Galaxy Fraulein Yuna Versus Sailor Moon: Disconcerted Forces ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Galaxy Fraulein Yuna Versus Sailor Moon

By Austin Covello

Based on the characters created by TOEI (????) and HUDSON/RED COMPANY (Mika Akitaka)
Macross II theme copyright Studio Nue

Dedicated to Helena Swizerski


This fanfic contains kitties, little butterfly androids, ditzy blondes, and cutsiness of the first order which may make even the most hardcore of Sailor Moon fans cringe. Do not read if you have a weak stomach, influenza, or a history of dental problems. You have been warned. Austin Covello will not be held responsible for any tooth decay or puking that occurs as a result of this story.

This fanfic has the English Dub names for all Sailors except Raye/Rei, since I prefer the Japanese Unisex spelling to the American Feminine spelling.

It was night time, and every store on Main Street was locked up for the evening. The street itself was clear of all people--asleep in their beds, no doubt. Most sane people were, at this hour.

That was what Artemis told himself as he padded toward the arcade. "Couldn't we have done this earlier, Luna?" he asked his fellow feline. "The arcade closes at eight, you know."

"Perhaps," said Luna. "But keep in mind that people are usually still out at that time. What would they say if they saw two cats breaking into an arcade?"

Artemis sighed. "You're keeping me up past my bedtime."

"And you are beginning to sound just like Serena!" With that, she touched her paw to the arcade lock.

The metal sheet rose to reveal the door.

Luna and Artemis walked in toward the Sailor V video game. Luna jumped onto the adjacent chair and then onto the console. Artemis quickly followed suit.

Luna touched her paw to the screen, and it quickly sprang to life. "User ID confirmed," it said. "Welcome, Luna. Please input your password."

"I like tuna fish and field mouse pudding," said Luna.

"Password confirmed," said the computer. "Sensors have detected a new power emanating from a girl who may be an agent of The Negaverse."

"An agent of The Negaverse?" repeated Artemis. "This could spell mega-trouble. Computer, can you give us an ID?"

"Yes," replied the computer. A picture of a blonde-haired, teal-eyed girl in brown overalls flashed on the screen. She was smiling happily and flashing the V sign. "Her name is Yuna Kagurazaka."

"She certainly doesn't look evil," said Artemis dubiously.

"Agreed," replied Luna. "In fact, I'd rather keep an open mind on who she may owe allegiance to at this point. But you can't always judge by appearance. Computer, can you give us an estimation of her power level?"

"Power level: Unmeasurable. Unlike anything ever before encountered."

"This could be bad," said Artemis. "What if she does turn out to be an enemy?"

Luna turned from the computer to stare Artemis directly in the face. "We'll just have to hope that it doesn't come to that." Her voice betrayed a small tremor of fear as she shut down the video game and jumped down from the console.

Opening theme: Sailor Moon theme and animation with a few variations to include the Frauleins.

Episode 1: Disconcerted Forces

Yuna Kagurazaka, Savior of the Light, stood at the front of the classroom and smiled at all of the students. This was the best part of being new! She could hardly wait to introduce herself to her new friends.

"Class," began Miss Haruna, "we have two new students joining us today. Please make them feel welcome."

Yuna cleared her throat. "Hi, everyone! My name's Yuna Kagurazaka, and I just know I'll have fun making friends with all of you!"

"That's fine, Yuna," said Miss Haruna. She turned to the red-headed girl standing next to her. "And you are?"

"I'm hungry," whined the redhead.

"Yuri! You just ate an hour ago," said Yuna. She turned to the teacher. "I'm sorry, ma'am. This is Yuri Cube, my android. She practically eats me out of house and home."

"Oh," said Miss Haruna, slightly taken aback. "Do they allow androids in school?"

"She's registered," said Yuna.

"Yeah!" said Yuri. "Yuri has got all of her papers and everything!" She whipped out some forms from her dress.

"Um... those won't be necessary," said Miss Haruna.

"Really?" asked Yuri. "Cool!" She popped the papers into her mouth, chewed them, and swallowed.

