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Bonding: Bonding ( Chapter 1 ) [ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]
Anime/Manga: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
Genre(s): Romance / Fantasy / Shoujo / Hentai | Type: Shoujo-ai
Author: kaijo
Uploaded On: February 13, 2010 10:05 PST
Pages: 8 | Words: 9649 | Size: 57 KB | Visits: 2497 | Status: Completed
   A vacation gives Nanoha her opportunity to bring her threesome closer together.

Red Jewel Diaries
Sidestory: Bonding
“...and the view from over here is particularly nice,” Yuuno was saying as the trio rounded a corner. “The ancient Nanthians who built this shrine really knew how to find good sites for them.”
Nanoha inhaled sharply, then ran to the edge of the railing, taking in the rolling green foliage of the forest below and the snow-capped mountains in the distance. “You were right, this is beautiful! There's only a few shrines with views like this back in Japan on my planet, due to the creeping industrialization.”
“I remember you taking me to a few,” Fate recalled, coming up beside her to enjoy the view as well. “Thank you for bringing us here, Yuuno.”
He smiled and blushed slightly. “I wasn't sure you two would enjoy the sights on this trip, but as an archaeologist, I find these ancient cultures fascinating. This is a site I had been meaning to visit for some time.”
Nanoha turned partially and mockingly shook her finger at him. “Now now, it was your turn to decide where we went on vacation, and we've had a wonderful time so far! Isn't that right, Fate-chan?”
The golden-haired woman gave him an amused, yet warm smile and nodded. “It has been interesting; I didn't know Mid-Childa had been home to so many human cultures. Linith taught me mostly about magic, and the only other cultures I know about, I learned during my time on Earth growing up.”
“Thanks, I'm glad,” Yuuno told them, turning to lean on the railing, allowing himself a moment to enjoy the scenery as well.
Nanoha turned to look at him, the wind ruffling his hair slightly, and the honestly happy expression on his face, and inwardly sighed. This vacation trip was almost over, and she still hadn't managed to work up her courage for her particular plan. She recalled the notes she had made, based on her conversations with Amy following the her visit a couple of weeks ago.
Step one was to get him someplace where he could relax, hence his choice of vacations. “Males are fidgety, so you need to soothe them before you pounce!” Amy had told her, which had only made Nanoha blush at the girl's frank attitude.
Step two was to make it someplace romantic, and somehow the hotels they had stayed at, hadn't exactly had that atmosphere, or perhaps she had just chickened out, which she had to admit was a more likely explanation. Once more, Amy had told her that males were less likely to fight if the mood was romantic. But now the vacation was almost over, and she still had made a move on her plans.
“Well, let's head back into town and get some food, and we can catch the train back to Clanagan,” Yuuno said at last, smiling at them.
Fate's stomach rumbled to emphasize the point, and Yuuno chuckled at her embarrassment, taking her arm to relieve some of it. Nanoha took his other arm, and the trio headed back towards the shrine entrance, unaware of the gathering clouds above.
Yuuno waited near the seaside docks, as the girls had gone to find a restroom, and would meet him here so they could take the train back. These past 16 months had gone better than he had hoped for. Oh sure, there were issues that cropped up, such as getting used to both Nanoha and Fate giving him displays of affection to him as well as each other. And he found it a bit awkward at first, trying to give attention to both so neither felt neglected, before they let him know that they knew how he felt and for him to just relax because they knew he liked them both.
And then there were the sleeping arrangements, which were also awkward at first. When Nanoha had appeared in his guest room that one cold night and took his arm, he wasn't sure what to expect. She had just told him that they wanted to give him some of their warmth, which turned out to be just sleeping. It took some adjusting, as Fate could snore a little bit, and Nanoha could be a little active in her sleep, turning over and moving her legs to in ways that ended up kicking him.
It was one of the things he remembered a bit from their childhood together, when he attempted to lay next to her as a ferret, and woke to find she was trying to chew up on him in her sleep. He stuck to his basket after that.
But Fate clued him in on a secret, to hold Nanoha after she had gone to sleep; she tended to be less restless then. He was nervous at first, but then she held him back and smiled in her sleep, and he also discovered that if he rolled Fate onto her stomach after she fell asleep, she didn't tend to snore. He slowly began to enjoy the extra warm bodies.
