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The Tail: Goten's new Tail ( Chapter 1 ) [ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]
Anime/Manga: Dragon Ball/Z/GT
Genre(s): Hentai | Type: One Shot
Author: KazeTsunami
Uploaded On: February 22, 2005 12:04 PST | Updated On: February 22, 2005
Pages: 1 | Words: 2020 | Size: 11 KB | Visits: 12324 | Status: Completed
   Goten gets a tail that causes him to want to have sex.

This is another One-Shot I made. Right after I finished my Eyes Shut in the Dark which is a yaoi of TrunksXGoten. This is my second fan fiction please review!

GotenXTrunks this time. Goten is dominant.

Warning- hardcore yaoi

------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------

It was a mid July night when Goku, Gohan, Goten, Vegeta, and Trunks were playing poker when all the women were shopping and probably seeing some chick flick together. The men were having a good time drinking beer and gambling. Gohan and Vegeta were kicking everyone’s asses. After a few hours Goten felt a sharp pain from him ass and pushed the table while screaming and cursing.

“What the FUCK do you think you’re doing Goten?” Vegeta yelled at Goten with one pissed off attitude.

Finally Vegeta, Gohan, and Goku knew what was happing and Vegeta pushed Trunks back away from Goten.

“Stay away from him, we’ll explain later!” Vegeta said as he began to smirk at Goku and Gohan.

All of a sudden Goten’s tail popped out of him. But this wasn’t like his regular one. It was a longer one and was wagging crazily. Suddenly Goten fell to the floor and was gasping for air. When he got his breath back he noticed that Vegeta, Gohan, and Goku were smiling at him and it was really weird to him. Goten was getting annoyed with his tail swinging back and forth and went to grab it.

“NO!!!! DON’T TOUCH YOUR TAIL!!!” Goku screamed as he jumped on his son.

“What are you doing!?!?!” Goten yelled back at his father while he pushed him off of him.

Gohan was picking up the table and putting the poker chips back to where they belonged when he said “You’re going to be really horney for the next week! And if you touch your tail now your going to be REALLY HORNEY sooner!”

Goten and Trunks just looked confused as Vegeta began to explain “See every male Saiyan grows a special tail once in their life for one week a year or until they have one really good night. The tail will only sprout at night. That night the Saiyan won’t notice anything different unless he touches it which will cause him to act like one hell of a horney Son of a Bitch! If you don’t touch it than the next day you’ll become horney and you’ll become more horney. On the fourth day you’ll be going sex crazy.

Goten just looked shocked and the same for Trunks.

“Wait Goten is only 22 I’m 23 why didn’t I get my SEX TAIL yet?”” Trunks asked.

“Well I’m even confused on that part…I got mine when I was 27” Gohan said.

“I got mine when I was 28” Goten replying.

“31” Vegeta said. “You usually get it around the age of 30 but every body is different, well anyhow it would happen no matter what lets just play poker until the women get home.” Vegeta added,

The five men went back to playing poker. Gotens tail was wagging fiercely and was bothering Trunks. As he went to swat it away Vegeta grabbed his arm fast and hard!

“DON’T!!!!!!” Vegeta yelled at his son “If you touch a SEX TAIL that person will hunt you down until they have their way with you and it!”

Trunks eyes just widened in horror than he said “Thanks dad”

After that Trunks moved further away from Goten but he kept on staring at his tail. An hour passed since the incident and the girls walked in the door. When Chi Chi saw he sons tail her mouth dropped and she fainted. After explaining to Bra and Pan what was going to happen to Goten, Chi Chi woke up.

“Oh God now I have to go through this with my youngest son!” Chi Chi yelled at her husband, Goku.

“Hey it’s not my fault!” Goku said as he tried to dodge his wives punches.

“Dads right mom I mean I had it a while ago but than again I was 27” Gohan said in a awkward tone he than continued to say “That’s actually how Pan was conceived.”

Videls eyes widened as she than jumped on her husband and started punching him. “WHY THE FUCK DID YOU TELL THEM THAT GOHAN!?!?!?!??!”

Chi Chi than said “Well if were being honest that’s how Gohan was conceived too”

“Same for Trunks!” Bulma said as she turned to see her husband, Vegeta, who just turned bright red.

“Well just get Gotten a bunch of condoms and a whore” Trunks joked.

Chi Chi and Bulma got pissed at the comment and Bulma smacked her eldest son. Goten just laughed.

After a while everyone went home. Goten than went into his room where he had a dream of growing fangs and his nails becoming sharper. The next morning Goten woke up with is bed sheets were torn. He got out of bed and than looked down. He noticed his cock was throbbing. It was throbbing so much it hurt him. As he went into the bathroom he noticed he grew fangs and his nails were like claws. He ran downstairs screaming. He saw his dad smiling at him and than he reassured him that it was normal. For the next two days Goten would wake up in sweat dying to fuck anything. He tried to masturbate but he couldn’t ever be satisfied. When Goten reached his third day Gohan told him than he and Chi Chi were staying at Gohans cause he would be going crazy on his fourth day.

