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Title: My lil intro [ Anime/Manga :: n/a ] By: Takouji04
Uploaded On: Mar 25 14:53:52 2005
Charcters: Kouichi, Kouji
Description: It's my little image I decided to do cause I was bored... I draw way better piccys than this, & hope you will all see it soon!
Image Properties: 179x175 6.58 kb
Title: Kouichi and Riku [ Anime/Manga :: n/a ] By: Gemini Star
Uploaded On: Mar 23 20:24:09 2005
Charcters: Fan Created Charecters, Kouichi
Description: This is from my fic "Kingdom of the Elemental Hearts" of FanFiction.net. Kouichi-kun and Riku (KH) It really comes into play around the 3rd chapter. Do you like thier new outfits? It's mostly done 'cause I can't do bare arms, and Kouichi looks cute in a tu read more
Image Properties: 1059x1311 147.34 kb
Title: Escapeing Destiny [ Anime/Manga :: n/a ] By: Nicole1725
Uploaded On: Oct 20 9:32:39 2004
Charcters: Kouichi
Description: meh had to delete a pic to upload this...... yep I know older Kouichi with his hair parted on the opisite side looks sort of like Athrun from Gundam Seed LOL but whatever....let me explain this pic a little I really was in the mood to do something dark and read more
Image Properties: 650x650 84.44 kb
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Title: Takuya, Kouji, Kouichi [ Anime/Manga :: n/a ] By: Splash
Uploaded On: Sep 21 14:36:28 2003
Charcters: Kouichi, Kouji, Takuya
Description: Inspirations: Takuya: Lighdramon Kouichi: Ayumu from Spiral and his image song "Oreta Tsubasa de ~With Broken Wings" Kouji: Self-made inspiration during a period when I was obsessed with ribbons. wee! o.o I made a poster of this to replace one of my old Po read more
Image Properties: 500x651 201.43 kb
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Title: Oreta Tsubasa de ~With Broken Wings~ [ Anime/Manga :: n/a ] By: Pinali
Uploaded On: Sep 21 11:50:47 2003
Charcters: Kouichi
Description: Okay. This is now being uploaded for 2 reasons.
#1: So you all can see it. Dah.
#2: So I can give you all the link to my new archive. I now post all art on http://pinali.deviantart.com/
I can't afford to pay for more space here, so there read more
Image Properties: 388x614 46.36 kb
Title: Assassin Kouji, Priest Kouichi [ Anime/Manga :: n/a ] By: Splash
Uploaded On: Mar 5 16:04:51 2003
Charcters: Kouji, Kouichi
Description: Ragnarok Online inspired, based on fic "Where Fate Turns" which can be located if you search Takouji in FF.N. =3
Image Properties: 500x500 255.98 kb
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Title: Kouichi Oekaki [ Anime/Manga :: n/a ] By: Pinali
Uploaded On: Feb 16 6:19:10 2003
Charcters: Kouichi
Description: Squee. I want to glomp him. NOW.
Image Properties: 300x300 53.25 kb
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Title: Kouichi: Oreta Tsubasa de [ Anime/Manga :: n/a ] By: Splash
Uploaded On: Dec 29 10:39:38 2002
Charcters: Kouichi
Description: First time Kouichi, so why not throw in his image song with it... :3
Image Properties: 511x474 110.88 kb
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