::Poison::: Default ( Chapter 1 )

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A/N; Aaaight peeps I'm back with a lemon!!!!! Was about time I did one again too, anyways I apologize in advance if it seems short or too ooc for the charries^^ Overall just have fun!!! This was inspired by the song Poison by Alice Cooper^^. Some of those lyrics just scream LEMON. Anyways I took some of em and altered one scentence^^ Oh and heh heh this is another attempt at pwp writing!~_^ Oh and it might be a little confusing I think because its in third person pov yet it switches from Takao's side to Kai's!! err just read^^;;;

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~*Your mouth, so hot
Your web, I'm caught*~

His delicate fingers curled into the blackness of a tight leather top, drifting over a broad chest and stomach, feeling muscles ripple under his administrations. Fingernails made soft little scratchy sounds on the leathery fabric. His eyes were half lidded as he looked up to the owner of the leather top. He licked his lips slowly and seductively gripping a handful of short black and grey bangs, pulling the other's face closer.

His breath hitched, inhaling the sweet scent of mint mingled with cinnamon. A soft sigh escaped his mouth as he gently leaned in closer, wanting to feel his lips pressed upon the other's so badly.

~*I want to kiss you but I want it too much (Too much)
I want to taste you but your lips are venomous poison*~

He hesitated just for a second, aching for the passionate pressure of his lips on the other's. His kisses were addictive and dangerous like poison burning deep within him with such a desire that it overwhelmed him. He still hesitated, enjoying the thrill of the electric moment as they became closer and closer, but the other finished what he wanted so desperately to do. He felt the gentle whisper of a kiss on his lips and closed his eyes as that burning mouth descended upon his again but with more pressure this time.

He moaned softly in the back of his throat as he opened his mouth on a sigh, gently and tenderly seeking out the other's tongue to dance with. No fight for dominance this time, he just wanted to enjoy the slow intimate tanglement of the deep kiss, brushing his own tongue against the other basking in the sensations it brought to him.

The other leaned down more so he was forced to lie down on his back on the soft mattress of a bed.

"Kai", He breathed on a whisper before getting himself engaged in a tender and passionate kiss again. His free hands now roamed all over the other's back. He wanted to feel more of him, wanted to feel his hot and sweaty skin on his own. He snaked his hands under the tight top and lightly brushed his fingertips over delicate inches of ivory skin.

"Takao", the other breathed breaking from the kiss. He sat up and took the top of, carelessly throwing it on the floor before he descended once more upon the boy that laid beneath him.

He smiled slightly as his tanned hands were now able to feel everything of the one above him. Fingernails scratched pale skin, leaving tiny red marks here and there. A gasp could be heard as the other arched into the touches he was receiving.

"You too", his voice rasped as pale hands seeked the hem of the shirt of the boy beneath him. Gently, he trailed his hands up taking the shirt with him. He pulled it over the boy's hair and threw it aside. Gazing at the younger teen for a moment he smiled slightly.

"Beautiful", he rasped placing gentle and hot open mouthed kisses down the boy's neck and collar bone while his hands stroke him everywhere they could.

He arched his head slightly feeling the other's hot tongue trailing his neck, soft sighs escaped his mouth as he felt his hot mouth descent upon his chest, licking and nipping on his soft and sweaty tanned skin. He felt slender pale fingers brush his nipples making him gasp aloud.

And then the fingers were replaced by that hot wet tongue and it engulfed him in a daze of misty pleasure.

The older teen grinned against the heated and flushed skin, a sparkle of pure lust danced in his eyes as he let one of his hands trail down lower slowly, drawing lazy circles around the other's navel , going further down till he reached the board of black tight jeans. His fingers found the belt buckle as he placed a delicate kiss on the younger's lips.