On the third night Trunks was thinking to himself that he had always been attracted to Goten and this was the perfect time. If he touched his tail Goten would need to fuck him no matter what. But than he thought what would happen when he got out of it. Trunks than decided he wasn’t going to let the opportunity get away from him. He knew Goku and Chi Chi were at Gohans house so he told his parents that he would be going on a trip to take care of something. When Trunks arrived at Gotens house he could feel the power coming from Goten and he heard Goten screaming. When Trunks went into Gotens room he was shocked. Everything was torn up or thrown against the wall. Than he spotted Goten in the cornor.

“What are you doing here, I could smell you from outside?” Goten asked his best friend.

“I’ve come to help you Goten” Trunks said as he creped up to Goten from behind.

“What do you mean?” Goten asked as he was nailing the wall trying to get some sexual frustration out.

“I’m sorry Goten but I have always been attracted to you and I can’t let this opportunity slip away from me” Trunks said as he grabbed Gotens tail and squeezed it in his hands.

Goten let out a huge moan then Trunks let go due to fear. Goten than was gasping for air. Trunks asked if he was alright but Goten didn’t say a word he turned away and his eyes were fiery red and he had a huge grin on his face. He looked deep into Trunks eyes and Trunks was paralyzed with fear. He slowly tried to back out of the room but after taking three steps backwards Goten leaped on him. Goten than licked Trunks neck which made Trunks moan.

“Oh, you smell so good Trunks…I can’t wait till I taste your blood!” Goten said.

Trunks eyes widened as he saw Gotens fang launching at his neck. Trunks tried to get away but he couldn’t for the first time Goten was far stronger than Trunks. Goten than bit into Trunks neck. Trunks was waiting to scream but it was nice when the fangs penetrated his skin and as he slurped out the blood. Trunks moaned with ecstasy as Goten licked his necked to his mouth. Goten than slipped his tongue into Trunks mouth and was playing with Trunks tongue. Trunks was in heaven when he tasted Gotens saliva and his own blood on Gotens tongue. After the passionate kiss Goten got up as he threw Trunks onto the ripped up bed. As Goten made his way to the bed he striped in a fierce way. He jumped on Trunks. Trunks finally found out what it felt like to be the weakest one. Trunks looked at that naked Goten and saw that his cock was throbbing and was bruised at the same time. Goten smiled and than forced his penis into Trunks mouth. Trunks than began to suck he wanted to tease Goten but in his state he decided to get the job done. Goten let out a loud moan even a louder one when Trunks had squeezed his tail when he reached his climax. Gotens sperm just came out in one fast manner and it was too much for Trunks as he couldn’t swallow all the sperm that it started to drip out of his face all over his mouth. Goten than moved down and licked the rest of the sperm off of Trunks. Goten than ripped off Trunks shirt and licked his chest. The saliva that was running down Trunks chest was so good he began to moan. Goten than tore off Trunks pants with his boxers. Goten than flipped Trunks over and than saw the tight ass. Goten wasn’t in the mood for foreplay so he just rammed right into Trunks. Trunks screamed bloody murder as he felt the throbbing penis enter him. Soon after Trunks started bleeding more and more as the sex hungry Goten continued to rock back and forth. Soon afterwards Goten let out one huge moan and released his seed into Gotens body. Trunks felt Gotens sperm swim around him until Goten than went Trunks neck and bit him and started to drink his blood one more time. Soon afterwards Goten licked Trunks ear.

“You were better than you smell” Goten said in a sexy dominating tone.

Trunks just collapsed with Goten on top of him still. The next morning Trunks woke up by himself still sore from last night. He got up and got dressed with extra cloths he brought in his back bag. He went downstairs and saw Goten sitting on the table looking awkward without his tail.

“Trunks what were you thinking?” Goten asked

“Goten I don’t know I just wanted to help you I didn’t think it would be like that” Trunks replied. “What happened to your tail?”

“Gone I guess when I woke up it was gone” Goten said “Also no one can know what we did!”

“Agreed” Trunks said while laughing.

“I’ll make you a deal since you fucked me last night when you go through what I went through I’ll fuck you back if you don’t have someone” Goten said.

“Deal” Trunks said as he walked to the door. “Well I got to go I’ll talk to you later”

When trunks left he ran his finger to where Goten had bitten him he felt a bandage. As he got home Vegeta was sitting at the table alone. He looked at Trunks neck.

“Stupid boy” Vegeta said as he got up and went to the kitchen. When he came back he had a tube of something and a fresh bandage. “Here put this on and then cover it with this bandage, it will fully heal within one week!”

Well that’s all. I’m thinking of writing a sequel to this one. What do you think please review and say if I should and shouldn’t!