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Title: Abarai Renji [ Anime/Manga :: Bleach ] By: DBZ_Teena
Uploaded On: Oct 1 17:29:52 2007
Charcters: Aburai Renji
Description: Abarai Renji wearing a fashion concoction created by my weird sense of humor or fashion sense. I like it , enjoy!
Image Properties: 599x943 83.71 kb
Title: Mystic Friend: The Winged Rose [ Miscellaneous :: Abstract Art ] By: DBZ_Teena
Uploaded On: Sep 2 20:36:18 2004
Description: It's been some weeks now since i stopped drawing. I think i may have forgotten how. But! I decided today be the day where I draw something, anything. but something..and that i did..here ya go! enjoy! I decided to draw a winged rose with a Girl..i guess u c read more
Image Properties: 729x555 62.97 kb
Title: Punk Bulma [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: DBZ_Teena
Uploaded On: Nov 1 13:19:14 2003
Charcters: Bulma
Description: Bulma as a punk rebel onna..... she is sooooooooooooooooooooooo pankin! :P love her....^.^
Image Properties: 328x664 87.53 kb
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Title: Kitsurubami [ Anime/Manga :: FLCL ] By: DBZ_Teena
Uploaded On: Nov 1 13:10:56 2003
Description: Kitsurubami..first character i drew from Furi Kuri, because i like her alot..she gets weapons and says "Blue Blue Cobalt Blue....FISH!" hahhahahhahhahaI use to role play as her on msn...>.< they mean now..so i am not role playin on that anymore....u. read more
Image Properties: 352x576 26.35 kb