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Im So Happy Were Finally Together: Im So Happy Were Finally Together ( Chapter 1 ) [ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]
Anime/Manga: Samurai Deeper Kyo
Genre(s): Hentai | Type: One Shot
Author: gogetaschick_2
Uploaded On: July 27, 2004 11:20 PDT | Updated On: July 27, 2004
Pages: 4 | Words: 3415 | Size: 18 KB | Visits: 3206 | Status: Completed
   From 4 yrs of resting im back this is a lemon and contains a "spoiler" kyo/ yuya
Kyo gets a *taste* of the real yuya

Title: I'm So Happy We're Finally Together

Author: gogetaschick_1

Rated: Nc-17

Genre: Romance/Drama

Disclaimers: if I owned Samurai Deeper Kyo , wouldn't you think I would just make a bunch of episodes on this instead of taking my fucking time to write it?no im kidding. I do not own Samurai Deeper Kyo and probably never will.

Author's note: Its been about 4 years since I wrote my last fic, I had tons of Ideas but never had the time to write them. This contains a *spoiler*. For the people who love Kyoshiro, sorry Kyo won, the guy who fell was Kyoshiro because he was the only one with short hair and at that time Kyo had long hair. KYO is the one with TAN skin and Kyoshiro's complexion was pale. Not only that but if you've paid CLOSE attention to his HAIR @ the end you could see a tuff of RED hair below his ear and of course it was also HIS voice. (I suck at grammer and spelling so please bear with me ^_^;)

pleaz R &R : } gogetaschick_1

I'm So Happy We're Finally Together

"Kyo!!! Kyoshiro!!!"

Kyo, Kyroshiro…

Yuya ran toward the fallen lifeless body of Kyoshiro. Ignoring the wet cold snow that touched against her fragile skin she laid next to the body and placed his head on her succulent breasts and cradled him with her trembling arms. Kyo, who was standing from behind her, watched her as she was weeping. He grinned, an evil thought crossed his mind. He took his muramasa and severed his long triumphant vermeil hair. Each strand fell in the same course of the wind dancing around his sagacious physique. He gleamed at her tremorous body. He knew she was cold, very cold. He knew at her state that she can not withstand the intrusive winds. He kneeled down beside her and picked her up in a slow tantalizing manner.

"Kyo" gasped Yuya as she was taken into the air and found herself within his tenacious hold next to his chiseled ripped pecs.

I've never been this close to Kyo.

When that thought passed her a blush egressed across her face. Despite the harsh cold around her, a warmth swept over her, a new set of comfort enveloped her body. A fuzzy feeling infringed her mind and she drifted off into sleep.

Kyo took his time walking back to the inn.

"Yuya-san!!" Migeira exclaimed.

An arm stopped him in his tracks , " Let them be." Said a tear stricken Okuni .

He arrived at the inn and slid the door open with his left foot.

He entered the empty room and laid her limp unconscious body on the cold firm flat floor.

Yuya-san…. He muttered.

He kneeled over her and parted the wet hairs from her forehead and gently kissed her forehead.

Yuya-san … He repeated with a tone of ecstasy in his voice while trailing kisses down the side on her face.

Tracing the line of her jaw with a series of little pecks, he worked his way down setting a trail of kisses all the way down to the knot of bone between her breasts.

Yuya… Kyo said, but this time there was more lust in his voice.

He parted the split of her kimono to reveal her savory titillating round orbs. He barbarously gripped her breasts and started to squeeze and massage them like a mad man. A wide evil grin grew on his face and he started to chuckle. He engulfed her right breast like someone who haven't eaten in days while he cupped the left on in his firm grasp. He suckled her breast hard, he then went up and lapped her nipple with his tongue and gently sucked it. He started to nibble at it and knead it with his right hand. After he got bored of devouring the right breast he started to gorge on the left one doing the same he did to the right.

When he finally got tired of that one and started to massage her breasts with both hands and started to kiss them. After he kissed them he skillfully removed her obi started to place a trail of kisses lower and lower, when he got to her belly button he licked the rest of his way down.

He licked past her pubis and through the curly forest and then he reached her lips. He moved himself between her thighs and placed her legs over his broad shoulders. He dove down and cupped her buttocks with his potent hands and his long fingers keeping her in place, holding her up like a plate. When he arrived at her sex, ever so gently he started to lap her inner lips. He did several rounds both clockwise and counter clock wise. He continued to do this until her precious pink pearl emerged he carefully circled around it and licked the hood. And when the jewel fully surfaced he started the attack.

Hmmmm…. huh…huh… little moans started to escape Yuya's lips. She started to stir

Why do I feel so good.... She silently thought

Yuya slowly creeped her eyes open and then she suddenly gasped for air and widen her eyes as it finally registered what is happening to her.

Kyo looked up when he heard the gasp. He knew she awakened but he did not stop. He continued his attack of her clitoris in a series of greedy licks and gentle sucks.

Yuya tried to hold herself up with her elbows letting out heavy pants and light moans and barely succeeded. Holding her weight with her arms she looked up and saw what Kyo was doing to her. Her eyes met his gaze and yet he continued his attack.

KYO ?!!? Yuya yelped.

He didn't reply he just closed his eyes and chuckled and continued what he was doing. He knew in the back of his mind that she was enjoying this and bit by bit she was getting weaker.

When she tried to get up but her hands slid against the hard slick floor and fell, hard, hard with an audible thud. She laid there looking up at the ceiling and let the pleasure slowly take over her, she gave up on trying to hold back her moans and submitted to this enveloping pleasure and closed her eyes and accepted the defeat. Kyo smiled he knew what this meant, not only was he rejoicing in her taste but her submersion.

