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Mine: Mine ( Chapter 1 ) [ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]
Anime/Manga: InuYasha
Genre(s): Hentai / Angst / Drama | Type: One Shot
Author: Arisu-chan
Uploaded On: June 29, 2004 17:36 PDT
Pages: 5 | Words: 6898 | Size: 38 KB | Visits: 12398 | Status: Completed
   "Tell me what you want."

"No," Kagome's eyes filled with tears again, "I can't... you're the bad guy..."

"I'm not bad at this" Naraku squeezed the nipple, rolling it between his fingers.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi & Co. Not me ok?

Warning: MAJOR angst and dark contents in this fic - please don't read if you're not old enough or are easily offended. This is NC-17 for a reason folks.


"Mmm... what happened?"

Blinking through the hazy fog that seemed to dominate her mind and body, Kagome heard a moan and frowned. Things were coming back in fragments, her thoughts focusing on each of her senses one at a time.

First she noticed the bitter taste of blood and cloth in her mouth, which startled her into forcing her eyes open. She tried to lick her lips and found she was gagged, not a good sign.

A blurry view of a black room met her eyes and she blinked against the darkness, struggling to see the two figures ahead of her.

Catching a movement in the corner of her eye, she tried to turn her head and gasped as she finally felt the overwhelming pain coursing through her body. Gradually trying to move a bit, she realized she was tied in a spread-eagle pose.

Another moan reached her ears, followed by a sigh and a soft cry. The voice was female and slightly familiar but her hazy mind could hardly pin-point it. Looking towards the figures at the opposite side of the room, she was able to make out the outline of a woman by the shadows cast on the wall behind her.

She was on her back on some flat surface, head hanging over the edge a bit and her legs bent and lifted at the opposite end. One hand moved up to her breasts and started rubbing, the moaning becoming louder and Kagome realized what was going on. [Someone's masturbating over there!]

Blushing bright red at the realization, she was able to focus her eyes a bit better and saw that on a table surrounded by four large candles lay Kagura. Head tossed back and with one hand still rubbing herself, she raised the other and slid it down between her legs where a white sheet draped to the floor from between them.

Holding her breath, Kagome bit her gag and frowned when Kagura's voice reached her, her words sounding like orders directed to another person.

"Now focus on the nub, yes, that's it... ooh yeah"

To Kagome's shock, the sheet draped between her legs moved, a pair of arms sliding up to push her bent knees down against the table, opening her legs wider apart. The pose allowed her to see that the thing she'd believed to be a sheet was indeed a person, the small white body and completely white hair having looked like a solid figure at first sight. With Kagura in this new pose however, Kagome was able to see that indeed, the wind demon's hand held tightly to the back of the head buried in her crotch.

"Yes sweetie like that - harder Kanna, right there - fuck baby I need it harder I'm almost there now... oh yes I feel it..."

Her fingers gripped the hair and she lowered her other hand to clutch at the head better, legs moving as wide as possible. Bucking her hips against the girl's mouth, she began crying out louder, harsher words, crying franctically for release.

To Kagome's horror, she found herself breathing harder as she listened, a familiar moistness beginning in her own pussy. Kanna's head moved back and Kagome moved her head forward, gaping when she saw the girl's long tongue teasing the woman's labia, licking in light strokes as if taking the left over sauce off a plate.

"Stop it! Stop torturing me! Kanna I need this, just a good lick inside and I'll cum - please!"

Hearing the urgency in her voice, Kagome gulped and clentched her own vaginal muscles, amazed that she could get so turned on by watching two women go at it. Her focus was so intent on the two in front of her, she hardly noticed the person beside her until she felt a hand glide along her curls and slowly slide a finger deep into her wetness.

Closing her eyes with a moan, Kagome tossed her head back and groaned when they set up a rhythm inside her and a mouth began sucking her left breast. Opening her eyes, she lowered her head and froze when she saw who was pleasuring her. The very hanyou that had caused them so much trouble, was now bringing her such immense pleasure that she at first thought it was some strange dream.

Feeling him bite her breast suddenly, she cried out as his teeth pierced her skin and his tongue licked up the blood that escaped the small wounds. Humming in pleasure at the taste, the vibrations of the sound sent a shiver through her body and a pang of guilt and shame overwhelmed her.

