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Title: .TsumeToboe. Remember Me [ Anime/Manga :: Wolf's Rain. ] By: AkemiFOX
Uploaded On: May 28 18:47:40 2008
Charcters: Toboe, Tsume
Description: This is to test my ability to draw without shapes to guide me. Tsume and Toboe from Wolf's Rain. This is supposed to be a scene from a one shot fanfiction I did for them called "Rising Sun." It's when Toboe hugs Tsume unexpectedly, trying to get him to rem read more
Image Properties: 611x770 223.28 kb
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Title: Smirk [ Anime/Manga :: Wolf's Rain. ] By: Dominic Shade
Uploaded On: Dec 20 14:44:03 2004
Charcters: Tsume
Description: Ahh, the very pretty and yet oh so masculine Tsume smirking.
Image Properties: 617x734 53.42 kb
Title: Tsume in Wolf Form [ Anime/Manga :: Wolf's Rain. ] By: Draco MalfoyGirl 16
Uploaded On: May 22 23:44:28 2004
Charcters: Tsume
Description: Ok i did one of Tsume in his wolf form because i think he looks cool that way. Well..... lets face it he looks good any way.
Image Properties: 640x480 20.75 kb
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