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Title: Kurama and Me [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: kitsuneluvuh
Uploaded On: Sep 9 13:00:14 2005
Charcters: Kurama, Original Character
Description: WHEEEEEE!!!! I LOVE YOU, KURAMA!!!!!
Image Properties: 800x581 68.68 kb
Title: Fox Fire X 2! [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: kitsuneluvuh
Uploaded On: Sep 9 12:57:28 2005
Charcters: Original Character, Shippo
Description: Yay! Shippo! I really suck at drawing shippo, but I think this came out pretty good. I don't have a name for the girl fox-kit.
Image Properties: 800x581 82.09 kb
Title: Youko and Kumori [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: kitsuneluvuh
Uploaded On: Sep 9 12:52:08 2005
Charcters: Original Character, Youko Kurama
Description: Yay! this is one of my favorite pics. It's my own character and Youko snuggling. Her name is Kumori and it means "Shadow." I just made her hair that way because I thought it looked good. Her hair is actually supposed to be shoulder-length and black with re read more
Image Properties: 800x581 56.08 kb
Title: Dark Girl [ Anime/Manga :: FanFiction Linked Art ] By: kitsuneluvuh
Uploaded On: Sep 9 12:44:12 2005
Description: "Even as a child, I've been able to move things with my mind. I don't know how I can; it just happens. People fear me for my gift, despise me for it. But I can't really blame them. When I'm angry or upset, strange things happen. One minute I'm talking with read more
Image Properties: 640x465 108 kb
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Title: Angel [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: kitsuneluvuh
Uploaded On: Sep 9 12:40:55 2005
Description: She's nakie!!! But she's not showing anything or doing anything perverted, so I'm not gonna put her under "Mature Audiences." I was just practicing drawing wings for this one... ^^U I think I need a little more work.
Image Properties: 640x465 45.23 kb
Title: Biita [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: kitsuneluvuh
Uploaded On: Sep 9 12:35:14 2005
Charcters: Fan-created Characters
Description: This is my original character, Biita! She's Goku's twin sister, younger by two minutes and taller by two inches. A bit more civilized than her brother, she's not quite as strong as he is. She's inherited the future-reading ability from her father.
Image Properties: 3509x2547 361.51 kb
Title: Werewolf [ Mythological :: Werewolves / Werecreatures ] By: kitsuneluvuh
Uploaded On: Jun 2 14:10:06 2005
Description: I made this for my friend on a request. I spent 30 minutes in front of a mirror trying to get the leg positions right. *sweatdrops*. Anyway it got a little cut off, but I think it still looks really good. Tell me what you think. And I do take requests.
Image Properties: 640x882 123.62 kb
Title: 15-Year-Old Naruto [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: kitsuneluvuh
Uploaded On: May 19 18:47:20 2005
Charcters: Naruto
Description: Okay, I'm seriously thinking of starting a gallery called, "Things I do in the English Classroom." I actually did this during the MCAS, but it still counts as English because that's my homeroom. Anyway, I was reading a story (YYH/N) and Kurama forced Narut read more
Image Properties: 640x882 55.56 kb
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Title: Kyo [ Anime/Manga :: Fruits Basket ] By: kitsuneluvuh
Uploaded On: Apr 1 16:39:20 2005
Charcters: Kyo Soma
Description: I just recently got into Fruits Basket. My favorite character is Yuki! But my friend's fav is Kyo, and I made this for her. My other friend's fav is Haru-kun, who will be my next Furuba piccie!!!
Image Properties: 640x465 31.4 kb
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