar,” he explained, “and I’ve had my fill of that the last few days.”

Ryu nodded his head in silent agreement while handing Ken his five playing cards. “Isn’t there some way to make this game more interesting?” he asked, “Or maybe we should play a different game.”

“No way!” Ken answered, “Poker is the only game I play!” He ran his fingers through the somewhat lengthy lochs of his blonde hair and pondered.

Ryu raised his eyebrows, his curiosity growing as he watched his long time American friend rummage through his luggage.

“We just have to raise the stakes,” Ken suggested before reaching into one of his suitcases, “I’ve got an idea!”

The blonde fighter returned to his place on floor just opposite of Ryu and held a large, unlabeled glass up for his friend to see. Ken winced as he uncorked the bottle to inhale the strong alcoholic liquid that was inside. “Loser of each hand has to drink… three shots of this stuff!”

“What is it?” Ryu questioned.

Ken laughed and set the bottle and several shot glass aside. “Who cares,” he said with a quick wink, “for the sake of argument let’s just call it… Dragon Punch!”

Ryu gave his friend a suspicious glance and shook his head in disbelief. “I don’t want to drink anything that’s strong enough to be named after one of our most powerful techniques!”

“I guess that means I won’t be letting you win,” Ryu continued, “so I hope you like it because you’re going to be drinking all of it!”

Ken stared at Ryu after picking up his cards. His face was unreadable and devoid of emotion. When he really wanted to, he could put on the perfect poker face. “We’ll see about that,” he said calmly, “how many cards do you want?”

Ryu looked over his five cards and sighed. He arranged them in his hand neatly and then looked up at the other fighter’s expressionless face. “I’ll keep these cards,” he said with a slight grin, “your turn.”

“What?” Ken said, losing his poker face for a moment, “you’re bluffing!” He studied Ryu’s features for a moment, trying to figure out just what his opponent was up to. Ken looked down at his own hand; he was only one card short of a flush. “I’ll take one,” he muttered before drawing his new card.

“I hope you’ve got something that will beat a flush!” Ryu said triumphantly before flipping his cards over.

Ken shrugged his shoulders and laughed, “I can’t beat it, but I can match it!” He tossed his cards onto the floor right side up and compared them to Ryu’s.

Aside from being different suits, both of their hands were identical.

“So now what?” Ryu asked with a bewildered look. “Neither of us has to drink?”

The blonde martial artist put their cards back into the deck before reaching for the bottle. “No way!” Ken exclaimed, “we both drink now!”

Ryu studied the shot glass that Ken gave him carefully, not sure if he really wanted to actually drink something that could probably be used as rocket fuel. He brought the rim of the glass to his nose and inhaled.

“Ugg!” Ryu coughed when he smelled the drink, “This might kill me!” He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and boldly tipped the glass back. The strong liquid burned his throat as he forced it down.

“Gah!” he winced as he tried his best not to cough, “Maybe this was a bad idea…”

Ken could not help but laugh at the sight of Ryu trying to down the liquor. He could hardly stomach the stuff himself, but it was easily the quickest way he knew of to get drunk. “It’s not so bad once you get used to it!” he promised as he handed Ryu his second glass, “Bottoms up!”

Both men drank a second time, and Ryu’s reaction was just the same as before. He couldn’t understand why Ken would want to poison his body by drinking such a thing, but then again there was a lot about his best friend that he could never quite figure out.

Ken watched Ryu intently, a pleased smile stretching his lips as they both drank down their third glass. He was already feeling buzzed from the booze, and could only imagine what it was doing to Ryu. The other man almost never drank, so Ken knew it wasn’t going to take much to get the Japanese warrior to feel tipsy.

“How do you feel?” Ken asked, doing his best to conceal his urge to laugh.

“Uhhggg!” Ryu shook his head from side to side, as if he were trying to dispel the effects of nausea or dizziness. “I feel… weird.”

“Great!” Ken chuckled. He shuffled the deck of cards and then proceeded to deal himself and Ryu a new hand. “Good luck!”

