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Title: Tohma and Ryuichi with Kumagorou 1 [ Anime/Manga :: Gravitation ] By: Ryuichi Sakuma13
Uploaded On: Sep 30 16:22:02 2013
Charcters: Kumagorou, Ryuichi Sakuma, Tohma Seguchi
Description: I have as my artwork Gravitation characters as Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls (BJDs). So far, I have Ryuichi, Tohma and Tatsuha, with Yuki and Noriko in the works. Keep watching, as I put them together, I'll be adding them here! (^_^)
Image Properties: 960x1280 367.82 kb
Title: Brotherly Love [ Anime/Manga :: Gravitation ] By: wda_yagi-san
Uploaded On: Mar 6 23:19:46 2005
Charcters: Hiroshi (hiro) Nakano, K, Kumagorou, Ryuichi Sakuma, Sakano, Shuichi Shindou, Tatsuha Uesagi, Tohma Seguchi, Yuji, Yuki Eiri
Description: Another contest pic for DevART. Come to think of it, I think most of my fanart is for contests... Anyway, theme was fave pairing, and after much consideration, I settled on Hiro+Yuji(Hiro's older brother). Of course, I threw in a slew of other pairings, to read more
Image Properties: 737x1008 134.17 kb
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Title: Ryuuichi (Why why why?!) [ Anime/Manga :: Gravitation ] By: Jun-chan
Uploaded On: Dec 19 2:22:24 2003
Charcters: Kumagorou, Sakuma Ryuichi
Description: This was my general frame of mind as I waited with baited breath for the American release of the Gravi manga. And waited. And waited. The release was about pushed back twice, before they finally released it in August.
Image Properties: 325x275 74.24 kb
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