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Title: Daphne chasing Lysander [ Mythological :: Greek Mythology ] By: Saiyan_Kitsune_Foxfire
Uploaded On: Apr 30 15:20:20 2009
Description: Daphne and Lysander are greek D&D characters that my boyfriend and I play. they love each other, but have a hard time telling each other. Daphne is an Amazon and Lysander is a womanizing gladiator.
Image Properties: 1916x1688 166.29 kb
Title: Sovereign of Silence [ Mythological :: Greek Mythology ] By: kaigal
Uploaded On: Jun 25 19:10:58 2008
Description: Acrillic on Medium Canvas
Image Properties: 600x752 73.95 kb
Title: Medusa [ Mythological :: Greek Mythology ] By: Gul Kahn
Uploaded On: Mar 19 12:58:57 2005
Description: This was a fun picture to do, took a while to get the head right.
Image Properties: 636x804 61.42 kb
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Title: Ainokami [ Mythological :: Greek Mythology ] By: zennou-sakusha
Uploaded On: Apr 10 6:25:16 2004
Description: This is Ainokami, the Cupid character from my fic 'Naughty Godlings and Demonic Pudding'. Not my best work, but I just wanted to show what he looked like.
Image Properties: 1295x1597 178.76 kb