...And Now for Something Completely Different: ...And now.... ( Chapter 1 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

A/N: Weird for me to start with one of these, but I wanted to say a few things first…This is a frame story, as you read in the summary, which means there is a story surrounding the main story…As a result, it starts off sounding original, but truly is a YYH story…there is actually more than one frame to this story…please read through to the end before you flip out on me for writing O/C's ;) Flames will be gleefully deleted so don't waste your time.
Long brown hair flew behind the wild eyed girl as she raced around the room, looking under scattered books and DVD cases. “Where did you put it?” she demanded, lifting the cushions on one of the two couches in the room.
“Where did I put what?” the tall red headed male asked, his voice trembling with suppressed amusement.
Brown eyes glared into the muddy green ones before her. “Jonathan,” she pronounced carefully, “where did you hide my notebook? Isn't it enough that you stole the power cord for my laptop and I can't use it now?”
“But, Suz…” the red head crossed the room, attempting to capture her in a hug. She evaded him, her eyes colder. A sigh, “Suzanne, we were supposed to have a nice quiet weekend together, just the two of us, no work or anything.”
“I told you,” she stopped when she realized how sharp her voice sounded. Running a hand through her hair, she started again, her voice gentler, “I told you I was working on a story. You know how I get.”
“Yeah, I know,” he sighed again. “But, I was hoping….” his voice trailed off as the girl wrapped her arms around his waist.
“Tell ya what,” she smiled, “let me write out what's pounding in my skull right now and then I can ignore it until tomorrow morning, deal?”
“How long will that take?” he asked petulantly.
Suzanne smirked, “Have you ever read one of my stories?” Confused at this non sequitur, he shook his head. “We've been together, what, almost a year now, and you haven't read the results of the obsessions you complain about? Tsk, tsk, tsk!” Letting go, she put her hands on her hips, “My notebook. You can read while I write.”
Giving up, Jonathan dug his keys out of his pocket and went outside to his car. He'd put her notebook in his trunk, hoping that would keep her from wanting it. Returning after a few minutes, he held a very battered notebook over the girl's head, “Promise?”
“Yes, give!” Suzanne jumped and snatched the book from him, fished out a small stack of papers and handed them to him. “Here.” She then curled up on one of the couches, propping the open book on her knees and began writing with a pen that had been lying on the coffee table, tuning out the rest of the world.
Jonathan watched her for a while, amazed that she could focus so intently on anything. Normally, it almost took tying her down to get her to sit still for more than thirty seconds at a time. The look of concentration, the slight parting of her lips as she wrote was an intoxicating sight for the red head, especially when her fingers or the tip of the pen rested on those lips while she sought out a word or phrase. Her eyes seemed to be watching some movie that he couldn't see, darting around, focused and unfocused at the same time. He was a little startled when she looked directly at him. “You're not reading.”
Grinning sheepishly, he turned his eyes to the paper and began to read. “Kurama looked Yusuke in the eye. `Are you sure this is what you want to do?' the red head asked, his eyes full of surprise, concern, and, though he tried to suppress it, hope.
`Yeah, I'm sure,' the dark haired detective answered, as he wrapped his arms around the kitsune's waist. He looked up into the green eyes, `I trust you, `rama, and I know it's something you've wanted to do. I wanna try it.'…“
Jonathan looked up, “Hey, is this about that cartoon…” a glare from the other couch caused him to reconsider his word choice, “that anime you like so much.”
“Yes,” was the terse answer.
“And they're both guys, right?”
“Yes, does that bother you?”
“Depends, what are they gonna do?”
The glare came full force, “I told you I write yaoi, slash, smut ….what do you think they're gonna do?”
Jonathan's eyebrows went up. “I-I've never read anything like that before…”
Suzanne sighed, “Look, start reading. If it really bothers you, then stop. Either way, let me write. The more you interrupt me, the longer this will take.”
Jonathan's eyes went back to the paper, thinking a moment before he began reading. Yes, she had told him before she wrote yaoi, even explained what the acronym meant. He didn't really have anything against guys being together, he just really had never given it much thought. That the girl across from him had, even to the point where she could write about it, he found a bit odd. He shrugged. It couldn't hurt to see what her obsession was about, he supposed. His eyes focused on the paper before him.
Kurama looked Yusuke in the eye. “Are you sure this is what you want to do?” the red head asked, his eyes full of surprise, concern, and, though he tried to suppress it, hope.
“Yeah, I'm sure,” the dark haired detective answered, as he wrapped his arms around the kitsune's waist. He looked up into the green eyes, “I trust you, `rama, and I know it's something you've wanted to do. I wanna try it.”
The brown eyes before him showed trust, desire, and a little bit of fear. “Yusuke, we don't…”
The tantei cut him off, “I want to, `rama, I really do.”
