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Title: happy smiles! [ Anime/Manga :: Shaman King ] By: JinxedKitsune
Uploaded On: Jan 1 19:39:59 2006
Charcters: Hao
Description: i haven't been here in so long it's not even funny anymore! T-T i'm so sorry! but here's a great pic i did in that long time i was missing! ^-^
Image Properties: 482x602 42.99 kb
Title: spiral - kousuke [ Anime/Manga :: Spiral ] By: JinxedKitsune
Uploaded On: Jul 6 21:56:03 2005
Description: it's kinda creepy lookin' now when i think of it, but it's not the best in the world (review if you have an opinion on my first digital art pic ^_^)
Image Properties: 194x148 6.77 kb
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Title: Zeke in profile [ Anime/Manga :: Shaman King ] By: JinxedKitsune
Uploaded On: Mar 5 21:13:02 2005
Charcters: Hao
Description: i guess it didn't turn out as good as i'd hoped! anyway, it's ok, but i think i ruined his chin.... 0.5 led pencil, during a very long time when my boredom to me over and i just decided to do something. originally, he was supposed to be silva, then he turn read more
Image Properties: 430x714 15.8 kb
Title: My Chibi Zeke/Hao Asakura [ Anime/Manga :: Shaman King ] By: JinxedKitsune
Uploaded On: Mar 5 9:34:07 2005
Charcters: Hao
Description: Chibi Zeke that i did a while ago, but it's cute, isn't it? Note: ZEKE FANS; THIS PIC IS FOR YOU TO GLOMP!
Image Properties: 174x251 8.28 kb
Title: InuYasha [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: JinxedKitsune
Uploaded On: Mar 5 9:15:03 2005
Charcters: Inuyasha
Description: This is my version of InuYasha. This was done in three minutes, in a moving car, 0.5 led pencil and i think i did the shading wrong on his shirt.
Image Properties: 504x713 18.76 kb
Title: Rei-Yu Ping Kon [ Anime/Manga :: Beyblade ] By: JinxedKitsune
Uploaded On: Mar 5 8:43:37 2005
Charcters: Fan Created Character
Description: This is Rei from my fanfic Beyblad Vs. Seasons, this is later in the story, but it's her.
Image Properties: 561x704 37.94 kb