Fighting against her bonds and his touch, Kagome felt tears roll down her cheeks as she screamed through her gag. Naraku finally released her breast and held his finger still within her. Licking a bit of blood that had been left on his bottom lip, he smiled his most charming smile and slowly slid his finger out, watching her teary eyes widen as it moved along her sensitive clit.

His voice was deeper than normal, a rough, husky tone added to it as he spoke. "You like that?"

Kagome shook her head, a small cry escaping her lips when he slid two fingers inside her. She tried to fight but she was held tightly in place by some unseen bonds. When his thumb flicked her clit, her body involuntarily jerked, bucking against his hand.

Pushing furthur into her, Naraku rested his free hand on her lower back, holding her in place while he found what he was searching for, smiling once he touched it. "Feel that? Its your maidenhead, still in place after traveling so long with that hanyou? I told you he was worthless, a real man would have taken care of that long ago."

Kagome whimpered and tried to pull away, closing her eyes in relief when he removed his hands from her and turned to the girls at the other side of the room. "Kanna, leave Kagura and go, your services are needed elsewhere."

"Noo..." Kagura clutched at the girl but let go after Naraku called her name.

"Kagura get over here and help with our guest."

Facing Kagome again with a cool smile, Naraku reached up, removed her gag and dropped it to the ground beside him. "I like to hear my girls scream."

"I don't scream," Kagome argued, glaring at him through humiliated tears. "You'll pay for whatever you do to me, Inuyasha will kill you when he finds out."

"Silly girl, that puppy's too weak to kill me," Naraku chuckled, running his smooth fingers over her neck and chest.

Kagura stumbled over, dropping to her knees beside him with her hands on her lap. "What must I do?"

"Take her, slowly," Naraku stepped back and crossed his arms, "I want to hear her beg."

"I won't," Kagome insisted, "You bastard."

Naraku chuckled, "We'll see little miko."

To Kagome's surprise, Kagura stood and cupped her face, licking off the trails her tears had made there. She kissed her cheeks, her nose, eyelids and finally her lips. Gasping in surprise, Kagome felt Kagura's tongue slide into her mouth and tried to pull away, finally biting down as hard as she could on her tongue.

Snapping her head back, Kagura gave her a cold smile and lowered her head, placing an equally hard bite to her shoulder. Swallowing down a cry Kagome focused on the wall behind Naraku and struggled to ignore the light touches of the woman's hands on her upper body. Her tongue lapped at her neck and shoulders as soft hands cupped and kneaded her breasts.

Kneeling, Kagura tweaked the girl's nipples, biting along her stomach, sides, hips and ribs before finally taking one tit into her mouth and sucking. Biting her lip hard enough to draw blood, Kagome closed her eyes against the tears streaming from them and swallowed down her sobs.

"You've got guts little miko, I must admit most would have said something by now," Naraku uncrossed his arms and shrugged off the yukata he'd been wearing.

Turning her head away from the sound, Kagome mewled when Kagura slid her hands down along her legs and carefully pulled her nether lips apart. Blowing on the slick folds, Kagura ignored Kagome's gasp and did it again.

A sob finally escaped Kagome's lips as she felt her overheated body quivering from the shocks sent through it by the soft blows. When a large pair of hands grasped her ass and a wet, slippery item licked her down below, Kagome screamed and threw her head back at the pleasure that shot through her.

Panting heavily, she fought down sobs and struggled against the feelings churning through her body. A pair of teeth gently bit her ear before a husky voice whispered into it, "You're ruined you know, Inuyasha will smell us on you, he'll know what we've done and he'll hate you."

Kagome shook her head, and gasped when Kagura's tongue moved along her slit to her backside. Moving his hands from her ass to cup her face and laugh, Naraku moved so his erection rested against her slick curls and felt her quivering worsen.

Shaking her head still, Kagome opened her eyes and looked up into his through her tears, silently begging him not to do this. He licked her bottom lip and bit at the place she'd drawn blood, drawing more and sucking on it with a fervor.

Behind her, Kagura kneeled and bit along her legs, paying special attention to the spots behind her knees before moving up to bite her ass cheeks. Spreading them open, she held them there for a moment while watching Naraku.

Releasing her lip, Naraku lowered his hands to grip her breasts tightly and with a wicked grin, he shifted his hips and impaled her in one hard thrust.


Kagome's control broke, screaming and sobbing as he and his minion had their way with her. While his hands held her hips and pushed her down hard on his member, Kagura followed his movements and kept her tongue working the girl's anus.