Kurama nodded, “Okay, then, we go over ground rules first, okay?” Yusuke nodded, eyes focused, showing he was paying attention as the kitsune pushed him to sit on the bed. The red head then began pacing his room, “We need to pick a word for you to use if you feel it's getting to be too much for you. When you say that word, everything stops and we don't continue. It can't be `no' or `stop' because I expect you to say those things.”
“How about `ramen' or `tofu'?” The detective was a little surprised at how nervous Kurama was.
“Anything you want to have completely off limits?” the red head asked, kneeling before the tantei and running his hand along the boy's cheek.
“I'd rather not bleed, and no marks where they'd show, like on my face.” Yusuke swallowed visibly. “I want to do this, `rama, but I'm a bit scared, too.”
“I know, Yusuke, but three things first. First, I swear, if you use the safe words, `ramen' or `tofu,' which ever you can remember, I will stop and we never have to try this again. Second, I wouldn't make you bleed, anyways, especially not during the first time. Third, you don't have to do this at all.”
Yusuke cupped the fox's cheek, “I told you, I trust you. That's the only reason I even brought it up.”
The red head nodded, “Are you okay with me spanking you?”
“Do you want to be restrained? Do you want your arms and legs tied down?”
“Not really my legs…” the detective's voice trailed off.
“Okay, that's a limit. I need to know what your limits are, Yusuke, so don't be afraid to tell me.” The kitsune thought a moment. “How about a blindfold?”
“What would you do while I was blindfolded? You wouldn't leave, would you?”
“Absolutely not. My responsibility to you is to make sure you're okay, Yusuke, to maintain your trust in me.”
“Then, I'm okay with it.” The tantei answered.
“Okay, then, how would you like to be blindfolded with your arms above your head while I tease you?”
Yusuke thought a moment, “I thought there was more to this bondage thing?”
Kurama shrugged, “There can be, but not at first, not for your first time. If you're okay with that, then we could try more.”
“What you suggested, blindfolding me and that, sounds good, but…” he trailed off again, uncertain.
“But what?” the kitsune pressed.
“I'd kinda like a little more…” the detective reddened.
The kitsune smiled, “There will be more. I just wanted to make sure you were okay with the over all scheme and everything I was planning on doing.”
“You didn't say much.”
“Some of it's a surprise, I'll admit, but that's part of what makes it fun. Now, I want you to promise that if you feel overwhelmed at any time or want to stop, you will use your safe words, no matter what, without taking into consideration how I feel,” Kurama's voice was adamant and his eyes bore into the detective.
“I promise,” Yusuke answered.
The kitsune wanted to be absolutely sure the detective understood him. “What do you promise, Yusuke?”
“I promise that if it's too much, I will say `ramen' or `tofu' without thinking about how you feel.” He didn't really understand why the red head insisted on this, but he wanted to make him happy.
“Do you trust me to be totally in control of your body? Will you let me do whatever I want to you or with you?”
This, Yusuke could answer without hesitation, “Absolutely completely.” All traces of fear or uncertainty left his face and eyes as he answered.
“I love you, Yusuke,” the red head murmured as he kissed the boy. He placed a finger over the dark haired boy's lips when he broke the kiss. “I want you to be quiet for now,” his voice softly commanding. Yusuke nodded his understanding. Kurama stood, walked over to his closet and pulled out a couple of ties. “I'll be right back, wait there,” he said as he stepped into the hall to grab a couple of wash clothes and hand towels. Pulling the door behind him, he went to his desk and removed a ruler and a couple of safety pins from the drawers. Placing everything on the bedside table, he noticed Yusuke's eyes focused on the pins. “They're to hold the blindfold in place.” The detective nodded, his expression relaxing. The red head then pulled a shoe box out from under his bed and placed it on the table, leaving it closed. “Toys, you'll see,” he said when the tantei focused on it. Yusuke's eyes sought out the kitsune's face. Kurama was grinning slightly, a secretive expression gracing his face. Yusuke nodded again, a bit of excitement and nervousness warring in his brain as the red head removed his shirt.
Kurama watched his lover carefully as he ran his hands along the other's arms. Crossing the boy's wrists in his lap, he reached over to grab one of the ties. Carefully, he wrapped the silk fabric around the boy's wrists and hands, tying them together firmly but not hard enough to prevent circulation.
Yusuke's eyes dilated as he watched the kitsune's clever fingers tie the ends of the neck wear together. He licked his lips as the fox passed a second tie around the first, knotting it securely, leaving the ends hanging. Yusuke's vision was then obscured by one of the hand towels being held over his eyes. He could feel Kurama working at the back of his head, pinning the fabric together. His heart pounded in his chest as a strange feeling of vulnerability washed over him. His entire body responded, feeling more sensitive than he'd ever experienced before. It was as if an electric current was running just under his skin.
“You okay?” the kitsune asked, noticing the gooseflesh that covered his lover's body.