He blinked himself out of his thoughts, having not even noticed that it was starting to rain. And in the next instant, it turned into a virtual deluge, soaking him quite a bit before he put a barrier umbrella up.
“Yuuno-kun!” came Nanoha's voice as her and Fate ran up to him and got under his magic umbrella, also quite wet.
“Looks like the afternoon activities will have to wait til another time,” Fate said with regret. “We might as well go catch the train.”
“Yeah,” Nanoha sighed, voice tinged with regret.
The trio headed to the station, only to find out that a mudslide had taken out quite a bit of track, and the train had broken down: it wouldn't be up and running until tomorrow.
“Well, now what?” Nanoha asked as the three huddled under the station eave for warmth; she was beginning to feel a bit cold.
“I didn't expect to be staying here tonight, so I didn't make any hotel reservations,” Yuuno admitted. “But maybe we can find a spare room for the night. It is a tourist town.”
“Good idea,” Fate agreed. “We'll have to give the Timil household a call and see if they can put Vivio up for one more night, too.”
The three took off, but after the first couple of hotels indicated that they were full, the three split up to look. After an hour of searching, there was still nothing, then Nanoha's hesitant telepathic call said she might have something. After Fate and Yuuno found her, they discovered the reason why her voice was a bit hesitant.
It was a love motel. And there was only one room available.
“This shouldn't be a big deal for us,” Fate said at last as the three stood inside the lobby. “We're all adults, in a relationship even, and we just need a place to stay for the night.” She stepped forward and reserved the room for the ngiht from the machine, getting the key.
“O-of course!” Yuuno agreed, then he sneezed.
“Let's get up to the room and get warmed up before we all catch a cold,” Nanoha noted, to which the other two took her lead and stepped into the elevator.
But as they saw the room, the nervousness came back in full force, even though inwardly Nanoha had been expecting it would look like this.
Red. And pink. A large heart-shaped bed. A mirrored ceiling. An interesting variety of... implements, most of which she hadn't even seen before and could only vaguely guess at their use.
Yuuno sneezed again. “Well, you two can take a hot bath first; I'll take one after.”
Fate looked at Nanoha who sighed and made a firm face; she knew what her female partner was indicating.
“No, you could catch a cold,” Nanoha told him, feeling her cheeks heat up. “We all need to get out of these wet clothes and take a hot bath, so... we'll all take one together. No argument!”
“I really...” he paused, seeing her firm look, becoming almost as red as her. “Are you sure? I-If you two are really okay with it...”
Fate took his arm and began dragging him towards the bathroom. “We're sure... if you think you can handle it!”
Nanoha sighed and followed them in, noting there wasn't really a changing area, but that the bathroom was extra large, with a rather large round tub in one corner, and a couple of detachable shower handles on one side. The three stood there again, then Fate began stripping off her wet shirt. Nanoha noted with amusement that Yuuno turned away a bit to begin disrobing, and it brought her some measure of amusement and comfort, as she undid her skirt and slid it down
Even if he was a bit fidgety like Amy said, he was doing his best to respect them. Somehow, it made her love him even more.
She finished removing the last of her clothes, laying them out a bit to start drying, although she'd have to hang them up after. She regretted the fact that they had sent their luggage back from the last hotel since they didn't want to carry it around, as they expected to be home tonight. All she had were a few things like a hairbrush in her purse.
She took one of the large white towels, embroidered with hearts, to wrap around her chest while Fate started filling the tub and Yuuno was sitting on one of the small stools to begin washing. She noted that he had set his towel aside, and was furiously washing, perhaps hoping to finish and get into the bath before the girls, to give them a bit more privacy.
She sighed. She wasn't going to let him get away with that, as she pulled up a stool right next to him, setting her own towel aside to sit down and begin washing, noting that he had gotten an eyeful of her when he instinctively turned to look, but then quickly turned back.
She turned to smile at him as she lathered up a washcloth. “Yuuno-kun, could you do me a favor and wash my back when you're done?”
“Oh, um, sure,” he replied, obviously straining to keep his voice calm.
Nanoha suppressed a giggle, somehow getting more comfortable with the situation. “Thanks!”
“And I'll wash your back, and then Nanoha can wash mine,” Fate said sparing a wink at Nanoha, sitting down behind and lathering up, as naked as the other two were.
