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Title: Duo and Heero [ Anime/Manga :: Gundam Wing ] By: Yaoilovertash
Uploaded On: Jun 11 2:55:01 2006
Charcters: Duo Maxwell, Heero
Description: This is one of my earlier drawings of Duo and Heero when I was just beginning to enjoy 1x2x1 fanfiction. It was one of the drawings I came to love ad it helped me improve so I hope any fan of Duo and Heero would love. I know I do, and I love Duo and Heero read more
Image Properties: 427x600 387.85 kb
Title: Tykai picture [ Anime/Manga :: Beyblade ] By: Yaoilovertash
Uploaded On: Aug 17 14:36:18 2004
Charcters: Kai, Tyson
Description: This a picture I made for tykai yahoo group, I hope everyone enjoys it.
Image Properties: 826x1169 236.81 kb
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