“Yeah,” Yusuke replied breathily, though he was a little uncertain if the word `okay' is what would apply at that point in time. “Please, keep going.”
Kurama's voice took on a commanding tone, “Stand up.” He watched as the boy slowly got to his feet, seeming to take care not to overbalance himself. Kurama allowed his eyes to sweep his lover's body, taking in the raised flesh that covered his torso and arms and the just apparent quickening in his groin. With a grin, he removed the lid to the box, deliberately making it as loud as possible. Yusuke's breathing hitched as the tantei shivered in anticipation. Without looking away, Kurama selected a long quill from the box, brushing it over his lips as he continued to draw out the anticipation for the other.
“Put your wrists on your head and keep them there.” Another shiver coursed Yusuke's body as he moved to comply, trying to keep his sides covered as he did. Kurama placed the end of the quill in his mouth and pushed the boy's elbows away from his body, leaving him exposed and vulnerable to whatever the kitsune had in mind. “Leave them there,” he ordered, removing the quill from his mouth. Again, he brushed the feathered end over his lips, drawing out the silent waiting. Without warning, he ghosted the quill from his lover's elbow along his arm and down to his waist, relishing the shudder that followed the teasing touch. Again, he made his lover wait, made him anticipate what would happen next. With the tip of the quill, he mimicked writing his name over the boy's abdomen. “What did I write, Yusuke?”
The boy shivered, trying to remember the strokes, but his mind wasn't functioning well. He guessed, “Your name?”
“Are you asking me or telling me?” a note of danger entering the kitsune's voice.
“Telling?” the dark haired boy stammered.
“You don't sound very sure…”
“I am…you wrote your name.” Yusuke held his breath, hoping he'd answered correctly. He gasped when he felt the fox's lips gently touch his collar bone.
“You are correct. Good boy,” Kurama murmured, running his tongue up the tantei's neck. He then stepped back to observe the effect of his teasing. Yusuke was shivering as gooseflesh covered his body more densely than before. His arousal was more visible under the fabric of his jeans. A satisfied smile graced the kitsune's lips as he continued to contemplate the boy. Quickly, the feather darted out and circled one of the boy's nipples, drawing out another gasp of surprise from the shivering boy. He put the quill down on the table and deliberately rattled the box as he drew out the next item.
Yusuke's breathing hitched in his throat as he listened intently, trying to figure out what was coming next. There was a long pause where his breath echoed in his head before he felt a smooth plastic thing come in contact with his abdomen, circling his navel with agonizing slowness and lightness. Abruptly, he was alone again, electricity singing through his body, focused tightly around the remembered touch. An eternity passed before he felt something metallic, grating, pass down his arm and along his side. A sharp gasp escaped his lips as his body flinched away, his elbows drawing down to protect himself. The next thing he felt was the sharp sensation of Kurama's hand smacking his ribs. “I told you to stay!”
Yusuke shuddered and stood back upright, forcing his elbows back the way Kurama had placed them. “I'm sorry,” he whispered, trying to force his voice into its normal range and failing completely as the sound that emerged was barely recognizable as male. There was another eternal pause before the metal touched his skin again, this time starting at his waist and moving upwards. Yusuke felt his body shudder but fought his urge to flinch away. His muscles spasmed under his skin, his body twitching in response, but he forced his arms to stay, forced his body to not move. Another pause, and his body fought within itself to relax or to stay alert. His breathing was uneven, his lips parted, as he waited. This time, the metal touched his chest just below his collar bones. It stayed there a moment, not moving, only resting against the skin. Slowly, painstakingly, it made its way downwards, the pressure even, hard enough to let him know it was there, but light enough that it did not actually hurt him. And then, it was gone, leaving him alone in the world, bereft of contact.
The feel of lips against where he'd been slapped drew a gasp from his throat as Kurama's hand made its way up from his waist to neck. He groaned aloud when he was left alone again. He could feel his body responding to the teasing touches. He wanted more, he wanted to…wanted to….His ability to form a coherent thought vanished as he felt the kitsune's bare chest press against his own, the fox's nails dragging down his back. The sound that escaped his lips when the red head pulled away could have been called a sob, had it come from anyone else. He wanted more…
“Are you okay, Yusuke?” Kurama's voice barely penetrated his foggy mind.
“More…” he groaned, the only thing he could say, could think. He felt the kitsune's fingers touch his nipples.
“Beg for it,” came the order.
“Please…plea…ah!” Yusuke sobbed, his pleas turning to a gasp of surprise as his nipples were viciously twisted. When the pressure let up, he began begging again, his head spinning. Kurama's hands traced his chest and came to rest on his waist.