"Why don't I find you a seat?" said Miss Haruna. "How about you each sit on either side of Serena?" She pointed to the blonde, ponytailed girl sitting toward the back of the class.

"That sounds great!" said Yuna. She quickly went over to where Serena was sitting and plopped down at her desk. Yuri did the same.

"Hi!" said Serena. "Say, do you mind if I ask you something?"

"Sure!" said Yuna.

"Is Yuri really an android? I mean, she doesn't really look it, you know."

"Sure I am!" said Yuri. "And Yuri has got the factory stamp to prove it!" She pointed to the blue sigil on her forehead. Abruptly, her eyes widened at Serena's hairdo. "Oh boy! Spaghetti and meatballs!"

As Yuri's open mouth lunged toward Serena's hair, Serena quickly pulled away. Yuri's head landed on Serena's desk with a loud crash. "That's... a really nice... hair-style. Urk!" said Yuri.

"Uh... Thanks, I think," said Serena. Strange-oid, she thought.

"Hey!" said Yuna. "I just remembered that today we get out early! Are there any good malls nearby?" she asked.

"Sure!" said Serena. "In fact, my friends and I were going to go to the best one around. You wanna come with us?"

"I'd love to!" said Yuna. "Hey Yuri! Serena and her friends are going to take us to the mall when we get out of school! How does that sound?"

"Huh?" asked Yuri, who had taken out a bento box and was now eating the rice in it. "Oh, that's great, Yuna!"

"Just one thing," said Serena. "Your android won't eat me, will she?"

"Don't worry about Yuri," said Yuna. "She's never eaten a human being."

The twosome turned to watch Yuri cheerfully devour the bento box. "At least... not yet," added Yuna warily.

Liavelt von Neuchstein surveyed the stage at the Neo-Tokyo Dome and frowned. At this rate, we'll never be done in time for tonight's concert! Yuna's show had been almost totally booked, and there would be a mob if she didn't go on as scheduled. Not only that, Lia's honor as stage foreman was at stake. She began to walk around the stage. "All right, people! Are we working here, or what?" She turned to a lithe, blonde girl. "How are the pyrotechnics coming along, Shiori?" she asked.

Shiori Gentle blinked at her. "Weeeeeeellllll, let me thiiiiiiiiiiink," she said. She paused for a bit.

Lia berated herself. I knew I should have put her to work on it sooner. About ten years sooner! Trust a girl who moved in chronic slow-motion to get things done too little, too late.

"IIIIII've beeeeen tryyyyyying to puuuuuut this togeeeeether alllllll morning, and IIIIIII thiiiiiink..."

"Never mind!" Lia snapped. She should have known better than to ask Shiori about anything.

Shiori wilted. "IIIIIIIIIIIII'm sorrrrrrrry."

Lia made a quick one eighty, and saw Mai Roppongi sipping iced tea. Her eyes narrowed as she stormed over toward the wealthy socialite.

As soon as she thought she was close enough, Lia put her hands on her hips and stared at Mai. "And just what exactly are you contributing to this show?"

Mai looked up from her iced tea. "Oh please!" she said. "You can't possibly expect me to stoop to such working-class labor!"

"That's funny," growled Lia. "I can do it, and I'm a celebrity." The star of Masked Maiden Polylina smirked at her. "So shouldn't you be kissing my butt and doing whatever I say? I am in a higher tax bracket, after all."

"Say what?" cried Mai. "There's no way I'm jeopardizing my preciously soft hands on Yuna's concert!"

"But you're supposed to be helping out. Now go give Shiori a hand with those pyrotechnics, or I'll tell everyone at the club that you give them a five stroke handicap when they aren't looking. When I'm through, you won't even be able to play miniature golf!"

Mai gasped. "You wouldn't!"

"Try me."

Mai elicited a low growl, which quickly dissipated into a resigned sigh. "All right." She trudged over to Shiori. "I'm going to get a hundred calluses because of this. I just know it."

Suddenly, a green pillar of light shot down on the stage. It quickly faded to reveal a raven-haired young woman wearing a uniform from Yuna's old school.

Mai screamed.

"Omigod! I BROKE A NAIL!"