Swiftly undoing the belt he reached for the button and zipper , unbuttoning the jeans with the skill of one who had done this in this position often. Slowly he pulled the zipper down, his fingers brushing against the younger's most private part of his body. He felt him shiver slightly under his touch and smiled down to him as he took the jeans completely off, followed by his own pants and boxers.

Blue eyes, misted over with pleasure and excitement as he felt his touches, soft and tender through the thin fabric of his undergarments. He arched into the touch, wanting to feel more and more of it.

"Hnnh", a soft moaned escaped his lips as he felt the fingers apply pressure to his aching need. He felt his body tremble as a reaction to the treatment he was receiving and still it wasn't enough.

"Off", he gasped, wanting to take the last piece of clothing off himself but the other held his hands out of reach.

"Inpatient?", he whispered seductivly as he let go of the younger's hands to do the job for him. With a soft squeeze in the younger boy's thighs he forced him to lift his hips of the bed for a short moment so he could take the last garment off of him.

"So nice, so aroused", he whispered in the younger's ear making the said person shiver unconsciously.

"Touch me ", the blue eyed boy said in a whisper before he pressed his mouth to the other's once more, forcing his tongue through the other's lips he kissed him deeply and thoroughly, this time he was fighting the other for dominance but failed miserably when he felt a hand enclose his arousal , slowly sliding up and down upon him.

He broke the kiss on a gasp arching his head back as the other added more pressure to his strokes taking up a faster pace.

~*I want to hurt you just to hear you screaming my name*~

Crimson eyes, clouded over with pleasure and mischief at the sounds the boy was making, eyed the delicate flesh of his exposed neck. He latched onto it, sucking and nipping on the hot skin beneath his lips. Then he unexspectantly bit down hard drawing pure red droplets of blood from the tiny bite wound.

"Ah Kai!", the younger yelled out in surprise if not a little in pain.

"Shhhhhh", he licked up the small forming trail of blood with his tongue, softly sucking the bruised skin to sooth the pain.

Finding the position he was in rather uncomfortable, he sat up taking the younger one with him. He pulled him into his lap as he continued his assault on his neck as the younger one wrapped his legs around him.

"Kai..please", he begged as he felt large hands all over his body except the place where they had been a second ago, giving him pure shocks of pleasure. He needed release, he was aching for his touch.

"Soon Takao........................soon", He replied as he felt smaller hands upon his back, trailing his spine. He smiled stroking a delicate cheek.

"You look so hot and flushed", Kai said playing with a strand of dark blue hair that seemed to feel even softer as the best silk there was.

"I am hot , flushed and aching for release, Kai", Takao moaned as he felt the feather light brushes of the other's fingers on his most private parts again.

He smirked as he stopped his movements on him for a moment to whisper in his ear.

"Turn around and get on your hands and knees", he ordered gently.

He did what he was told to do and got on all fours, he gasped as he felt those strong hands caress him all over his body again, not missing an inch of his heated skin. He felt his hot breath in his neck as the other bent over him to place a wet hot kiss behind his ear before his tongue trailed a curious line down his spine. Hands drifted to his side, slowly advancing to his front where they went lower and lower.

~*Your skin, so wet
so soft covered in sweat*~

Tanned skin glistered with sweat under his administrations, his own pale skin shimmered in the dull yellow glow of the bed light as well. He wrapped one of his hands around the younger teen's manhood which was leaking with precum as he slowly pumped up and down.

Takao arched his head back moaning and chanting his name over and over again and he smiled, liking the sound of that.

Suddenly he took his hand away and latched his mouth to the sensitive skin just above the boy's buttocks.

"Hnnh Kai…why'd you stop?", the smaller teen asked with his eyes screwed close as the tickling sensations on his skin were registered by his brains. He ached so much that it hurt and Kai knew that yet still he didn't act on it.

~*My pain, your thrill*~

"Hmm I don't want you to come just yet, I like to see you suffer", he answered . He let his hands caress the lobes of the sweet pert butt that was before him as he slowly licked a trail down in-between them, brushing the boys opening several times teasingly.