“Step forward,” the kitsune ordered as he guided the boy by his waist. He allowed his arms to slide around the other's waist, dropping a kiss on his neck, “You're being so good, Yusuke.” He stepped back, his hands retracing their path in reverse. One hand dipped below to fondle the detective's growing arousal, “A very good boy,” he murmured before stepping away, leaving Yusuke alone. Green eyes intently watched the tantei for a long moment before he stepped around behind the boy. He rattled the box again, drawing out his next toy, a dowel covered in long black fun fur. The kitsune brushed this against his lips, contemplating the strong back before him. Lightly, he traced the lines of bones and muscles with the very tips of the fur. The shivering that met this teasing touch was delightful, intoxicating. He pulled the rod back and contemplated the boy again. Yusuke continued to shiver and his entire back was now covered in the pinpricks of gooseflesh. With a smile, Kurama drew his wand around the boy's body, from one side of his waist, up his ribs, and arm, across the bound forearms and down the opposite side before setting it aside.
Yusuke gasped when he felt Kurama's hands around his wrists, pushing them forward and downward. He complied, confused by the action. The kitsune's hands then traces his arms upward, gently kneading the muscles. Strong fingers reached his shoulders and began to ease away tension he hadn't realized had been building. It seemed an eternity since he'd put his wrists over his head. He allowed his head to fall forward, relaxing completely to whatever the red head would do. He didn't even flinch as he felt Kurama pull his shoulders backwards, trusting the fox to not hurt him. His back came to rest against his lover's chest and his head fell against the red head's shoulder. He gasped, tensing but not moving, as sharp teeth made contact with his exposed neck. His body shuddered when a gentle tongue replaced the fangs, soothing away the hurt.
“Such a good boy,” brushed past his ear as the kitsune's fingers traced paths down his chest. The fingers danced over his arms, tracing around them and back to his waist. He obligingly lifted his arms slightly as those clever digits worked the fastenings of his jeans. One hand slid into the now open fabric, cupping his shaft, causing it to become fully hard. “Such a very good boy,” he heard repeated as lips teased the tender skin behind his ear. The fox's other hand slid under his waist band and he felt his pants being pushed down his hips, gasping as the fabric fell to the floor. Kurama's hands worked their way around the tantei's hips, coming to rest on his ass. “Pity, really, that he's so good,” the fox lamented, “there's no reason to punish him.”
Taking the hint, Yusuke managed to spit out, “Fuck off, perverted kitsune.” Almost before he realized it, he was face down on the bed, his arms pinned uncomfortably under him and the weight of the fox above him.
“Is that how it is, then?” Kurama's voice was laced with danger.
Yusuke tried to buck, to move his arms to a more comfortable position, “You heard me, fuck off.” His voice was breathy, excitement coursing through him more sharply than before. He squirmed as he felt the fox's teeth trace a path down his back, the kitsune moving to sit across his lower back.
“'Fuck off?' hmmm….such a foul mouth.” Kurama moved sharply down the detective's ass and legs, dragging the rough fabric of his pants over the sensitized skin. He reached over to the bedside table and picked up the ruler, drawing one of the sharp corners over the boy's back. “'Fuck off,' is it?” He brought the flat of the ruler sharply down across one of the boy's cheeks.
Yusuke arched as electricity surged through his body. His shaft throbbed painfully. His mind started to whirl again as he felt the gentle touch of the fox's hand soothing away the pain. “Do you want to reconsider that, Yusuke?” danger still laced the kitsune's voice.
“Yeah,” the tantei growled out, “get your fucking fat ass off me, bastard.” He was rewarded with another sharp smack on the opposite cheek.
“My `fucking fat ass,' now?” Kurama's hand did not move to soothe the tantei's abused flesh. “'Bastard,' am I?” He brought the ruler down again.
Yusuke's body was painfully sensitive, even the sound of his lover's voice was an almost physical experience. He wanted more, needed more. “Yes, you're a bastard, baka kitsune. Why don't you get your fat fuckin…” his voice dissolved into a scream as Kurama's hands came sharply in contact with his ass, stinging both cheeks at the same time. He lay there sobbing, not really registering that it was his voice making those sounds. He felt as though he'd stepped outside himself. He was aware of gentle lips caressing the singing flesh, a warm wet tongue soothing away the prickling, but it was if someone else were there, someone else were receiving the kitsune's gentle ministrations.
Kurama could feel the change in his lover's body. “Yusuke?” he asked, his voice still stern, staying in his role.
“Fuck it, get off,” came the abstracted reply, confirming the fox's guess that the boy had completely surrendered his body.
Kurama picked the ruler up off the bed and brought it sharply down across the detective's ass. “What was that?” he asked, his voice laced with anger he did not feel as his hand gently caressed the abused flesh below him.
“Get fuck off,” the boy answered.
Kurama lifted his weight enough to flip the boy over, pulled off the blindfold and looked into his lover's eyes. There was an odd vacancy in the brown that met his gaze. “What did you say?” he asked, snarling.