Lia whirled on Mai. "Would you can the clichés?" She turned back to the woman. "Misaki," she said brightly. "How've you been?"

"I'm fine," said Saline Misaki, Galactic Council Investigator First Class. "Although I wish this were purely a social call. Is Yuna here?"

Lia's eyebrows raised. "No, she'll be here in a couple of hours for rehearsal. Why?"

"I'm afraid that I have some disturbing news," said Misaki. "It's possible that Yuna's concert tonight may be sabotaged by a new power of darkness."

Yuri's face pressed against the glass window of the restaurant as she drooled over the wax sculptures of the food. "Oh wow!" she cried, already picturing herself in hog heaven. "Let's stop in here, Yuna!"

Yuna's hand reached over and yanked Yuri by the collar away from the restaurant. Yuri let out a howl of despair which tapered off into a whimper as she sank to her knees. "Come on, Yuri!" said Yuna. "We're here to shop with Serena and the others, not eat."

Yuri simply knelt there.

"Oh, all right," sighed Yuna. "I'll buy you a sweet potato later. How does that sound?"

"Really?" asked Yuri. She got up to her feet. "You betcha!"

"I guess you weren't kidding when you said she was eating you out of house and home, Yuna," said Serena, pointing to the spectacle.

Beside her, Rei cleared her throat even as Luna let out a dubious meow. "Pardon me?" said Rei. "This, coming from the biggest pig in Tokyo?"

"Oh, come on!" said Serena. "I'm not that bad!"

Rei crossed her arms. "Maybe not," she conceded. "But you're pretty close."

The troop of teenage girls--Yuna, Yuri, Serena, Rei, Amy, Lita, and Mina--began to walk away from the restaurant. "Hey Yuri," said Lita, digging out a baggy from her purse, "how about trying some of my homemade cookies? That should tie you over until that sweet potato."

Yuri's face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"I still don't understand why you always drag me along on these little misadventures of yours," a voice piped crossly at Yuna's side.

Yuna turned to regard the little butterfly-shaped android fluttering beside her. "Gosh, Ellner," she said. "You looked a little bit lonely, so I thought you might like to make some new friends."

"Except the time spent here at the mall could be used checking out how our preparations are coming along," chided Ellner.

"Oh, don't be such a spoilsport!" said Yuna. "I'm sure Lia and the others have everything well in hand."

"Does she always nag you like that?" asked Serena. "Because if so, believe me when I say I know how you feel."

Luna began to hiss angrily at Serena. What was that, miss? she thought.

Yuna reached out to pet the black cat. "Gosh, you sure are cute, kitty," said Yuna. As she stroked Luna's black fur, Luna's hissing dissolved into a low purr. What's gotten into me? Luna asked herself. I mean, I like being petted, but still! Could this be part of her power? I have to be on my guard.

"What's her name?" asked Yuna.

"Her name's Luna," replied Serena.

"Oh wow!" cried Yuri. "Yuna and Luna!" Everyone stared at her. "Their names rhyme!"

Everyone deflated. "Thank you, O master of the obvious," said Rei.

"You're welcome," said Yuri, missing the sarcasm.

"And this is Artemis," said Mina, gesturing to the white tomcat on her shoulder. Artemis nodded while letting out a small meow.

"Wow!" said Yuna. "They're so cute! And smart, too! How did you manage to get them to know their own names like that?"

The other girls paused to stare at each other.

"Uh, well," began Amy uncomfortably. "It took a lot of practice." She put her hand on the back of her head and tittered.

Suddenly, Yuna's watch beeped. "Omigosh! I'm late for my concert rehearsal!" she cried.

"Concert?" repeated Amy.

"Oh, you don't know?" asked Yuna. "I'm giving a concert at the Neo-Tokyo Dome tonight! Would you like to come?" Without waiting for a response, she quickly dug out some tickets from her purse. "Here you go," said Yuna, handing each girl a ticket. "I hope you can make it."

"Hop on Yuri's back, Yuna!" said Yuri. "Yuri will make it there on time, no problem!"

"I'll see you guys later," Yuna said to the group.

"See you later, Yuna," said Serena.

