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StarFrontLine time adventure and Galaxy Fraulein Yuna pt.1: Chapter.1 Huge Mistake ( Chapter 1 ) [ A - All Readers ]
Anime/Manga: Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
Genre(s): Action / Adventure / Sci-fi | Type: Alternate Universe
Author: Flame_on_Boi
Uploaded On: May 02, 2005 18:20 EDT
Pages: 1 | Words: 6 | Size: 0 KB | Visits: 627 | Status: Completed
   Hey Joel you there? Its Commander Chris hello anyone? Joel here over. Chris what the heck happen to you out there I thought you exploded. As for sure im was going to say that. But me and R-10 will be fine for now but whats going on lately? We got urgent problem Chris the enemy overrun our base like fast someone took controlled of our machines some how they injured five of our best troops Chris what are we gonna do. Joel im going back to time I'll be there in a sec! You cant Chris you cant. Wh...why?
They destroyed the gate portal to that point in this rally point. You mean that im stuck here until its fix? No worst you cant go back here ever again. Andrew has sealed the gate shut. How? He found out how to work the gate and now he betrayed us! Damit Aj I should of known that hes one of the space pirate spy. Like Ayame... Oh Chris not that part again. I got a feeling about this that Aj is already here in this time. Joel im going in. How can you do that!? Now not that im taking out Andrew once it for all for 3 years ago! He'll pay for messing my crew! Chris also you better take care of Dragoona or Dragon claw hes very alone sence like 800 years now. Ok Joel im checking out the future frontline. Chris becareful some how master Yoda told us that great evil is lurking in that planet good luck. Joel I'll be fine just repair the damage and get reinforcement at once! Right commander im going Joel out! After the cpu screen turned off Yuna looked at Chris. "Hmmmmm Yuna said with a funny look". Whats wrong you know that stearing at me is not gonna do any good for my trip to home. No not that I can smell something right at your backpack. Huh oh ya I almost forgot I packed some fried rice and some meat, some noodles before I lefted that must be the since you must be smelling. I better go before anything could happen to me bye! As Chris lefted in full speed he ran into Yoko. Whoa watch out Yoko! Chris jumped over Yoko before he hit her. "You better watch it Chris Yoko said with a angry look". Sorry Yoko I gotta hurry. Chris hurry on and got in his ship. Alrighty R-10 you ready to have some fun!? Beep beep. As for sure R-10 I cant really understand what the hell your saying but who cares. As I know we have to get to Frontline at once before anything could happen. As Chris lifted off Yuna followed Chris's ship whats it heading for. Geeze Aj whats worst then just you going around in frontline for. R-10 prepare for the landing gear. After landed on the planets surface Chris face something behind him. Waaayaaaaow Yuna what your doing here!? Have to come with you Chris even if we dont work together will both die on this planet surface. How can you learn this place so fast its not just that everything is just a ruin temple and buildings its also my home. First I gotta find Dragoona then Aj before he gets there first. What if we dont make it. Dragoona will be dead when we get there. I can start feel the dark energy around Aj every second. Will we better start moving and find Dragoona. So Chris while were finding him or her what happen to your parents? I never heard my parents since 10 years ago I try to find them but I lost my memory before that I dont even know who are they im just an or... before Chris about to finish his sentence Yuna interrupt him. Chris you dont have to this just for me or May your with us no matter what happens to you will always be with you. I...I dont have anything but myself I dont even have a home or anything theres no way im gonna find my parents when something happens there was an explosion then I was gone pale as white. After I open my eyes I saw alot of stranges people I dont even know who the heck am I anyways or what im doing for. Its ok Chris that happens to everybody. I cant do anything but just kill I cant stand of killing theres blood everywhere Chris crying. Dont cry Chris I understands about feeling. You do Yuna theres nothing I cant do but just kill it just more then killing I do more then killing its like something I never know about feelings. After Ayame died about 3 years ago I start standing alone and find my answer to my quest I'll find it soon. Since me and my friends split apart I dont know what to do before that. Chris wake up your talking to