Ryu squinted, unsure of why the cards in his hands appeared blurry. He reached up and pulled his headband off and used it to wipe away the sweat on his forehead. “Warm in here,” he huffed while studying his cards, “I’ll take two.”

Ken passed his friend two new cards and himself one. He smiled triumphantly as he looked at his hand. “Alright Ryu, what’cha got?”

The Japanese martial artist flipped his cards over enthusiastically. “Three kings!” he proclaimed proudly.

“Aw man…” Ken said softly, doing his best to sound disappointed, “all I have is… three aces!”

Ryu’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head when the blonde fighter flipped his cards over. “Wh… what?!” he stammered uncharacteristically, “How the…?!”

Ken simply shrugged, and filled a shot glass for his friend. “Better luck next time,” he snickered while passing the glass to Ryu. “Bottoms up!”

With a short grunt of reluctance, Ryu drank down another three glasses of the powerful, alcoholic concoction. His body responded to the beverage immediately, and he began to sweat even more. “Last game…” Ryu huffed, his breath hot and heavy, “deal already!”

Ken shuffled the cards and watched the other man closely. “Feeling a little warm?” he said in a mocking tone as he observed the Japanese warrior slipping off the top half of his white uniform. He simply smiled when Ryu responded with a menacing look and he proceeded to deal the cards.

“Good luck!” Ken said with a wink, “You need it!”

The cards were even harder to read than before, and despite all his mental discipline Ryu was having problems concentrating. His now exposed chest and abdomen were covered with droplets of sweat, and all of his attempts to keep himself from breathing heavily failed. “I’ll… take,” Ryu panted, “one card!”

The American fighter nodded and gave his life long sparring partner a single card. “I’ll stay,” he said calmly, “what do you have this time?”

Ryu closed his eyes and tried to steady his breath. “I have a flush!!” he yelled, throwing down his cards in front of Ken, “Time for you to drink your own poison!”

Ken giggled, flashing Ryu his usual cocky smile. He could not help but laugh at how the booze was affecting his friend. He had never seen Ryu drunk, and knew that it would probably be the last time. “That’s too bad,” Masters said, forcing himself to frown for a moment, “because I only have… a… STRAIGHT FLUSH!!”

Ryu glared at Ken, his face now flushed from both the booze as well as his annoyance with the other man. “That’s it,” he muttered through clenched teeth, “we’re done with this game!”

“What?” Ken shrugged while placing the cards back in the deck, “Man it’s not my fault you’re even worse at poker than you are a fighting!”

Ryu’s eyes widened at the blonde’s remark. “What did you say?” he fumed while shaking his fist in the air.

“Well, I mean when we fight,” Ken responded calmly, unmoved by Ryu’s out of character outburst, “at least I have to try… a little bit. But you suck at poker even more than you do at fighting.”

The Japanese warrior’s face reddened even more. Usually he could just shrug Ken’s taunting off and not even give it a second thought, but in his current condition he wasn’t going to let the remark go unchallenged. Ryu sprung off the ground, launching himself at his rival and causing the playing cards to fly everywhere when he collided with Ken.

“Oof!” Ken fell back onto the floor, caught off guard by Ryu’s attack. “Man,” Ken said laughing, “you’re a lightweight drunk too!” He shifted his weight and rolled his shoulder off of the ground, causing Ryu to fall off him and to the side.

Ryu tried to retain control as Ken flipped him over, but found that his reflexes were significantly impaired. He reached up, grabbing Ken’s shoulders firmly to limit the other man’s range of motion as he was pinned down.

“See what I mean?” Ken said as he smiled down at the man pinned beneath him, “Even when you catch me off guard I hardly have to try!”

The comment only served to motivate Ryu more, and with a sudden upwards thrust of his abdomen he forced Ken back far enough to roll him over.

Both men rolled around on the floor together, each trying to counter every move that the other made. Ryu grabbed and struck at every opportunity he saw, inadvertently tearing off the top half of Ken’s red karate uniform as he struggled to regain the upper hand.