She dumped water over her head to wash off the suds to hide her facial reaction, then stood up and moved her stool closer to Yuuno, making sure he got a decent look at the side of her body before sitting down and presenting her back, even as a part of her mind couldn't believe she was doing this.
As his gentle hands touched her back, she realized he wasn't using the wash cloth to lather her up,a nd she began to wonder if he was beginning to get comfortable and was giving some of his own teasing back to her. The thought made her begin to fear this just a bit, but she was the one who had asked him to go through with this; she couldn't back out now.
Still, as his hands brushed against her upper rear, she trembled slightly, but then they moved back up, along her sides, his fingertips just barely rubbing against the sides of her breasts. [Is this really Yuuno!?] she wondered for a brief dizzy moment. [Is he really comfortable with touching me? Or is he just teasing back?]
Then his disappeared, and she got a cold bucket of water over her head that made her squeal.
“Oh, sorry, I thought that was warm water,” Yuuno told her apologetically. “I-Aaah!”
She turned to see him recovering from his own cold water dunk, and couldn't help but laugh. “Serves you right!”
“Alright you two, it's my turn!” Fate told them, turning her back, as Yuuno headed for the tub. “Nanoha, if you would, please. And it's okay to look, Yuuno, as Nanoha and I have seen each other naked many times, so it's only fair.”
“I'll, uh, keep that in mind,” he told her, as he slipped into the bath.
Fate smiled to herself, though, as he did turn part way to watch them, seeing their sides from his perspective while Nanoha washed her back. She remembered her own hands on his, rough yet smooth, muscular yet compact; it gave her an odd sort of thrill.
They finished up and slipped into the tub, no longer hiding themselves as they took positions in the hot tub. The water was clear to make out vague details through the ripples, as they looked at each other, but not trying to look like they were looking at each other. All at once, the nervousness seemed to descend again, along with the silence, but Nanoha eventually gestured to Fate, then scooted around the circular tub to sit by Yuuno's side, while Fate did the same to the other side, grabbing a small bottle and pouring a bit of it in. She then hit a small timer and the bath bubbled to life, both as a jacuzzi, and as a bubble bath.
The change seemed to break more of the ice, as Yuuno scooped up a bunch of bubble suds and placed them on Nanoha's head, laughing. She sighed and flicked some at him in return, noting that he wasn't wearing his glasses; it was one of the few times he was without them, as the only other times she didn't see him with them, was right before bed and when waking up in the morning.
Fate blew a series of suds at Yuuno, and the three dissolved into a bubble water fight, the tension and nervousness gone again.
“I'm sorry that was only two bathrobes, Yuuno-kun,” Nanoha told him helping him hang up a line to dry out their clothes. Although she was very conscious of the fact that she was naked underneath, as even her bra and panties were soaked.
He finished attaching the line to his side of the room, then gestured to his own towel around his waist as he sat down on the bed. “It's alright, this is fine for me, as it's warm enough in here.”
She smiled at him, as Fate came back into the room and handed the hairbrush to Nanoha. “Thanks for the loan; I wish I had remembered to bring mine. But the bathroom is yours now.”
Nanoha nodded her thanks and left as Fate sat down on the bed next to Yuuno, also apologizing for the lack of a third robe, as he picked up a remote control.
“It's alright, I was just wondering how comfortable you two would be like this,” he admitted, referring to the fact that they'd basically be sleeping naked in the same bed for the first time, as he turned on the TV.
Fate smiled and laid a hand on his arm. “I-” She froze as he did, by what came on, reminding both of them exactly what kind of hotel this was.
Yuuno gulped and quickly turned it off. “Well, maybe we'll just go to bed earlier.”
Nanoha shut the bathroom light off and came out, knowing that things were about to change; she couldn't put it off any longer. Yuuno was already slipping under the covers to get to the middle, and Fate had just sat down on the other side. Nanoha took her own seat on the edge of the bed closest to her, and paused for a moment, facing away from him.
“Is something the matter?” Yuuno asked, sounding concerned.
“I've talked things over with Fate, and we'd like to change things a bit for tonight,” Nanoha said, glad for the moment that he couldn't see her face; her cheeks were burning despite the earlier activity.
“Change things?” he asked, confused. “What do you mean?”
Taking a deep breath, Nanoha stood up and undid her bathrobe, letting it fall to the floor, her back still to him, knowing his eyes were on her.
“N-Nanoha?” he questioned, and it almost brought her some relief to hear the surprised tone in his voice.
