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Kagome's Revenge And Kouga's Assistance: Kagome's Revenge And Kouga's Assistance ( Chapter 1 ) [ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]
Anime/Manga: InuYasha
Genre(s): Suspense / Drama / Romance / Comedy / Hentai | Type: One Shot
Author: raven2010
Uploaded On: July 15, 2010 09:17 PDT
Pages: 2 | Words: 2798 | Size: 14 KB | Visits: 1478 | Status: Completed
   Inuyasha is going to Kikyo and at the same time is jealous of Kouga being near Kagome. So Kouga helps Kagome get revenge by playing a nasty romantic prank on Inuyasha to teach him a lesson & give Inu a taste of his own medicine..Edited updated 7/4/2010..Comedy romance pranks..LEMONS...Inu/Kag
I do not own Inuyasha he belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and VIZ media…Rated M language suggestive situations not for kid’s. .Inu/Kag…Kouga

><><>Kagome’s revenge and Kouga’s assistance<><>< __________By Raven 2010 June 10 2010___________

Kagome decided to take a walk she wanted to be alone for awhile. Especially after the afternoon event when Kouga stopped by and Inuyasha went insane with jealousy. Kouga you mangy flea bag wolf I don’t want you anywhere near Kagome! She could still hear Inuyasha’s voice in her head repeating it over and over.

As she was peacefully enjoying her walk she heard talking but the voices were low. She quietly snuck over to where they were coming from and hid behind the bushes. Next thing she saw her jealous Hanyou Inuyasha embracing and then kissing Kikyo!.She felt a knot in her gut a pain in her heart and thought why Inuyasha? you have her but you don’t want Kouga near me! She took off careful not to be heard or caught. She thought I wish I could give you a taste of your own bitter medicine!

She went back to camp and pretended nothing had happened and asked Sango would you come to the hot spring with me?. Sango could see it in her eyes that something was going on and knew Kagome wanted to talk to her alone. They go to the hot spring went into the water relaxed with their backs against the rocks. Sango asked ok Kags what’s up?

Kagome told her everything Sango said what after that Fucking fit he threw when Kouga came! Well Inuyasha can’t have both of you that’s just plain makes me wanna puke sick! That bastard
The two of them stayed there soaking and trying to think of something wicked to do. Inuyasha returned to camp Sango hid her fury and contempt well beneath a false calmness but Miroku knew better and had the creeps especially after her saw her all to angelic smile he knew what that hid. But he said nothing to Inuyasha of his suspicions Miroku figured that he did something dumb. Miroku thought well let Inuyasha get his comeuppance!

The evening was quiet after they all ate they bedded down for the night. Kagome was in her sleeping bag Sango glanced at her with a
Sneaky grin on her face and winked. Miroku spotted it but played dumb and waited to see was gonna happen my patience will pay off he thought!

After they had fallen asleep Kagome very quietly got out of her sleeping bag and quickly snuck into the woods she disappeared for quite some time. Inuyasha woke not finding her there he decided to go look for her just as he was going to walk through the clearing to start his search kagome was already coming toward him making her way back to camp with a smile on her face

Oi wench where the fuck have you been and what the hell are ya smilin for? oh nothing she replied!. Yeah sure he said now spill it I want answers. With an angelic smile and voice almost in a whisper she said Inuyasha SIT. He hit the ground hard mumbling every curse in exsistance under his breath. kagome innocently sauntered
Over to her sleeping bag got in and went to sleep smiling widely

The next morning while eating breakfast Inuyasha tried questioning Kagome again but got answered with a question instead!. Inuyasha where are you when you disappear all those nights? He quickly changed the subject.

Then he noticed when Kagome and Sango returned from the hot spring after their daily morning bath Kagome was wearing a light green kimono. Kagome! . Oi kagome what’s going on? why are you suddenly wearing that? and where the hell did you get it from?

