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Title: Kiss on the balcony [ Anime/Manga :: Sailor Moon ] By: Bulmafox
Uploaded On: Aug 2 16:21:42 2008
Charcters: Naru Osaka, Nephrite
Description: Molly and Neflite kissing on the balcony in Molly's room.
Image Properties: 500x598 69.06 kb
Title: M/K Kiss [ Anime/Manga :: Noir ] By: Bulmafox
Uploaded On: Apr 12 17:53:12 2008
Charcters: Kirika Yuumura, Mireille Bouquet
Description: Mireille and Kirika kissing in the dark. Inspired by Kirika's Black Turned Red.
Image Properties: 610x519 22.94 kb
Title: The two sides of Samus [ Computer/Video Game :: Metroid/Super Metroid ] By: Bulmafox
Uploaded On: Jun 22 12:34:20 2005
Charcters: Samus Aran
Description: Samus as a hunter (masculine) and a huntress (feminine).
Image Properties: 355x382 51.95 kb
Title: Ritsuko/Maya wedding [ Anime/Manga :: Neon Genesis Evangelion ] By: Bulmafox
Uploaded On: Jun 22 12:26:59 2005
Charcters: Maya Ibuki, Ritsuko Akagi
Description: Made for May 17, 2004, the day when same-sex marriage was made legal in Massachusettes
Image Properties: 400x400 46.64 kb