"Are you sure you can make it, Yuri?" asked Yuna.

"Don't worry, Yuna!" replied Yuri. "Lita's cookies gave Yuri lots and lots of energy." With that, she took off. "Running running running running runningrunningrunningrunningrunningrunrunrunrunrun..."

As soon as they were a good distance from the mall, Ellner turned to Yuna. "I was certainly glad to get away from that mall."

"Of course you were," said Yuna.

"No, you don't understand, Yuna," said Ellner. "I didn't want to frighten the other girls, so I didn't bring it up before; but I sensed a strong, dark presence there. More powerful than anything we've ever encountered before."

Yuna's eyes widened. "Omigod! What if it attacks while my new friends are there?"

"I don't think it will," said Ellner. "It seemed to be lying dormant, as if waiting for the proper time to strike. But we have to be on our guard."

"Right," said Yuna.

Half an hour later, Yuna arrived at the Neo-Tokyo Dome and found Misaki waiting there for her. "Misaki!" cried Yuna exuberantly. "It's so good to see you! What are you doing here? Have you come to see my concert?"

Misaki looked grimly at her. "No, unfortunately. I'm afraid that I'm the bearer of some discomforting information. Do you have a place where I can set my laptop down?"

"Why, certainly!" said Yuna. She quickly grabbed a wooden stool. "Is this good?" she asked.

"That's fine," replied Misaki. "Yuna, I'm afraid that there's a new power of darkness on the loose here on Earth, and it may be after you."

"A new power of darkness?" repeated Yuna. "Well, Ellner did say that she sensed something at the mall just a little while ago."

Misaki's frown deepened. "I see. Then there can be no doubt." She moved the trackball toward the menu bar on her laptop. "When I heard the rumor, I looked up some of the major powers on Earth. My investigations turned up a file on a group known as The Sailor Scouts." She pulled up the file. "According to this, these Sailor Scouts are actually reincarnated warriors from a kingdom on the moon that existed a thousand years ago. However, in a war with something known as 'The Negaverse,' the moon kingdom was destroyed and The Sailor Scouts were banished to Earth. Now they may be looking to instigate a second war. It's possible that they may want to eliminate you as a threat to their plans."

"Yes, but... How do we know which side was the good side of that war?" asked Yuna. "Could it have been possible that The Negaverse was the one trying to take over?"

"That's what I'm trying to investigate. I'm hoping to question these Scouts and get to the bottom of these allegations once and for all. But in any event, I want you to be on your guard. It's possible that this force of darkness--be it Sailor Scout or something else--may try to throw a monkey-wrench in tonight's concert."

"Don't worry, Misaki," said Yuna. "I won't let anyone ruin the show! And I'll even let you watch from backstage!"

Misaki smiled at her. "I'd like that," she said.

Luna paced back and forth in Serena's bedroom. "What's keeping her?" she wondered aloud. Then she answered her own question. "Oh, I know what's keeping her. She's probably having seconds on dessert! Thirds, even! And she had the nerve to talk about that Yuri android!"

She herself didn't know why she was so anxious. Everything that she was about to say went against every grain of her nature. But then, this is Scout Business. Scout Business takes priority over everything. But it doesn't exactly feel like Scout Business. And it would be fun to hear Yuna sing! No! I can't think like that! But still, who says you can't mix business with pleasure? She sighed. I'm so confused.

The door finally opened, and Serena walked in. "Well?" asked Luna unceremoniously. "Are you ready to go?"

Serena's eyes widened. "Go where?"

"To the concert, of course!" cried Luna. She jumped onto the bed.

"Are you kidding?" said Serena. "Believe me, Luna, I'd like to. But the thing is, I have some major studying to do! If I fail this math quiz, Mom will kill me!"

Irony of ironies, thought Luna dryly. Tonight, of all nights, is when she wants to study! "But it's not even a school night!" protested Luna, trying to think of all the excuses Serena used whenever she didn't want to study. "Wouldn't you rather go out than hang around in this stuffy old room?"

"What is this?" demanded Serena. "Reverse psychology?"

"No," said Luna. "But I just think it would be fun to go to that concert that Yuna is playing at."