Yusuke pushed against the kitsune's chest ineffectually. “Get fuck off, baka bastard fox boy.”
Kurama glared into the tantei's eyes before shifting to pull his arms over his head. Reaching over the boy's body, he knotted the loose ends of the tie around his bed frame. He gasped in surprise as he felt Yusuke's teeth come in contact with his chest. His eyes almost closed as the detective then proceeded to lathe the bitten area with his tongue. Kurama remained where he was a moment longer, enjoying the sensation, before moving to glare again at the boy. Yusuke was grinning at him when they were face to face again. “That won't do at all, Yusuke. You're being very very naughty.” Sitting on the tantei's hips, deliberately grinding the harsh fabric against the boy's exposed erection, Kurama slapped the strong chest before him. “You need to learn how to behave, you bad boy.” Bending over, he gripped one nipple between his teeth, speaking around it, “Good boys don't bite.” He then bit harshly on the nub of flesh. Yusuke moaned wantonly and thrust his hips against the kitsune. Choking back his own groan, Kurama released and licked the nub and moved on to the other one. Again, taking it between his teeth, he spoke, “Good boys don't tell their lovers what to do.” Biting, he relished Yusuke's reaction, closing his eyes momentarily. He released the nipple and licked it before moving to look into Yusuke's eyes. “Good boys are taken care of. Bad boys are left hanging. Which are you, Yusuke? Are you a good boy or a bad boy?”
Yusuke's eyes rolled slightly in his head, not entirely sure how to respond to the red head's challenge. His head was fuzzy, his body overcharged. A whimper escaped his throat. The kitsune rubbed his hands up the quivering boy's chest, “What do you want, Yusuke? Are you ready to behave? Or do you need to be punished more?” The fox's voice was a blend of compassion and challenge. Yusuke could still not bring himself to answer, whimpering pathetically under his lover. Kurama wrenched a gasp from the boy by viciously twisting both his nipples between his fingernails. “Answer me, Yusuke. Are you going to behave?”
“Please…” the boy sobbed.
Kurama ran his hands gently along his lover's chest, “Please what, Yusuke?” The red head watched as the boy struggled to form coherent thoughts and words. A wicked smile graced the kitsune's lips as he drew his nails down the tantei's chest, “Answer me!”
“Fuck!” Yusuke managed to spit out. “Fuck off,” he repeated when the fox's fingers stopped moving. His eyes focused on the red head, a slightly crazed smile on his lips, “You fucking know I'm not good, baka kitsune. Why the fuck do you ask?”
A feral grin graced the fox's face, “Is that how it is, then?” Leaning back, he reached into the nearly forgotten shoebox, drawing out a taper candle and a lighter. Flicking the lighter to life, he passed the flame just over the surface of the tantei's skin, “Think you're tough, bad boy?” He watched as Yusuke's eyes dilated and traced the path of the flickering flame over his chest. The dark haired boy remained still, his breathing shallow and uneven. Kurama let the flame die out and sat on the tantei's hips, enjoying the feel of the boy's engorged member under his ass. “Well, are you tough?” he taunted again, holding the lighter and candle ready.
“Tougher than you, girly-boy!” Yusuke challenged, eyes fixed on the wick. He didn't know what drove him, but he desperately craved more punishment from the hands of his beloved.
“Really? I'll have you crying for mercy before I'm finished with you.” A click and the candle's wick glowed with light and heat. Green and brown eyes watched the flame take hold, dancing merrily, melting wax as it consumed the string. A single drop of molten wax gathered, hesitating, before dripping onto one nipple of the dark haired boy. Yusuke inhaled sharply, the burning sensation almost overwhelming in its intensity. He watched as a small stream of wax left the candle, joining the solitary drop on the over sensitized nub of his chest. A thread of wax connected both nipples as the kitsune moved the candle above him. The fox's eyes focused on him as the molten liquid traced a path to his navel, circling the indention.
“Please, Kurama,” the boy gasped.
“Please what, Yusuke?” the kitsune asked, righting the candle to stop the flow of wax.
“I'll be good, I promise….please….”
Kurama blew out the candle, returning it to the box. With gentle fingers, he removed the hardening wax, soothing the reddened skin with his tongue as he did. He paused, at each sensitive spot, suckling a moment, drawing groans and pleas from the dark haired one below him. He slid down the boy's legs as he continued to remove wax from his abdomen and navel. Enjoying the taste of his lover, Kurama began to suckle at the indention, teasing it with his tongue, mimicking the act he knew the panting detective wished him to take.
“Kurama, please…” came the broken voice of his lover.
The kitsune looked up, his eyes dark with emotion and lust, “What do you want, Yusuke?”
