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Phone Sex: Phone Sex ( Chapter 1 ) [ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]
Anime/Manga: InuYasha
Genre(s): Hentai | Type: One Shot
Author: Arisu-chan
Uploaded On: June 01, 2004 11:45 EDT
Pages: 5 | Words: 6205 | Size: 34 KB | Visits: 13888 | Status: Completed
   Kagome gradually stopped trembling, giving a small moan when he brushed her bangs from her face. [I just had an orgasm in front of my three best friends - and they think I had a seizure? Fucking Miroku!]
Warning: Don't expect much plot.


"Its ok mom, I'll be fine on my own," Kagome opened the microwave and retrieved her hot cocoa. "I understand if you need to stay away for a few more days."

Miroku was beside her now, smiling at the possibility of having her to himself longer. Watching her spray some whipped cream onto the cup, an idea formed in his mind bringing a mischievous gleam to his eyes. As she set down the can and leaned against the counter, ignoring him to fully pay attention to her mother, Kagome stood on her tip-toes and moved the kitchen curtain aside, looking out into the shrine's empty yard and frowning at the storm that was fnally dying down.

"You wouldn't believe how much fun Souta is having here, your aunt Ikari has the sweetest little girl, I think he has a crush!" Kagome's mom giggled on the line.

"Aww his first crush? How cute!" Kagome giggled when a pair of hands tickled her sides and lips kissed her temple sweetly.

Feeling those hands move up to her shoulders, she was surprised when her hair was twisted up atop her head and a pair of chopsticks were pushed through the strands. Lips trailing down her neck to nip at her shoulder caused her to gasp and close her eyes, forcing herself to concentrate on the phone conversation.

"How old is she?"

"Twelve like Souta," Mrs Higurashi sighed, "You two are growing up so fast, but you should see him its so adorable! He blushes every time she comes in the room and..."

A pair of feet slipped between hers and spread, forcing her to do so as well while her hips were pulled back. She was forced to lean her elbows on the table in order to keep herself up. Frowning and wondering what the heck he could be up to, Kagome stiffened when the can of whipped cream sounded again and a cold weight touched down along her spine.

A shudder ran through her when his tongue slowly moved its way from her neck down to the dip above her buttocks, removing all traces of the sugary cream. Her voice managed to stay level even while she answered her mother, "Uh-huh, I can't imagine either..."

Her hand clutched the phone as if to a lifeline while her mom continued talking, oblivious to the sweet torture she was being put through. Swallowing a startled gasp, Kagome kept the phone at her ear while he wrapped an arm around her waist and moved to the table sitting her on top of it and pushing her to lie down.

Struggling while on the phone proved exceedingly difficult and Kagome soon found herself pinned down to the table, her ankles tied with towels to two of the wooden legs while one hand was tied above her to the third table leg, her other hand left free to hold the phone. "And the new furniture is beautiful, the colors in the main part of the house are bright and very western in the style but the best room is Jacob's study."

The familiar coolness reached her again, this time he outlined her nipples with the cream, smirking when she bit her lip and tried not to moan. Leaning his head down to kiss around her ear, he teased her by explaining every detail of what he would do to her over the next fifteen minutes in a husky whisper.

Kagome was burning and he had yet to touch her very much, panting silently in need. When his tongue reached down and lapped up the cream on her left breast, she bucked against him grinding her hips up even while tossing her head back and clinging to the phone. Her mother was on the line explaining the decor but it hardly registered with the feel of that soft tongue wrapped around the hardened nipple and tugging.

She bit her lip from crying out and was relieved when he let go but he only started working on the other, giving it the similar treatment. "And of course the velvety texture of his smooth..."

[Tongue?] Kagome shuddered when her mom's words applied to her own lover's actions. When he'd cleaned her up he continued kissing and nipping at her stomach, a soft sigh escaping her when he dipped his wet tongue into her navel.

[Shit, my mom!] Focusing on her conversation, Kagome was relieved when she heard it hadn't changed and still thankfully only required a short yes or no answer. She smiled at Miroku as he stretched out on his side beside her and propped his head up on his hand. He returned the smile and lowered his head to nibble on her neck, distracting her even while his free hand moved down and touched her navel. She quickly snapped to attention again when he slid a finger inside her, her wetness from his teasing making it easy for it to slide right in.

She nearly dropped the phone at that point but managed to cling to it and hold in her moan as well. Another finger joined it and she bit her lip, managing to make an 'uh-huh' sound when necessary. She was trembling now, her whole body shaking in need when his thumb suddenly grazed her swollen clit.


