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Showcase Reason: Featured Fanartist 1-28-2006
Title: entranced bijou [ Anime/Manga :: Hamtaro ] By: elvisisdead
Uploaded On: Oct 14 15:56:37 2003
Charcters: Bijuo
Image Properties: 413x413 15.44 kb
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Showcase Reason: The angle of the image and the use of coloured toning works well. I enjoyed the background as much as the character.~Fanilia
Title: Kidd on Water Dragon Isle [ Computer/Video Game :: Chrono Cross ] By: Stitchy
Uploaded On: Jul 22 22:47:22 2005
Charcters: Kidd
Description: Yay, an oekaki that I'm sorta proud of. Though it's fairly old, sorta, kinda. Just Kidd from an odd perspective on Water Dragon Isle (dried up version >3>;).
Image Properties: 300x550 34.1 kb
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Showcase Reason: Original character pencil drawing. The artist style and designs are very good.~Fanilia
Title: Let's Play... [ Computer/Video Game :: Sonic Series ] By: Ultrix
Uploaded On: Nov 15 14:16:09 2002
Description: Pencil work on my original character, Ultrix. I've definitely got to do a color version.
Image Properties: 550x680 41.78 kb
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Showcase Reason: Great use of color. Very stylish and the fact the program used was MS Paint, I am very impressed.~Fanilia
Title: Slasher (art trade with Piper) [ Anime/Manga :: FanFiction Linked Art ] By: Muzai
Uploaded On: Nov 1 12:51:23 2002
Description: Slasher

Class: Art TradeTools: MS Paint, IrfranViewBased on: Piper's design of her characterCanvas: MS PaintAnime: unknownCharacters:PiperComments: read more
Image Properties: 485x600 70.49 kb
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Showcase Reason: While it is a CG piece like so many others, the simplicity of it is wonderfully. It has a soft feel to it and the keeping gaps in the lines pull off a very nice effect. Instead of in color, it is done in greys, which I feel adds more depth to it, and not only that, the hand anatomy is superb.
Title: Father and Son Midnight Snack [ Anime/Manga :: Hellsing ] By: The Prophet Talia
Uploaded On: Dec 29 13:05:34 2006
Charcters: Alucard
Description: I had this image pop into my head the other night when I was reading the fourth VHD novel. I don't have the book in front of me for a direct quote, but John...Pluto VIII said something like, "Let's go to the bar, but I gotta tell you, I don't think they se read more
Image Properties: 1000x807 68.01 kb
Showcase Reason: Featured Fanartist 1-15-2007
Title: Miroku from "A Darker Purpose" [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: Vanvliet
Uploaded On: Mar 8 12:15:39 2005
Charcters: Miroku
Description: As you can tell from the title, this is my 'future' version of Miroku from my fic "A Darker Purpose". It was done kinda quick, and I was playing with the airbrush, so the lines aren't as clean as my usual style. Not what I was planning, but I kinda' like i read more
Image Properties: 500x363 136.23 kb
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Showcase Reason: F.A.R.G. Pick of the week by reviewer fanilia: I have been reviewing Amaria's art since she first started posting pencil sketches. This piece shows her development in style, compositon and medium. Her work shows a definate personal drawing style. Nice work.
Title: I Won't Give Up-Tera [ Computer/Video Game :: Jak and Daxter ] By: Amaria
Uploaded On: Jan 2 17:46:23 2007
Charcters: Other Character
Description: I officially love drawing this character XD She's just so different from the mass majority of my other characters that it's a welcome treat to draw and CG her. Also, personally, I think that this is my best CG job EVAR. I messed with the line thickness in read more
Image Properties: 1000x879 85.09 kb
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Showcase Reason: Featured Fanartist 1-8-2007
Title: Black and White : RO assassin [ Computer/Video Game :: Ragnarok OnLine ] By: Artoki
Uploaded On: Oct 9 5:13:56 2003
Description: I haven't renewed my RO account this month, I don't think I'll be playing again 'till either November or after Christmas. This is my Loki Assassin, also called Artoki, just sittin' around in the middle of a field (the way you do when you've got 35 mins of read more
Image Properties: 731x650 180.35 kb
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Showcase Reason: The colour and style of this are both great. Nice take on a current cartoon.~Fanilia
Title: Not so fast, Mojo Jojo! [ TV Series/Movie :: Powerpuff Girls ] By: elvisisdead
Uploaded On: Oct 9 10:34:24 2002
Description: A panel from a current manga project I'm working on.
Image Properties: 780x445 91.3 kb
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Showcase Reason: I found the artists comments as interesting and fascinating as the image, which is incredible. Nicely done!.~Fanilia
Title: Love Is Possession [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: Gypsy_Moon
Uploaded On: Jan 7 3:29:29 2007
Charcters: Kagura, Sesshomaru
Description: If you have not guessed by now the lovely couple in this piece is Sesshoumaru and Kagura. Yes I do adore their chemistry. If dislike the pairing please keep it to your self. I want my art work critiqued and not ranted and flamed on because the pairing "JUS read more
Image Properties: 1000x533 153.76 kb
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Showcase Reason: This drawing shows skill, I love the intensity in the eyes.~fanilia
Title: Sukai no Deidara [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: Naitachal666
Uploaded On: Jan 6 18:19:13 2007
Charcters: Deidara
Description: Well, this is Dei-chan riding a rather small Chocobo. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, although it could probably use some work here and there. He's such a cutie. So I just kind of tried to figure out what he looked like before he got the eye-s read more
Image Properties: 826x1158 188.18 kb
Showcase Reason: The colouring style is magical.~Fanilia
Title: The Fairy [ Mythological :: Faery/Fairy/ Faeries ] By: kag-chan
Uploaded On: Oct 28 21:51:44 2006
Charcters: Perserver
Description: I always see a glowing thingie in color green at our backyard... my mom said it's a firefly or something, we never went there to see what it really was,so i just imagined it could be a fairy XD
Image Properties: 630x811 207.85 kb
Showcase Reason: Beautiful...~Fanilia
Title: Gaara [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: kurai88
Uploaded On: Dec 14 20:41:34 2006
Description: pencil sketch, scanned, coloured in Photoshop 7.0 (pen tool for lineart) yes, i know the sand sucks.
Image Properties: 584x624 412.31 kb
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Showcase Reason: Impressive colouring.~Fanilia
Title: Wrapped Up [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: naojun
Uploaded On: Dec 17 13:36:36 2006
Charcters: Kakashi, Sakura
Description: Prisma and Copic markers.
Image Properties: 617x809 202.17 kb
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Showcase Reason: Cute image of gender switching, done in a cute layout and style.~Fanilia
Title: Femme!Ed [ Anime/Manga :: Fullmetal Alchemist ] By: hysteria82
Uploaded On: Dec 18 17:54:51 2006
Charcters: Edward Elric
Description: Femme!Ed.
Image Properties: 360x496 80.81 kb
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