“I'll be good, I promise,” the boy sobbed, “please, don't leave me…”
Kurama crawled up to look into the tear streaked eyes, placing a soft hand on Yusuke's cheek, “I won't leave you, koi.” He reached up, loosing the knot in the boy's bindings. Bringing the bound hands to his lips, he kissed the fingers before untying the boy's wrists. “Show me what a good boy you are,” he murmured, rubbing the now free arms. “I want you to pleasure yourself, Yusuke. Show me how you masturbate.”
“But…” Yusuke started, stopping when the grip around his wrists tightened.
“Are you going to be good, or should I tie you up again?”
“I'll be good,” the tantei whimpered.
“Good boy,” the fox whispered, touching his lips to the boy's palms. He slid down the boy's legs until he was sitting on his shins. “Show me, Yusuke.”
Brown eyes locked onto the red head's face as the tantei's hand trailed his chest and abdomen to cup his engorged shaft. His eyes drifted closed as his hand slid down his shaft to cup the fleshy sac nestled on his thighs. His other hand trailed over his waist, the fingers wrapping around the rigid member, stroking it lightly. A groan that sounded suspiciously like the fox's name escaped Yusuke's throat as his touch became firmer, faster, over his weeping erection. Just as his body was tensing, signaling its imminent release, Kurama grabbed his wrists, stilling his motion. Dark eyes flew open wide, and the boy sobbed in frustration. “Please, please, please, Kurama…I can't take much more,” he moaned.
“I know, my good boy, I know,” the fox whispered, bending over the detective's legs as he pushed the hands down by the boy's sides. “And you won't have to take much more. You've been very good, Yusuke, and good boys are rewarded.” Kurama slid his tongue up Yusuke's throbbing shaft, causing the boy to arch his body upwards, and drawing out a shuddering yelp of need. “Good boys are rewarded very well,” the kitsune spoke, his
Jonathan gasped as he looked for the next page. A chuckle caused him to look across to the other couch. “Where is the rest of it?” he demanded of the brunette.
“Here,” she laughed and tapped her notebook. “So, did you like it?”
Jonathan shifted uncomfortably, trying to adjust his clothing over the proof of how much he enjoyed what he'd read. Suzanne laughed aloud when he demanded, “Let me read it, you evil little bitch!”
“You told me my handwriting was illegible!”
“Fuck, woman! I want to know what happens!”
Her laughter taking on a darker, deeper tone, Suzanne stood and stalked over to her lover, “I write yaoi, slash, smut…what do you think happens?” She leaned over him, placing her hands on the back of the couch. Her eyes were dancing with mirth and dark with desire.
“I want to read more,” he pouted, meeting her gaze and returning its intensity.
“And here I thought you wanted to do more than read…” she made a move to walk away, only to be stopped when he pulled her into his lap.
“I do. And, since I can't read your handwriting, you'll just have to show me what happens next, you fucking tease.” He kissed her viciously, claiming her mouth as his property with his tongue. When the need for oxygen outweighed his need to mark his territory, he pulled back.
“I can't show you what happens next,” Suzanne gasped out.
“And why not?” he demanded.
“I kinda lack certain….equipment. And I'd have to take Kurama's part since you don't know what's happening.” Her flushed cheeks some how managed to support a blush.
Jonathan shifted their bodies on the couch, pinning her beneath him. “Then, I guess we'll have to improvise. And I want to be Kurama.”
Suzanne laughed and thrust her hips against him, “Does that mean I get to call you `baka kitsune'?”
“It means I get to call you a `good boy' or `bad boy', depending on how you behave, Yusuke.” He grinned at her surprise. “Now, I know why you like me so much, you little pervert. It's because of my hair color!”
Brown eyes drifted closed as they reached the end of the page. He'd managed to meet his lover's challenge. Gentle nips and kisses continued to rain down on his back as he let his head fall forward. Sighing, “You're evil, you know,” he informed the other on his back.
Green eyes looked up from the strong back, “Really? Did you like it?” His tongue traced the other's spine from mid back to neck as he slid his body to cover his lover's back.
Stretching an arm overhead to drop the papers over the foot of the bed, “You made us cartoo…anime,” he corrected quickly when his lover pinched him, “characters, and stopped in the worst possible places.”
Chuckling, “Worst possible places?”
“Yes, baka kitsune, worst possible places…in the middle of a sentence, even. Can you get any more sadistic?”
Kurama laughed, “Yes, but I prefer that you're here for that.”
Yusuke stretched his other arm over his head, “Why did you write that, anyways?”
“I was lonely,” the red head pouted, “and I missed you. And it was last night. My mother was home and I couldn't see you. I was horny”
The brown haired detective laughed, “When aren't you horny? I think that's a permanent condition with you.” Even though they had made love just before the kitsune asked him to read the little story, he could feel the kitsune's erection pressing against his ass, already hard from the teasing he'd been doing, trying to distract the tantei from the story.
“At least I gave you a break,” came the sullen retort.