Biting her lip, Kagome blushed at her mother's concerned tone, "Sweetie are you ok? What was that noise?"

[Oh shit, I have to say an entire sentence?]

"I-I'm fine mom, I just burned my tongue with the hot chocolate," she managed to say it in one quick breath to her relief, even as he kept the feelings going with his fingers down below.

"Be careful dear, you wouldn't want to get burned too badly," her mother's sweet voice scolded her lightly.


Panting as softly as she could, Kagome tugged at her wrist tied above to the table leg, thankful that the towel was so old that the tie came undone after a few tugs. Lowering her arm, she covered the phone with her hand and turned her head to bite Miroku's shoulder angrily, "Stop teasing me!"

Trying to pull his hand away, she tried to focus on her mom again and was shocked when he moved up to her ear to talk at the same time again.

Her mother said, "I'm going to check and see if these flowers would survive in Tokyo or if they are only in this area."

Just as Miroku said, "Remember that movie we saw last night with the mother nurse and slut daughter? When you asked if that's what you looked like and I said I could suck you forever?"

She nodded and managed another 'uh-huh' her mother going on about the plants while he slid to the floor and buried his head in between her legs. Gripping his hair, she pulled hard, breathing heavily and blushing to her toes at the thought of her mother listening in while she got head.

Mumbling short answers seemed to work though, biting her lip she struggled to hold in her cries of ecstacy while his tongue worked her folds, sucking her clit, fucking her slick hole. When she suddenly felt something long and slim sliding into her anus, she gasped when a squirt sounded and the cool cream filled her canal.

"Kagome are you ok? Don't tell me you burned yourself again!" Her mother's voice was worried but hardly processed in her hazy mind, the only thoughts running through her at the moment focusing on the tongue licking away the cream. Feeling him part her cheeks to get a deeper lick, she moaned and pressed the phone down between her breasts to stifle the sound.

His chuckle sent shivers through her body and as he leaned back and opened her lips, spraying her with the cool whipped cream and she knew this was it. Grasping the phone tightly to her stomach, she felt his tongue lick up the cream before sliding into her pussy again and lost it. Bucking into his mouth, she felt him grip her hips tightly and hold her in place while he sucked up her juices, licking slowly as the aftershocks of her shattering orgasm went through her.

Hearing a small voice calling out her name, Kagome paled when she remembered her mother on the line and lifted the phone to her ear. "Kagome are you there?"

"Sorry mom, I had to put the phone down suddenly because there was a knock at the door and I spilled the hot chocolate on me." Kagome ran a shaky hand through her hair and quietly sighed, lowering it to pet his head as her playful lover gently nipped his way up along her side to lay above her with his head pillowed on her chest.

"Is that what caused that weird cry?" Her mother asked, concern etched in her voice.

"Hai, it was still hot," Kagome stroked down along his back, ticking his neck with her fingers. "It was just a girl asking about the shrine's souvenirs but I told her the shop was closed for a few days until grandpa got back. I can't imagine going out in this weather, the poor kid."

"Oh, well you know your grandfather left some of those small fortunes in the living room for you to sell."

"I forgot, oops, oh well, I have to hang up ok mom? I'm all sticky from the hot chocolate so I think I'll take a shower," feeling a nip to her breast, she jumped and smacked him over the back of his head.

"Of course, you really should be more careful dear, now I'll let you go get cleaned up,"

"Thanks mom," Kagome smiled in relief.

"Just one more thing honey"


"Make sure you finish up the whipped cream ok? I'll buy a new can when I get home, and a quick piece of advice, don't fill up the tub like you normally do, use only about half a tub of water for two people or you'll make a mess."

"MOM!" Kagome gasped and froze in shock, having thought she'd fooled her with the chocolate story.

Her mother laughed, "Honey when you've had a man as playful as your father was, you recognize the sounds of a certain type of play, we'll discuss it when we get home all right? Now have fun baby and say my hello's to Miroku-kun."

"Ok mom, I will," hanging up the phone, she stared up at him in shock for a few more minutes before grinning madly, lifting her now untied legs to sit up on the table. "Momma says hi, and to feel free to finish off the whipped cream."

Miroku chuckled, "Did she now?"

"Uh-huh," feeling the familiar moisture trickling through her, Kagome slid her hand down along her body, seeing him watch her progress with a hungry look in his eyes. As it was he was sporting quite the hard-on, but when her fingers slipped between her folds, his member twitched and some pre-cum dripped to the floor. "Its not nice to play while someone's busy you know, you'll have to be punished for that."

