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Title: Edward 'Edo' Elric [ Anime/Manga :: Fullmetal Alchemist ] By: Yami No Rei
Uploaded On: Oct 30 15:43:22 2008
Charcters: Edward Elric
Description: Now time for my version [ hope it's reconansable ^^; ] of our favorite, kinda short " WHO THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING SHORT ?!?! "... Eh heh he... no one >.> Ekhem, and blond haired alchemist. ^^ Well ont the pic. you do not see the colors [ and definie read more
Image Properties: 707x728 245.74 kb
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Title: Ryo-ohki [ Anime/Manga :: Tenchi Muyo ] By: Yami No Rei
Uploaded On: Oct 30 15:29:35 2008
Charcters: Ryo-oh-ki
Description: Wow. It was sometime now that I added my last [ and first ^^ ] image here. ^^ Well, this time it's the cute bunny-like creature that's goes by the name, Ryo-oki [ or Ryo-oh-ki, whatever you prefer ]. I draw this on the beach when I was a little bored [ to read more
Image Properties: 775x724 253.65 kb
Title: Kurama [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: Yami No Rei
Uploaded On: Jun 12 5:18:49 2008
Charcters: Kurama, Minamino, Shuuichi
Description: Like you can see [ at last I hope you can ^^; ] I tryed to draw Kurama from " Yu Yu Hakusho ". That's the ending effect. ^^ I made in school. Heh heh, I was a little bored at that moment. ^^; Sorry for the bad copy. My aparat didn't want to cooperat with m read more
Image Properties: 467x640 164.86 kb
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