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Showcase Reason: I like the deep forest shading and peaceful feel of this one. The colors worked well here.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: A Little Nap [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: Nanda
Uploaded On: Jan 16 13:38:18 2004
Charcters: Inuyasha, Sesshomaru
Description: Here we see the two sons of the great Inutaisho in a possible (albeit unlikely) long ago. Done in color pencils, watercolors, and watercolor pencils.
Image Properties: 645x452 57.93 kb
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Showcase Reason: Simply gorgeous. I love the contrast of ice blue against brown.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: frozen knight [ n/a ] By: MXavier
Uploaded On: Nov 29 8:31:24 2002
Description: this is kristal the frozen knight....
she use a blue power and her sword " lady rose " can froze anything....
Image Properties: 472x525 78.92 kb
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Showcase Reason: This is adorable, even though I'm not that keen on pink.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: Sassi the butterflylady [ Anime/Manga :: FanFiction Linked Art ] By: muveszno
Uploaded On: Oct 8 11:59:03 2002
Description: This the main character of my comic book I'm working on. It will be pablished online in January 2003 www.sassithebutterflylady.com
Image Properties: 425x507 68.12 kb
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Showcase Reason: Lovely work - I like the textures used in this one.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: The Burlap Dream [ Anime/Manga :: Gensomaden Saiyuki ] By: Mrs. Nadir Rusalki
Uploaded On: Mar 20 16:40:48 2003
Charcters: Sanzo
Description: Done in watercolor on watercolor paper. Edited with Adobe Photosop 7.0. Used the Burlap filter for the background. Reviews will be greatly appreciated :D Will accept fanart making jobs during summer vacation for series that I know and can draw.
Image Properties: 559x789 160.92 kb
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Showcase Reason: Lovely pic of Gandalf - there's not enough fan art of him.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: Gandalf [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Lord of the Rings ] By: morloth
Uploaded On: Jan 15 7:21:05 2004
Charcters: Gandalf
Description: Hmm... the colours are mixed up, becouse of my scanner T_T and my system mixed up my tablet drivers, so no CG T_T *sob*
Image Properties: 500x875 76.35 kb
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Showcase Reason: Nice art with an interesting concept, well played out.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: Collage [ Anime/Manga :: FanFiction Linked Art ] By: MoonKhat
Uploaded On: Jan 11 21:13:08 2004
Description: Collection of different anime characters...
Image Properties: 886x1184 241.76 kb
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Showcase Reason: Lovely. Beautiful colored pencil image of beautiful men. X3
-Lady Macbeth
Title: you won't kill me [ Anime/Manga :: Weiss Kreuz ] By: mon
Uploaded On: Jan 23 1:30:22 2004
Charcters: Schuldich, Youji Kudou
Description: my favorite pairing ^____^ c&c welcome!
Image Properties: 807x1192 200.18 kb
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Showcase Reason: Very cute - lovely work with color and expression.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: Taichi Yagami 01 [ Anime/Manga :: n/a ] By: mistylesca
Uploaded On: Jul 7 21:02:32 2004
Charcters: Taichi/Tai
Description: Whew. It's Taichi. Ain't he a little cutie? n_______n I'm proud of this pic. I like the colouring and the way it turned out. I tried something new with the eyes on this one, shading them and making the shine cover the entire eye... The skin is shaded well, read more
Image Properties: 500x500 95.45 kb
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Showcase Reason: Very nice fan cel - professionally done with nice acrylic background.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: Lina Fan cel w/bkg [ Anime/Manga :: Slayers ] By: MistressAnime
Uploaded On: Nov 25 13:51:04 2002
Charcters: Lina Inverse
Description: Fan cel & Acrylic background I did of Lina.
Image Properties: 250x343 39.72 kb
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Showcase Reason: Asuka's hair really stands out on this one. The glowing effect and the butterfly background are a nice contrast.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: Butterflies [ Anime/Manga :: Neon Genesis Evangelion ] By: Miserie
Uploaded On: Dec 10 21:12:15 2003
Charcters: Asuka Langley, Shinji Ikari
Description: Recently drawn while reading the manga. Colored on the computer. PLEASE comment! ::huggle:: thanks much!
Image Properties: 780x1023 152.58 kb
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Showcase Reason: Love the work in the dresses and the unique style given to the characters.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: Princesses-> Usagi& ChibiUsa [ Anime/Manga :: Sailor Moon ] By: Miruja
Uploaded On: Sep 18 7:02:12 2002
Charcters: Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Moon
Description: Weeeell, I happen to like drawing dresses XD Especially FRILLY dresses XDSo, I figured, why not draw two of my fave characters *ding ding*
Actually, my fave characters would be Usagi& Minako, but ChibiUsa is cool XD
Image Properties: 696x694 123.02 kb
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Showcase Reason: Beautiful portrait of Kenshin - I really like the earth tones used in it.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: Serious Is My Middle Name [ Anime/Manga :: Rurouni Kenshin ] By: Mirai Marron
Uploaded On: Nov 15 23:37:56 2002
Charcters: Kenshin Himura
Description: This was a request by one of my 3252 little sisters, Jessi. The eyes are probably the best part of the entire picture. Or maybe the whole thing is just a giant load of crap. Who knows?
Image Properties: 600x600 75.54 kb
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Showcase Reason: Very nice - clean, crisp, bold. The fence between them and the background is a nice touch.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: We're the Bladebreakers! [ Anime/Manga :: Beyblade ] By: Minky
Uploaded On: Sep 21 13:06:25 2003
Charcters: Kai, Kenny/Chief, Max, Rei, Tyson
Description: I've been off the scene for a while but I'm glad Media Miner is back!
I had lots of fun making this pic, I guess it kind of goes with my fan-fic Bullying Rocks!
Image Properties: 883x400 497.28 kb
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Showcase Reason: Nice pen work on this piece - looks very much like traditional Japanese art.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: Sakura Rain [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: Mikonoyumi
Uploaded On: Jul 23 12:10:35 2004
Charcters: Kikyou
Description: I actually created this as an original piece, but I supposed it could be said to be a picture of Kikyo.
Image Properties: 920x667 66.82 kb
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Showcase Reason: Very cute, with good colored pencil work. I like the way this technique gave the picture a nice texture on top of the nice color.
-Lady Macbeth
Title: Raenef [ Anime/Manga :: Demon Diary ] By: melimsah
Uploaded On: May 22 19:42:39 2004
Charcters: Raenef
Description: Awww! It's Raenef the fifth! What a cutie! *wants to pinch his cheeks* This picture was done with coloured pencils! Mucho-fun-ness!!!
Image Properties: 360x467 100.99 kb
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