“Damn it Ryu!” Ken grunted, “You just don’t know when to quit!” The blonde fought back, trying to roll Ryu back to the ground before the other man could pin him down again. Their bodies thrashed against each other and gleaming muscles rubbed together as they fought for dominance. Ken had nearly regained control, when suddenly his entire body went still. His eyes widened in surprise when he felt something hard pressing against his thigh, and for a moment he didn’t fight back.

With Ken no longer resisting, Ryu easily gained control and managed to pin his American rival’s body to the floor beneath him.

“Looks like you’re all talk!” Ryu said, his chest heaving with every heavy breath, “I expected more of a fight from you.”

Ken stared up at the Shoto-Kan fighter, his lips slowly curling into a smile. “Gee Ryu,” he said in a mocking tone, “I’m just no match for you when you use that big hard-on in your pants against me…”

“Wha?!” Ryu’s eyelids snapped open and his face became floridly flushed, “What are you talking about?”

The blonde fighter lifted his right leg and brushed his knee against Ryu’s trapped erection. He could feel the Japanese warrior’s length twitch as he rubbed it through the white gi pants.

Ryu gasped and quickly attempted to move his hands to his crotch. Unfortunately Ken was ready for it, and violently threw the right side of his body off of the floor to toss Ryu back.

“Oof!” Ryu winced and landed flat on his back. He threw his weight forward and tried to spring up, but Ken dove down on him to keep him in place.

“Looks like you lose again!” Masters teased as he held Ryu’s wrist down firmly against the floor. He stared down a Ryu with a look of triumph, and chucked when he realized that most of Ryu’s face was now covered in an obvious blush.

“K-Ken!” Ryu stammered, “It’s the booze, I don’t-“

“Shhhh…” Ken put a finger to Ryu’s lips to silence him. “Don’t try to blame your boner on the booze!” he laughed, “This happens to you all the time when we wrestle, I just usually pretend not to notice.”

Ryu was at a loss for words. He closed his eyes and turned his head to the side, too embarrassed to make any more excuses.

Their bare chest heaved against one another, and Ken shifted his bodyweight until he could feel Ryu’s hard cock pressing against his hip. A few drops of sweat fell from his blonde lochs of hair and spattered onto Ryu’s forehead, causing the leaner fighter to flinch.

Ken released his death grip from Ryu’s wrists and reached down to the other man’s face. He ran his fingertips over the small area of stubble on Ryu’s chin, and smiled warmly when his friend opened his eyes again and turned to face him.

“Ken,” Ryu tried to speak, “it’s not…”

“Yeah, yeah,” Ken interrupted, “shut up Ryu.” Ken leaned down; closing what little distance remained between their lips before Ryu could even utter another word. The Japanese fighter opened his mouth to protest, but by doing so he only made it easier for Ken to slip his tongue in.

The blonde ate at his sparring partner’s mouth aggressively, making their first kiss impatient and intense. Ryu’s hard, muscular body shivered beneath him as he scrubbed at the roof of his mouth with his tongue. Ken’s hand slowly moved from Ryu’s chin down to his chest. He traced his warm fingers over the sweaty valley of muscles and then and moved his touch further down to Ryu’s impressive abdomen.

Ryu gasped at the feeling of his best friend’s hands on him. He had lost count of how many times he had fantasized about having an encounter with Ken like this, and he could hardly believe it was happening. He was almost sure that at any moment Ken would pull away and laugh at him, making him a victim of one of his childish pranks gone too far.

Ken slowly slid his hand even lower, moving closer to the very obvious tent between Ryu’s legs. He paused for a moment, and then slid his hand down the rest of the way to grab Ryu’s hard penis through the thin fabric of his gi pants.

“Ah! Ken!” Ryu fumbled nervously, “What are you… you-GAH!” Ryu threw his head back against the floor when he felt Ken’s hand enter his pants. He gasped softly as the other fighter closed his fingers around his length inside of his underwear.

Ken nudged Ryu’s pants down his muscular legs until the other’s cock was fully free. He stroked Ryu’s member slowly, giving the sensitive flesh a mere preview of what he had planned. “That’s it,” Ken said in a soft, serious voice, “tell me Ryu… tell me you want this…”

Ryu clawed at the floor beneath him as the other martial artist began to jerk him off. He bit down on his lip and swallowed his pride before finally telling Ken what he wanted to hear. “Ken,” he panted desperately, “I want it!”