"Just how will you punish me?" Miroku licked his lips, resting a hand on each side of her and leaning over her body.

"By leaving you in your current state while I get myself off," Kagome smiled and bent her knees, allowing him the perfect view of her whole body.

Miroku was nearly drooling, taking in her full breasts, the rosy nipples hardened and erect, her falt tummy and smooth legs. One hand was back on the table holding her up while the other teased her nether lips, fingers running along the slick passage he'd just been licking. He could still taster her on his mouth and tongue, feel the moisture and the heat of her sweet cunt.

He'd told her last time she was wetter than the woman in the porn and he'd meant it, her juices were already dripping down along her slit, following the smooth roundness of her bottom and nearly reaching the table. Watching her open her folds, he clentched the table as she slid one finger slowly inside herself.

Tossing her head back with a moan, Kagome panted while touching herself, adding another finger and grazing her swollen clit with her thumb. Soft moans and cries escaped her lips while she pumped herself but when Miroku touched her, she stopped and removed her hand to slap his away. "Uh-uh, I'm busy here and I don't want your help."

"What am I supposed to do? Sit back and watch?" Miroku unconsciously moved his hand from her leg to his swollen erection, slowly stroking himself out of raw need.

"Oooh that looks interesting baby, why don't you climb on the counter and give me a show? You can call it payback for making me cum on the phone with my mother," Kagome smiled and resumed her pleasure.

"I'm not used to giving shows," Miroku glared, still stroking himself with one hand.

"Please baby? I'll let you fuck me any way you want afterwords," Kagome pouted and removed her hand from her dripping pussy. Slipping off the table, she moved over to push him back into the counter and make him sit up on it.

Glancing around the kitchen, he saw the storm outside seemed relatively calm now and grinned when an idea formed in his head. "Any way I want right?"

"Right, as soon as I'm done its your turn," Giving him a quick kiss, Kagome smiled and jumped back onto the table, resuming her self-loving while waiting for him to pump himself.

Miroku saw the heat in her eyes and smiled, licking his lips while his hand slowly circled around his trobbing cock. His fingers closed around the head and he tightened them, his hips thrusting automatically up. He jerked slowly at first, gradually building up speed little by little.

It looked rough, almost primitive, and Kagome couldn't get enough. Seeing how red he was getting from the dryness of his hand she asked, "Don't you need some lubrication?"

"It'd be nice, but sometimes its better dry," Miroku tossed his head back and continued his pumping.

To his surprise she was at his side the next moment and moving his hands away. Kissing and licking around him, she finally deep throated his member, sucking for a few moments before pulling away. She left him nice and slick pulling free of his hands to go back to the table and finish herself off.

Pumping his slick member harder, Miroku watched as she lay back on the table, one hand tweaking her nipples with the other pumping her slippery cunt. She was moaning and bucking into her hand, sweaty and trembling on the table, but her eyes remained on him and his actions, adding to his own pleasure. Finally with a sharp gasp and scream, she came, body twitching from her orgasm as she melted on the table.

Without hesitation, Miroku jumped off the counter, flipped her over and slammed into her anus, the warmth of her cheeks squeezing his member sending him over and his cum flowed into her. Kagome moaned and sighed as he landed atop her kissing her neck sweetly while regaining his breath from his orgasm.

After getting himself together, Miroku slid out of her and stood, pulling her up and turning her to give her a sweet kiss. Kagome smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck, feeling warm and sated, completely at ease standing there in his arms. They kissed for a few more minutes before he pulled back with a grin. "Do you still have those clothes for me to wear?"

"Yeah," taking his hand, she led the way upstairs and to her room, pulling out a pair of boxers, some black jeans, and a dark purple shirt with a white lotus flower on it.

"Great, get yourself dressed and we'll go get some dinner," taking the clothes, he changed into them easily, going over to her grandfather's room and borrowing a pair of socks.

Kagome drew on a pair of black panties, some blue jeans, her black bra with a black turtleneck. Turning to the mirror, she saw the crooked chopsticks that were now barely holding her hair up and grinned, removing them quickly and pulling it up with a ponytail holder. After pulling on some socks of her own, Kagome waited for him to re-appear and gulped at the look in his eyes when he did.

"Does this one still work?" Miroku asked casually, holding up Souta's cell phone.

"Yeah, that's the one he got for his birthday, but he's only allowed to use it for rides and stuff so he doesn't always carry it," Kagome frowned a little, "Why?"