“Break? Reading something like that while you tried to distract me? What kind of break is that?” Yusuke bucked his hips up, allowing his erection to rest more comfortably against the bed.
The sneaky kitsune slid his hand in the open space before the tantei's hips came to rest on the bed again. “Well, you enjoyed it,” he smirked.
Yusuke thrust his hips against the soft hand, “Hell, yeah.” His eyes closed again as the kitsune wrapped his fingers around his shaft and he continued to thrust. Gentle kisses and licks just behind his ear drew out a wanton groan.
“Is this how you want it?” the red head asked, trying to sound neglected as the boy's ass caressed his erection.
Yusuke stilled his motions, biting back a moan, smiling as the kitsune failed to conceal his disappointment. “We could always act out the part you didn't write,” he suggested.
“You don't even know what I was going to do next,” Kurama pointed out.
“Well, I do know your mouth was going to be playing with my dick. What more do I need to know?” The detective twisted his upper body in an attempt to meet his lover's eyes.
Kurama moved obligingly, green eyes meeting brown, “I wasn't finished with the scene.”
“Oh, really?” the brunette inquired, grinning. “Sounds like fun.” He continued to roll over so that he was now resting on his back, Kurama shifting his weight to allow the movement. “What else were you going to do?”
The kitsune straddled the boy's shins. “Make you sob and beg for me to let you cum,” he answered, challenge and threat in his voice.
A shiver coursed through the tantei's body, “I don't think you can do it. I mean, I got through your story with you trying to distract me.”
“I wasn't trying that hard. I wanted you to read it, actually, so that we could act out the ending.”
“I have a question, though. Why'd you make me a girl in the frame?”
Kurama laughed, “Because I wanted to be on top.” He bent over so his upper body was resting on Yusuke's legs, his head supported over the tantei's throbbing erection. He could see lust and desire glazing the brown eyes that continued to meet his.
“But, she could have been the red head. You did make her the writer, after all.” He was having trouble concentrating on the conversation with the kitsune's breath teasing his shaft with every exhalation. “You saying you want me to write something?”
A sigh, “No.” Green eyes twinkled as Yusuke's hips twitched upwards with escape of air. Sighing again, “I want you to be a good boy.” Licking his lips, “Do you think you can be good, Yusuke?”
Brown eyes sparkled with pretend consideration and actual mischief. “If it suits me to be good.”
“Remember, bad boys are left hanging,” the red head threatened.
“I don't need you to get off, baka kitsune,” the boy spat out defiantly.
“You do if I tie your arms down to the bed.”
“You wouldn't, bastard!”
“Care to bet on that?” Kurama pushed himself away from the boy's legs, reaching behind him to the bedside table. Hidden with in its drawer were two pairs of handcuffs, and the detective knew that, having been in them on several occasions before.
Yusuke considered his answer a moment, watching the red head's hand travel in slow motion. He'd come to enjoy bondage play since his lover had introduced it to him, not too dissimilar from what he'd just read, actually. Was he really in the mood to be teased, tormented? Smirking, “Fuck off, you couldn't tie me down if you tried!”
A malicious smile graced the kitsune's lips as he exerted his ki on the seeds he'd hidden in the bed while his lover was reading, hoping for that answer. In less than the blink of an eye, Yusuke was very effectively pinned to the bed, his face and erection the only parts of his body not covered in greenery or the red head. “I couldn't?” he mocked.
“Bastard! Since when do you keep seeds in your fucking bed?” Yusuke struggled and the plant tightened around him until he stopped. “Fucker!”
“I started when you started reading,” the red head answered calmly. “Now, are you going to be a good boy and apologize for saying such mean things?”
“You fucking planned this? You oversexed kitsune! FUCK!” the last being in response to the red head slapping his over sensitized shaft.
“No, you sick sadi…FUCK!” again, he was on the wrong end of a slap. The red head merely glared at him, daring him, demanding he bend. “You…” his voice trailed off as the kitsune's hand raised in warning. Brown eyes locked with green in a silent battle of wills. Deciding to up the stakes, Kurama made a move to leave the bed, “No!” the tantei broke, “I'm sorry! Please don't leave me!”
Kurama covered the shaking boy's body with his own, kissing his cheeks. “Good boy,” he murmured, kissing the tantei's lips chastely, “was that so hard?” He met the detective's eyes, recognizing the signs that the boy was surrendering his body. He slid his body downwards, again coming to rest on the tantei's legs, his face hovering over the proof of the boy's masculinity. Deliberately breathing more heavily than needed, “Are you going to be good, Yusuke?”
“Yes,” the boy whimpered, “I'll be good, please….” his voice again trailing off, this time to a gasp as the kitsune's tongue traced a path from the base of his shaft. Groaning, he closed his eyes, fully surrendering to the erotic touch.
