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Title: Hey Ben I found you a HAT [ Anime/Manga :: One Piece ] By: Gloria Stone
Uploaded On: Mar 26 21:05:55 2007
Charcters: Shanks
Description: A request from One piece Yaoi comm on LJ. I chiped a tooth while I was working on this. *sniffle* it hurt when it happened although it doesn't now. Its my fault really. I have lip piercings and the stub was to long. I bite it while eating. Not the first ti read more
Image Properties: 1122x705 102.03 kb
Title: Going Swimming [ Anime/Manga :: One Piece ] By: Gloria Stone
Uploaded On: Mar 17 12:47:14 2007
Charcters: Monkey D. Rufi, Roronoa Zoro
Description: Was inspired when I was joking to my sister how Zoro always has to save Luffy from drowning. It got me thinking how Luffy it would be if he went to swim with the others and forgot his inner tube. (after all he did jump in after Chopper one time to try and read more
Image Properties: 485x966 81.82 kb
Title: realizations [ Anime/Manga :: One Piece ] By: Gloria Stone
Uploaded On: Mar 17 12:41:19 2007
Charcters: Monkey D. Rufi
Description: What the hell Monkey D. Rufi? Why is that messed up with Zoro's name is still zoro? Hmmm well anyway Based of a story called Realizations by Raihne. http://anime.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600040603 Just a warning for those that don't understand the read more
Image Properties: 840x840 98.57 kb
Title: Hinata in uniform :P [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: Gloria Stone
Uploaded On: Feb 5 21:18:30 2007
Charcters: Hyuuga Hinata
Description: From my story Within a Pale White Light. This is actually a bit of a spoiler since I actually haven't had Hinata get in the UNSC outfit yet. For those that have no idea, this is a halo/Naruto crossover. Hinata gets hurt and taken to a medical ship. Her clo read more
Image Properties: 568x548 34.07 kb
Title: Political Party dress [ Computer/Video Game :: Halo ] By: Gloria Stone
Uploaded On: Oct 5 17:23:30 2006
Description: From my crossover story, Within a Pale White light. This is from the 'Political Party' chapter where Kelly is attending a formal party. The reason for the dress and not her armor/dress uniform is because in my story the UNSC wants to make the Spartans appe read more
Image Properties: 458x1052 52.77 kb
Title: Sam and Linda [ Computer/Video Game :: Halo ] By: Gloria Stone
Uploaded On: Oct 4 8:34:09 2006
Description: Ok don't ask me where this came from. Its loosely based off my current crossover with Naruto/halo called Within the Pale White Light. I don't know why, but when I started this I suddenly had insperation to draw Linda and Sam in their underwear holding Guns read more
Image Properties: 489x766 49.38 kb
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Title: Calling a truce [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: Gloria Stone
Uploaded On: Sep 28 18:57:25 2006
Charcters: Gaara, Temari
Description: This is from my story 'Within the Pale White Light' a crossover between Halo and Naruto. A quick sketch that I will probably ink and everything later.
Image Properties: 609x782 84.96 kb
Title: Planet side [ Computer/Video Game :: Halo ] By: Gloria Stone
Uploaded On: Jun 14 15:08:49 2006
Charcters: Master Chief
Description: The finished Master Chief complete with background. This took me forever and a day to do. all done in ink
Image Properties: 669x831 123.1 kb
Title: Vash [ Anime/Manga :: Trigun ] By: Gloria Stone
Uploaded On: Jun 4 15:39:08 2006
Charcters: Vash Stampede
Description: This was done in ink when I was still new to the wonderful medium. I had bought some nice pens and some ink although I didn't really know what to do with the ink in the bottle. I guess I techincally still don't know but I've evolved on my style somewhat. : read more
Image Properties: 489x686 66.62 kb
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Title: bub's tattoo [ Miscellaneous :: n/a ] By: Gloria Stone
Uploaded On: Jun 4 15:29:59 2006
Description: this is actually a pic I did awhile back when my brother wanted me to design him a tattoo. He's a mp on a base in indiana so he wanted a soldier. I hadn't ever really drawn a soldier before, or designed a tattoo. but I gave it a shot. My brother loved it a read more
Image Properties: 447x582 45.39 kb
Title: Mortal outside of time [ Anime/Manga :: Trigun ] By: Gloria Stone
Uploaded On: Jun 4 15:15:51 2006
Charcters: Nicholas D. Wolfwood, Vash Stampede
Description: I always wondered what the scene was like when Vash walked into that church and saw wolfwood dead. When I first started on this, I was working on a dark and very depressing feel to the picture. I wanted people to look at it and their hearts just break, eve read more
Image Properties: 558x746 155.96 kb
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