"Just wondering," slipping it into his pocket, Miroku took her hand and led the way downstairs, grabbing their coats, hats and mittens. After putting her coat and hat on, Kagome stepped outside and hurried to put on her boots. One of her dad's old pairs was there for Miroku to use and he promptly put them on thankful for the warmth.

While pulling on her mittens, Kagome watched him lock the door and slip the key's in his coat pocket before turning and giving her one of his lecherous grins. "Ok what are you planning?"

Miroku shrugged and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in for another soulful kiss. While their tongues played tonsil hockey, Kagome was totally oblivious to his hands movements until she realized he'd opened her pants and was slipping his fingers into her panties. With a moan, she spread her legs a little furthur and broke off their kiss. "I thought you said we were going to get dinner?"

"Hai, and you said earlier that as soon as you were done with your play I could fuck you any way I wanted."

"You already did," Kagome gasped and mewled a little while he slipped two of his fingers into her slick passageway, another joined them soon afterwords and she clung to him desperately. When she felt him remove them, she began to protest but stopped as something smooth and slightly rectangular took their place. "Nani?"

"Don't ask," Miroku removed his hand from her pants and closed them once again, leaving the strange object between her folds. "And don't even think about taking that out until I say you can."

"B-But what do you mean? Miroku what is this?!" Kagome watched him lick his fingers clean before slipping his mittens on, a wicked gleam in his eyes and smile.

"I'm putting you to a test, you've already had two orgasms," wrapping arm around her waist he began walking towards the stairs. "Lets see how many you can have in the span of two hours."

"You're joking right?" Kagome bit her lip as the foreign object rubbed against her vaginal walls as she walked. It hurt a little, but also felt extremely erotic having something inside her in the middle of the courtyard. Going down the shrine steps was torture, the object slipped from where he'd set it and was rather at an angle, touching her clit a little from its new position. Each step caused friction, which sent jolts of electricity through her body.

She clutched at his hand and sighed when they reached the bottom of the stairs. Heading off towards the arcade he knew she liked, they had to stop a few times for her to gain control of her body as the friction down below made her sweaty and heated.

They were standing outside a small trinket shop when an old couple passed them by, the lady stopping to check on the flushed girl. "Are you alright dear? You're looking extremely flushed."

"I-I think so," Kagome whispered, trembling within Miroku's arms while he soothingly rubbed her back.

"She has a fever, we're actually on our way home now that the doctor's given her some medicine," Miroku kissed her head and thanked the woman for her worries.

"Are you her husband? That's so sweet of you, I hope she gets better. If you could make her some chicken soup I'm sure it will help." The older woman smiled.

"I'll make sure to do that," thanking her again for her attentions, Miroku felt Kagome relaxing a bit and led her away again.

"Please Miroku take it out!" Kagome felt herself on the brink of madness when they finally reached the arcade/pizza parlor. Stepping up hesitantly to the door, she clenched her legs together when he gave her bottom a playful slap and came.

Catching her as her legs gave way beneath her, Miroku held her close while she rode out the waves of her third orgasm, gasping for air while her body trembled uncontrollably. To their surprise, a group of girls suddenly opened the doors and kneeled around them.

"Kagome-chan are you ok?"

"You poor thing! Your grandpa wasn't kidding when he said you had epilepsy was he?"

"Who's the hunk?"

"Hey guys, I'm ok, no he wasn't and he's my nurse," Kagome managed to stop trembling and looked up at her worried friends. "What are you guys doing here?"

"Oh we were spending the weekend at Eri's house and figured it would be cool to come down while the storm seemed to calm. It should be ok for the rest of the afternoon but it'll be back by tonight," Yuka explained, eyeing her friend's 'nurse' quite openly.

"Who's your friend?" Ayumi asked, noticing the way the boy held her.

"Miroku Houshi at your service ladies," Miroku bent his head in the customary greeting and helped Kagome up. "If you don't mind we'd like to head inside?"

"Of course! Hey we've got a booth in the back, we could order some more pizza for you guys," Eri and Yuka held the doors open and followed as they entered.

Ayumi led the way to their booth while Eri ordered some more pizza and a couple of drinks. Miroku helped Kagome slide into the booth and took a seat next to her, his arm wrapped around her shoulders. Resting her head in the crook of his neck, Kagome sighed and fought the sleepiness that threatened to overwhelm her.

When her friends sat in the booth across from them, she gave them a sleepy smile and stifled a yawn. "Sorry I'm still easily tired."

