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Title: Brotherly Love [ Anime/Manga :: Gravitation ] By: wda_yagi-san
Uploaded On: Mar 6 23:19:46 2005
Charcters: Hiroshi (hiro) Nakano, K, Kumagorou, Ryuichi Sakuma, Sakano, Shuichi Shindou, Tatsuha Uesagi, Tohma Seguchi, Yuji, Yuki Eiri
Description: Another contest pic for DevART. Come to think of it, I think most of my fanart is for contests... Anyway, theme was fave pairing, and after much consideration, I settled on Hiro+Yuji(Hiro's older brother). Of course, I threw in a slew of other pairings, to read more
Image Properties: 737x1008 134.17 kb
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