yourself just believe in you and your heart. After they step on the beacon they both vanish to a different beacon site. They both landed safely on there foot to the next beacon. Hmmmm I cant understand why this temple is dark it never been like this before in 800 years ago. Will we better look out for demons or monster. Chris grab his handgun. "Ewwww whats that smell said Yuna". Its the smell of darkness around us for somereason it smell like 800 year old stinky cheese that Aj lefted. Guessed that he never done this before did he Chirs? Thats the first Yuna. I never knew this could happen that fast. I think I starting to remember this place. Its more like a palace then a temple to me Chris. Hmmmm this place is too wide I dont remember that part. Jeeze I can feel a dark pear energy around here there everywhere I can tell which way we need more light. Lets turn on our light shields it should clear the way. Right Chris. They both turned on there light shields. Wait a minute theres something big and very drooling Chris... What do yo...sniff sniff pee you what the heck is that freaken smell. Yuna dont turn back just run. RUN! After they both left a big dragon came up to the temple and busted open the clienling. Awww man I just fixed that clienling yesterday! Chris can this day getting worst. Not this much but this is the most worst day I ever got! Then the watch open out an small screen. Chris this is Joel I figure out that your dragon is been brain was... Joel I already knew that. Oh..ok then will thats the problem. A problem this is not my goodest day I even had in my life. Oh to work Joel bring my Gear ready intack now! Right away but the gate is still damaged but it may contact by the suns spots. Sending Dragon claw in 10 second. Dragon claw is ready and fuel. In 5 seconds! Weapons and energy meter are full power and ready to go. In 3 second! Time gate is ativating. 0 second fire now! lunching Dragon claw in the gate in 800 A.D.! A great rumble start to moving heavly and lunched into the gate. Yuna I think you should know what to do. Right Chris. Ok everybody light up! Dragon Claw gear mode! Everything in the forest area start to rumble the whole temple blew up and the surface started to crumble. Warning warning planets surface is in mid atmosphere order all mid condition to evaulculate in six minutes! Chris you dont have much time the planets is about to blow up if you get outta here you'll blown into a melted dragon! Uhh right Joel prepare for close range battle attack fire! The gear start to move slow and grabed a beam saber at the back of the gear. Ok Yuna try and steady your target on the tail it should make major damaged on its EP. First thing our Ep is our energy points were in like a game or some type just watch your meter closely if it hits zero your done for. Ok Chris I dont get it but I think I can do that. Ok good fire off spread missiles! Missiles went rapidly target on the dragons chest then exploded in smoke. Yuna fire your lightning blaster before he get up! "Fire lightning blast said Yuna". A white long laser blast through the smoke and nothing happens. WARNING FrontLine is about to explode all units only two minutes remind! Blasted I think we miss the shot we gotta get outta here! Retreating is one way but we have no choice Yuna you go ahead first I'll be behind you as soon your in the rally point. :Ha ha ha Chris you think that blaster gun can just hit us I think you can again said a mystery soldier". Andrew Coldiron! Chris H. Field or might as said Chris K.Vang ha ha ha! Thats a long time ago name Aj and now you try to destroyed us I knew you were a spy as I thought so. Will will Chris I think I won this round but the next round will be different I will destroy you next time Chris another day is a different day Chris later! Wait Aj were not finish yet AJJJJ!!! Come on you wimpy dragon lets go! Then they vanish to the space atmosphere. Dragon Claw lets get the hell outta here we may lost this round but we will trained harder. Ativate Chaos Shield. The compter respond the messesage and left an big yellow shield around the whole planet. Planet FrontLine is complete blow out but the shield is too great for this. Chris Chris were are you! A tiny fire start moving up to the atmosphere as for himself. Chris your back! Yea but FrontLine is done for we have to get outta here the suns energy might EMP our machine units come on lets go! Ok Chris right behind you this time. After they both left the planets surface started to crumble into pieces and exploded but the shields protected the outer atmosphere before it can destroy anything.
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