1 What’s going on is none of your business . 2 why am I wearing this because in your time it’s more appropriate . 3 where I got it from is for me to know and you to try and find out but ya never will Kagome answered! . Sango barely able to keep a straight face asked why Inuyasha what do you care? . And where the hell are you when you disappear?. Not wanting to answer he took off running through the forest at an inhuman speed

Miroku waited to make sure Inuyasha was a long distance away and said I know you two have hatched some devious plot and plan to do something absolutely wicked! . Monk sango said! my dear Sango I would never divulge you and lady Kagome’s secrets may I know the plan he asked? And if you tell me when Can I watch? . Yeah sure why not Sango and Kagome said in the same breath! . They told him Miroku’s face went white then he fell to his knees laughing so hard tears rolled down his cheeks

Kouga stopped by while they talking yo Kagome ya ready for tomorrow ya know? he started to make something up Kagome said it’s alright Kouga Miroku knows In fact he in on it now to!.Kagome where’s mutt face kouga asked? . I don’t know he took off through the forest! . Oh good I can rest and visit with you guys for awhile

That night Kagome did as she did the night before but this time she was wearing her new green kimono when she snuck off. Inuyasha tried to follow her but she did a good job losing him with help

Only this time Kagome didn’t return till the next morning to see a very pissed off Hanyou. Where were you wench? He asked an evil wicked laugh from her was the only response he got from her

Later that night she did the same as the two previous nights before
Only this time Inuyasha was fake sleeping. He waited a few seconds after she left and then followed. knowing he did Kagome made like she didn’t know he was there stopped a couple of times and looked all around

Then when to the spot she was headed for she walked in behind some high bushes next Inuyasha’s heart sank to the ground when heard a man say oh Kagome I missed! did you get away without him seeing you?. ya but let me look one last time to make sure! She parted the bush and said nope all’s clear

Oh good come here sexy let me hold you when are you gonna come stay with me and be my mate? you know I love you!
Well if you kiss me like you’ve been for the past two night’s I might never go back Kagome replied! Ya and last night we almost did it but then you had to leave were not gonna waste time tonight he said!

No Kagome said we’re not I love you I ned your hands on my body your lips on mine I cant wait I need you inside me! that’s it oooh I love the way you kiss me and not to much tongue! . Damn woman the way your rubbing yourself against my manhood I might cum before I get it in you he said! .

Inuyasha’s blood ran cold he froze in place unmoving in shock
Not able to think coherently

Oh don’t stop it feels so good tonight it’s gotta be tonight I want you to mark me and make me yours Kagome said with a lust filled voice! . He said ok let me get you outta that kimono! She moaned loudly wow babe your nipples taste so good that aint all I’m gonna taste! . Oh Gods that feels so good don’t stop she said! . Ah that’s nothing he said wait till I put my tongue inside she moaned for a while then she screamed oh yes yes I I I’m coming after a minute she was quiet! He said damn babe you taste good there to! . Let me do you now she said! . No there’ll be time for that another day he replied!

Right now I’m so hard if I don’t get inside you soon I’m gonna lose my damn mind! .let’s get you out of those clothes she said! . your body is beautiful wow that’s nice to but holy crap it’s so long and thick Kagome I hope it fits without killin me! . Don’t worry I know it’s your first time I’ll take it slow and go easy on you he said! .

Kagome said ooo I love it when you grab my ass like that kiss me again she moaned and after a few seconds she said I cant take anymore I wanna fuck now! . He asked are you alright I’m ok? it doesn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would she answered in fact it feels good you can start pumping now she said! . Oh Kagome you don’t know how good you feel wrapped around me your so tight he said!. Oooh yes faster harder more she cried out! . Come for me my Kagome I can tell your ready she screamed in ecstasy two times!. He said wow two times already!. A a a another one is coming she said! I’m right there with ya he replied! mark me while we come she said! . that’s how were supposed to do it he answered!.

Kagome told him your so handsome we should have done this long ago!. Oh my Kagome he moaned!. Don t stop it feels so good harder ahhh yes yes yes give it to me faster that’s it oh Gods yes Kouga Koooouga she screamed at the top of her lungs! .Then he said I marked you now you’re my woman!
That did it the second Inuyasha heard her scream that name his head cleared from the daze he was in and he couldn’t see beyond the red clouding his eyes. He bolted toward the bushes with tetseiga drawn you bastard he screamed and dove for the bushes then stopped dead in his tracks

When suddenly he heard applause and peals of laughter with gasps for breath between laughs. What the F he started to say! . Then a fully clothed Kagome not a hair out of place stepped out bowed and said thank you thank you now Inuyasha that’s what we call acting!

