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Title: Fuzzy Sunsets [ Miscellaneous :: Nature ] By: Steel Blue
Uploaded On: Oct 1 15:59:37 2011
Charcters: Landscape
Description: This artwork is a sunset with dandelions in a sea of grass. On the top corner, if your wondering, are the branches of a tree and faintly you can see white spots on the top of the image (where it's deep blue) in which represents stars. I painted this on Ado read more
Image Properties: 2110x1516 467.94 kb
Title: Fallow Fields in Fall [ Miscellaneous :: Nature ] By: LadyLark
Uploaded On: Sep 6 16:06:12 2006
Charcters: Landscape
Description: The crops are harvested and the leaves turn. It is fall in the northern country and nature changes her clothes. Okay so yeah, I apparently really like the smudge tool in Photoshop. And I also have too much time on my hands. Once again I used a photograph I read more
Image Properties: 800x600 46.59 kb
Title: Bad Storm Rising [ Miscellaneous :: Nature ] By: LadyLark
Uploaded On: Sep 5 17:42:28 2006
Charcters: Landscape
Description: This pic is an attempt for me to create art while looking at another piece of artwork. I have decided that there is no way that I can draw characters at all so I am playing. Again... The picture is based on this picture I took on the Florida Coast: http:// read more
Image Properties: 800x533 28.09 kb
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Title: Through the Eye [ Miscellaneous :: Nature ] By: joyfulmusic
Uploaded On: Apr 17 22:14:03 2006
Charcters: Landscape
Description: This one was drawn but the center picture was flat so it didn't have the right look to it. Gotta love Photoshop! I tossed it in there and changed the image being seen. My original will be in the scraps if anyone wants to look at it.
Image Properties: 750x534 30.04 kb