All thoughts of being strong and keeping silent had fled her mind and Kagome begged for the pain to end.

"Please stop! I can't take this!"

"You'll take it miko, all of it for as long as I like," Naraku laughed, lowering his head to bite her neck, shoulders and breasts.

"No! No! I can't!" Kagome struggled against her bonds until she was out of energy.

Noticing her slowing in her struggles and cries, Naraku released her bonds and had Kagura wrap her legs around him. Carrying her outside and down the steps to a pond beside the main building of his castle, he lay her back on the rocks there and frowned.

Kagome lay there bonelessly, staring up blankly at the man still inside her. He slapped her once, then twice when she failed to react. Losing his patience, he slid out of her and flipped her body over.

"See if you don't react to this bitch," Forcing her onto her knees and hands, he gripped her hips and shoved her forward until her upper body hung precariously over the water.

Before she could make any comment or get a good grip on the rock she was kneeling on, Naraku slammed into her from behind so hard that she was propelled forward into the water face-first.

Gasping in shock at the cold and at finding herself in water, Kagome began struggling frantically, hands coming into the water to find it was too deep for her to find anything to push herself up against. Not only that, but her gasp had made her swallow a good amount and she found her lungs burning worse by the second even as he continued pounding into her.

Screaming out in pleasure at the contractions of her panicking body around his throbbing member, Naraku quickened his pace before finally pulling her up against his chest.

Choking and swallowing great gulps of air, Kagome lay against him as her body tried to recover from the horrifying experience. Finally registering his continued thrusting within her, she managed to speak and asked.


"Why try to drown you?"

She nodded, screaming out in terror as he shoved her forward again into the water, this time pushing her so far along the rock that her knees barely rested at the edge and she found herself practically upside down in the water.

Murky water filled her lungs again, her eyes stinging from the dirt around her in the black pond as she tried uselessly to look for something to hold onto. She could hear nothing but she could feel him slamming into her harder and harder before pulling out and one of his hands moved from her hip to her head, dragging her out by her hair.

Choking, shaking and utterly terrified, Kagome managed to cross her arms across her chest and lay against him struggling to regain her breath. Naraku was also panting for breath, his member twitching in need, dripping pre-cum along her ass but he held back, explaining finally.

"When your body's struggling for air, the muscles naturally contract as hard as they can, and its the most wonderful sensation to feel that tight little ass of yours getting even tighter around my cock," he chuckled and regained his breath, shoving her down onto her back again.

Struggling against him, Kagome screamed as Kagura kneeled behind him and grabbed hold of her ankles, holding her down so Naraku could impale her again. He did, laughing when she screamed. Shoving her forward across the rock, he ignored her hands clawing at him and held her down with one hand on her chest and the other at her neck.

Reaching the edge of the rock again, he pushed her far enough so her head and shoulders hung over it and leaned down to give her a kiss before whispering a soft goodbye. Struggling wildly, Kagome barely managed to suck in a breath before his hand gripped her neck and shoved her head underwater again.

With one hand at her neck and the other at her sternum, Naraku laughed when she gripped his forearms and dug her nails into them. With Kagura still holding her legs to his waist, he was able to thrust into her and enjoy the bouncing of her pretty little breasts as she moved. Having taken a good breath of air, her body wasn't quite panicking, but her pussy was slick, tight and milking him good.

Groaning at the sight of her jumping titties, he felt himself getting closer and ordered Kagura to cry out in her stead. When she pressed herself against his back and began humping against him, he felt her wetness and moaned again.

Kagome was struggling beneath him and Kagura was panting and pressing herself against his back. Yanking Kagome out, he barely allowed her a couple of coughs before shoving her back in. Kagura licked along his ear as she began to talk dirty like he'd ordered.

"Aren't we a good little trio? She likes your dick inside her sweet cunt, look down, feel how she's milking you."

Pulling Kagome out, he watched her choking again and smirked, "That's right little bitch, deep breath before you go in again."

"No!" Kagome felt herself at the end of her strength as he dunked her back in. Her body was convulsing alright, twitching frantically against the force holding her down.

Naraku was kneeling above her now, one hand holding her hips up for him while the other still held her down, Kagura rubbing herself along his spine still. Pulling back slowly for one hard thrust, he was shocked to feel a soft tongue wrap around his dick and lick off the blood and female cum there, finally sending him over the egde into climax.