Taking another deep breath, she turned around and slowly got into her side of the bed, getting an odd thrill at the way he was looking at her, almost like he was afraid to look, but more afraid to turn away.
“We've been together for well over a year now,” Fate told him, causing him to turn his head just in time to see her drop her own bathrobe. Despite her bravado in their relationship, she felt an equal embarrassment to be seen like this, but she had already told Nanoha she was going to go through with it, and thus slid into bed. “And it's only been a little over six months since we decided on this sleeping arrangement.”
Nanoha reached out and placed her hand on his right cheek, turning him back to face her as she leaned over and kissed him on the lips tenderly, feeling him warmly melting into it. When she pulled back, she was relieved to see him seem a bit calmer.
“In all that time, my feelings for you and Fate haven't changed,” Nanoha admitted. “I still love you both, and I want us to be full partners, who can share anything and everything. I hope you feel the same way...”
He slowly started to smile. “My feelings haven't changed, either. If anything, they've grown. I love you both; you're very special to me, and not just because of what we've gone through together.”
“If you don't want to, it's alright, we can just sleep tonight as usual, but,” Fate offered, then took his right hand and placed it on her left breast over her heart, before moving closer to kiss him, “we are comfortable with exploring with you.”
Nanoha took his left hand, placing it over her heart as well. “It's up to you.... Yunno.”
He caught the change, as she hadn't used the -kun suffix, and he knew that meant that, in her language, she saw him as a very close family member, and not just as a close friend. Somehow, that meant more to him than anything else she could possibly say.. He closed his eyes, and began to tenderly massage the chests in his hands, hearing the women moan softly.
“But you know, Yuuno, this isn't entirely just for you,” Fate told him wryly, causing him to open his eyes.
Partially in curiosity and partially in wonder, he watched Nanoha wink at him as the women scooted up next to him, then leaned over and kissed each other hungrily right in front of him. His eyes widened a bit in surprise, as he hadn't really seen them do that before. There were more innocent kisses here and there and so he had grown used to it, but this was the first full-out passionate kiss he had seen the two exchange, although he had assumed they might have during times he wasn't around.
This was also a major part of it, he realized; they weren't just going to share everything with him, but with each other as well. This was what it meant to be part of a three-way relationship; it wouldn't work if one side of the triangle wasn't present, so this was as much a test as anything else they had been through together. He more fully grasped and massaged their left breasts to let them know it was okay.
Nanoha broke her kiss with Fate and turned to smile at him, shifting under the blankets to straddle his thighs, leaning forward to kiss him just as hungrily. She felt Fate move around behind her to straddle Yuuno's legs, but as she rose back up, she realized her bare chest was full on display and Yuuno was looking at her. What was he thinking?
His face was probably as flushed as hers, but his hands went up to grasp her chest, fondling and rubbing, and her closed went half-lidded as the sensations washed through her. It wasn't just his touch, although that was a part of it; it was also a combination of the fact that it was “him” and he was taking pleasure in her body. His fingers found her nipples and began to rub them, sending strange tingles all over her skin. She had done this much with Fate before, partly just to compare chests and also partly for fun, but it was somehow different, yet just as good, with Yuuno.
And then Fate was kissing her neck, knowing where that spot was at the juncture where her neck met her shoulder, and her head lulled back a bit as she soaked up the feelings. But still, there was part of her that didn't want to be the only one receiving these feelings.
She forced herself out of her daze a bit to lean forward again, running her own hands up Yuuno's bare chest and kissing him again, pleased to see him shiver a bit, but then her eyes widened a bit as something prodded her tummy.
She felt a bit of fear that first time he prodded her hip while asleep in the morning, but while there was still a bit of fear now, it was now mostly replaced by curiosity and satisfaction; she was making him feel this way.
Nanoha leaned her head back to capture the lips of the woman behind her, whispering, “Fate...”
The other woman took the hint and moved off Yuuno's legs, moving around to kneel on his right, leaning down to kiss him tenderly, feeling a chill as his hands went up her sides to cup her bare breasts, now feeling what Nanoha did earlier. She ran her own hand over his chest as they continued to kiss, slowly letting their tongues play a role as they became more comfortable, but then she felt more than heard him moan into her lips, and she cracked an eye open to see why, the sight filling her a sort of morbid allure.