The blonde fighter licked his lips as Ryu bucked his hips off of the floor to thrust his cock into his welcomed grip. Ken leaned down, devouring his rival’s mouth in another brief, heated kiss before he began to lick and nip his way down the front of Ryu’s body.

Ryu closed his eyes when he felt Ken’s lips moving down his muscular frame; the blonde dragged his tongue down his broad chest, through the hard valley of his abs, and finally towards his crotch. He could feel Ken’s face nuzzling the small patch of dark hairs just above his penis, and he waited with baited breath as he anticipated Ken’s next move.

“Ken!!” Ryu cried out suddenly when those warm lips closed over the thick head of his cock. He felt the other man’s tongue swirling around the tip of his member, lapping at the small slit and forcing more soft moans from his lips.

Ken suckled the large cock hungrily, pushing his lips down the hard shaft to cram as much of Ryu’s length into his hot mouth as he could manage. He drenched the smooth organ with saliva and slid his tongue along the veined underside, knowing that it would probably get quite a reaction from the other man.

Ryu reached down and gripped a handful of Ken’s hair. The blonde was pushing him rapidly towards climax, and no matter how hard he tried he could not slow the surge of pleasure that was rapidly spreading through his veins.

“Gahh! Ken!” he huffed, “Ah-haa… I… I’m going to cum!”

Ken let his friend’s thick tool slip from his mouth, and smiled when Ryu whimpered softly in protest. He made his way back to his feet, and stood over his panting sparring partner.

“Relax Ryu…” Ken began in a soothing voice, “I’m not going to leave you like that for long.”

Ryu stared up at Ken, his dark eyes glassy and half closed. He could not tear his gaze away as he watched his sparring partner slide his pants down his legs. Ken’s tight boxer briefs followed shortly after, and Ryu unconsciously licked his lips at the sight of the American fighter’s hard swollen rod.

The blonde fighter lowered himself back down onto the Japanese warrior’s body and hissed as his bare skin came into direct contact with the Ryu’s. “Uhn… Ryu…” Ken gasped as their hard cocks slid against each other.

Ryu arched off of the floor, pressing his muscular frame fully against Ken’s. The feeling of Master’s cock brushing against his own throbbing length was almost enough to give him the release he had been so close to achieving. “Ken!” he choked, “Hnnn!”

“Shhh,” Ken smiled and brought a finger to the other fighter’s lips. He slid his warm palms along Ryu’s sculpted chest and sat up. He stood on the balls of his feet with his knees bent, squatting over Ryu’s erect cock.

The Japanese fighter’s breath quickened even more when Ken sat over him. Ryu dug his fingernails into the wooden floorboards beneath him as the head of his penis brushed over the smooth curve of Ken’s firm ass. He wondered for a moment if he was going to pass out from loss of blood to his brain, but quickly lost his train of thought when Ken reached down and firmly grasped his cock.

“K-Ken?!” Ryu panted, “What are you- Gahhh!!”

Ryu threw his head back once again, smacking it hard against the floor beneath him as Ken lowered himself down the length of his cock. He forced himself to open his eyes and watch as his sparring partner slowly descended onto his erection.

“Ah! FUCK!” Ken screamed as Ryu’s thick rod slid into him, stretching his tight opening far beyond its normal boundaries. Ryu’s large tool felt even bigger than it looked and it was becoming quite a struggle for him to take it all in. His ass already hurt like hell, but Ken was determined to see it through to the end now.

Ryu’s jaw hung open when Ken was finally seated in his lap. His cock pulsed inside of the other fighter’s hot, tight warmth, and he became nearly oblivious to everything else around him. Eager to participate more, he leaned his body forward and sat up, taking great care not to dislodge his member from Ken’s ass.

