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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Hey people, this poem was written to be Tifa thinking about Cloud. But you can put any 3 characters in it that you want. It works for almost anything.

Disclaimer: I do not own FF7 (just to make that clear)

In the Blowing Wind

In the blowing wind,

We watch the same blade of grass,

Under a cerulean sky,

I long to put my arms around him,

Hold him,

Comfort him,

Protect him,

Love him,

But that is impossible,

For he does not love me,

He loves her,

She is perfect in his eyes,

For he loves her,

But how can I fault him,

When he is perfect to me,

Because I love him,

The day he chose her over me,

I cried,

I thought my world would end,

But it didn't,

I congratulated her,

She is now my best friend,

But he loves her,

Not me,

I long for the day I can hold him,

But I know it will never come,


Under a cerulean sky,

We watch the same blade of grass,

Blowing in the wind.

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