Nanoha bit her lip lightly while she gently laid her hand against his erect member, feeling the warm strength of his penis, exploring it with her fingers in fascination. Her gaze went up a bit to watch his face, becoming amused as she watched him barely able to focus on kissing Fate, groaning as his head began to roll around a little. Looking down again, she stroked the full erect length of it with her right hand while her left gently encircled the head, causing his hips to surge up, surprising her.
She couldn't have him losing control that easily, though, and let go to move back up to his left to gently hold his face in her hands, kissing him tenderly several times.
“Yuuno...” she breathed, giggling as he barely managed a grunt in reply.
There was something in her voice that that caused his eyes to finally snap full open, noting the way she was partially on her side, her head indicating something farther down her body, her hips and legs moving suggestively. The blanket had been mostly pushed off, just covering her ankles. She smiled, amused as his eyes widened, then took his hand and gently guided it between her legs.
Nanoha turned to lay on her back as she heard Fate giggle, incredibly nervous while she watched him moved down, but she had been determined to share everything with him and she wasn't going to back down now. Plus, she was feeling something else now, a kind of eagerness and quiet comfort at what was going on, even when she parted her legs a little to give him a view, flushing as he stared at her.
“You're beautiful, Nanoha,” he whispered, causing her to turn even more red.
He parted her legs as Fate kissed her tenderly, helping to soothe her nerves, and then she felt him touch her, gently running fingers across her moist folds, not even realizing that she had gotten that wet already. Then he gently circled his now-moist finger around her clitoris, causing her to emit a high-pitched moan into Fate's mouth and her back to arch.
She felt her legs being parted more, as he continued to pleasure her, parting her lower lips and gently beginning to insert a finger that slid fairly easy into her. Nanoha moaned again, never quite having felt something inside her like that. In her own times alone, when she had begun thinking about this, she hadn't even pushed fingers into her body like that, but it felt electric when combined with the clitoral stimulation.
Fate was massaging her breasts now, leaning down to suck tightly on her right nipple, and Nanoha's whole body began to twitch and contort at the full sensations she was receiving. The buildup inside her body was addicting, and all at once, she knew what must happen next.
She reached down and grabbed Yuuno's hand, fixing him with a desperate look. “Yuuno, come here.”
“Nanoha?” he questioned, allowing himself to be pulled up as she parted her legs to either side of him, kissing his lips hungrily.
“Please, Yuuno,” she told him, wrapping her legs around his waist to pull him to her, feeling his hardened member glance off her clit and slide along her tummy.
He placed both hands on either side of her head, gazing at her. “Are you sure, Nanoha?”
She nodded. “We've been on birth control for awhile. Please, I need you.”
His eyes shifted from uncertainty to conviction, mixed with equal parts love as he tried to line up, push down, but once more sliding along her moist pussy lips and over her clit, giving her another electric thrill.
“Here, let me,” Fate said, reaching in to gently grab ahold of him and lining up. “Move forward slowly now.”
Yuuno did as instructed, until Nanoha felt the head of his penis part her folds, and then begin to push into her tunnel. She inhaled sharply as she was spread a bit wider than she ever had been before, feeling like she would be split apart, but somehow she was able to keep taking it in. She bit her lip, and then felt his hips against her; he was all the way in, and she felt an odd sense of pride well up from within, looking up to see him gritting his teeth.
“A-Are you okay?” he asked.
She realized her eyes were leaking tears, and she raised her hands to take his face and pull it down, kissing him. “I'm fine, just please... it's okay...”
He nodded and pulled back some, pushing in again, setting up a rhythm of thrusting in and out of her, and she lost herself in the moment, only aware of how he kept sliding in and out of her. Her skin tingled all over, as hot fire raced throughout her body, emanating from her groin. Fate was kissing her again, hands all over her chest, and then she felt the other woman's fingers travel down to her joining with Yuuno, helping to rub her clit.
Nanoha's body had been primed ever since the events in the bath, and all the stimulation ensured she didn't last long. She cried out, back arching as almost every muscle in her body flexed at once, her legs locking around Yuuno's waist to hold him him while her tunnel contracted powerfully around him. That seemed to drive Yuuno over the limit, too, and she felt him shudder and spasm against her while warm liquid sprayed inside her, her convulsing pussy pulling it further inside her body.