"Hai, it must be hard being sick all the time," Ayumi smiled, concern etched into her features and eyes.

"Must help to have such a cute nurse though," Yuka winked at Miroku.

Kagome snuggled closer and nodded, "It sure does."

Blushing, Miroku helped remove her mittens and hat, removing his own afterwords while the girls chatted. Taking the opportunity while her friends kept her pre-occupied, Miroku reached into his pocket and pulled out a small object, holding it beneath the table until he got it to the number he wanted.

Kagome felt Miroku slip his arm from around her shoulders and down to the table when their drinks were brought over, lifing the warm tea to his lips for a sip. Focusing on her friends though, she hardly noticed his hand lower between them until his fingers were at the front of her jeans, stroking the crotch softly, yet firmly, in a way that had her flushed again in no time.

When Eri asked if she felt ok, he raised his hand to her forehead and frowned. "You do feel a bit feverish, perhaps we should go."

"Not yet!" Kagome swatted his hand away with a frown.

When the pizza was set in front of them minutes later, she had just begun to sink her teeth into her third slice when a new sensation erupted in her pussy. Apparently whatever he'd inserted her had the ability to vibrate and the sensation made her bite the pizza with a startled cry, her hand clentching the table for support.

"Kagome-chan are you ok?!" the girls jumped in surprise, hovering over the table nearly frantically in worry.

"Is she having another seizure?" Ayumi asked Miroku, who'd left his own food and was gently pulling her back against him to look into her face.

Kagome gradually stopped trembling, giving a small moan when he brushed her bangs from her face. [I just had an orgasm in front of my three best friends - and they think I had a seizure? Fucking Miroku!]

"Kagome-chan are you feeling all right?" Doing an impressive job of acting worried, Miroku watched her shake her head and nodded. "I'm taking you home now, I think you'll need some medicine after two seizures coming on so close to one another."

"Please?" Kagome gasped, feeling him slid out of the booth and take her into his arms bridal style, squeezing her legs and tightening her hold on the object inside her.

"Hai, excuse us ladies, Kagome-chan needs to get home," smiling apologetically at the girls, he thanked them when they opened the door and hurried home.

Making it around the block, he stopped once they'd rounded the first corner and set her feet down, causing her to moan as the object moved inside her. "What is it? Miroku please..."

"Can you walk home?" he asked, watching her shake her head 'no'

"All right then, we'll have to carry you back," turning in front of her, he squatted down as he'd seen Inuyasha do hundreds of times and felt her climb onto his back.

When he pulled her legs tighter around him, Kagome barely held back a groan when the object inside her pussy pressed against her clit. As he walked it moved across the swollen nub, keeping her trembling and gasping for air. When it vibrated again, she let out a scream and came on his back, feeling her juices soak her pants so thoroughly, she was sure his jacket or jeans would be wet by the time they got home.

Reaching the shrine steps, Miroku grinned evilly, jostling up them roughly so her body bounced with each step. She came another two times on the steps and another when he set her down at the door. Melting down to the ground, Kagome allowed him to remove her boots while she tore off her jacket, mittens and hat, ripping off her turtleneck also before lying back in the snow to cool down.

"You'll get sick if you stay there," removing his own boots quickly, he scooped her up and carried her inside, setting her down on the sofa carefully before going back out for her discarded clothes.

While he was gone, Kagome took the opportunity to undo her pants and was about to slide her hand into her panties when a familiar vibration went through her, sending her into another orgasm.

When Miroku joined her once again, she was sobbing on the couch, hands clutching the pillows beneath her frantically. Feeling his cold hands undo her jeans, Kagome whimpered and struggled to stop her crying. "Shh... its ok now koishii, its ok..."

Removing her jeans and then her bra and socks, Miroku removed his own jeans, socks and shirt before gently scooping her up into his arms and carrying her upstairs to her bed. Lying her down gently he turned away to put something in Souta's room, pressing the button just one more time and hearing her scream.


Hurrying to her side, he smiled down at the tremulous girl on the bed and carefully slid her panties off. "Please Miroku, I can't take it anymore! I'm so tired! So tired... and it hurts now."

"It hurts?" Miroku spread her legs and carefully slipped two fingers inside her folds, finding the object deeper than he'd left it. [Of course it was gonna move]

Struggling to get a grip on it with just two fingers with the moistness of her juices proved to be difficult, and Kagome's twisting and turning wasn't helping. Finally he managed to get a hold of one part and carefully he pulled the object from inside her.

"Mmm... what is it?" Kagome managed to lift her head and gasp in shock. "My cell phone?!"

