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Her Smile: Her Smile ( Chapter 1 ) [ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Anime/Manga: InuYasha
Genre(s): Romance / Angst | Type: One Shot
Author: Maiden of the Moon
Uploaded On: August 12, 2004 19:54 PDT
Pages: 6 | Words: 2019 | Size: 11 KB | Visits: 1124 | Status: Completed
   She swore she'd never smile again after his death. Why is she smiling now. . . ? (InuKag poetry)

Disclaimer: I own nothing, but hey, that's nothing new.

Author's Note: Hiya!

You know, sometimes poems (and stories) just seem to write themselves. Like this one. ^_~ Lol, I'm actually pretty proud of it `cause it's my first piece in an AABB format. ^_^ Anyway, please be gentle with some of the timing, I know a bit of it is slightly off, but I tried my best. ^_^;;

Please enjoy, don't become too disturbed, and please R&R! XD


She shot bolt upright, tears firmly in place

Forever to stream down her sad, lonely face

A sobbing, hurt girl for all to see

Suffering for eternity

She had not smiled, she'd only cried

Ever since the day he had died

Two years of sadness, years of daunt

Of dark memories that continued to haunt

Why oh why did he have to go?

Why had he died and left her so?

Just when their love was first reviled

Upon that forsaken battlefield

Their fight they'd won, they finally had won

Just as the black clouds covered the sun

As wounds of combat continu'lly bled

And stony, blank faces quickly were shed

His soft uttered name was the only sound

As his tired, worn body fell fast to the ground

His hair shining red in the dimming, dark light,

His face glowed a ghostly, eerie pale white

"Kagome," he forced out though great pain

As ominous storm clouds released a cold rain

"I will not last more than a while

So. . . as good bye. . . would you please smile. . . ?"

"Why?!" she choked out through her cries

As icy teardrops stung her eyes

"With you like this I cannot grin!

To smile right now would be a sin!"

"Please, for me," his voice so low

His hurting he tried not to show

"I need to see that grin so bright

That lightened all my darkest nights

I need to see your shining beam

That's fixed my life's torn, ragged seams

I need to see it, this I know

Just one more time before I go."

"But you *can't* leave," she tried to scold

As above her booming thunder rolled

Her hair was sticking to her form

As tears and blood mixed with the storm

"You know that I must," he softly said

As in her lap he placed his head

He knew he was dying, no point in denial

"But before I go, please- just show me your smile. . ."

Forcing back tears she embraced him so tight

Acutely aware that this was their last night

"I love you," he whispered, soft in her ear

So quiet that only Kagome could hear

"I love you," she echoed, her emotions so strong

As the boy closed his eyes in the place he belonged

But before this last chance the pair of them missed-

He placed on her lips a soft, bloody kiss

And then he was gone, his face icy-white

Eyes dull and half-lidded - not lively and bright

No more harsh insults, no moments of care

Oh how, oh how she wished he was there!

She could cry, she could sob, she could bellow and scream

She could sit him until the brown earth became green

She could wait for a short time or very long while

But he'd still be gone- with no final smile

She closed his blank eyes, her heart growing cold

Mind swirling in sadness both new and so old

She made up her mind, right there and right then

She would never, ever smile again

Only for Inu would she beam or sob

For the man that protected and sheltered and robbed

The man who had loved her until his last breath

The man who she'd held in his final rest

And so she had lived in a tormented hell

A mile or so from the Bone Eater's well

She hadn't yet left Inu's fabled old age

She preferred to live trapped in this haunting dim cage

To visit his grave site beside the God tree

Where in the cool spring ancient Bloodroots bloomed free

To cry and to sob and take comfort in friends

Who promised to be there `til their bitter ends

But she just couldn't take it- the tears and the ache

The ache of her heart as it `tinued to break

Another wet spring time, another soft rain

And as always the raindrops brought memories- pain

She got out of bed, left her nightmares behind

As from her old pack pulled a weapon of kinds

A bottle of pills that clattered when shook

A promise of death swift as Medusa's look

With a scuffle too soft to awaken a soul

Kag, for the first time, began to feel whole

She stopped at the God tree; felt smaller than sand

Staring at the place her adventures began

She glanced to the sky where the hazy sun shone

Warm rain leaving as she stood there, alone

Basking in memories that almost were *sweet*

Of her love and herself when they first did meet

Then her stormy blue eyes fell upon the tree's base

Where roots intertwined just like intricate lace

And beneath the thin soil, his place marked by a rose

Lay the body that caused her great love and great woes

The girl slowly sank to her trembling knees

Back to the tree, the grass wet as the seas

Pulling the bottle out from her thin coat

She poured all but three pills into her dry throat

Throwing the rest of the meds far aside

Down the rough bark to the ground she did slide

Her eyes closing gently, she fell deeply asleep

For the first time in years feeling peace, sweet and deep


They found her there later, her body stone cold

Her soaking wet clothing beginning to mold

She looked like a child in a joyful, calm dream

Proving that nothing is quite like it seems

She was curled in a loose ball as dark maroon `juice'

Poured from her lips; overdose induced

Her dark charcoal hair contrasting her skin

Her eyes were closed lightly; lashes framing and thin

Her school blouse was stained in an un-washable mess

From the liquids now able to soak through her flesh

Her hands gently touching the rose of his grave

The feel of the petals trying to save

Not to wake, she was dead, she was actually gone

She was finally with him, forever and on

And hark; though the blood and the seeping green bile- - -

Behold, her haunting, large, happy smile