Slamming into her hard, Naraku yanked Kagome from the water as he screamed his release and shot off his cum into her pussy. Reaching her own orgasm the moment his load went into her, Kagome choked and then screamed in an odd mix of ecstasy and agony. Vaguely hearing Kagura cry out also, she eventually felt a heavy weight crush her down onto the rock and sighed, the back of her head slowly sinking into the water once again even as her body shut down on her from exhaustion and her world went black.


"Finally awake I see"

Naraku's voice brought a moan from Kagome. Something wet was touching her, the lightest caress, across her stomach, her ribs, along her side to her shoulder. Blinking, she realized there was no light in the room, nothing but pitch black around her and the soft touch along her body. Moving her hand, she recognized tatami mats beneath her and wondered where she could be.

The touch moved from her shoulder to her neck, the slick, thin item encircling and closing around it. More of the slimy objects touched her suddenly, grabbing her arms and legs, twining themselves up around them like vines. Tentacles, they felt slimy and wet like tentacles she decided.

"What is this? What's going on?"

Kagome trembled, the cool and sticky items sliding along her body and sending strange tingles and shocks through her. "What are you doing?"

"Playing little miko, just playing"

The tip of one of the tentacles touched her navel suddenly, moving slowly, teasingly, lapping like a tounge along the rim before slipping inside. At the strange sensation of the moist caress brought a strangled cry from Kagome, who was surprised to hear a groan from Naraku.

As her legs were spread wider, she was horrified to feel a finger touching her womanhood and felt even worse when Naraku chuckled. "You're wet little miko, could it be that you're enjoying this?"


Kagome shook her head, knowing her body was responding despite her wishes that it wouldn't. What kind of a slut enjoyed being raped?

A tentacle touched her breast then, sending a jolt of electricity into her body, which jumped at the contact. Another slithered around her other breast, encircling it and squeezing in rhythm that was soon matched on the other.


"But you're enjoying it!" Naraku laughed, cupping her below as she got wetter, "See? You're a little bitch Kagome, a slut, its ok to enjoy this, all whores do."

Tears of shame slipped from Kagome's eyes, even as she moaned when another tentacle slithered up and tweaked her right nipple. The vines on her legs and arms vibrated at that moment, in perfect unision that brought a scream from the girl. Arching her body up as she did so, she was shocked to feel another tentacle take advantage of her movement to slide beneath her and place itself so it rested along the cleft of her ass.

Naraku's hand moved and was quickly replaced by a tentacle, which merely slid this way and that along her curls. Panting and moaning, Kagome's knees were forced into a bent position by the vines around them, her lower body supported in its lifted position by two more tentacles that moved to form a small bridge beneath her bottom.

The tentacles around her body slid and teased, keeping her in a heated frenzy and then suddenly stopped cold. Gasping, Kagome lifted her head, despite the dark around her and looked to see what was wrong. Whimpering in frustration, she felt a soft hand on her cheek and the tentacle on her neck lifted her head for a kiss.

Sliding his tongue between her open lips, Naraku explored her mouth and groaned at the taste. She was warm, hot and oh-so sweet. Twining his tongue around hers, he gave a few sharp tugs on it, sliding them against one another sensually. He could feel her soft body trembling, need shoothing through her and the scent of her arousal filling the room.

Pulling back, he kept his lips against hers while his hand lowered to toy with her breast and he ordered, "Tell me what you want."

"No," Kagome's eyes filled with tears again, "I can't... you're the bad guy..."

"I'm not bad at this" Naraku squeezed the nipple, rolling it between his fingers.

Kagome whimpered, her mouth opening again beneath his. Licking the rim of her lips and lightly inside, Naraku teased her even as the the tentacles began moving again. "Tell me what you want."


"You want me to leave you?"

To her shock, the tentacles left her breasts, ass and clit at once, her body flopping to the ground again. Crying out at the loss, Kagome shook her head, "Orgasm! I need an orgasm!"

Naraku grinned, lips touching hers again, his tongue sliding into her mouth in a simulation of the act she needed down below. Tentacles taking hold of her body again, he swallowed her cry as the one that had been sliding back and forth along her ass slowly began to penetrate. She screamed, it felt so good, so wickedly good. Kami she WAS a whore. The tentacle was warm and wet like a tongue, kissing and sliding into her hole. It moved slowly, rotating every so often, filling her completely and then to her shock expanding little by little.