Suddenly, Serena's hand brushed against Luna's forehead. "You don't seem to be running a fever," she said.

Luna put her paw up to Serena's forehead. "Neither do you. So why are you so bent on studying? The Serena that I know would jump at the chance to go out with her friends to a concert at the Neo-Tokyo Dome."

"And the Luna that I know would insist that I stay home and study," retorted Serena.

Luna sighed. "All right. I didn't want to say anything, but since it's obvious that you are so intent on boning up for that Math exam, I have no choice. Serena... your new friend has the most tremendous power that I've ever encountered. It's also possible that she may be a servant of The Nega Force."

Serena's jaw dropped. "No. That can't be right, Luna. I mean, come on! She's just an ordinary girl, like Molly or anyone else at school."

"Certainly not," said Luna. "I know what I felt, and ordinary girls don't give off that kind of energy. It's... subversive, almost. And I do have to admit that that concert does sound like fun to me at this point. But I'm not sure if that's really me talking."

"Well, you were acting kind of strangely when she petted you," conceded Serena. "But that doesn't mean that she's a member of The Negaverse!"

"No, it doesn't," agreed Luna. "But I'd like to check out that concert, all the same. We've got to gauge Yuna's power. And who knows?" she added. "If it turns out that she isn't an agent of evil, she could be a powerful ally!"

"All right, then," said Serena. "Let's go!"

The Neo-Tokyo Dome was packed, but Yuna had given the Sailor Scouts good seats in the first balcony section. The crowd was already building in anticipation, and chants of "Yu-na! Yu-na!" were already spreading throughout the stadium.

"Wow!" said Mina. "It looks like Yuna sure is popular around here!"

"Gosh!" said Rei. "I wonder if I'll have fans like this when I'm famous."

"Don't count on it," muttered Serena.

"Did you say something?" asked Rei.

"No, nothing," replied Serena.

"Look," said Amy. "The lights are dimming."

The lights dimmed, and spotlights circled the curtain. Suddenly, Yuri's voice pierced the silence. "Ladies and Gentlemen, here she is direct from her Lightning Heart Tour, the one and only Yuna!"

Smoke bombs went off on the stage as seven rainbow-colored laser-light beams shot up from the stage. As the smoke cleared, Yuna rose up from a hidden elevator platform.

The crowd cheered.

"Thank you!" said Yuna into the mike. "Thank you all for coming to my concert. To begin with, I'd like to do a song from the Macross series." The opening to the theme to Macross II began to play, and Yuna began to sing.
"So yet again, I catch a sideways glance
Reminding me, that I should love you so
'n' so by little bits--our world is torn apart
You'll not find sorrow from me
I shy away, 'cause it's a little loud
Through the hush I think I catch that sound
I concentrate and listen carefully
Which puts me right next to you."

Serena smiled as she began singing along with Yuna. "Through the hush, I hear songs that have lasted for two hundred million years," she sang in an annoyingly off-key voice. "And because, I have heard these words before--I will use themmmmfff!" Rei, Amy, Lita, and Mina each fought to cover Serena's mouth with their hands.
"I'll tell you the truth about us--the two of us were born as if one!
I want your arms around me when I need to forget
'member all those words that I said?
'Goodbye'--I've decided to go
And in this night without end let us now forget what only stars remember."

Suddenly, Serena began to notice herself getting dizzy. She started to sway in her seat. She yawned sleepily. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting a bit tired. I think I'll just go to..."

"WAKE UP!" screeched Luna.

Serena's eyes snapped open. "Ya! I'm awake, I'm awake, I'm awake!"

"My goodness!" cried Amy. "Look at all of the spectators!" Serena turned to see the man next to her fall asleep. Sure enough, the entire crowd was passing out on their seats.

Lita began shaking a man from the row in back of her. "Hey! Are you okay? Sir?"

Mina felt for a woman's pulse and gasped. "This woman's pulse is extremely faint!"

"It would appear that Yuna's singing is somehow sapping the energy from the audience," said Artemis.

Luna sighed. "Then I'm afraid it is true. Yuna is an agent of the Negaverse." She turned to the girls. "It looks like we're going to need Scout Power. Transform."

