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Title: Bulma as a Saiyan [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: LavonyaVegeta lover
Uploaded On: Mar 29 11:21:18 2012
Charcters: Bulma
Description: I made her with saiyan hair! I hope you like it!! Enjoy!!!
Image Properties: 612x792 152.54 kb
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Title: bulma as a saiyan in armor [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: LavonyaVegeta lover
Uploaded On: Mar 22 18:47:55 2012
Charcters: Bulma
Image Properties: 300x600 64.11 kb
Title: Anaugust Gold [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: ShiningMoon
Uploaded On: Jul 19 23:48:52 2010
Charcters: Bulma
Description: Poster type deal for my fic "Anaugust Gold," http://mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php/166431/ which is a sequel to "Red Window," http://mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php/165848/
Image Properties: 498x600 289.72 kb
Title: DBZ-BulmaxVegeta-Fanime09 [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: Crystalline Maxwell
Uploaded On: Feb 12 3:15:40 2010
Charcters: Bulma, Vegeta
Description: BulmaxVegeta for Fanime09 keychains! Omg het what! Redraw of 2003 art? Pink?! Apocalypse! Photoshop CS3 + 2003 lineart. 3" round keychains, yay!
Image Properties: 400x400 171.05 kb
Title: Death Kiss [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: Black heat
Uploaded On: Jan 27 7:25:18 2010
Charcters: Bulma, Vegeta
Description: This took me the whole day to finish this. If you like see more of my art go here http://xxemoveggiexx.deviantart.com/
Image Properties: 600x900 126.44 kb
Title: Bulma natural [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: Cherryveggie
Uploaded On: Apr 22 11:07:00 2009
Charcters: Bulma
Description: long time ago ;)
Image Properties: 249x374 61.22 kb
Title: Bulma in the Bunny Suit [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: EvilBunnySlippers
Uploaded On: Dec 23 17:35:30 2003
Charcters: Bulma
Description: This is a pic of Bulma in her bunny suit holding up a dragonball from "Dragon Ball"...I drew it with pencil, colored it in colored pencil and inked it...please comment! thanks.
Image Properties: 350x472 25.58 kb
Title: Punk Bulma [ Anime/Manga :: Dragon Ball/Z/GT ] By: DBZ_Teena
Uploaded On: Nov 1 13:19:14 2003
Charcters: Bulma
Description: Bulma as a punk rebel onna..... she is sooooooooooooooooooooooo pankin! :P love her....^.^
Image Properties: 328x664 87.53 kb
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