But I thought!. Yes Inuyasha you thought exactly what we wanted you to! . Poor Kouga was laying on the ground holding his stomach laughing. Why Inuyasha asked looking wounded?. Sango asked now do you see how she feels? when you run Kouga off out of jealousy but yet you run to Kikyo you can‘t have them both! . Miroku said my friend Sango’s right!

That’s ok Inuyasha said an! evil grin crossed his lips before she could blink Inuyasha had Kagome off the ground and was running at top speed with her in his arms. Before Kagome knew what hit her she was in the hot spring being scrubbed by a widely grinning Hanyou. What the the hell why she asked? Because I gotta wash the smell of that mangy wolf off you!

When he felt she had enough he stopped then suddenly he wrapped his big strong arms around her pulling her against his chest. Even though they were both soaking wet he didn’t care he gently pulled her hair out of her face. Inuyasha what are you up to! Giving her a sneaky grin you’ll find out he said

He lifted her gently chin with one of his clawed fingers his eyes locked on hers. He tilted her head and kissed her hard using the tip of his tongue he parted her lips to ask for entrance wich she quickly gave him. As he trailed kisses down her neck she moaned and gripped his haori as though her life depended on it

He slid his hands down her back slowly then cupped her ass in his hands. You asked what I was up to Kagome well I’ll tell you I’m gonna make you scream my name and it aint gonna be acting!. He kissed her again she couldn’t see or hear anything but the beautiful
Man who now held her in his arms

She ran her hands over his body while kissing his neck she opened his haori she moved down from his neck to kissing his chest then gave his chest soft nips he gave a growl of approval. she got his haori off then his hakama in no time he had her out of her kimono

<><><><><><><>< ;>Lemon starts here<><><><><><><><>
She reached down into the water grabbed his manhood her eyes widened in shock when she both felt and saw the length an girth of it you you’ll kill me with that thing she said! . He gave her a big smirk. He pulled her to him positioned himself between her legs while standing in front of her he put his length between her legs and rubbed against her womanhood

She soon was mindless to her own lust. He sat her up on the edge of the hot spring remaining in the water standing in front her. What are you doing she asked! I’m gonna taste you then fuck you senseless till you scream my name! as he proceeded to taste Kagome and tease her mercilessly you do taste good he said!. finally she had enough. Inuyasha please! Please what he taunted! please take me

Wrap your legs around my waist and your arms around my neck he told her! Kagome did as told. He then picked her up and carried her to a large thick patch of moss He laid her down on it and crawled up her body gently nipping at her thighs on the way up

Inuyasha licked her nipples then attacked her lips with his. Are you ready my Kagome? Yes she said he positioned himself at her entrance he was slowly entering her and suddenly she grabbed his and pulled him in quick he flinched. Gome why?. Because breaking the barrier quick is better she replied

She arched her back up he knew then that she was ready he moved in and out after a while. faster ahhhh more harder don’t stop oooh Gods this feels so good! . Then it happened yes yes yes harder ahhhhh OH GODS INU INU INUYASHAAAA at the sme time they came hard and long he marked her she grew fangs and marked him their fangs stayed in each others necks and at same time they gained some of each others powers while their aura’s merged as one

When both released their fangs from one another he felt her womanhood heat up and himself though still inside her was still hard He began to move again her orgasms came one after the other
INUYASHAA God’s yes. Not yet realizing that she now had the same claws as him she grabbed his ass to pull him deeper into her and heard a slight yelp from him. Kagome panicked He said it’s alright I kinda liked it

You’re a miko Hanyou now he said and I’m part miko! . he healed fast because he had part of her miko power. And was now immune to all other miko’s . they spent the rest of the night making love

><><><><><<><>< ;><> Lemon ends <><><><><><><><><>< ;</font>