Kurama looked into his lover's relaxed face, smiling as the trust he'd earned from his one time enemy. Even when they were enemies, he mused, Yusuke showed him trust, instinctively believing him worthy. Kurama wanted to be worthy of this trust. Forcing his thoughts away from deeper subjects, he focused on his growing desire to take the shaft under his nose in deeply. Wrapping his lips tightly just below the head of the shaft, he allowed his tongue to dance over the engorged flesh, teasing the dripping slit, tasting the boy's precum and drawing more out with gentle suction. He watched with satisfaction as Yusuke tried to thrust his more deeply into the warm cavern of his mouth, tried to move his hands to pull his head down, both to no avail.
“Please,” the boy sobbed, frustration and need causing his voice to break, a whimpering plea for more contact.
Kurama teased the boy's head a bit longer before taking the whole of the shaft into his throat. Yusuke's voice rose in an undulating cry of sated need as the kitsune's tongue fluttered along his erection. Kurama began sliding along the shaft at a pace that he knew would quickly bring the tantei to climax, carefully watching the boy's body. When the familiar tension became apparent, the red head released the detective's shaft.
“Kurama!” Yusuke cried, frustrated. A stroke or two more, and he would have had his release. His body trembled in unsatisfied need. “Please, Kurama, please…”
Kurama watched the dark haired boy, waiting for the strongest of the shuddering to stop before he moved again. This time, he took one testicle into his mouth, sucking gently and humming around the gem as he fondled it with his tongue. When the tantei's whimpers became moans of pleasure, he released the treasure. Again, Yusuke begged for more, and after a moment or two, Kurama obliged, repeating the same ministrations to the twin.
It was almost more than he could bear when the kitsune backed away from his groin. The fox knew exactly how to bring him to the edge and keep him there, not pushing him over and not giving him enough time to retreat. He opened his eyes to see lust darkened green eyes watching him. “I need you, `rama,” he begged shamelessly.
This seemed to be what the red head wanted to hear, the plants retreating from his body, sensually tracing paths as they did so. “On your knees, Yusuke,” he ordered, picking up the bottle of lube from off the bedside table.
The dark haired boy moved to comply, bending over more than needed to steal a kiss as he did. He knew this action would bring punishment because he'd not been given permission. He was not disappointed as the kistune's hand made contact sharply where his ass and thigh joined. After a moment, during which he held his breath, anticipating, he felt the warm wetness of the fox's tongue soothing away the hurt. His eyes drifted closed, and stayed that way when Kurama stopped, leaving him hanging for an eternity. Just as he was about to beg for contact, he felt the red head's shaft pressing against his opening, entering smoothly, fully, filling him completely. He let out a long, satisfied moan, gasping when his ass was slapped. “Silent!” the kitsune ordered, stroking the abused flesh gently as he moved within the detective, his pace just fast enough to drive the tantei to the brink, but not fast enough to push him over.
“Fuck, Kura….” his voice snagged as his other cheek was smacked.
“I said be silent, unless you want me to stop and tie you down for the rest of the night while you watch me masturbate.”
Yusuke bit his tongue, knowing the kitsune would follow through with his threat, having tempted him before. That had been a long night. The feel of his prostate being brushed against brought his thoughts back to the present and he just barely managed to bite back his groan. He was, by nature, a very vocal person in bed. To be silent was one of the most difficult things the red head ever demanded of him, and, thus far, he'd always failed to meet the challenge. He gasped, hoping the escaping breath would not be considered sound, as his sweet spot was again stimulated. He couldn't take much more, not without going over the brink of sanity. He arched his back, his head hanging between his arms, surrendering to the kitsune fully.
Kurama watched his lover submit to him, feeling a surge of desire and need flood his body. Taking pity on the boy, he reached around his waist to stroke his erection, increasing his tempo to bring them both fulfillment quickly. The tantei panted, almost, but not quite, not making a noise. He was a lot closer to being silent than he had been before, Kurama noted in the small part of his brain that was not concentrated in his erection. Green eyes drifted closed as the detective's body tightened, drawing tight before it exploded in passion. The kitsune followed his lover over the brink as they climaxed, Yusuke actually remaining mostly silent as the fox groaned aloud.
Yusuke felt his body fall forward and could do nothing to stop himself. He landed face down, his hands under his shoulders, panting, sated. He shoved against the mattress, dragging his head to look at the red head. Kurama was kneeling between his legs, a dazed expression on his face. Yusuke managed to get one of his legs to cooperate enough to twitch against the kitsune's thigh. Green eyes hazily met his. “Speak,” he muttered.
“I love you, and you should share your stories more often,” Yusuke panted out.
Kurama smiled, “I have a really nice one, if you don't mind reading about yourself with Hiei.”
Yusuke raised an eyebrow, “You fantasize about me and the koorime?”
The green eyes sparkled with renewed mischief, “Among others…”
“Perverted kitsune!”
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