She tore her mouth away, screaming, begging, aware that she was dripping cum down along her legs. The tentacle at her pussy was now slipping gently into her lips, searching and finding the nub there, circling it and tugging at the sensitive clit mercilessly.

Naraku moaned at a sharp scream from her, knowing she would reach her peak soon. Reaching another tentacle out, he slid it forward along her body, stopping it when it reached the apex of her legs. Rubbing the sleekness there, he heard her moan and moved it again, ramming it forcefully into her slick cunt.


"What do you want Kagome?"

He moved the tentacle around her clit.



"How?" She sounded dazed, completely at her wits end and needy as hell. Moving forward, he spread his legs and kneeled above her head, his throbbing dick dripping onto her lips.

"What do you want me to do with this?"

Kagome whimpered, "Help me"

Another tentacle shot up her cunt, her scream cut off by his shaft being stuffed in her mouth. Gripping her hair roughly, he guided her head to meet his thrusts for a while but suddenly stopped and pulled back, the tentacles in her body stopping also.

Crying in frustration, Kagome was surprised when something wet and tangy slipped into her mouth and then gasped when Naraku spoke.

"Taste good? That's what you taste like"

The other tentacle moved from her pussy and up to her mouth, now two fucked her lips, one sliding in while the other went out. Hearing Naraku move again, she moaned in relief when she felt his dripping penis rubbing along her cunt. Tentacles sliding from her mouth, he asked her again.

"What do you want bitch?"

"Fuck!" Kagome sobbed, realizing what she needed and that this night would haunt her forever, "I need a fuck!"

Slamming into her, Naraku groaned but slid back and had her legs spread furthur. A tentacle wrapped around his dick, making it thicker, hotter, and wetter as it slammed back into her.


"Feel good bitch?" Naraku moaned and gripped her hips, bruising them as he rammed into her, each thrust deeper, harder, the tentacle pulsing around him and in her. "You won't forget this Kagome, you're mine, my bitch, my slut, you're nothing but a whore! You're in love with Inuyasha but you're fucking his greatest enemy and loving it!"

"Oh god - oh god!"

Kagome's head tossed and turned, the tentacles were crammed into her mouth again and she was ordered to suck.


Milking him, sucking for all her worth, Kagome was overwhelmed by the sensations when another tentacle slid up her ass, two more clamped down on her tits, and then the one wrapped around Naraku's dick vibrated.

Screaming despite the items in her mouth, her body tensed, hands gripping the tentacles nearest as her ass and pussy clentched down on the tentacles and dick inside them. Muscles spasming as her orgasm slammed through her, Kagome heard Naraku's shout as he joined her, his semen filling her, stuffing her and sliding down along with her own cum that dripped down her legs to the floor.

As her body twitched and clentched every so often in the after shocks, she felt Naraku's tentacles sliding from her but ignored it, eyes closing again as exhaustion took its toll once more and claimed her.

The last thing her hazy mind registered was the final vibration of the tentacle in her ass and the tingle it sent down her body, a smile forming on her lips at the sensation. Naraku's words barely reaching through her tired fog.


[I'm warm... why am I so warm?]

Turning her head a little, Kagome felt a tug on her neck and moaned softly from the pain. A familiar voice shushed her and ordered her to drink from something placed on her lips.

Struggling at first, Kagome vaguely heard the person ask her to trust them and felt the voice again was all too familiar. Drinking the liquid poured into her mouth, she was set down moments later and was out immediately again.

The next time she awoke, Kagome managed to blink and look up into the worried golden eyes above her. Frowning and wondering if this was a dream, that vioce reached her ears again. "Kami this is so fucked up."

With tears welling in her eyes, Kagome closed them as sobs wracked her battered body. Hearing him curse again, she moaned and tried to roll away, but found herself to be too weak and her body was lifted against his warm chest.

He was saying something to her but it didn't register in her mind, Naraku's and his words haunting her thoughts.

Naraku - [ "You're ruined you know, Inuyasha will smell us on you, he'll know what we've done and he'll hate you... You won't forget this Kagome, you're mine, my bitch, my slut, you're nothing but a whore! You're in love with Inuyasha but you're fucking his greatest enemy and loving it!" ]

Inu - { "This is so fucked up" }

Kagome - [He was right, Inuyasha's mad that he's stuck with a slut now - He thinks I'm dirty and he's right, he's so right...]

