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Title: HoroHoro [ Anime/Manga :: Shaman King ] By: MistressKari
Uploaded On: Oct 20 11:34:06 2006
Charcters: Horohoro
Description: he may not be one of my all time fav shamans but he is hilarious and his guardian spirit is just toooooo adorable ^ ^
Image Properties: 1224x1629 177.14 kb
Title: HoroHoro [ Anime/Manga :: Shaman King ] By: IceKit
Uploaded On: Mar 3 10:24:04 2006
Charcters: Horohoro
Description: A 3 hour HoroHoro sketch I did. ^.^ Enjoy.
Image Properties: 311x590 44.37 kb
Title: Ninja HoroHoro [ Anime/Manga :: Shaman King ] By: KanolaGirl
Uploaded On: Nov 8 18:04:55 2005
Charcters: Horohoro
Description: Media: Adobe Illustrator 10 Time: Hours -_-* Music: Quiet music to sooth my annoyed nerves This picture haunts me to this very day. So annoying it was to make >.< As you can see...I totally gave up on the shading and just left it...yea, I know it suc read more
Image Properties: 314x318 16.43 kb
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Title: Horo-HoroxRen (And a snowbord) [ Anime/Manga :: Shaman King ] By: Various the Squirrel Deamon
Uploaded On: May 9 16:36:05 2005
Charcters: Horohoro, Ren Tao
Description: The sloppy sketch I did on notebook paper actually looked better, or atlest Ren did. I added in the snowbord for absoutly no reason what-so-ever...Don't ya just love 'em!
Image Properties: 1003x920 141.85 kb
Title: Little Lick (HoroRen) [ Anime/Manga :: Shaman King ] By: PandaPants
Uploaded On: Jan 9 17:44:45 2005
Charcters: Horohoro, Ren Tao
Description: Art trade request for a random person who has 'claimed' Tao Ren. She wanted a picture of herself and Ren. This was the result. She now hates me. I love myself. XD
Image Properties: 579x684 129.47 kb
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Title: Random Fluffy Ren x Horo [ Anime/Manga :: Shaman King ] By: Draconicality
Uploaded On: Oct 29 1:30:56 2003
Charcters: Horohoro, Ren Tao
Description: Um. Had to shrink it so it wouldn't kill my account. So it's all pixelated and uglified. -_-; the better version is in deviantart.com (same artist name.) Anyway, it's a Ren x Horo, with plushies. *points and laughs* Look, Renny's blushing! ^.^
Image Properties: 650x830 94.72 kb
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