…I …I…I feel it, I'm getting higher…Kyo you're making me feel so good, don't stop I'm almost there…

Her moans were turning into light paced screams, she was close and he knew it, he stopped teasing her with the soft licks and gentle sucks he made his attack more fierce and focused on only making his licks harder and more direct. She stiffened and screamed out Kyo's name and her nectar came flowing out. For her it felt like an explosion that put her in an heavenly state that she felt through her entire body.

Haaa…Haaa…mmm…aahhh…I can still feel him, huh nani ? he… hes still AT IT?!?!

After her orgasm, Yuya managed to get her weakened form on one elbow. She gripped the dry floor with her free hand and leaned over to her left side and tried to squirm away but he would not let her go. Her body has started to shake and she gave an involuntary thrust toward his mouth.

Kyo made his licks harder against her littler hard nub. He hugged her left leg with one arm and the other was still up. He's teasing her, he purposely met her lean and at the back of Yuya's mind, she knew this. Yuya is emitting hard pants. Yet, again she was close and the wave of orange please took her by surprise. She spasmed hard, she let go of her stance and aligned her lean parallel with Kyo's with both arms tucked together and curled into a fetal position as she released.

When it finally ceased she uttered


He ignored her plea and met her eyes with a wide evil grin, he started chuckle an evil hard laugh and parted her inner thighs and dove down again, each one of his arms locked her thighs open and held her close to his face in a tight embrace. He recrudesce his attack by making it more impetuous.

Yuya revolted by giving an annoyed squeal but was later taken again with the pleasure and gently held the back of his head in place with her senile grip. Her moans were replaced with loud pleasurable screams of Kyo's name.

Yuya-san you taste so good, I can't get enough of you… He said to her softly and quickly resumed to his task. He moved his arms from the tight embrace to cup her luxurious mounds and held them pleasingly. Yuya's hands joined his and held them like so.

Very soon after it caught up with her and she began to rest on her elbows behind her and arched her back and went through another series of uncontrollable jerks. Kyo continued till all of her spasms had ceased and took his time consuming her nectar, enjoying her sweet taste and fragrance by letting the smooth liquid slide down his throat. He continued till he had swigged her dry.

He got up and met her gaze.

She's so beautiful He thought.

He took his throbbing member and rubbed its head against her sonorous pearl. She grabbed his planished coat hard, she knew what she was about to face. When he felt the tug he looked down and they gazed deep into each others eyes. He leaned forward and gave her a deep passionate kiss. Their first kiss, a tear came down Yuya's face at the thought. She moved her arms around his neck in a sweet loving embrace and deepened the kiss.

He nestled his head between the cleft and gently penetrated her orifice. His invigorate hands guided her on his aching member. Stretching and ripping away the obstacle that represented her purity. Yuya broke the kiss and screamed in pain as he broke inside of her, he was tearing her in half. It hurts her so much she was literally wailing as the pain surged through her. Then he traveled even deeper into her tight canal, oh how it gripped and squeezed him ever so tightly. For him it felt like such bliss. He moved in fully and stayed still to enjoy the feeling of her tightness. He looked down at Yuya and started at her crying form and leaned over and licked the tears that were coming out from both eyes.

He took her in his clasp and had her rest on his lap, he held her close to him. He held her possessively, she was his and no one else's. From there the blood from her core started to drip more and it gently traced the veins of his manhood to form a puddle on the hard wooden floor.

Yuya got use to his presence inside of her …It's so big…

Slowly and gently he started to pump inside of her.


With every invading pump her painful screams were slowly turning into gratifying gasps. As the thing moved inside her, she can slowly feel the pleasure taking over the inflicting pain. Her whole body flowed in this ecstasy as she can now feel the object transmitting into her bolts of repletion. The feeling of warmth, comfort and mirth sent her into a stage of felicity.

Ky…o…Kyo… Kyo…

She was approaching and he felt it and it came to him in an influx of opalescent waves. She felt the array of contractions flowing within her body. She used her arms to push herself away from Kyo and sprawled herself out onto the floor and then screamed out his name as she came.


He flipped her on her belly and increased his rhythm and Yuya pushed back and met his stride. Her arms were tired and she used the bit of energy she had left to meet his stroke but it became to much for her so she lazily laid down her head and enjoyed the ride. Yuya then felt another ball of energy forming inside of her and let the explosion tremble through her being. She let this out in another vibrant gleeful scream.


Kyo flipped her over again so that their eyes would meet. She gazed deeply into his crimson orbs and then he gave her another deep kiss. His tongue begged for entrance so she opened her mouth and let him. His tongue became entwined with hers in a sublime dance. He broke the kiss to meet her breasts and he enthusiastically fondled them and reintroduced his mouth. Circling the nipples with his tongue and then blithely sucked them.

At the same time Yuya cradled his head with a gentle wrap and with her other one she held the hand that was over her breast. She looked to the side and continued to moan quite heavily, enjoying the ecstasy Kyo is giving her. Kyo left her breast to look though her beautiful emerald eyes. He gave her one last thrust which sent her off the edge and very soon after joined her with a grunt and spilled his seed inside of her. He rested his head on her comfortable mounds and they both drifted off to sleep together.

****wow it feels so good to be writing again XD. I hope you all had fun reading it as much as I did writing it. And don't forget to R&R****

gogetaschick_1 ^_^