"You got it, Luna," said Serena. "MOON CRYSTAL POWER!"


"MARS STAR POWER!" said Rei.


"VENUS STAR POWER!" said Mina.

Once fully changed, The Sailor Scouts made their way toward the stage.

Misaki gasped as she saw the audience begin to pass out. I've heard of fainting at an idol singer's gaze, but this is ridiculous! She rushed out onto the stage. "Yuna!" she cried. "Look what happening!"

Yuna stopped singing, and the music came to a halt. "Huh?" Then she saw a girl fall out of her chair. "Omigod!"

Shiori walked down to examine the audience member. "Thiiiiiiiis giiiiirl... iiiiiiiis coooooomatoooooose," she said.

Yuna gasped as the other Frauleins joined her on stage. "But who could have caused this?" she asked.

"Yuna!" cried Ellner. "I'm sensing a powerful force of darkness in this stadium!" She began floating stage right. "It's coming from this direction! We've got to stop it before it drains the life out of everyone here!"

Suddenly, a voice cried out. "Your singing days are over, Yuna Kagurazaka!" With that, The Sailor Scouts jumped up and landed on stage.

From the very direction in which Ellner had been heading.

Yuna's face brightened. "Hey Serena, everybody! Wow, you all look totally cool in those new fukus!"

Serena was momentarily taken aback. Luna is right. She is powerful. How else could she have seen through our costumes? "Save that cutsey act for someone who buys it!" said Sailor Moon. "This concert has hit a sour note, and you've left these people flat on their backs! So now it's up to me to close the curtain on this fraud!

"I'm Sailor Moon, the Champion of Justice! And on behalf of the moon, I will punish you! I will right wrongs and triumph over evil, and that means you!"

"MARS CELESTIAL FIRE SURROUND!" cried Sailor Mars, and sent a giant fireball in Yuna's direction.

"Yuna, get out of the way!" cried Lia.

"Huh?" cried Yuna. "Omigod!" She scrambled out of the way of the fireball. A speaker burst into flames from behind where she'd been standing.

"Heeeeeey," chided Shiori. "Thaaaaaat waaaaaasn't veeeeeery niiiiiiiiice!"

"What?" cried Yuri. "You tried to hurt Yuna!"

Misaki stepped forward. "Then the rumors are true, and she is a war criminal!" she cried. "Sailor Moon: You're under arrest for seventeen violations of the Intergalactic Peace Treaty and three violations of the Solar Aggression Pact!"

"Wait a minute!" cried Yuna. "This can't be right! Serena isn't some sort of war criminal! She's my friend! There has to be some sort of reasonable explanation for all of this, right?"

"Jeez, why doesn't she drop the hearts and flowers act, already?" said Sailor Mars.

"No, Yuna," said Misaki. "Don't you see? They're the ones who sabotaged your concert!"

"What?" cried Mai. "You dare to disrupt Yuna's show? I'll have you all know that I poured my sweat and blood into that concert, and it wasn't so any of you ignorant peasants could mess it up!"

Lia shot Mai a dirty look.

"I don't think they'll come along quietly, Misaki," said Ellner. "Frauleins: Go to battle mode!"

"Roger," said The Frauleins.






Now in her battle armor, Lia turned to Yuna. "What are you waiting for, Yuna? Transform, already!"

"No!" cried Yuna defiantly. "You go fight an enemy if you have to, but I know that this is all some sort of mistake. I'm going to try and talk this through!"

"SUPREME THUNDER CRASH!" cried Sailor Jupiter. A bolt of electricity shot out toward Yuna.

But Shiori's suit was right on the ball. "Ohhhh myyyyyyy," said Shiori as she inadvertently jumped into a backflip somersault and directly in front of the path of the charge. "Ohhhhhhh!" cried Shiori as the lightning blast came into contact with her suit's absorption field. Shiori smiled with relief as it desolved. "Thaaaaat waaaasn't sooooo baaaaad," she said. She turned to Yuna. "Aaaaaare yooou ooookay, Yuuuuuuna?"

"I'm just fine," replied Yuna.

