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Title: Beneath the Moonlight [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: Katherine-Torrence
Uploaded On: Jan 28 23:33:57 2013
Charcters: Original Character, Sesshomaru
Description: I absolutely love how this turned out! OMG A BACKGROUND!! I know I'm starting to put more backgrounds in to my art and that to me is becoming a good thing! Any way, this is Sesshoumaru and Aiyuki and this will become a scene eventually in Snowfall.... just read more
Image Properties: 765x990 364.39 kb
Title: Lady of the East Aiyuki [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: Katherine-Torrence
Uploaded On: Oct 16 8:35:43 2010
Charcters: FanFiction Linked Art
Description: This is Aiyuki, Lady of the Eastern Region, from my story Snowfall which can be read here. This is where I got the base from: http://www.nutopia.biz/glasstemple/ =^-^= Hope you all enjoy it!!
Image Properties: 69x112 8.83 kb