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Sex and Gore: Sex and Gore ( One-Shot ) [ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Anime/Manga: Weiss Kreuz
Genre(s): Comedy / Hentai / Supernatural | Type: One Shot
Author: Noizchild
Uploaded On: May 20, 2010 20:47 PDT
Pages: 2 | Words: 2833 | Size: 18 KB | Visits: 1429 | Status: Completed
   This is an omake to an upcoming series I will post the week after next. Ayame comes over to the flower shop with a movie for her and Omi to watch. But during the movie, something else catches their attention.

Sex and Gore
Omi was just about finished closing up the flower shop for the night when the pain struck again. He grabbed onto his shoulder as he winced in misery. He could feel the number twenty-one in Kanji craved into his back. Every time he felt the pain, the boy could hear Namie laughing in his head. She owned him. Owned him like a little bitch. That sort of thing pissed him off. Who was a vampire to say that he and thirty-six others were her personal property? Who was a vampire to say that they would all die on October twenty-second, during the fire festival? Who did Namie think she was? God? That just didn't seem right to him. Too bad Namie didn't see it that way. Why? She was a greedy bitch of a vampire. The pain and numbers craved on Omi and the other thirty-six victims were a sharp reminder of that sick, twisted game.
The youngest assassin had done his best to keep his unwilling contract from the older other three. They didn't suspect a thing. Omi did his best to play down his pains. But yet, he wondered how long that would all last. How long before they began to suspect something going on? How long before Omi would have to explain everything? How long before death took him?
Omi's thoughts were distracted however when he noticed a pair of white tabi socks and sky blue geta shoes under the door. Curious, Omi slowly looked up.
“Who's there?” he asked.
“It's only me,” a small whispered. Omi quickly recognized it.
“Ayame-chan?” he asked as he pulled open the door. The young, tiny fourteen-year-old girl stood outside, looking in. She looked like a life-size Japanese baby doll. The girl always wore traditional Japanese clothing when she wasn't wearing her school uniform. Her real older brother's idea really. Tonight, she had on a sky blue yukata with the matching geta and bright blue ribbons in her hair to hold her ponytails in place. Her brother made her dress like that every day. He wanted to keep her innocent in his twisted mind. Ayame looked down at her feet.
“Hey,” she mumbled. Omi looked at her confused.
“Ayame-chan, what are you doing here?” he asked.
“Couldn't sleep,” she lied. Omi saw through her statement.
“Did you and your brother get into another fight?” he asked. Ayame nodded at him with a pale face.
“That bad?” he asked. The girl nodded. Both went silent after that. They knew that her brother had a violent temper on him. He was obsessed with Ayame being a virgin. That creep wouldn't even let her have a boyfriend. It was all ironic really. He wanted her to stay pure while he slept around with many strippers and hookers. Ayame's real brother was just… well… a jerk. Onto happier things. Omi noticed a DVD in her hands.
“What's you got there, Ayame-chan?” he asked. The girl looked at the movie in her hand.
“The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre in Japanese subtitles,” she said. The boy raised an eyebrow at her.
“Why did you bring that?” he asked. The girl shrugged a little bit.
“I just thought that we could watch it together,” she suggested. Her pseudo brother looked at her oddly still.
“Are you sure about that? Do you really want to watch a horror film?” he asked.
“Yes, I'm sure of it,” the girl insisted. Omi stared at her for a moment. Well, she did come all this way to escape from her older brother. It would be wrong to just flat out turn her away after all of that. He sighed at last.
“Fine,” the boy said. “Come in.” Ayame tried her best to keep down her excitement.
“Thank you, Omi-kun,” she said with a bow. The boy florist slowly let her in. He closed the door and locked it behind her. Omi led up Ayame the stairs to his bedroom. He turned to his “little sister.”
“We have to keep quiet,” he whispered. “I would hate for one of the guys to get back and find you here.” Ayame nodded quickly. Both knew that would result in her being sent back to her brother. The last thing she needed was to give him the excuse to fly off the handle again. Omi turned to Ayame once again.
“And you're sure about this?” he asked. The girl nodded quickly.
“Yes!” she whispered quickly. Omi sighed again.
“Okay,” he said as if he didn't believe her at all. Then, the boy set up his laptop on the bed. Ayame handed him the DVD and Omi put it in. It took a few seconds for the menu to load in the media player. Ayame looked over at her “older brother” with a small face of worry.
“Omi-kun,” she spoke up softly. The boy looked over at her.
“Yes?” he asked. Ayame slowly wrapped her tiny arms around his left one. She stared deep into his eyes.
“Can I… hang onto you for the scary bits?” the girl asked. Omi gently patted her on the head.
“Sure,” he whispered kindly. Ayame gave him little smile.
“Thanks, Omi-kun,” she whispered.
