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On how to get your art showcased ask in FanArt Forum! :)
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Showcase Reason: The artists rendering of what anime characters might look like older.~Fanilia
Title: What the Hell?! [ Anime/Manga :: Voltron ] By: Lady Cyberdragon
Uploaded On: Jun 29 9:55:22 2004
Description: A silly little pic I drew of an older Pidge and Hunk after watching the movie Rat Race. (more specifically the scene with the body peircings and this funny image came to mind. XD
Image Properties: 450x598 61.15 kb
Showcase Reason: The theme is very romantic and yet innocent.~Fanilia
Title: I see the moon... [ TV Series/Movie :: Avatar the Last Airbender ] By: Phoenix Element
Uploaded On: Nov 3 11:43:49 2006
Charcters: Sokka, Yue
Description: ...and she sees me. Sokka waxes sentimental over a certain Water Tribe princess. :) Wanna see more? http://phoenixelement.deviantart.com
Image Properties: 586x750 100.48 kb
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Showcase Reason: Truly amazing, you must see it full size both up close and at a distance.~Fanilia
Title: The Kiss That's Halfway There [ Miscellaneous :: n/a ] By: angelwarrior1
Uploaded On: Mar 30 19:53:48 2007
Description: Just an old project for my Illustration class.
Image Properties: 700x886 259.13 kb
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Showcase Reason: Very realistic looking fantasy creature.~Fanilia
Title: T-Chan's gonna getcha [ Anime/Manga :: Pet Shop of Horrors ] By: Nekomata
Uploaded On: Mar 23 14:54:11 2007
Description: T-chan the Totetsu stalking his favorite prey. Poor Leon, how does he afford to replace his jeans so often?
Image Properties: 670x792 196.22 kb
Showcase Reason: The shading is remarkable especially the detail in the hair.~Fanilia
Title: My Miko [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: Sardave
Uploaded On: Mar 23 10:31:50 2007
Charcters: Hiei
Description: I know she doesn't particularly look like Kagome, but that is supposed to be her...This was done by request and is my first attempt at a pairing. All graphite; 2H mostly, 2HB, and 2B. Took me about 10-12 hours total over 3 days to do. Hope you like. read more
Image Properties: 912x691 91.44 kb
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Showcase Reason: F.A.R.G. Pick of the week by reviewer Fanilia: Lovely. The wings drew me into the embrace of the characters they are surrounding. Nice layout for then entire work.
Title: Guardian Heart [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Other ] By: soliary25
Uploaded On: Feb 21 17:17:30 2007
Description: Comments are welcome! Based off of Amy Blankenship's series, "The Guardian Heart Crystal Series". Characters are Kyou (silver hair) and Kyoko (Red hair). Amy, the author, is in blue. PLEASE COMMENT!!!!
Image Properties: 600x464 110.18 kb
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Showcase Reason: Nice webstrip with a cute punch line.~Fanilia
Title: Bad Hairless Day [ TV Series/Movie :: Avatar the Last Airbender ] By: dragonnan
Uploaded On: Mar 17 12:14:04 2007
Charcters: Aang, Sokka
Image Properties: 725x2194 352.72 kb
Showcase Reason: Nice use of colour and textures.~Fanilia
Title: No Need For Tanlines... [ Anime/Manga :: Tenchi Muyo ] By: SeaDragon_Kade
Uploaded On: Mar 11 6:41:56 2007
Charcters: Ryoko
Description: I'm glad I went through to trouble of finally finishing this long discarded and thusly weathered pic. It took me three times as long just to simply clean the massive amount of smudging and repair the lines as it did to actually color the pic. Though overal read more
Image Properties: 986x1000 454.63 kb
Showcase Reason: The way this is framed it looks like a picture someone would cherish.~Fanilia
Title: Mitsuki under the moonlight [ Anime/Manga :: Full Moon Wo Sagashite ] By: nikkou_chan
Uploaded On: Nov 14 5:32:34 2004
Description: Mitsuki from Full Moon wo Sagashite. It's the first time I try a nocturnal pic.^^; Colored with Photoshop
Image Properties: 600x788 93.39 kb
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Showcase Reason: I can see the fantasy and magic in this image. Unique style and beautifuly done.~Fanilia
Title: high wizard [ Computer/Video Game :: Ragnarok OnLine ] By: kag-chan
Uploaded On: Dec 16 7:57:45 2006
Description: ..
Image Properties: 650x842 83.84 kb
Showcase Reason: Nice pose and style. For such a small image it has a lot of personality.~Fanilia
Title: -And When We Meet- [ Miscellaneous :: FanFiction Linked Art ] By: shoria_s_blackheart
Uploaded On: Jan 28 18:26:56 2007
Description: Kimiko looking cool.
Image Properties: 230x302 15.45 kb
Showcase Reason: Very evenly coloured. The overall theme is dark but not dismal.~Fanilia
Title: Kick Back colored [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: Sardave
Uploaded On: Feb 11 8:41:37 2007
Charcters: Kuronue
Description: I colored some of my favorites from my drawings, and this one came out so well I wanted to post it. ^_^
Image Properties: 444x530 41.96 kb
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Showcase Reason: Featured Fanartist week of 2-4-2007
Title: Sasuke - Spring- [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: ProdigyBombay
Uploaded On: Mar 26 14:32:37 2004
Charcters: Sasuke, Sasuke Uchiha
Description: A picture of Sasuke drawn to celebrate Spring. || The words just say Sasuke in japanese. Done in oekaki fashion.=D
Image Properties: 350x400 153.65 kb
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Showcase Reason: Cute picture with very vivid colouring.~Fanilia
Title: Alice [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Alice In Wonderland ] By: LadyKabuki
Uploaded On: Nov 12 18:38:49 2006
Description: This is kinda old but, i still am very happy with how this turned out. At the time i had scanned this on a crappy scanner and then had to clean it up hardcore. The rest was done in painter classic eww and lil in photoshop i think lol
Image Properties: 577x812 97.45 kb
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Showcase Reason: The composition takes my eye around the image. There are just so many interesting aspects to this. The colouring is smooth and you style is great.~Fanilia
Title: Zach [ Miscellaneous :: Original Characters W/O an Anime Series ] By: Natsumi Chan
Uploaded On: Jun 13 19:17:23 2006
Charcters: Bishounen
Description: Mmmnng. Copic markers are my new best friend. :D
Image Properties: 302x380 67.52 kb
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