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Title: Haruko! [ Anime/Manga :: FLCL ] By: jasan
Uploaded On: Oct 8 19:08:59 2003
Charcters: Haruko
Description: A requested oekaki of Haruko from FLCL! ^_^ Yay! I used my new tablet and OekakiBBS. Main Reference Pic: http://www.riizu.ca/me/images/haruko.jpg
Image Properties: 300x400 43.41 kb
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Title: The Sprout Farm [ Computer/Video Game :: Harvest Moon ] By: jasan
Uploaded On: Feb 9 13:48:25 2003
Description: I was going to send this in to Nintendo Power for a fan art contest, but I liked it too much to give it up. That's my farm, that's my cow, that's my sheep, and those are just some stray chickens. ^_^
Image Properties: 608x399 119.97 kb
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Title: Gold [ Anime/Manga :: Planet Ladder ] By: jasan
Uploaded On: Feb 9 13:43:44 2003
Description: This was a "commissioned" piece of fanart...actually, I asked someone for a favor, and she made me do this in return...go figure. ^_^ This sucker started out as three separate drawings on three pieces of paper and is now taking up over 5MB on my hard drive read more
Image Properties: 500x625 87.04 kb
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