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Title: Episode #19 thingy [ Anime/Manga :: n/a ] By: Takouji04
Uploaded On: Mar 26 15:51:06 2005
Charcters: Kouji, Takuya
Description: It's a piccy I did on episode #19, "Would you like fries with that?" (or something like that) Anyways, this is the one where Takuya & Kouji eat their cheeseburgers... to me Takuya looks like a drunken person while Kouji looks like an Azu Manga Characte read more
Image Properties: 277x224 9.99 kb
Title: Watching You [ Anime/Manga :: n/a ] By: TacoYasha
Uploaded On: Jan 29 6:34:06 2005
Charcters: Takuya
Description: Its simply Takuya Kanbara with Agnimon's eyes in the background. If you've seen this before on FanArtCentral, its becuase ChibiAnimeKuya is my name on there.Enjoy this lowsy pic.
Image Properties: 518x625 180.31 kb
Title: Shizukana Yoru ni [ Anime/Manga :: n/a ] By: Nicole1725
Uploaded On: Jul 7 18:06:25 2004
Charcters: Kouji, Takuya
Description: Yay another Digi Frontier oekaki from me if your bored you can watch the animation here http://laerry.rpgdarkside.com/oekaki/index.php?artist=Nicole1725&sortartist2=Go
Image Properties: 500x500 90.18 kb
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Title: Takuya, Kouji, Kouichi [ Anime/Manga :: n/a ] By: Splash
Uploaded On: Sep 21 14:36:28 2003
Charcters: Kouichi, Kouji, Takuya
Description: Inspirations: Takuya: Lighdramon Kouichi: Ayumu from Spiral and his image song "Oreta Tsubasa de ~With Broken Wings" Kouji: Self-made inspiration during a period when I was obsessed with ribbons. wee! o.o I made a poster of this to replace one of my old Po read more
Image Properties: 500x651 201.43 kb
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Title: Takouji for Fiona [ Anime/Manga :: n/a ] By: Pinali
Uploaded On: Mar 17 11:52:44 2003
Charcters: Kouji, Takuya
Description: Okay, wasn't a request or trade, it was a birthday present. Still, it was for someone else. :)
I do wonder why I bother uploading as this site seems to be failing...
Image Properties: 417x483 45.19 kb
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Title: Takouji [ Anime/Manga :: n/a ] By: Splash
Uploaded On: Jan 3 13:46:03 2003
Charcters: Kouji, Takuya
Description: Get a little Takouji to spice up your lifeeeeee... lalalaa...
Image Properties: 261x311 57.88 kb
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