The pounding in her ears subsided as she collapsed back against the bed, panting heavily, slowly becoming aware of how Yuuno was grunting and groaning as he finished twitching and emptying inside her, then he too fell gently against her, his breath hot against her neck and shoulder.
And then she heard Fate's muffled cry, turning to see the woman on her knees, face buried into the pillow beside her head, a hand between her legs. Nanoha half-smiled, left hand rubbing along Yuuno's bare back, while her right reached out to push Fate's hair out of her face, sliding down the other woman's cheek, cupping it tenderly.
Fate looked up, her face flushed, both from the moment and from a bit of embarrassment. "Well, seeing you two... I couldn't really help myself..."
Nanoha smiled at her, also a bit embarrassed, her breathing slowly returning to normal. "It's our fault, we kinda neglected you, didn't we?"
"No no!" Fate protested, "It's okay, really! I'm glad seeing you two together like this, and happy I can be here."
"Still..." Nanoha said, thoughtful, looking up at Yuuno who had raised his head. She pulled him down for a kiss, then he pulled out and shifted to her other side, causing them both to twitch at the movement.
"Yuuno needs a bit of a break, but I can give you some attention..." Nanoha told the other woman, smiling almost evilly.
Fate's eyes widened as Nanoha rolled her over onto her back, kissing the woman passionately, pressing their breasts together and rubbing in a circular motion. She could feel Yuuno's wondering eyes on them, watching as she returned the pleasure she had received to the woman she loved. Nanoha shifted, bringing her leg between Fate's, rubbing and gaining delight in hearing the other woman moan, then feeling Fate's own leg come up to bump her own clitoris. She shuddered a bit, realizing how hyper-sensitive she was at the moment, and surprised how fast the earlier fires were building again.
Nanoha kissed down Fate's neck and over her chest, taking the right nipple between her lips, curious about how it might feel to take the small erect bud in, while still trying to rub with her thigh. The position made things difficult, and there neither one was experienced in how to deal with it, but that didn't stop them from experimenting, realizing that they truly did love each other; Nanoha's fears about loving another woman, completely melting away. And then came the realization that they didn't have to try and keep this up for too long, either
As Nanoha suckled lovingly on Fate's nipple, she saw Yuuno out of the corner of her eye and noticed his member, which gone a bit limp earlier, beginning to stand up. "And it looks like Yuuno is ready again, too..."
Fate's eyes, which had been half-closed, shot open, while Nanoha got up and grabbed Fate's arm, pulling her over. Nanoha realized Fate was allowing herself to be pulled, and thought back to an earlier conversation...
“...and I wanted to see how you felt about it,” Nanoha admitted, looking down into her tea. It was just her and Fate at the house at the moment.
“I've honestly been wondering how long it would take you,” Fate told her, bemused. “I gather that talk with Amy was responsible for the change.”
Nanoha nodded. “Her and Chrono seem to be very happy in their relationship, and their kids are lovely. And I know I've been avoiding the issue for a long time now; I've been curious, but scared. But I also want to know how you felt; would you be comfortable being there?”
That was the one question that Fate had wondered herself; did she really feel for Yuuno as much as Nanoha and Yuuno felt for each other?
“I've had a lot of fun on our dates, and I must admit, it feels nice having two people who care about you, on either side of you when you go to sleep at night,” Fate replied, a bit of red beginning to color her cheeks. “I want you two to experience more."
Nanoha raised an eyebrow. "And what about you? This is a three-way relationship, and you are not going to be sacrificing yourself for us, not in this. If we do this, you have to want to come along, too."
Fate was quiet a moment, considering the implications; part of her felt a bit of fear, but a larger part was almost eager with anticipation and curiosity. "Yes, I think so, too. I love Yuuno just as much as you. I... I want to try, too."
Yuuno realized what was going on, as Nanoha guided Fate over him, and she crawled over his body, leaning down to kiss him deeply. Did she love him as much as Nanoha? Did he love her just as much? The kiss seemed to indicate that, and he had admitted to himself that he had come to love her just as much over their times together.
With Nanoha's help, Fate pulled up right again, positioning herself over his hips, Nanoha holding him up. Fate lowered a bit, feeling the head of his member against her lips, looking down to gaze at his concerned face, and suddenly felt a warm feeling inside. It made her want to try even more. She took a deep breath, then slowly lowered herself, her face contorting slightly in pain as the head slowly entered.