"Ooh G..gods", the blue haired teen gasped. He didn't know if he could take this torment much longer.

"Suck", Kai ordered holding the fingers of one hand in front of his mouth. He obeyed willingly and seductively swirled his tongue around the digits, lubricating them with his own saliva while he was still being assaulted by that hot wet tongue. His eyes were closed and his body shivered in pure ecstasy.

He took his fingers from that wet mouth and slowly replaced his tongue with one of his digits to stretch the younger one up. He added a second finger, scissoring his way in and out of him. He felt the trembles of pleasure rack his partners body, signalizing he was ready for more.

"Hmm Kai oh please, I can't take no more………………", he moaned as he felt him position himself behind him. To empathize his words he roughly pushed back against the crimson eyed boy's abdomen, rubbing his butt teasingly up and down upon his aching need.

"Ah Takao you little minx!", he grunted . He grabbed a hold of slim tanned hips and trusted forward in one go. They both moaned simultaneously at the sweet friction that that little movement caused and he couldn't hold still anymore. He roughly pulled back before slamming right back into him again. Stars danced before his eyes as he build a steady rhythm, feeling the younger boy push back against him in sync with that rhythm .

~*You're poison running through my veins*~

He felt nothing but pure shocks of pleasurable electricity through his whole body which seemed to glow with an incredible heat every time he felt him reach something so deep inside of him. It was as if his body was on fire, burning with passion at the friction that was released in this most intimate act of love making. It was like a poison, which paralyzed his whole being and blinded him with bright flashes of white.

"Ooh Kai………………….deeper ………..f.faster", he moaned loudly. His breath hitched as he felt a well known hand enclose his arousal to pump it in sync with their fastening rhythm.

He felt beads of sweat roll down the side of his face as he kept on slamming into his lover, every trust bringing him closer to that blissful edge. He was floating in midair, ready to plunge down in the endless swirl of sweet oblivion. His body started to shiver violently as he trusted more deeply into the sweet hot body that surrounded him.

"Aaah so tight…………so fucking tight", he moaned pleasurably closing his eyes. He felt his hand being coated in more precum as worked it on the smaller teen. He felt the little chants of pure pleasure coming from his lips and it made him feel overwhelmed. He felt his body tremble against him.

"Kami-Sama!............I can't………….G..Gods aaaaaah!", he moaned loudly as he fell into sweet bliss, his muscles clenching and unclenching as he coated a pale hand in his essence. Flashes of pure white blinded him as he let out ragged breaths burying his face into a soft fluffily pillow. His body shuddered in ecstasy when he felt him trust into him one more time as deep as could be before his lover finally also let go, slumping over him, unable to control the trembles that raced through his spine.

"Hmm so good Takao so good", he heard him moan next to his ear before he pulled out of him.

He rolled on his back, sweat slicked and totally spend.

"That was fucking fantastic", Takao sighed deeply as he curled up next to the crimson eyed boy who wrapped an arm around him.

"Tell me", he whispered nuzzling blue sweat soaked locks, inhaling the sweet scent of vanilla shampoo.

"You taste good", he said seductively as he licked his hands clean of his lover's essence.

"Uhn! Kai please, you are going to make me come again if you keep licking your fingers like that"


"Hmm I don't mind though but.", Takao gently kissed his Phoenix before curling up to him again, " I'm sticky enough as it is"

"Think we should grab a shower before we go to sleep then"


He looked down in blue glistering eyes and smiled slightly.

"Aishiteru Takao", he whispered taking his hand to lead him to the shower.

"Let's get ourselves cleaned up huh"

Takao smiled lovingly as he stood up slowly, winching a little.


"Hell yeah!"

Kai smirked and promptly lifted him up in his arms.


"Much…….aishiteru Kai", he whispered back placing a butterfly kiss upon the older teens lips as they made their way over to the bathroom slowly………………………… ;.

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