Ken pulled himself half way up Ryu’s length and then dropped back down. The single, unexpected movement caused Ryu to fall back on the floor and cry out in delight. Masters repeated the motion, only his time he dropped himself down Ryu’s entire length at a slight angle with one slow, fluid motion.

“Fuck!” Ken gasped and licked his lips when the movement caused Ryu’s cock to brush against his prostate. When he dropped down faster and harder onto Ryu’s lap, the pleasure escalated further.

Ryu was lost, reduced to little more than soft, hurried moans as Ken began to ride him. His cock slid in and out of the other fighter’s tight moist heat, and each and every time that Ken dropped down onto his cock, Ryu was sure he was going to cum.

As the effects of the alcohol began to subside, a small measure of Ryu’s self control returned. But now that he was beginning to sober up, he realized that he wanted Ken even more.

“Ryu!” Ken breathed as he continued to impale himself on the leaner fighter’s manhood, “Ohh yeahhh…!”

The Japanese man groaned loudly at the sound of his name falling from Ken’s lips. He stared up at Ken’s enraptured expression and then jolted his hips off of the floor, pressing back against Ken’s own motion and thrusting his cock up forcefully into the other man.

“AHHH!!” Ken nearly screamed as Ryu began to move against him. His rival was now thrusting into him from below, meeting his own movements and driving his erection in harder and deeper.

A small smile stretched Ryu’s lips as he witnessed his friend’s reaction; this was his revenge for the teasing he had to endure earlier. The hot, moist walls of Ken’s ass constricted around his length each time that he pressed up into the other fighter, and for a moment he thought Ken was going to lose it.

Knowing that he was nearing his climax, Ryu reached up and took a hold of Ken’s neglected erection. He moaned softly as he gripped his friend’s throbbing length for the first time and began to slide his tight grip up and down the sensitive limb.

“GAHH!!” Ken gasped when Ryu grabbed his cock and began to stroke him. Large amounts of precum immediately began to ooze from the tip of his manhood and dripped down onto Ryu’s sculpted torso.

Ryu licked his lips at the sight of Ken teetering on the edge. He released Ken’s throbbing length and moved his hand lower to gently roll the blonde fighter’s balls between his fingers. The large sac constricted at the simple touch, and Ken’s body tensed as he braced himself for release.

“I’m… I’m cuming!!!” Ken warned as he dropped down onto Ryu’s lap one final time.

“Oh fuck! RYU!!!” Ken threw his head back and let out a harsh cry as he gave in. A shiver of intense pleasure ran up his spine while his penis pulsed and shot its thick, creamy load all over Ryu’s chest and abdomen.

The sight of Ken cumming undid Ryu on the spot. He sat up and gripped his blonde rival’s hips tightly and let out a long, drawn out moan.

“AHHH!” Ryu cried out as his cock began to erupt deep inside of Ken’s body, “Kennn!!!”

Masters sighed softly as Ryu sat up and held him in place. He stared down at the other man with glazed over eyes and could not help but to shudder when he felt Ryu’s hot, thick semen splashing inside of him. The other man gave him all that he had to offer, filling him with three hot burst of his thick essence before he was finally done.

“Ryu…” Ken breathed, “Ryuuu…”

Ken’s release had drained him, both physically and mentally. He stared down at Ryu as the sound of their heavy breathing filled the room, neither of them able to comprehend what had just happened in the wake of their orgasms.

Moments later Ken fell forward, his exhausted body dropping down onto the floor next to Ryu’s. He laid his naked frame down with his back to the other man and looked towards the wall. He was already having second thoughts about what they had just done.

As if sensing his friend’s doubts, Ryu wrapped one of his strong arms around Ken’s waist and pulled him closer. He sighed softly as he tried to relax, knowing that the nature of their relationship had now clearly changed.

“Maybe,” Ken said in a soft, tired voice as he struggled to catch his breath, “maybe… you’re not such a bad fighter after all…” He closed his eyes and smiled slightly when Ryu pulled him closer, finding some much needed comfort in the embrace.

Ryu chuckled softly, “We’ll have a rematch later.” He tightened his grip around Ken and closed his eyes to join his sparring partner in a well deserved nap.