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Title: Kanna [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: Lady Cadaver
Uploaded On: Dec 29 17:57:45 2008
Charcters: Kanna
Image Properties: 736x763 56 kb
Title: Kanna [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: Out of Time
Uploaded On: Jul 3 18:39:09 2007
Charcters: Kanna
Description: My favourite character! This turned out really good, for me, anyway. Sketched then inked.
Image Properties: 600x600 49.88 kb
Title: Chibi Inu Yasha Group [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: Ghaleons Secret Admirer
Uploaded On: Jan 9 20:31:42 2007
Charcters: Inuyasha, Jaken, Kagome Higurashi, Kagura, Kaguya, Kanna, Kikyou, Kirara, Kohaku, Kouga, Lady Kaede, Miroku, Myoga, Naraku, Rin, Sango, Sesshomaru, Shippo
Description: Finally I got around to coloring this! It's been around the net a long time, especially over at my DA account (Vanstane). Drawn by hand and colored in Photoshop.
Image Properties: 400x519 92.27 kb
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Title: Naraku's team [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: Sakamoto-san
Uploaded On: Sep 15 13:52:47 2006
Charcters: Kagura, Kanna, Naraku
Description: This is my own picture!!! I made it!!!
Image Properties: 801x1128 330.45 kb
Title: Kanna With Her Mirror [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: Mr Pink
Uploaded On: Jan 24 19:23:15 2006
Charcters: Kanna
Description: This is a pic of kanna i drew. i got the inspiration from a magazine.
Image Properties: 1461x1153 275.01 kb
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Title: SMILE! [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: CrimsonBirdhouse
Uploaded On: Dec 5 16:54:51 2005
Charcters: Kanna
Description: LOOKS MUCH BETTER BIGGER. It's been redone! (From the original, which I feel was sadly lacking.) This is actually a bit of a rough draft itself; I don't feel that the hair or the flowers are quite there yet, and there's a small matter of the complete absen read more
Image Properties: 577x700 89.35 kb
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Title: The Void [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: futeki_megami
Uploaded On: Sep 26 12:52:46 2005
Charcters: Kanna
Description: Another Inuyasha fanart, this is actually one of my favorite characters and drawings. Yeah I know she's evil and it makes you wonder, why would I like a bad guy, but there is more to Kanna than meets the eye.
Image Properties: 1145x1605 304.07 kb
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Title: Kanna [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: Kanna_The_Nothingness
Uploaded On: Jun 10 15:05:59 2005
Charcters: Kanna
Description: Sorry for the crappiness, I'm not too good at MS paint or drawing Kanna. Nor do I have a scanner. Scanners make the world go round! My first ever, on this site or off it, attempt at Kanna.
Image Properties: 163x206 2.81 kb
Title: The Three Stooges [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: faithless
Uploaded On: Aug 21 12:56:09 2004
Charcters: Kanna
Description: not many of you know hakudoushi and naraku's nameless baby just yet, but they come later on in the series(much later)... and since they weren't even on the character's list, i list them here. reviews! or questions about hakudoushi and baby (caution: i give read more
Image Properties: 1221x1104 206.49 kb
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Title: Creepy Girl [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: panoramacon
Uploaded On: Jun 25 16:02:05 2004
Charcters: Kanna
Description: Just goofing off
Image Properties: 601x1000 66.42 kb
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Title: Braids [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: gummy
Uploaded On: May 28 16:10:54 2004
Charcters: Kagura, Kanna, Naraku
Description: Inspired by the Verizon commercial ^_^ You know, the one with the gabbing away to her dad while she braids his hair because her nighttime minutes don't start until like 9 or whatever it was. XD!! Naraku was so much fun to draw in this.... so were all the b read more
Image Properties: 400x560 86.79 kb
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Title: Kanna with Naraku's baby [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: Lynxzeo
Uploaded On: May 4 17:49:28 2004
Charcters: Kanna
Description: Doodled a bit after a history test... then went over it in Photoshop... Naraku's baby is sooooooooooo DEFORMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Image Properties: 785x670 90.24 kb
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