Lia flew over to Sailor Mercury. "SONIC WHIP ATTACK!" she cried. A white lariat appeared in Lia's hand and lashed out toward Mercury. Mercury jumped back, letting out a yelp.

"VENUS LOVE-CHAIN ENCIRCLE!" cried Sailor Venus.

Lia screamed as the attack connected and sent her careening to the ground.

"Lia!" cried Yuna. She rushed out toward her fallen comrade.

"You betcha!" cried Yuri, stuffing her face with some emergency snacks she kept in her backpack. "I'll take all of you on!" She swallowed. "YURI TORNADO ATTACK!" With that, Yuri began twirling around and around until she resembled a red version of the Tasmanian Devil. "Ha!" she cried. "Wait until you all see this!" She began to move toward Sailor Moon. "I'm gonna kick all of your sorry little... WAAAAAA! Getting dizzy!"

Sailor Moon quickly sidestepped the android, as did the rest of the Sailor Scouts. Yuri fell off the stage and onto the floor. Then, her head peaked up onto the stage, swaying nauseously from side to side. "Hey, Lita. Got any more of those cookies?" she asked sleepily. Then, with a loud klunk, she passed out.

Meanwhile, Yuna knelt beside her fallen comrade. "Are you all right?" she asked.

Lia quickly got to her feet. "I'm fine," she said. "But you really need to transform."

"Lia's right, Yuna," said Ellner. "At the very least, your energy fields would protect you from The Sailor Scouts' attacks."

"But if I did that, they'd take it as hostility!" said Yuna.

"They're the ones being hostile, Yuna!" said Lia. "Look around!"

Yuna looked to see a battlefield. Misaki had already taken cover, and was shooting at any Sailor Scout she could find. Shiori was fighting against both Venus and Mars, absorbing anything that they threw at her. Mai was already dueling with Sailor Moon. And Yuri... where was Yuri?

"Yuri!" she cried out. "Lia, where's Yuri? I can't see her!"

"I don't know," said Lia. "You go find her and get to safety. We'll handle this!"

But Yuna didn't need to be told twice. "Yuri!" she called, heading off the stage.

At the same time, Mai once again tried to smack Sailor Moon with her golf club. "You just caught a tiger in the woods, kid!" she said.

"Ugh," said Sailor Moon as she parried the blow with her scepter. "And they say my puns are bad."

"SHINE AQUA ILLUSION!" cried Mercury. A blast of water hit Mai and sent her plummeting to the ground.

"Thanks, Sailor Mercury," said Sailor Moon. "She was starting to get on my nerves."

"Don't let them get in close, Scouts!" said Sailor Jupiter. "That seems to be where they can do the most damage."

"Hey! Where did Yuna go?" asked Venus.

"I don't know," said Mercury. "In all the confusion, she may have slipped away."

"Don't worry. I'll find her," said Sailor Moon. "She's going to pay for hurting all of these innocent people."

As Yuna stepped off the stage, she gasped at the sight of Yuri lying unconscious on the ground. "Yuri!" cried Yuna. She knelt down and held the android in her arms, tears forming in her eyes. "Yuri, are you okay?" she asked. "Speak to me! Just let me know that you're all right!"

Yuri's eyes slowly opened. "Mmm. Hey, Yuna. Got any food?"

Yuna laughed as she held Yuri closer to her. "What happened?" she asked.

Yuri put her hand behind her head. "Well, I got a little dizzy and fell off of the stage." She laughed. "I guess I got a little overzealous, huh?"

Sailor Moon went over to the edge of the stage to see the twosome.

"Yeah," sniffled Yuna. "I'm just glad that you're all right. Yuri... I just want you to know that you're the best friend that I've ever had; and I'd be lost if I didn't have you around, even if you are a big food hog."

Sailor Moon listened to Yuna's words. Maybe we were wrong about her, after all.

Yuna wiped her tears away. "I don't know what's going on, but I can't believe that Serena and the others are our enemies. They seem like such nice people. I'm sure that we can work all of this out. I mean, they're just like everyone else, aren't they? Misaki, Lia, Erika Seven, Princess Mirage... they all started out as enemies, too. But now they're all friends. I'm sure that The Sailor Scouts will come around, too."

