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Title: CaprEquine Stag [ Mythological :: Beast/Beasts ] By: rollaroach
Uploaded On: Jun 15 16:48:49 2009
Description: Another species I made up called the CaprEquine. This is the male of the species, called a 'stag'. Done with sharpies and colored pencils. Inspired from the ibex (wild goat), horse, caribou and okapi.
Image Properties: 974x631 204.21 kb
Title: Cerberus [ Mythological :: Beast/Beasts ] By: Mickey-the-Mouse
Uploaded On: Jul 14 16:00:20 2007
Description: Cartoonish, inked Cerberus. This is really old, but I think it's still pretty cute. Who knows, maybe I'll color it one day.
Image Properties: 683x726 54.72 kb
Title: Yin & Yang [ Mythological :: Beast/Beasts ] By: Cassial_Darkfox
Uploaded On: Nov 30 17:30:48 2006
Description: A tiger and dragon that represent the Yin Yang. Done in pastel, took 4 days. View larger... View and Review!
Image Properties: 519x700 73.96 kb
Title: Kristol night cat [ Mythological :: Beast/Beasts ] By: Araso-Tesana
Uploaded On: Aug 18 14:43:25 2006
Description: this is Kristol in her "nightcat"form and she controls fire, shes my own creation in a book im writing called Clash of Destinies. im also writing a ygo fanfic with her and other charictors in my book. its called Destined if you whant to read it.
Image Properties: 988x575 120.52 kb
Title: Agwana [ Mythological :: Beast/Beasts ] By: Araso-Tesana
Uploaded On: Aug 18 14:35:01 2006
Description: this is Agwana, a ligtning controling cat. shes my creation form a book im writing called Clash of Destinies. im writing a fanfic with them and the ygo charictors. the fic is called Destined if you would like to read it.
Image Properties: 874x520 74.75 kb
Title: Creature from Linkin Park video [ Mythological :: Beast/Beasts ] By: rabidfang08
Uploaded On: Jan 6 20:20:21 2006
Description: You may recognize this from Linkin Park's "Somewhere I Belong" video. I just thought it was cool, so I drew it on the spur of the moment and added color on the computer... turned out pretty interesting, I think. Please comment. ^^
Image Properties: 305x375 22.43 kb
Title: Sarie [ Mythological :: Beast/Beasts ] By: Wild Nymph
Uploaded On: May 18 20:25:38 2005
Description: Sarie is a mount of the Forgotten People in one of my original stories yet to be released. I though she turned out decently but as you can see I had issues with one of her feet.
Image Properties: 718x813 102.16 kb
Title: LostxPolitics [ Mythological :: Beast/Beasts ] By: Schlect
Uploaded On: Feb 10 8:40:23 2005
Description: Drew this for a guy who goes by LostxPolitics. I quite like how this image turned out. The inking is a bit different from my usual stuff.
Image Properties: 500x751 103.79 kb
Title: Rakralen [ Mythological :: Beast/Beasts ] By: kinaihirihiwatari
Uploaded On: Nov 28 16:42:19 2004
Description: Rakralen are creatures created by me, from the planet Draka. (also created by me) Rakralen are fierce and merciless, with a liking for blood and gore.
Image Properties: 503x615 70.53 kb