"Are you okay, Fate?' he asked, concerned. "You don't have to if you don't feel 100% comfortable."
The warm feeling intensified inside even as she paused and smiled down at him. "Maybe this started out as just something between you and Nanoha, and I was pulled along. But I've known you for a long time, and you're a great guy; I know that. Despite our difficulties, I found myself honestly liking the bond between the three of us, and so I do this not out of any obligation, but because of the love that's grown between us, all of us."
And then she pushed down forcefully, crying out and falling forward a bit to rest on her hands. Nanoha stroked the woman's back soothingly, while Yuuno ran his hands up her arms, to cup her face, using his thumbs to wipe her tears. She had taken him in, and somehow that gave her a strong sense of pride and satisfaction, as if a line had been crossed and things were now more real then they ever had. She leaned down to kiss him again, to prove that she liked this and wanted this, and even though it still hurt a bit inside due to being stretched, she carefully and tenderly lifted her hips slightly and pushed down again, closing her eyes.
Yuuno returned the kiss with just as much passion, letting tongues rub against each other as Fate slowly pushed up and down on him, getting used to the feeling inside her. Slowly, the pain started to go away, helped by Nanoha reaching around to rub her clitoris and Yuuno lovingly fondling her breasts, and she began to feel the pleasure of having him inside her; and she discovered she was liking it, mainly because it was him. She did want him as much as she wanted Nanoha, and wanted to continue being a part of both their lives, and with that realization, her eyes began to leak again.
"I love you, Yuuno," she told him tenderly between kisses as she opened her eyes, then leaned up and turned her head to capture Nanoha's lips. "And I love you, too, Nanoha."
"And we love you, Fate," Nanoha breathed meeting the woman's lips and reaching her arms around, playing with Fate's nipples again, knowing how it must feel since her own were very sensitive right now.
"I love both of you, Fate and Nanoha," Yuuno declared, feeling the confirmation of the feelings he had sometimes wondered were really there.
On some level, he realized he had been feeling a bit of hesitancy about being close with Fate, as if he was somehow cheating on Nanoha, or maybe that his feelings for Nanoha were a bit less. But as the golden-haired woman smiled down at him, gripping him tightly with her warm, moist tunnel as she moved up and down on him, he knew there was nothing wrong with his feelings at all. He truly did love both of them, equally; Nanoha was merely the first, but as he spent more close to with Fate and they both encouraged him to search his soul, he found he cared for her just as much.
This second round was a bit slower and a bit less intense, but for all three, there was more love there. The mystery was a bit diminished, but familiarity and comfortableness made the fires burn just as bright. What began as an exercise in play, anxiety, and courage, now continued as a ritual of tenderness, familiarity, pleasure, and love.
Fate felt Nanoha kiss along her neck from behind, while she continued moving slowly up and down on Yuuno, who tenderly stroked Fate's sides, then rested his hands on her hips. Nanoha run one hand down Fate's front, tenderly rubbing her clitoris the way Fate had done for her, even as her other hand found her own. Fate fell a bit forward as she struggled to hold on, leaning at an angle with her hands on the bed, her breasts swaying only for a moment until Yuuno grasped them lovingly, massaging with a bit of roughness.
Like Nanoha before her, Fate eventually found the stimulation too much, and thrust her hips down fully and moaned as her own orgasm overtook her. She cried out in happiness as white light blanked out her vision and her whole body spasmed and trembled, leaking tears filled with with joy as she felt her male partner release inside her, happily taking it all.
Yuuno had been on the edge for awhile now, and even though he was able to last longer due to it being the second round, Fate was a bit tighter than Nanoha and her contractions left him with no hope; his hips surging upwards even as he pulled hers down to lock them into place. Again, he felt his member twitch and spurt, while his eyes jammed shut and he groaned loudly through clenched teeth at the powerful suction that seemed to drain life from his body.
Nanoha hunched over Fate as she also came a second time, pressing herself against Fate's backside as she trembled and feeling Fate's own shudders reverberate against hers, and then all three collapsed. Nanoha shift to his left, off Fate, while she shifted to his right. Both women were still partially on Yuuno, but also against one another, as he wrapped and arm around each of them, and they wrapped an arm around each other and snuggled close.
Things had changed, but for the better; fears and anxieties had melted away, to be replaced with more love and joy, their bond with each other now stronger than before