Crying herself back to sleep, she failed to realize the boy holding her in his lap begging her to stop and forgive him for not saving her.

Rocking the broken girl in his arms, Inuyasha's own tears escaped his eyes at the heartbreaking events that had shattered the girl he loved. Overwhelmed by guilt and pain, he howled in agony, his inu-youkai instincts taking over for once.

Hours later, Kagome woke to the familiar scent of Inuyasha and swallowed thickly, wincing at the pain it caused her sore throat. Tugging weakly at his shirt, she managed to ask for water and was relieved when he helped her drink from one of the bottles she'd brought on her last trip from the future. Feeling less drained after sleeping for so long, she finally spoke, expressing everything with just one word.


"Don't talk," Inuyasha ordered, pulling her against him as tight as possible, "Just don't say anything ok?"

Nodding her head, Kagome lay there savoring what she was sure to be her last few moments with him with her eyes closed. A few minutes later, a pair of lips kissed the crown of her hair, her forehead and finally her temple. Blinking in surprise, she lifted her head to look at him and gasped at the sight that met her eyes.

Inuyasha wore the saddest, most agonized expression she'd ever seen on his features, with tears sliding silently down along his cheeks to drop onto the haori wrapped around her body. He opened his mouth to speak but a sob was all that escaped. Clearing his throat, Inuyasha tried again and managed to get words out, saying in a scratchy voice the last thing she ever expected to hear from him.

"Gomen nasai"

Staring wide eyed in shock, she saw his face crumple before he buried it in her hair, ragged breaths coming through his mouth and sending a soft chill through her body. "Please forgive me Kagome, I swear I'll kill him for this. Forget Miroku and Sango's claims and what he did to me and Kikyo, the bastard's going to die by my hands for this, I swear it to you above everything else, he's going to die."

"Inuyasha?" Kagome whispered quietly.

Lifting his head to meet her eyes, the haunted look there took her breath away and silenced her once again. "I saw everything, every bite, bruise, every lick and thrust. I heard what he said, what he and Kagura whispered while he nearly killed you."

Crushing her to him tightly again, Inuyasha curled his body as close as possible around hers and bit back his sobs. "I'm so sorry Kagome, so SO sorry! I don't deserve it but I need you to forgive me."

"You saw?" Kagome had tensed in his arms and made him look her in the eye. "How could you have seen?"

"Apparently Kanna can use almost anything to show images when she needs to," Inuyasha gulped, "I was staring into the spring by the village when she showed up and waved a hand over the water. It became like your time's tv, showing what was going on back at Naraku's castle. She showed from when you were simply watching her with Kagura until Naraku had you placed on Kagura's feather and sent back."

"He sent me back?" Kagome frowned, "Why?"

"The damage was done, now he gets to gloat and watch us," Inuyasha felt her shudder and pulled her close to lay her head against his chest again.

"Why are you being so nice Inuyasha? Don't I smell? I can smell them on me and I'm sure you can too," Kagome swallowed thickly again and bit her lip, wincing at the pain already there. "I feel so dirty and tired."

"You're not dirty," Inuyasha corrected, cupping her head in his hands to look her in the eye. "I heard him tell you that you were ruined, that I would hate you but I would NEVER do that Kagome."

"But he... he..." Kagome's eyes welled with tears. "He made me enjoy it! In that room, that dark room! He made me enjoy it, he made me a slut!"

"He's an asshole and he wants to break us apart," Inuyasha stood suddenly, carrying her bridal-style to the nearby spring. Setting her down atop a rock there, he shushed her protests and stepped away, shocking her when he began to remove his clothing.

Kagome watched in fascination as his shirt was slipped off, revealing that well-toned chest she'd admired so often while bandaging. His pants were next and she blushed when she realized he wore nothing beneath them. After tossing them to the grass behind him, Inuyasha slowly made his way over to her side.

Feeling dirty and vulnerable, she turned her head away and closed her eyes when he cupped her chin and made her turn back.


When his hands gently grasped the front of the haori and began to open it, she gasped and looked up in fear. Shaking his head, he nudged away the hands clasping it shut and lowered his lips to her ear to whisper, "Trust me."

"I do, I'm just so ashamed!"

