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Title: Knight [ Anime/Manga :: Absolute Boyfriend ] By: inuyashalovergyal
Uploaded On: May 23 15:45:14 2007
Description: Hey there everyone it's been a while since my last submition.....well hope you geys like this one ^_^;; I just thought it was really Kawaiii!!!!!!!! (This is how i felt when i was reading 2 new mangas, Absolute Boyfriend and Vampire Knight) I recomend that read more
Image Properties: 454x552 131.83 kb
Title: Gaku-san [ Anime/Manga :: Absolute Boyfriend ] By: Yumeni
Uploaded On: Aug 23 8:58:18 2004
Description: He is the salesman from the Watase Yû manga Zettai Kareshi (or "Absolute Boyfriend"). I worship the ground you walk on Watase-sama!! *totally addicted*
Image Properties: 308x361 33.39 kb
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