"I sure hope so, Yuna. Yuri doesn't like all this fighting."

Doesn't like fighting? repeated Sailor Moon to herself. That certainly doesn't sound like anything anyone from the Negaverse ever said. And Yuna certainly seems nice enough, not to mention that those Frauleins of hers are so completely loyal that...

"Her power, it's... subversive, almost," said Luna.

Sailor Moon's eyes narrowed at what Luna had told her. On the other hand, maybe that was her power. Brainwashing others into doing her bidding.

And she may have almost reprogrammed Sailor Moon into joining her.

She jumped off of the stage to face Yuna.

Yuna got to her feet. "Serena!" she said. "Why are you doing this?" she asked. "We were all friends just a few hours ago! I'm sure that Misaki must be wrong about you, so..."

"Forget it!" cried Sailor Moon. "There's no way I'm listening to any more of your talk, Yuna! You're moondust!" With that, she pointed her scepter directly at Yuna.


But Sailor Moon was too late. A blinding cylinder of light surrounded Yuna, Yuri, and each of the other Frauleins. When the light vanished, they were gone.

"Those cowards!" cried Sailor Jupiter. "Running away when they knew we were winning!"

"Maybe so," said Luna as she padded up to The Scouts. "But our battle here was a stalemate. You can bet that we haven't seen the last of them."

"Right," said Sailor Mercury. "But right now, I think we'd better call some ambulances," gesturing to the still-comatose audience.

Mars sighed. "All that life-energy, and we couldn't save any of it."

Dejected, The Sailor Scouts trudged away from the battlefield.

The light dissipated, and Yuna blinked as she looked down at Yuri. "Huh?" she said. "Where are we?"

"Why, the Eternal Princess, of course!" a voice said from in back of her.

Yuna turned with a smile on her face to look at the speaker. "Princess Mirage!" she cried.

"Yes, my pet," said Mirage cheerfully. "When I found out that there was a battle taking place on the planet's surface at the Neo-Tokyo Dome, I was afraid you might have been hurt. So I beamed you and the other Frauleins aboard. After all, we couldn't let the Savior of the Light get killed, now could we?"

"Agreed," said Misaki, "but we couldn't defeat The Sailor Scouts, nor could we find a way to get those poor people back to normal." Her fists clenched. "They'll pay for what they did to those innocents!"

"No!" cried Yuna. "I can't believe that Serena and her friends would harm anyone."

"Well, if they didn't, who did?" asked Lia.

"I don't know," said Yuna. "But I just know that they're not evil. I'm sure we can all be friends!"

"Speak for yourself," said Mai. "Those little Sailor-brats destroyed my favorite heels!"

Everyone rolled their eyes at her.

Cloaked in darkness, he watched the battle transpire between The Sailor Scouts and The Galaxy Frauleins. Beside him, a vortex of energy--human energy--swirled rapidly. He would be needing it, too. He would have to expend quite a bit of it in order to keep this little war brewing. But he could always get more. After all, in a battle of good versus good, it was evil that always profited. He chuckled to himself.

It was all going according to plan.
Ending Theme: The ending theme and animation to Galaxy Fraulein Yuna: Sorrowful Saline.

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Serena: It looks more like a cheap Sailor V imitation, to me!

Yuna: What was that? Hey, Sailor V's the rip-off, not Polylina!

Tuxedo Mask: Sailor Moon, you must believe in yourself, for only then can you defeat this menace.

Serena: My love!

Ellner: In the next episode, it's love and disguises all around as our Liavelt changes into her alter-ego, The Masked Maiden Polylina, to fight on the side of the Frauleins and lend Yuna her inspiration!

Luna: Yes, but just when it appears that the scouts are outnumbered, Sailor Moon's true love, Tuxedo Mask, comes to help her out once again.

Artemis: Yes, but even as these two fighters for love and justice duel, many questions are left unanswered, such as who is really behind all of this? And how will it all end?

Lia/Polylina: It's all in the next episode of Galaxy Fraulein Yuna versus Sailor Moon:

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