Closing her eyes again, she forced herself to breathe and remain calm while he slipped the fire-rat coat off her shoulders and left her sitting there in the nude. Gut tightening as tears of shame and guilt slipped from her eyes, her lips parted in surprise when she felt the first touch of his mouth on her bruised and bitten neck.

His clawed hands rested on the rock at her sides, leaving her free from his touch exept for his lips, which continued to kiss along her body. With her tears flowing in a steady stream from her eyes, Kagome trembled as he gently placed his hands on her legs and pried them open, finally stepping in between them when they were wide enough.

Taking special care with her breasts, he licked at the bruises and wounds there, shushing her soft gasps and focusing on using his saliva to help her bite marks heal faster. Kissing his way along her rib cage, stomach and hips, he massaged her left leg even as he followed it down with his lips. Moving to the other, he followed it back up and rested at her navel for a moment.


Kagome opened her eyes to look down and see him staring at her body sadly. Gently pulling her off the rock, he turned her in his arms and began giving her back the same attention, kissing and licking at the harsh scratches made by the stone Naraku had dragged her onto. Dropping to his knees behind her, he was left at eye level with her pert bottom and nuzzled the skin there with his cheek, placing soft, adoring kisses along the bruises there also.

Finally turning her again, he spread out the haori on the rock and sat her atop it, spreading her legs wide enough for him to stand between them again. Looking into her teary eyes, he gently placed a kiss to her lips and whispered against them.

"Just one more spot"

Kneeling, he found himself facing her black curls. When she gasped and tried to close her legs, he held them open easily and whispered against her thigh again, "Trust me."

Relaxing the tiniest bit, Kagome looked down at him and met his eyes, locking with them as his head moved forward and his mouth slowly, softly, and oh-so-carefully kissed here there.

She'd never imagined such a thing, had never even been kissed on the mouth before that day and now here she was, no longer a virgin, bruised, ugly, dirty, and being kissed on her nether lips by the boy she'd been in love with for over two years. Tears slipping from her eyes, she watched him open her and carefully place a kiss inside and on her clit before standing and leaning forward to touch her lips with his.

With a sob, she wrapped her arms around his neck and clung tightly while he pulled her off the rock and entered the spring with her. Moving to the deepest part where the water touched his shoulders, Inuyasha broke off the kiss and after telling her to hold her breath, dunked them both under for a second before standing again.

Her body tightened around him in the few seconds they remained under and he understood why, kissing her lips reassuringly again as soon as their heads were out. Moving over to a rock that could serve as a seat, he settled onto it with her on his lap, straddling his waist easily after the warm water had soothed her aching muscles.

Sniffling softly, Kagome remained quiet while he scooped up water in his hands and gently bathed her. Resting her head against his shoulder, she sighed and felt him wrap his warm arms around her back.

He spoke after a few moments of silence, just as she was about to drift off to sleep again, and his words eased her heavy heart of its biggest fear.

"You're not ruined Kagome, no one can ever do that to you unless you let them, and we won't let him have that satisfaction. You're just as clean and beautiful now as you were before he took you away koishii. You understand that?"

With a soft nod, she smiled and melted against him, "Hai."

"No doubts Kagome, I'm sorry he was the first to touch you, but I'll make that up to you - when you're ready. I'm just so sorry, he took you and left an legion of demons to keep us from fighting back."

Kagome gulped, "T-That might take me a while Inu, I mean its nice to be held by you but I don't think I could..."

"We'll go slowly," Inuyasha kissed her bare shoulder and licked a bruise there. "They say the best things are always worth waiting for, I can wait for you to be ready, as long as it takes. As long as I live though, you will never suffer as you did today again. Never. This I swear to you on my mother's grave."



"Thank you... for understanding and everything..." Kagome kissed his shoulder as he had done to hers before falling asleep with a soft sigh, losing the battle against the fatigue she'd been pushing down.

Moving his head back, Inuyasha shifted her on his lap to hold her body across his legs and have her head resting on his shoulder where he could look down and look into her face. Pressing a gentle kiss to her lips, he closed his eyes and rested his forehead against hers, falling into sleep a deep sleep soon after, but not before her whisper reached him and brought a smile to his lips.

"Aishiteru Inuyasha..."

Kagome heard him whisper it back and tightened her arms around his shoulders. [He was wrong, I don't belong to him, I'm still Inuyasha's]


So it started off horrible and ended up up waffy. What'd you think?