"Set on silent and vibrate," Miroku nodded, tossing it aside to clean up later.

Looking down at the over-sexed girl before him, Miroku focused on her aching cunt and opened it to see what damage had been done. He could see nothing permanent or too harmful, but she was red and swollen from the abuse from the phone.

"Poor baby," Feeling guilty that his experiment had caused her this pain, Miroku lowered his head and kissed her womanhood softly all over. He began to lick and she sighed, the softness and moisture from his tongue soothing her battered skin.

Kagome hadn't thought she could feel so tired, but his tongue felt so good and she realized he had been watching her cum over and over again with no thought to his own pleasure. Pulling on his hair and shoulder, she had him crawl up the bed and kiss her.

He tasted good, a mixture of his tea from the arcade and her own taste. Holding each other tenderly, they kissed for a few minutes, just stroking their tongues together, exploring each other's mouths before pulling apart with a smile. Kagome felt his member poking into her stomach and sighed, whispering instructions into his ear.

Doing as told, Miroku carefully moved a pillow down before rolling her over face-down with her tummy lying on it. Kissing and massaging her hips, back and shoulders, he gently spread her legs and rested his dick along her cheeks, unsure if this would really not hurt her.

"Its ok honey, you need this and it won't hurt," Kagome spread her legs wider and groaned when he finally gave in, his thick cock slowly slipping into her ass. "Oh that's nice."

"Very nice," Miroku kissed between her shoulder blades, resting his forehead on her back as he slowly began rocking into her.

Kagome lay there pliantly, allowing him to do with her as he pleased. When he sped up she moaned a little and followed his movements, rocking back towards him and gripping the covers beneath her. His panting at her back and the sounds of their flesh slapping together had her building quickly to another orgasm.

Knowing how close she was but not wanting to end their play yet, Miroku slipped out and rolled her over, sliding up to sheathe himself between her bouncy tits he loved so much. Moaning, Kagome squeezed them around him, teasing her nipples while he pounded into her. "Harder baby, just a little more."

"Not yet anata, not yet," Miroku stopped his thrusting and lowered his head to kiss her for a moment, surprised when he pulled apart and she pushed his hips away.

"I want you inside me," she whispered, leading him down to where he could enter her slippery pussy.

"You're still sore," Miroku's tip touched her wet curls and he shuddered, licking his lips.

"Its ok, I need you," Kagome kissed him again, "I've already cum so many times without you, I need this, I want you inside me this time."

"If you're sure?" He saw her nod and gently pressed a kiss to her lips, his tongue sliding between hers at the same time that his cock slipped inside her.

Kagome moaned and lifted her legs to hold him better. Their lovemaking was gentle this time, since he didn't want to hurt her, but soon enough their speed increased and their cries filled the room.

"Do it already! Just finish," Kagome moaned as his dick slid out of her again, slamming back in harshly. His mouth is at her breasts, biting her titties and mounds.

"Please baby?! Can't you feel how wet I am? Just get me off, one more orgasm, that's all I can take!"

"You're right, I CAN feel you, that slick little cunt of yours is milking me pretty good," Miroku whispered against her nipple.

Sliding out he held himself over her dripping pussy, his head touching it while his hips held her in place and he smiled, "What do you want?"

"You. inside me!" Kagome clutched at his shoulders.

"What's this called?"


"Another way of saying it, come on you've hardly used all those dirty words I love so much"

"Humping, I want you to hump me" Her chest bounced as she panted for air.

Lowering her hand, he wrapped it around his member, moaning as she squeezed, "what is this?"

"A dick," Kagome licked her lips, "A nice, thick, hot, cum-filled cock that needs a slick pussy right now!"

"Where will it find one?"

She lowered him to her, "Right here baby, one dripping, wet, tight little pussy all for you."

"Not pussy"

"Ok a cunt, a vagina, a furry clam, a sheath for your sword, god dam just fuck me already!"

"I thought you'd never ask," ramming into her, all memories of her earlier abuse forgotten, he gripped her hips as he slammed into her, enjoying the slapping of his balls against her, her moaning and panting, watching her titties bounce until with one last stroke he came.

With his cum shooting off inside her, filling her core, Kagome followed him into release, screaming his name in rapture before her body decided enough was enough and she passed out from exhaustion. Slumping down over her, Miroku kissed her slack lips and slipped out, pulling her close while tugging the blankets out from beneath them and cuddling her body next to his as he too fell into a deep, sated sleep.


See, I told you no plot!