“Anything you like,” her older “brother” said. The girl let go of his arm as he hit play. The first few minutes of the movie were fine. Ayame and Omi watched on quietly. Then, it came to the part with the hitcher-hiker. The girl yelped and grabbed onto her “brother's” arm tightly. Omi looked at the screen grossed out. Texas Chainsaw Massacre got worse from there.
Ayame didn't seem to want to let go of Omi's arm at all. She was softly screaming and trembling the whole time. As the intense moments of the movie rolled up, her grip on his arm got even tighter. Omi mostly took it in pain. He reached his pain limit when it got to the dinner part. The boy turned around to the poor child.
“Look, I can stop the film if you really want,” he suggested. Ayame quickly shook her head.
“No,” she insisted. “I can take this!”
“Are you sure?” he asked. Ayame nodded quickly.
“I can take it,” she insisted.
“But you keep grabbing onto my arm tightly,” Omi pointed out. The girl looked down right away. Her “brother” was right. Her fingernails were digging into his arm. The girl quickly turned away.
“I'm so sorry!” she blurted out in whisper. “I know I hate horror movies, but I wanted to watch this one with you.” Omi looked really confused now.
“But why?” he asked. Ayame slowly looked up.
“I just like being with you,” she said. “I hate being around my brother. His drunken temper scares me. I'm happy when he's out at the strip club with his girlfriends. But yet, I am so lonely in that apartment. When I'm with you, I'm not so lonely anymore.” She cuddled up close to his arm. Omi didn't know what to say to that. He was about to attempt to do so when something caught his ear.
“Shhh,” he whispered. “Do you hear that?” Ayame paused and looked up.
“Hear what?” she asked.
“Shhh! Listen,” Omi said. He reached over and paused the film. Both listened closely in the darkness. Moaning could be heard from down the hall. Ayame turned back to her “brother.”
“Is someone else here?” she whispered.
“I guess so,” the boy replied. He began to think about who else was in the shop besides him and Ayame. Yohji was out on a date. Aya was visiting his sister, Aya-chan, in the hospital. Ken was… Well, he didn't know where Ken went. So, who was here with them? Only one way to find out.
Omi turned to Ayame and motioned her to follow him into the hall. The girl nodded at him quietly. The pair crept out of his room and into the hall. They followed the sounds all the way to Ken's room. Omi and Ayame listened in at the door. Surprised met their faces. That sounded like… Ken. Ken… with a girl… having sex. Omi and Ayame looked at each other in shock. Even more so with Omi, for he already knew who the girl was.
“It's Ken,” he whispered. “And he brought Cindy with him.” Ayame looked at him confused.
“Cindy?” she asked. He looked back at her.
“Ken's girlfriend,” Omi answered.
“Ah,” Ayame replied. Both turned back to the door. The screams and moans slowly grew louder and louder. The pair wanted to walk away is disgust, but they just couldn't turn away. It was as if they were watching a stunt man royally screw up. They just had to stay and listen for more.
“OH YES!!!” Cindy cried. “MORE! MORE! MORE!!!”
“I can't hold it anymore!!!” Ken screamed. “OH “YEAH!!!” Both panted in desire before they went quiet. Omi and Ayame quickly rushed away to his room. After they finished the movie, the pair went to bed. (Omi slept in the bed while she slept on it.) Ayame turned over to her older “brother.”
“Omi-kun,” she whispered in the dark. The boy looked on at her.
“Hm?” he asked.
“Why do they always kill off the couples that sex in the horror?” Omi took a moment to time about that question. He shrugged a little bit.
“I don't know.”
“Ah.” Silence passed for a moment. Ayame turned to Omi again.
“Would Ken and Cindy end up dead in a horror film?” The boy shook his head.
“Nah.” Ayame thought about it for a moment.
“I guess you're right. Good night.”
“Good night.” They went to sleep after that conversation. The next morning, Omi and Ayame sat at the kitchen table eating breakfast. Ken came downstairs in the kitchen all alone. Both of them didn't look up. The older boy looked up and noticed them eating in silence.
“Hey,” Ken said. Omi didn't say anything at first. He finished his last bite before breaking the silence.
“Hello,” he said. Silence passed for a moment. Ayame kept looking away. Omi finally broke down at let it out a little bit.
“So, how was your night?” he asked.
“Good,” Ken replied. “You?” Omi gave him a little nod.
“Good.” Ken nodded again.
“That's good,” he said. Omi nodded again.
“Yeah,” he agreed. All conversation ended there. Omi and Ayame ate on quickly. Ken grabbed two breakfast bars and want back to his room. Once he had gone, the kids broke down into tiny giggles. Easy to guess what Ken's going to do next after breakfast. No dialogue required of course.
Did You Ever See the Texas Chainsaw Massacre?